Lucknow Central [Images & Trailers] (updated)

thanks to Sanjana..

thanks to Master & Sanjana..


7 Responses to “Lucknow Central [Images & Trailers] (updated)”

  1. I don’t have much issues with nepotism if it brings forward real talent and makes a difference……but it comes with a huge drawback and with nepotism its very difficult to push poppycocks out of circulation and they keep coming back……..The guy would have been an ace director and had some real directing talent and would have given new/ modern sensibilities to Hindi cinema ( liked the way he handled colors while filming his movies – bluish tinge throughout DCH and greenish filters in Don remake) within the traditional mode…but acting and singing keeda has made him irrelevant…


  2. You see Bachchan seems pretty sorted out and grounded but still it took 15 odd years for Jr B to go out of circulation though he keeps making threat for a comeback… Sohail Khan has been kicked, punched and humiliated at the box office but still shamelessly shows us on screen. Last heard Zayed Khan is entering TV for one last go…..the list is endless for these nepotistic blokes.

    Plus god save the hindi film patrons and as next generation is gearing to dish out another level of crap in way of Aryan, Suhana, Jhanvi, Sara & Ibrahim ( saif’s both kids ) and even Chunkey Pandey too in line with his twosome….

    Is it time to say say eternal good bye to Hindi movies….


  3. how long will we have to bear a torture like Farhaan as an actor???? my only point is that while he is choosing good scripts – he is just not an actor/star material – wish Abhi had chosen these scripts….


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