Images from Gold (updated)

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  1. 100% 24 carat movie.
    Also after a long time Akshay Kumar has announced a movie which would release two years hence.
    Reema Kagati has made two decent but underwhelming movies – Honeymoon Travels and Talaash. I had enjoyed Honeymoon travels for its unpredictability. Talaash was not bad though the climax was underwhelming.
    There can be several moments in the movie which can make 2018 Independence Day nostalgic for us-
    1. Partition of India and incidents around that
    2. Shift from colonial owned sports to desi style
    3. The pressure to win Gold in Britain who just a year back were ruling us
    4. Losing key players to Pakistan post partition and yet winning and retaining the glory
    5. Involvement of freedom fighters with the Olympians
    Looking forward to it. Another movie based on true incidents for us.


  2. tonymontana Says:

    Lol. A patriotic Indian film with the central idea of looking up to the west for appreciation.
    that too, an olympic medal way back in the past to celebrate an event which cannot be replicated in the present.

    we indians are a delusional lot.

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  3. Like Salman Khan has booked Eid release date for next 10 years.. Akshay Kumar has done for Aug 15 Independence Day (for next 10 years).


  4. It’s a bit of gimmick proposal. It’s not filmmaking.
    What is the point here?

    Kagti to direct a sports film? Why not Farhan himself?


  5. Akshay Kumar to portray real life hockey player Balbir Singh in Gold
    ByBollywood Hungama News NetworkNov 1, 2016 – 10:58 hrs IST

    While the actor has played sportsperson in fictional stories, Akshay Kumar will now portray a real life hockey player for his upcoming film Gold. Earlier we had reported that the actor has signed the sports film and now we hear that he will be seen in the role of Balbir Singh.

    Born in undivided Pakistan, Indian hockey player Balbir Singh has an unbeatable record for most goals scored by an individual in Olympic men’s hockey. The match in question was the 1952 Olympic Games where he scored five goals in India’s 6-1 victory against Netherlands. Later, Balbir Singh Senior as he is fondly addressed also turned coach and then manager of the Indian Hockey Team. He has also written books like The Golden Hat Trick (1977) that is autobiography and The Golden Yardstick: In Quest of Hockey Excellence (2008). Currently the 92 year old player resides in Canada with his family that comprises of his wife Sushil, his three sons and daughter-in-laws.

    On the other hand, though this is Akshay’s first sports biopic, the actor has previously played several characters inspired from real life in films like Airlift, Special 26 and the recent Rustom.


    • I have discussed this in my ‘sadist’ comment earlier before anything was out in the media. (

      Akshay has only 2 options to play in this movie. Captain Kishen Lal or the tournament find – Balbir Singh. So, looks like Akki is playing Balbir Singh.

      Balbir singh only played few matches. He played 2nd match where he scored 6 goals and then 3rd match. Then he was dropped for QF and SF and again played directly in Finals where he scored first 2 goals and then other folks scored rest 2 goals in second half to win against Great Britain 4-0 in the finals.

      Not sure they will show Akki being dropped in matches and so on. The final was also easy victory and goal keeper did awesome job and Britain didn’t score any goals at all.

      But the real legend about Balbir singh is next Olympics ’52 and ’56. He was Vice-captain in ’52 and then Captained the Olympic victory by scoring 5 goals in the final in ’56.

      I hope there is this information at the end of movie how he progressed to another level in coming olypics.


  6. Akshay kumar’s fantastic look from movie GOLD, shooting stared!

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  7. It has been months since my post finally appeared. Seems it was going to spam. Is there any provision where one can unspam or report this?


  8. good poster..


  9. they will make such a melodrama of this…NOT looking forward to this one….


  10. Akki has become a good poster boy! All his posters look the same with only some background changing! Other characters are irrelevant on posters. Only Tepk’s poster was different.


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