Ittefaq trailer

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  1. ByBollywood Hungama News Network
    Ittefaq, a remake of the 1969 classic by the same name, features Sonakshi Sinha and Sidharth Malhotra who come together for the first time along with Akshaye Khanna, who will be seen in the role of a fierce cop. With many biggies like Red Chillies, Dharma and BR Studios joining hands for this film, many expected a full-fledged promotion but it seems that the makers want to keep it a low key affair.

    It is a known fact that Ittefaq is a thriller, falling into the category of ‘whodunit’ suspense drama. The makers want to retain secrecy on the film’s plot and also want to refrain from giving out too many details about the story. Venky Mysore, CEO, Red Chillies Entertainment, said, “Ittefaq is a crisp, newage thriller and an exciting adaptation of the 1960 cult classic. The marketing strategy is also designed keeping this in mind, so as to maintain the element of mystery for the audience. Ittefaq is the result of collaboration between three studios and we hope the audiences enjoy the way we have reimagined it.”

    Co-producer Karan Johar maintained, “For the first time, we have a no-promotion stand on Ittefaq. It’s important we don’t reveal any part of the film and have decided to keep the actors away from media interactions. So hopefully, no spoilers and definitely no promotion on our 100-minute non-stop mystery thriller.”

    Juno Chopra, creative producer, BR Studios added, “Ittefaq is an edge-of-the-seat thriller with a contemporary take on its original version. The experience of this story can only be heightened without outing any spoilers or over-communicating it to the audience. We believe that the film should speak to its audience through its trailer. I hope this will revolutionise the way stories are marketed.”

    The original Ittefaq featured Rajesh Khanna as a criminal-on-the-run charged for the murder of his wife, Nanda as the quintessential house-wife as well as Madan Puri as the police officer in charge of investigation. The new version, which is said to be tad different from the 60s version, is scheduled to release on November 3.


  2. wow looks good – Akshay Khanna is too good


  3. Good trailer. Came a bit out of the blue. I was not aware the film is releasing in 4 weeks time.

    Akshay Khanna obviously looks the best part of it all here. It’s a song-less 100 minutes long movie, according to reports. May turn out to be a nice little surprise, especially if the director manages to making it gripping and engaging enough.


  4. Good trailer.


  5. who is Abhay Chopra, is he related to Yash?


  6. tonymontana Says:

    A bunch of wannabes led by the mahafuddu Siddharth Malhotra, fresh from the disaster that was A Gentleman.

    Someone send him back to where he came from.


    • ha ha – he came from KJo school – from where another mahafuddu Varun Dhawan also came with a crap-fest like Judwa2, he scored 100 cr 😉 blame it on Indian audience man not these fuddus ;-))))


  7. SIddharth is quite wooden. More like Arjun Rampal MK2. I hope he improves, with every movie experience he gets. He will surely get a lot of opportunities, with KJo around as his mentor. But whenever I have seen him, I have found him extremely flat as an actor.

    Varun, on the other hand, is quite good and is one of the more promising actors of the newer generation, alongside Ranbir and Ranveer.


  8. Ranveer and Ranbir have sharp looks while Varun has a very ordinary face. His inspiration Govinda had a catchy face during his prime. Varun has to work very hard to overcome his ordinary looks.


  9. Sidharth can be good at modelling like Deepak Parashar.


  10. This looks good! Great seeing the criminally underrated–and underused!—Akshaye Khanna back in a meaty role after a while.


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