Golmaal Again trailers (updated)

Thanks to Sanjana…


30 Responses to “Golmaal Again trailers (updated)”

  1. Thecooldude Says:

    Shouldn’t a comedy movie’s trailer has at least one second of humor? WTF.


  2. Rohit Shetty was on the upswing and once he reached his peak in Chennai Express and hit out of the park, his over confidence took over and both his subsequent releases were disappointments. Singham Returns was not a patch of the part1(though opened well but fizzled out quickly) and then Dilwale was the same. He took a long break first time in his career and then come up with this one? Looks downward trend.

    Next is with Ranveer Singh – another cop drama and remake of southern blockbuster Temper.


  3. I thought that I was the only one who felt nothing funny here. Maybe on the big screen, some magic may happen!


  4. tonymontana Says:

    I hate to admit it, but I’ve liked the earlier Golmaals. They were cheesy fun. You’re either laughing with them or at them. And the actors always seem to be having a ball.


  5. Looks good fun to me….Horror comedies haven’t yet made an entry into Bollywood…In last 4 years Tamil cinema has churned some really funny stuff in this genre. I wont be surprised if this is copied from one of those movies. But in general the horror comedy situations can provide ample scope for laughs…And Rohit Shetty is good with comedies. I loved the 3 Golmaal movies before this. The last one with Johny Lever was a scream…Good that he has reused Johnny Lever again in this…


  6. Poor trailer. Seems like we will have 2 underwhelming films this Diwali in their respective genres. It was the same last year with Shivaay and ADHM.


  7. [added to post]


  8. I haven’t watched one film. But I at least did this film the honour to add to it’s YouTube hits!


  9. First Golmaal was entertaining but since then rubbish.


    • Chennai Anna Says:

      Issues with Indian cricket team
      1. No part time bowler like Sachin, Sehwag, Yuvraj, Raina among current top order batsmen- Rahane, Dhawan, Rahul, Pandey, Kohli
      2. Rahane should only play tests like Pujara.For limited overs cricket, he is too slow.
      3. Rohit Sharma, who used to roll his arm has stopped doing so.


  10. Thecooldude Says:

    So Devgan is now rehashing his own song from ISHQ? WTH? Have all these music directors run out music?


  11. tonymontana Says:

    People said SRK – Katrina looked an awkward pair in JTHJ. Ajay Devgan OTOH keeps upping the ridiculous quotient with not only crapfests like Shivaay and Baadshaho but being with even younger actresses (Ileana and now Parineeti!).

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  12. This one should make 150 cr easily. A lot of movies have bombed in the recent past and people will come to the theaters to watch a funny movie during festive season


  13. thakursingh Says:

    Why is Ajay romancing Parineeti when Tabu is in the same film? Who is she going to romance?


  14. Rohit knows the pulse of entertainment-starved nation …..so his films are easy on eyes as far as a million colours he uses in each frame….nonstop gags……cheap jokes…..and what not….



    Now that’s hardly a secret…

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  16. looks very entertaining and rooted ……..
    I enjoyed Judwa 2 and am sure will enjoy this one as well..

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  17. Opening : 20 Cr+

    Do you agree?


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