Vivegam (image & trailer) (updated)

thanks to Master…

thanks to Krish…


10 Responses to “Vivegam (image & trailer) (updated)”

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  2. tonymontana Says:

    Didnt know it was Rajeev Masand’s debut as the lead, minus the moustache of course!

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  3. Fantastic poster!

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  5. This looks quite a comedic movie…trying to match HOLLYWOOD..I can see it for fun after 4 Heinekens….

    never ever understood the South Indian masala..and don’t intend to either…

    That NEVER EVER GIVE UP had me ROFL….


    • Would rather watch this for pure fun…


    • It’s still going to be much better than 90% of what Bollywood churns up these days.


      • I sense a regionalistic condescension in you..though my comment was specifically TARGETED toward the so-called MASALA of Tamil and Telugu films..which are nothing but hero-driven porn films.

        And I comment as a person who sees all films whether I understand the language or far as they have sub-titles..

        I am desperately waiting for the VIKRAM-VEDHAA film with subtiles in DC; unfortunately, that’s not to be seen…

        Hopefully you get my drift; else, I will move on…


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