Hate Story 4, other small releases, the rest of the box office

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  1. Rahul for PM, Dravid not Gandhi
    1. Extremely fair
    2. Inspired speeches
    3. Strong Defense
    4. Great Overseas Record


  2. sanjana Says:


  3. sanjana Says:

    Bajrangi.com of India???

    Day Seven Is Best Day For Bajrangi Bhaijaan In China
    Friday 09 March 2018 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bajrangi Bhaijaan had its best day of the week on day seven as it collected the highest amount for the week of $4 million and took its total to around $18 million. The jump on day seven was for International Womens Day in China which is a partial holiday for women in China and the female audience forms a huge chunk of the audience for Hindi films.

    The film should do a big number in China but this week sees the release of Black Panther which is looking at huge weekend numbers. This film was always going to be there and the bigger problem for Bajrangi Bhaijaan is Amazing China which is a documentary on the greatness of China. This film had opened to $6 million compared to the $2.2 million of Bajrangi Bhaijaan but Bajrangi Bhaijaan had caught it up on day seven and edged past showing better trending.

    But this film is likely to go far ahead of Bajrangi Bhaijaan again as it has more peak screen times than Bajrangi Bhaijaan and is given preference due to its positive look of the country. On trending Bajrangi Bhaijaan has edged past despite being almost $4 million down on day one so should be going further in the lead but it will be the opposite as Amazing China goes miles ahead of Bajrangi Bhaijaan on day eight.


    • jayshah Says:

      BOI is upset… playing a little bit of sour grapes politics here. The biggest reality is it’s a demand and supply model and like aamirsaurabh mentioned that Bajrangi Bhaijaan has a huge ratings score but it hasn’t trended as spectacular as others before. Dangal in this position navigated it’s way to the top of China’s box office. SS started there.

      Salman is in now and it’s more about what kind of fanbase he has created and whether it’s enough for his next film to fly as it’s not clear if Salman has done what Aamir has, in creating a real star. There is hardly any press articles around BB compared to Dangal and SS.

      Sultan seems the logical step but I don’t think anything else of Salman’s works until TOH gives China a more masala taste of India.


    • Shivaay Says:

      In order to generate 1 cr footfalls in China, the film needs to garner the equivalent of 300 cr by Indian currency. Only then can it really be considered a substantial success, else its more of hype at play than anything else. Good to see its a success in China however.


  4. Shivaay Says:

    HATE STORY 4 : Yet another sleazy thriller mainly aimed that the class B/C centers & low end multiplex audience of tier 2 and tier 3 cities. The music might not have caught on however if the content works, the film can deliver a success with the mass audiences catching up.

    SKTKS : Sensational is an understatement. Stunning ~35% drop in week 2. Unanimously positive word of mouth, esp among the metropolitan centers of Delhi NCR & Punjab. A surefire blockbuster elevating Luv Ranjan to the big league!


  5. sanjana Says:

    Hate Story 4 Opening Report
    Friday 09 March 2018 14.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Hate Story 4 opened to decent collections in some parts of the country but overall the opening is much lower than the last installment of the film. The opening is decent in places like UP, Bihar and CI but Hate Story 3 had opened well in the cities as well.

    The metros were not great for Hate Story 3 but the major A centers like Jaipur, Surat, Nagpur etc all put up healthy figures while Hate Story 4 is unlikely to repeat and put up decent figures in the smaller cities. The first day can come out with a decent number if mass circuits sustain through the day and give a good contribution.

    Hate Story 3 was probably an aberration with its 8.54 crore nett opening day and the target here will be to beat Hate Story 2 which will be a good result in terms of the costs of Hate Story 4.

    The opening day figures of the Hate Story films so far are as follows.

    Hate Story 1 – 2,07,00,000

    Hate Story 2 – 4,82,00,000

    Hate Story 3 – 8,54,00,000

    There were a few other releases like 3, Storeys, Dil Juunglee and Note Pe Chot At 8/11 which opened poorly with Three Storeys being the best of this lot.

    There were also some Sridevi films making it to the theaters like Chandni, Mom and Lamhe but the time when a demise of a popular star gets audiences to theaters is long gone due to the satellite invasion.


  6. sanjana Says:

    Irrfan Khan’s Hindi Medium Heads To Taiwan After China!

    Hope Boi cover HM also the way they are doing for BB.


  7. Watched Earth 1947 – An underrated gem of a movie of Aamir. Terrific Performances by all including Aamir and great music by AR Rahman. Shows how difficult the partition was on either side of the border.

    Unfortunately this movie is lost underneath all the Big Box Office successes of Aamir; Didn’t do as well due to the fact that Aamir played a heartless traitor breaking the trust of an adorable little girl and her Ayaa. If Aamir was shown as a positive character, movie may have rocked at the Box Office.

    Need to visit Raakh, Mangal Pandey next in the near future.


    • IdeaUnique Says:

      Jeeves, i think u’ve missed a point here. The film was made from a book and their Aamir’s character was the same. He was not heartless. He was in luv with Nandita and heartbroken when love was not reciprocated. Jealousy – Aamir’s character had all the shades and the dark ones were emphasized in the novel and the movie.


  8. Lovely moment

    “Thank you Grace & Mr. Robert De Niro for making my birthday the biggest highlight of my entire life. Thank you for the surprise dinner for me at your home. Thank you for singing “Happy Birthday” song for me. Thank you for my ultimate KUCH BHI HO SAKTA HAI moment. ”


  9. For all those folks who were calling sequels as cash cows & surefire successes in the previous thread, HS4 should once again give you guys a reality check. The film has had a below average opening at the mass centers (its primary target audience) despite being the fourth part in a successful franchise & in all likelihood, will barely scrap through or perhaps not. Being a mere sequel or a franchise is not enough to fetch returns. The promotion, publicity & most importantly the trailer & music have to generate interest among the audiences and the film must carry a positive word of mouth for even a franchise film to work on its own merit. Else, you’re only gonna fall flat on your face like Sarkar 3, Kahaani 2, Dhamaal 2 & HS4.


    • Making a good defense for Dabangg 3 and Race 3, eh?


      • What? Where? How? Lol…imo if Dabangg 3 is something fresh and has something new to offer than a copy & paste job (like Dabangg 2) it will work at every level. Let’s see.. Race 3 i have not much hope from. Race 2 in itself was a bland & bogus film imo that was rejected by the audiences and trended poorly. Race 3 with Remo as a director is most likely gonna be a catastrophe (hopefully i’m wrong on this) which would start with a bang (thanks o Salman’s popularity among all sections of the audience) but might fall flat thereafter like Bodyguard, ETT & Kick.


    • No one follows B-grade trash like hate story films here. Just shows where some new members here come from …

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      • You obviously are incapable of making balanced & level headed assessments & hence resort to ranting & personal attacks on anyone who does not comply by your line of thinking & choice.


      • Fyi, the same B Grade trash was one of the most successful box office success stories of 2015. Now before you go about making personal judgements on my cinematic taste, be informed that none of the Hate Story film are of any interest to me. However, that does not prevent me from following their box office progress with the same amount of interest as I follow every other film at the box office.


  10. I was not even aware it is releasing today till i saw the post here.


  11. Na jaaney kyon, Ek kahawat yaad aa gayee- “Kooeyen (well) key Medak”.


  12. For ameeeer zaadeys !!


  13. Love Sridevi’s picture from Khuda Gawah on top.
    Aside – Netflix has Khalnayak. I had watched it only once, when it first came out.
    Looking forward to watch it again to see if I will be able to watch the entire movie without fast forwarding.


    • Same here. Just watched it.

      Childhood memories galore wanted me to watch this again. Speaking of Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit has a little scene of Antakshari where she dances and sings to Chandni. The Dutt persona reminds me of Ranveer Singh’s anti hero eccentric acts of today.

      Dutt and Dixit make this worthwhile enough to sit through. I forgot the entire film. Typical that Jackie and Dutt are linked from childhood, like so many films of old.

      I think Ghai only made one more worthwhile film after this in Pardes, didn’t like Taal that much except for the soundtrack and Yaadein was rubbish.

      Khal Nayak is so similar to Ram Lakhan, just a little rehash. Just the trickery of the villains is slightly different, the sister’s murdered in KN whereas the father in RL. Jackie is the same old school good cop a friend this time rather than a brother. Madhuri is the victim captured again! Anupam Kher is repeated for comedy.

      Repetition galore! The film really misses bad man Gulshan Grover and Amrish Puri!


  14. Shivaay Says:

    Bajrangi Bhaijaan Steady In China On Day Eight :

    Saturday 10 March 2018 02.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bajrangi Bhaijaan had a strong eight day in China as it grossed around $1.70 million which is just 25% less than the first and it takes the total of the film to nearly $20 million But as managed yesterday a documentary showing how great China is (Amazing China) which released with the Salman khan starrer is getting preferential treatment. This can be seen by the comparisons below with Bajrangi Bhaijaan. There was also Black Panther for competition which took the country by storm and came on around 25000 screens.

    Still the film looks to heading for business in the $35-40 million range which is a big number though because of the Dangal and Secret Superstar totals of $193 million and $118 million respectively it does not look big but those are probably exceptions as time will prove.

    A comparison of key days between Amazing China and Bajrangi Bhaijaan are below and on trending Bajrangi Bhaijaan should have been ahead or at least close of that film on day eight but it is well behind.

    ~exception my foot. PK in itself did $20 million in China after releasing in just 4600 screens back in 2015. The goodwill generated by PK coupled with Dangal’s strong content resulted in Aamir Khan becoming a household name in China, benefits of which are being reaped by Salman & Kabir Khan through Bajrangi Bhaijaan. I’m happy with the success of Bajrangi Bhaijaan in China but to say that Dangal & Secret Superstar are exceptions is complete blasphemy. Aamir Khan has worked hard in every aspect of promotion, publicity & release in the Chinese market for all his films post 3 Idiots, the benefits of which are being reaped by other Indian films releasing on his name in the same market. Aamir Khan in China has managed what only Raj Kapoor & Mithun could manage in a foreign market. The only difference being, Aamir first captured the core domestic market to completion before aiming for offshore circuits.

    There are “domestic megastars” like Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan etc. Then there are superstars who have managed to make an admirable fan base on foreign shores. And then there is Aamir Khan, whose managed to become a rage in the domestic as well as a foreign market, not via antics/songs and histrionics but via pure content oriented cinema which is as enlightening as it is entertaining. A never seen before phenomenon in Indian cinema!

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    • Once Is Chance, Twice is Coincidence, Third Time Is A Pattern. Pick where you start from. 3 Idiots, PK, Dangal & SS are all on paper big in China.

      Forget that, it’s too intellectual for BOI to understand. PK was $20mm already, the biggest single territory overseas grosser ever. Dangal’s was extraordinary, 10 times the haul of PK! SS’s was a supporting appearance in a small budget film that was only playing for 4 weeks in China and did spectacular business, 60% of Dangal.

      Extraordinary and spectacular don’t even dignify these achievements. Without these Bajrangi Bhaijaan won’t even have a chance in China of release. Yes it’s doing well but this event has near zero chance of occuring without credibility attached to Indian cinema via several Aamir releases and even Aamir’s own stamp of approval for Bajrangi Bhaijaan!

      BOI has proved it’s anti Aamir rant again. I bet for a start more articles will be or already have been written on Bajrangi Bhaijaan in China than all of Aamir’s films combined! At least the numbers are close to reality, but it’s propaganda in obvious display – only blind people will not admit it or people who are completely fine with this narrative even if it’s false but it satisfies their own anti Aamir or pro Salman or pro BOI stance.

      TOH will give them and loyalists who believe such things the middle finger. We await another ‘fluke’ exception!

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  15. Irrfan Khan’s wife pens a HEARTBREAKING letter on his rare disease, asks fans to pray for him
    ByBollywood Hungama News NetworkMar 10, 2018 – 12:15 pm IST

    #rrfan KhanIrrfan Khan’s wife pens a HEARTBREAKING letter on his rare disease, asks fans to pray for him.

    Since this declaration, there have been unconfirmed reports about his health condition being circulated which made matters worse. He asked us for some time for him to wrap this situation around his head, to heal and recuperate. Well after this, his wife Sutapa Sikdar took to Facebook to pen an emotional letter which gives insight into what the family is going through. She compared this situation to a battlefield and called her husband a warrior. Here is what she said.

    “My best friend and my partner is a ‘warrior’ he is fighting every obstacle with tremendous grace and beauty. I apologize for not answering calls msgs,but I want all of you to know I am truly humbled indebted for ever for the wishes prayers and concern from all over the world. I am grateful to god and my partner for making me a warrior too. I am at present focused in the strategies of the battlefield which I have to conquer.

    It wasn’t and isn’t and is not going to be easy but the hope ignited by the magnitude of family ,friends and fans of irrfan has made me only optimistic and almost sure of the victory. I know curiosity germinates from concern but lets turn our curiosity from what it is to what it should be. Lets change the leaf. Lets not waste our precious energies to only know what it is and just prey to make it what it should be. My humble request to all of you is to concentrate on the song of life, to dance of life to victory. My family will soon join in this dance of life. Thank you all from bottom of our heart .

    Sutapa irrfan babil ayaan.


    • IdeaUnique Says:

      i would still consider this as a nonsense social media post – pl treat Irfaan instead of posting all these useless (and clueless) emotional writeups…..lots of actors in the past have been seriously ill and many have dies but never before such social-media-drama before. Kya ho raha he ye sab?


  16. AGNEEPATH premiere in Calcutta: This was when AB was supposed to have ‘flopped’ at the old age of 49 with ‘fr esh-blood’ of the Khans taking over..,


  17. Like

    • Not good at all.. but am in a situation and know how it feels..


      • Oh dear, wish whatever situation you’re in to have a positive resolution. All the best.

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      • You sounded dejected in one of your last comments and wanted to ask;
        I hope things improve for you. But sometimes things are not in control..only thing you could possibly do is get best out of it.


      • I wish you come out of it triumphantly, An Jo….All the best.

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      • An Jo, I hope things get better for you..


      • I just dont know what to say. An Jo is like a family member. Waiting still to read his review on Padmaavat. And then Dutt movie. And then TOH and Dwarf. Our own in house reviewer and critic whose passionate writings captivate everyone whether it is here on on other blogs. Such a great command over language combined with clarity. Love you An Jo.

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      • IdeaUnique Says:

        i m missing something here An Jo….what situation r u in?


        • Thank you Jayshag, Sanjana, MyelfAamit.Munna, IYQ.

          Grateful to you folks.

          Here’s my FAVORITE song from the Hindi film industry starring one of my absolute favorite actors after Amitabh..

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          • Balraj Sahni is one of my favorites too. Wonderful actor


          • For you AnJo-

            *ऐ “सुख” तू कहाँ मिलता है*
            *क्या तेरा कोई पक्का पता है*

            *क्यों बन बैठा है अन्जाना*
            *आखिर क्या है तेरा ठिकाना।*

            *कहाँ कहाँ ढूंढा तुझको*
            *पर तू न कहीं मिला मुझको*

            *ढूंढा ऊँचे मकानों में*
            *बड़ी बड़ी दुकानों में*

            *स्वादिष्ट पकवानों में*
            *चोटी के धनवानों में*

            *वो भी तुझको ही ढूंढ रहे थे*
            *बल्कि मुझको ही पूछ रहे थे*

            *क्या आपको कुछ पता है*
            *ये सुख आखिर कहाँ रहता है?*

            *मेरे पास तो “दुःख” का पता था*
            *जो सुबह शाम अक्सर मिलता था*

            *परेशान होके शिकायत लिखवाई*
            *पर ये कोशिश भी काम न आई*

            *उम्र अब ढलान पे है*
            *हौसला अब थकान पे है*

            *हाँ उसकी तस्वीर है मेरे पास*
            *अब भी बची हुई है आस*

            *मैं भी हार नही मानूंगा*
            *सुख के रहस्य को जानूंगा*

            *बचपन में मिला करता था*
            *मेरे साथ रहा करता था*

            *पर जबसे मैं बड़ा हो गया*
            *मेरा सुख मुझसे जुदा हो गया।*

            *मैं फिर भी नही हुआ हताश*
            *जारी रखी उसकी तलाश*

            *एक दिन जब आवाज ये आई*
            *क्या मुझको ढूंढ रहा है भाई*

            *मैं तेरे अन्दर छुपा हुआ हूँ*
            *तेरे ही घर में बसा हुआ हूँ*

            *मेरा नहीं है कुछ भी “मोल”*
            *सिक्कों में मुझको न तोल*

            *मैं बच्चों की मुस्कानों में हूँ*

            *पत्नी के साथ चाय पीने में*
            *”परिवार” के संग जीने में*

            *माँ बाप के आशीर्वाद में*
            *रसोई घर के पकवानों में*

            *बच्चों की सफलता में हूँ*
            *माँ की निश्छल ममता में हूँ*

            *हर पल तेरे संग रहता हूँ*
            *और अक्सर तुझसे कहता हूँ*

            *मैं तो हूँ बस एक “अहसास”*
            *बंद कर दे तू मेरी तलाश*

            *जो मिला उसी में कर “संतोष”*
            *आज को जी ले कल की न सोच*

            *कल के लिए आज को न खोना*

            *मेरे लिए कभी दुखी न होना*
            *मेरे लिए कभी दुखी न होना ।।*.



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          • Freudian slip An Jo! I like the name

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          • An Jo — I am praying for you and Irfan.


      • Oh very sad to hear about Irrfan but extremely sad on reading An Jo’s comment. My best wishes with you An Jo, hope you get out of the situation soon. Be strong!


      • May you become vedantin, find a qualified Guru. All dukha will disappear. Prayers!


        • Livewire Says:

          An Jo, God’s speed in your recovery and wishing all your worries truly vanish and here is one to cheer things up from a
          Bachchan / Mehra lyrical gold from evergreen Laawaris –

          Hum to kya hain woh farishton ko aazmata hai
          Banakar humko mitata hai phir banata hai
          Aadmi toot ke sau baar juda hai yaaro

          Aandhiyon mein bhi ummeedon ka diya jalta hai
          Kal ki ummeed pe insaan jiya hai yaaro
          Jiska koi nahi uska to khuda hai yaaro
          Jiska koi nahi uska to khuda hai yaaro

          Kab talak humse takdeer bhala roothegi
          In andheron se ujaale ki kiran phootegi
          Gham ke daaman mein kahin chain chhupa hai yaaro
          Jiska koi nahi uska to khuda hai yaaro
          Jiska koi nahi uska to khuda hai yaaro

          Main nahin kehta kitabon mein likha hai yaaro
          Jiska koi nahi uska to khuda hai yaaro
          Haan khuda hai yaaro


    • If true, exceptionally heartbreaking for Irfan and family. Let’s hope for a turnaround.


    • tonymontana Says:

      I really hope it is a rumour


    • Bullshit rumour mongering as usual. There has no official confirmation from Irfan or family yet. Such Twitter accounts need to be closed!

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  18. Hoping for a miracle.

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  19. I am unable to understand why Indian doctors are giving up like this.
    Is it because celebrities can afford and Indian doctors wont be blamed in case? I have got relatives and friends who are treated for these terminal kind of illnesses and getting well too to live for a few more years.


    • In India itself. We have medical tourism also from other countries. Even from advanced ones because relatively the treatment in India is cheaper and accessible.


  20. CHENNAI: Superstar-turned-politician Rajinikanth, who has been going to the Himalayas for over a decade now, left for the hills this morning. During his annual tour, the actor heads to the caves in Dunagiri in Uttarakhand to meditate and spend time with the saints. Most of his earlier visits coincided with important events in his life. This time, it is said to be around his political entry, which he announced in December, as well as the release of his two big films – Kaala and 2.0 that co-stars Akshay Kumar.

    At the Chennai airport today, Rajinikanth didn’t elaborate on the purpose of his visit, but told his fans that he will be away for at least two weeks.

    He is expected to spend time at the meditation centre that Rajinikanth, also known as the Thalaivar, and his friends built on the foothills of the Himalayas to celebrate the 100 years of the Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (YSS). The non-profit religious organisation was founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1917.

    Rajinikanth has been going to a cave where an ancient sage, Mahavatar Babaji, was believed to have lived. In his 2002 film, Baba, Rajinikanth played an atheist who develops faith after meeting Mahavatar Babaji.


  21. Meanwhile the two big hits of 2018 at the Chennai Box-Office is Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavaat and Disney’s Black Panther. The buzz is that Padmavaat in 3D in Hindi and Tamil has done extraordinary business in Tamil Nadu and has grossed around Rs 18 crores. Trade sources say that distributor share after all taxes and theatre-hire would be in the Rs 8 to 10 cr, as big as a medium star cast Tamil hit. The Hollywood film The Black Panther did reasonably well, though it did not have a Tamil release.

    Chennai multiplexes now feel the OLF (other language films) — notably English, Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam content — will keep them running their screens.



  22. Instead of chai pe charcha, koimoi has SRK films par charcha today.


  23. Like

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  25. An Jo, missed your earlier comment. Just read some other comments and checked it. Wish you the very best with whatever issue you’re dealing with at the moment. All the best in every other sense as well..


  26. Also the comments:


  27. Padmaavat Is First Blockbuster Of 2018
    Sunday 11 March 2018 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Padmaavat is the first BLOCKBUSTER of 2018 as collections remain strong in week six and the film is on the verge of crossing 280 crore. The film collected a very good 4 crore nett in its sixth week and is now looking at lifetime business in the 283-285 crore nett range. It is very rare for January to have a success of this magnitude.

    The film did not look like crossing the 280 crore nett mark but the last two weeks have seen very steady collections with week six dropping around 30% only. The film was a blockbuster on real value collections anyway but now is also a blockbuster on its collections which will be close to 285 crore nett and a share near 140 crore. .

    The business in Overseas is also huge as its looking to finish very close to $28.50 million range which could put it in second place for films in Hindi language behind Dangal which did $30.70 million. Basically the worldwide theatrical share will cover its cost of 215 crore and the revenue coming from satellite, digitial, music, etc will be profit and it will be in the 100 crore region.

    The collections of Padmaavat till date are as follows

    First Week – 1,59,47,00,000

    Second Week – 66,93,00,000

    Third Week – 30,09,00,000

    Fourth Week – 13,44,00,000

    Fifth Week – 5,91,00,000

    Sixth Week – 4,00,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 2,79,84,00,000 apprx


  28. Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Huge Third Saturday Growth
    Sunday 11 March 2018 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety doubled its collections on Saturday and is heading for an excellent third weekend. The film could even collect well when Raid opens on the next Friday as families have taken to the film is a big way and Saturday and Sunday numbers should remain high.

    The film will cross the 80 crore nett mark by the end of the third weekend and should be 86-87 crore nett by the time Raid arrives. the collections of Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety till date are as follows.

    The collections of Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety till date are as follows.

    Week One – 44,56,00,000

    Week Two – 27,50,00,000 apprx

    Friday – 1,75,00,000 apprx

    Saturday – 3,50,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 77,31,00,000 apprx


    • Despite BOI’s dirty attempt to downgrade collections in order to satisfy their fetish of not giving a small film a BLOCKBUSTER verdict, SKTKS has triumphed against all odds and gone past many “superstar” films in its dream box office run. Hoping to see a lot more of Karthik Aryan & Luv Ranjan directing a few more sassy gender war comedies 😉

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  29. “The day before I was going to the hospital for delivery, I had a talk with Saif and he was suggesting to keep his name Faiz, he said, ‘Bebo, that is a more poetic, more romantic name’. I said ‘no, Taimur means iron and if I give birth to a son, my son is going to be a fighter, I will produce an iron man’. And yes, I proudly did so.”


  30. Like

  31. So it emerges that SKTKS is the first Blockbuster while Padmaavat is the first HIT film of 2018. Padmaavat would surely have been a SUPER HIT had it not been for the senseless bans in 3 major territories. Nevertheless both these films are genuine successes at their own level, in terms of revenue earned as well as word of mouth. Much unlike certain fake hits which carry mixed to negative word of mouth but are passed off as successes via excuses such as “commission model of distribution”, “lead star doing the film for free”, “tax rebates in Timbaktoo” & “huge revenue generated from satellite rights and Agni missiles”.


  32. Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety had another excellent hold in the third weekend as it grossed 9.75 crore nett to take its 17 day total to 82 crore nett. The film was the highest grossing film on Sunday depite being in week three as it collected better than Hate Story 4..

    The film dropped around 38% in week two and is again looking at another drop of under 50% in week three. It will probably be 40-45% drop. The way the film is trending it is going to go to 100 crore nett or very close.

    TOTAL – 82,20,00,000 apprx

    Pari had a drop of 80% in its second weekend as it grossed a little under 3 crore nett. The film did have a good jump on the second Saturday which should enable the film to go past the 25 crore nett lifetime total. The collections till date are 24 crore nett. A similar budgeted film and driven by an actress like Tumhari Sulu did 33 crore nett which was Average business and this at 26 crore nett probable lifetime business is 20% plus less.

    Total – 23,92,00,000 apprx


  33. ByBollywood Hungama News NetworkMar 12, 2018 – 11:00 am IST

    Word is, one of the leading production houses’ head honcho is a worried man these days and is suffering from a strange syndrome. Looks like his plan to re-launch a once popular veteran actress has failed. A little birdie tells us that the producer spent a lot of time and resources, developing marketing strategies in a bid to create positive buzz around the said project but unfortunately, all that planning and plotting has been unsuccessful. Such an awkward position to be in, for both the studio and the concerned actress, right?

    So the film was originally supposed to release earlier but was pushed ahead as the studio cited a reason that they did not want to jeopardise their business prospects clashing with the blockbuster of this year, whose release date got shuffled. The real reason, it is touted, is that the studio head was extremely dejected that the promos of his pet project failed to create an impact and subsequently he gave an earful to the PR and the marketing head to come up with better strategies. The junta is not very kicked about its trailer neither is there any particular interest revolving around the movie or the actress anymore.

    Last heard, the studio now has sort of given up on the project and are just waiting to get done with it. The marketing team has been instructed to stop spending on the promotions and cut back whatever costs they can on the film and just release it without any showsha. Tough luck for the actress, eh?


    • Think it is Rani Mukherjee. Hichki’s music is poor, picturisation lack lustre and only her acting can save the film.


  34. Shah Rukh Khan is currently busy with Aanand L Rai’s ‘Zero’. According to a report, the actor has allegedly given his nod for Rakesh Sharma’s biopic ‘Salute’. After few meetings with the makers, SRK has given his dates for the film, which will reportedly go on floors in September.

    The report further states that the star will wrap up the shoot of ‘Zero’ by the end of April, after which he will begin prep for the film for about three months to get into the skin of the character. The actor and his team will do a research and study nuances to perfect his role as an astronaut.

    Shah Rukh will reportedly be filming from September to November and take a break for the promotions of ‘Zero’ in December. He will resume the shoot in January 2019.



  35. Like

  36. Many Bollywood movies have helped change the perception of Chinese people about India, said the Global Times article getting in the obligatory reference to India’s slums.
    “Chinese people’s impression of India, however, is not always that upbeat. Overwhelmed by negative news about rapes, slums and sewage, the Chinese used to see India as a dirty, disorderly and backward third-world nation. But the situation is dramatically changing, as more and more Bollywood films win the hearts of Chinese audiences and erase some misunderstandings, presenting a more wholesome glimpse into modern India,” said the article.



  37. Like

    • Poor Varun! He has to carry the entire film on his shoulders with such a bland heroine!


      • IdeaUnique Says:

        budget is hardly 10 cr – shoojit + juhi (writer) have delivered lot of hits – this is an easy BO superhit and Varun will eat lot of credit.


  38. Pannu from Manmarjiyaan.


  39. I have mixed feelings about this film being ear-marked as Abhishek’s comeback. Someone posted the story-line here and it didn’t sound really gripping. Kashyap’s recent record at the BO isn’t too good as well.

    But, I do hope the film ends up surprising us.

    While I don’t agree with the previous accusation that Abhishek is lazy (he was always working on 4 or 5 projects simultaneously), I do feel that his career has been hampered by wrong choices. Right from choosing something like Tera Jaadu Chal Gaya as his 2nd movie (it’s quite simply puzzling given his father’s vast experience in the industry) to banking on films like All Is Well, opting for side-kick roles like in HNY while reportedly rejecting something like S26.

    He needs to work on his physique as well. It’s not a question of building a muscular and athletic frame like Hirthik or John Abraham. But there have been phases (except for a spell in 2005-2007) where he has looked over-weight.

    I was watching a video of Anil Sharma’s son launch and Bobby Deol was looking very fit, lean and young at the age of 51. It’s not that he has developed a muscular frame. He was simply looking very fit and he was looking like in his Badal/Bichoo phase.

    I saw some recent pics of Abhishek and he still looks the same as in AIW. Looking fit is the bare minimum given his age.

    It’s a pity because the talent is there. Someone like John Abraham, a vastly inferior actor, has 3 interesting projects in hand, most of them as solos. Abhishek, on the other hand, after 2 years hiatus, has one project and it does look like he is one part of a love triangle.

    His choices of movies have let him down terribly. This looks like his last chance but I won’t be betting on this film.


  40. Livewire Says:

    For Bollywood music lovers:

    After super-catchy tune of ‘Aa Toh Sahi’ from Judwa 2, this is the first non Salman ‘new’ song which worked for me at different levels to put it on repeat mode… I noticed it in Sonu Ke Titu Sweety and is a remake version with more Punjabi lyrics from the original track sung by British singers Zack Knight & Jasmin Walia.

    Kartik Aaryan as Bollywood hero has all what media driven Ranbir claims to be on paper 11 years after high profile debut….and if given a platform and groomed well could go a long way and be shoulders above all the media made newbies out there under Karan ‘nepotistic’Johar….

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  41. Just a while back, we informed you that according to a leading daily, Aamir felt that Katrina needed to redo some of the scenes, especially the action sequences after he saw a few rushes of the movie. Given that Aamir has been given the title of Mr Perfectionist, this news comes as no surprise but we wonder what Katrina has to say about the same!?

    However, seems like the news is untrue as a member of the Yash Raj Films (Who are producing the film, Thugs Of Hindostan) itself clarifies the rumours by saying, “This is to clarify that the story carried by a leading daily is completely untrue. No portions of our film “Thugs Of Hindostan” is being reshot. Neither with Katrina nor with anyone else. Request everyone to refrain from any conjectures regarding the same.”


  42. A very sad news.

    KriArj Entertainment acquires the official rights of Manoj Kumar- Sadhana starrer Woh Kaun Thi!
    ByBollywood Hungama News NetworkMar 13, 2018 – 9:36 am IST

    After the success of Rustom, Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, Pad Man and Pari, KriArj Entertainment is on a roll, backing an exciting, versatile line up of films that are high on content and entertainment value.

    The production house has now for the first time acquired the official rights to the 1964 timeless classic Woh Kaun Thi from NN Sippy. The psychological thriller directed by Raj Khosla starring Sadhana and Manoj Kumar is celebrated to this day for its remarkable songs composed by Madan Mohan.

    The film is all set to be remade by producers Prernaa Arora and Arjun N Kapoor of KriArj Entertainment and will pay tribute to Manoj Kumar. It will also feature two iconic songs from the original film ‘Naina Barse Rimjhim’ and ‘Lag Ja Gale Se’, both immortalized by Lata Mangeshkar.

    Says Prernaa Arora, “The minute we acquired the remake rights we thought of the songs. These two songs form the backbone of Woh Kaun Thi. The film cannot be imagined without those songs.

    Also, it is a classic timeless film with the epitome of beauty Sadhanaji, Lataji, and the great Actor Manoj Kumar who are true legends. This is the mark of respect and a tribute to them and the kind of film we had in that era.”


  43. Blackmail makers met Irrfan, who is said to have told them he wanted the movie to get the best possible release.

    Bhushan Kumar and Abhinay Deo have expressed gratitude to Irrfan for his integrity and professionalism.

    Deo, who has directed the film, said: “When I met Irrfan recently, he said please ensure that Blackmail has a great release, emphasising that his film’s release date should not suffer owing to his ill health at this time.


  44. Another officer from Versova police station told Hindustan Times that the injured Rajkumar Palekar(64), the autorickshaw driver, and Surekha Shivekar, the 32-year-old passenger, were taken to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital by Narayan himself. “Prima facie it did not look like a case of drink and drive but we are waiting for his medical reports,” added the officer.

    The officer said the injuries were serious and the injured were treated in a nearby hospital. “Narayan did not try to escape from the spot and took the injured to the hospital. The driver has suffered head injuries and the passenger has also received injuries. Whether the injuries are life-threatening or not, I will not comment on that as the doctors are treating them,” added the officer.



  45. The source further explained why Kareena said no for the role, “Bebo felt that the storyline was way ahead of its time. It was dark and explosive in many ways. It also had several bold scenes and nudity. Kareena politely refused the film and it was put on the back burner.”

    Now, the makers have modified the script, “The team has reworked the story, which has turned out even bolder now. Kangana loved it and agreed to do the film immediately.” Added the source.

    Lastly, the source gave details about the movie, “Ekta feels people are ready for a film like this and Kangana is perfect to play the main role. There’s no denying that she’s a terrific actress. Her never-give-a-damn attitude echoes with her on-screen character, too.”



  46. Actor Akshay Kumar in talks for RSS biopic

    Baahubali writer Vijayendra Prasad is developing a biopic on Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), chronicling the life of its chiefs including Dr KB Hedgewar, Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar, popularly referred as Guruji by the RSS cadres and others. From the last few months, Prasad along with his team of writers has been working on the film which charts around the struggles and triumphs of the RSS head honchos. Tentatively titled RSS, the film, whose estimated budget is `100 crore, is likely to feature Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar in the lead.

    “The makers have initiated talks with Akshay Kumar and have received a positive response. He is set to play the protagonist of the film which will be shot in Hindi and eventually dubbed into Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and other regional languages. Prasad and his team are doing an extensive research with the help of several Hindu outfit leaders and will soon leave for RSS headquarters at Nagpur to meet its incumbent chief Mohan Bhagwat and other top brass to procure various details about the film,” says a source.

    It is also learnt Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah too extended their blessings to the project which is said to be a counter to Shiv Sena’s patriarch Bal Thackeray’s biopic Thackeray. “As Shiv Sena is coming up with a biopic on Balasaheb, the BJP leaders have realised the need to tell the world about the endeavours mirroring the life of RSS leaders and hence this project,” adds the source.

    RSS will be produced jointly by Karnataka BJP leader and Lahari Recording Company owner G Tulsiram Naidu (Lahari Velu) and his brother G Manohar Naidu. A host of Bollywood stars, technicians and director are expected to be roped in for the film which is likely to go on floors later this year.



  47. Like

  48. Like

  49. Baaghi 2 looks really bad. I love action films but the trailer of the film is so poor. Tiger Shroff unfortunately seems stuck in one genre and is one dimensional to the core. All about stunts, but poor dialogue delivery, wooden face… The only thing he has developed since his debut film is his stunts. As an actor, he doesn’t seem to have improved at all.


    • I see him as the modern day Akshay Kumar….Tiger is lambi race ka ghora, not perfect but hard working. He will improve the most among his contemporaries and keep working in genres repeatedly and change only when needed…that’s the Akshay Kumar model of growth – survive with longevity when your capabilities are limited but can increase over a period of time to large vastness of talent.


      • I do think Akshay Kumar of his earlier days was still more versatile than Tiger is right now. You look at movies like Khiladi/Waqt Hamara Hain/Suhaag and you can see the comic timing was already there. So, he wasn’t depending only on his stunts or martial arts ability.

        The problem with Tiger is that when I watched the Baaghi 2 trailer, the dialogue delivery and expressions look like on the same level as in Heropanti. I don’t think he has improved enough in those respects.

        But credit to him on the fact that he is sticking to action films- a genre where most actors are keeping away from since some time now. He will probably try to improve in other genres with time.

        For me, personally Varun Dhawan is the best of the new lot. He is versatile and is doing good work.


  50. Padmaavat is Historic In Week Six
    Tuesday 13 March 2018 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Padmaavat had a historic sixth week grossing a little under 4 crore nett which made it the fifth highest sixth week collection of all time. It is up there with some very big films of the last 20 years or so and sustained phenomenally well.

    Also the figures have come without Gujarat and Rajasthan which would have been 50 lakh Gujarat and 25 lakh Rajasthan and if we add these then it goes up to 4.75 crore nett and up to third place behind Gadar Ek Prem Katha and Bahubali – The Conclusion which are the two biggest blockbusters of this century.

    The best of the 300 crore films is Dangal in week six and it comes in 33rd place which is far lower than Padmaavat with two circuits missing. The top ten sixth week collections of all time are as follows.

    1. Gadar Ek Prem Katha (2001) – 6,08,00,000

    2. Bahubali – The Conclusion (2017) – 5,38,00,000

    3. 3 Idiots (2009) – 4,36,00,000

    4. Lage Raho Munnabhai (2006) – 4,15,00,000

    5. Padmaavat (2018) – 3,96,00,000

    6. Raja Hindustani (1996) – 3,21,00,000

    7. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998) – 3,08,00,000

    8. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (2001) – 2,97,00,000

    9. Taare Zameen Par (2007) – 2,95,00,000

    10. Chak De India (2007) – 2,85,50,000


    • At least the truth comes out that Dangal 6th week was better than TZH. If you go by their TZH commentary it would seem that movie was the greatest ATBB ever at the Box Office

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      • LOL, BOI lies web exposed

        Tiger Zinda Hai Has Huge Numbers For A Sixth Week
        Friday 02 February 2018 12.30 IST
        Box Office India Trade Network

        Tiger Zinda Hai grossed 2.60 crore nett in its sixth week which is a better sixth week total than the likes of Dangal and Bajrangi Bhaijaan which is extraordinary for a mass action film which are very front loaded in terms of box office. There are some exceptions like Sholay and Gadar Ek Prem Katha which go and on but that is very rare. Tiger Zinda Hai collecting in lakhs in week six would be a big deal as very few contents films collect in crores in week six.

        The has also become the third highest NETT grosser of all time as it crossed the 337.73 crore nett of PK. The film probably has some more legs still and should add another 1 crore nett. The total business of the film so far is 338.17 crore nett.


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        • LOL great spot.

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        • aamirsaurabh, please use your twitter network to expose this BOI double standards.

          When mentioning TZH run, BOI states TZH 6th week is better than Dangal and Bajrangi Bhaijaan.
          When talking about Padmaavat, it says “The best of the 300 crore films is Dangal in week six and it comes in 33rd place which is far lower than Padmaavat with two circuits missing.”.

          We all know that TZH crossed 300 cr nett, but as per new Padmaavat post, Dangal continues to be the best 6th week from 300 cr club – Dangal, PK, Sultan, TZH form this club.

          So in a nutshell, BOI does everything to ridicule Dangal. Even forge data and make up stories

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        • These guys deserve to be taken to court & banned for blatant lies & false/manipulative reporting. Wait for more shockers to come once the 70’s & 80’s data is out. I’m sure they’d have Dharam at par with Bachchan.

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    • Gadar and Baahubali 2’s respective trending are out of the world, really. The real all time blockbusters out there.

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      • Gadar cannot be placed in the same bracket as Mughal E Azam, Sholay, HAHK & Bahubali. Its more in the DDLJ, MPK, MKS bracket with around 5 crore footfalls.


  51. We can conclude so many things from this. 2 Hiran films, aamir’s 3 films, srk’s 3 films here. Small films like TZP and CDI finding a place in the list. Absence of Salman’s films including the much touted HAHK.
    Kudos to Sunny Deol and BB2 and also to Padmaavat. Kudos to Dangal for getting a mention by boi with glee which is ignoring its china success.


    • Even ddlj is missing. Perhaps both hahk & ddlj would find a top spot if we list top 10th, 11th, 12th etc week. This week 6 list in no ways implies that any of these films (barring the multi lingual bahubali) is a bigger BLOCKBUSTER than hahk or even ddlj for that matter.


  52. Interestingly the superstar himself says that “Mr Perfectionist” tag is not appropriate and rather “Mr Passionate” will suit him better as for him more important is whether in a shot the heart of the moment has been captured rather than the achievement of technical perfection.

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  53. https://scroll.in/reel/871793/picture-the-song-love-gets-spooky-in-lag-ja-gale-from-the-suspense-thriller-woh-kaun-thi

    The casting for the new version is expected to be a coin toss between Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Deepika Padukone. Either actress works fine as the ethereal-looking woman who might just be a ghost.


  54. Aamirsfan:


    • RIP


      • Livewire Says:


        Among his many famous quotes, these two standout for being topical –

        On the reason why the universe exists: “If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason – for then we would know the mind of God” – A Brief History Of Time, published 1988

        On artificial intelligence: “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate… Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded” – Interview with the BBC, December 2014


        • Great quotes there! This news came in as a shock today. That too on Einstein’s b’day.

          Btw, if you are into AI, then a shout out for CBS TV series – Person of Interest. The first season is slow, but it does take off from second season. Highly recommended.


          • Thanks for reco & will check it out if time permits. Generally I suffer from short attention span and also hate most of these hi tech investigative series like CSI, NCIS, Bones etc running on major channels….used to watch Castle a bit but only due to the sexy female lead Stana Katic.…to me they all add up to the make believe daily propaganda we are served on TV.

            More than AI, I am curious about technological impact on human side of things and how our everyday life is slowly changing and somewhat ruining our minds that we may also be at the most dangerous moment in human history. The technology to destroy the planet is all there and now its a matter of when …


  55. Raees Actor Narendra Jha Is No More; Passes Away Due To Cardiac Arrest
    Reports suggest that his last rites will be performed in Wada.
    By Koimoi.com Team -March 14, 2018

    Actor Narendra Jha, who was known for some of his prominent roles, has passed away today. The actor suffered a cardiac arrest this morning.

    Narendra Jha was at his farmhouse when he died. This was the third heart attack that he suffered.

    When his driver was contacted, he confirmed the news. A source confirmed the same and said, “Jha passed away at his farm house in Wada this morning at about 5 AM. He suffered a massive heart attack. This was the third heart attack that he has had over the years.”

    He was seen in hit films like Raees, Kaabil, Haider and Mohenjo Daro to name a few. Jha was also working in a new film with Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor in Saaho.

    Narendra Jha was married to ex CBFC chief Pankaja Thakur.


  56. Like

  57. [post created]

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  58. Black Panther’s black, characters are black, the blackness made me drowsy: Chinese reviews for Marvel movie get racist
    Chinese reviews for Marvel’s Black Panther display overt racism, with some suggesting that the record-breaking superhero movie was ‘too black’ to enjoy.



  59. Padmaavat Only Next To Bahubali 2 In Week Seven
    Wednesday 14 March 2018 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Padmaavat is still maintaining good business in its seventh week as it heads for a 2 crore nett apprx total in week seven. The film has so far grossed around 1.75 crore nett in five days of its seventh week. The total collections so far are 281.50 crore nett and the lifetime close is looking to be 283-284 crore nett for the blockbuster film.

    Bahubali – The Conclusion is the only film to collect more than 1 crore nett in week seven in the last five years and that historic blockbuster did 2.46 croore nett in week seven and if we factor in Gujarat and Rajasthan then Padmaavat is not far off the Bahubali – The Conclusion seventh week figures.

    Barring Bahubali – The Conclusion it is the best sustaining film this decade and the problems that it had at time of release are history with the audiences appreciating the film. Now it will be about the results on television and can it continue to find a big audience post theatrical release.

    The collections of Padmaavat till date are as follows

    First Week – 1,59,47,00,000

    Second Week – 66,93,00,000

    Third Week – 30,09,00,000

    Fourth Week – 13,44,00,000

    Fifth Week – 5,91,00,000

    Sixth Week – 3,96,00,000

    Seventh Week – 1,75,00,000 (5 Days)

    TOTAL – 2,81,55,00,000 apprx


  60. The cost of being a celebrity. The price to be paid.

    The sordid details about watches and pens. Is there nothing called privacy left?

    And also marriage problems in detail.


  61. I watched Pyar Ka Punchnama yesterday. Quite a patchy film with flashes of being really funny. Its odd as it felt so extreme at points but some scenes are a hoot and dialogues are funny. At varying points I thought the 3 girls were in cahoots and stitching the guys up. I think without getting into a battle of the sexes, the director has nailed it at certain points here. Some situations are wickedly executed. I’d recommend this, it’s on Netflix.


  62. Like

  63. On Tuesday, the Bombay High Court refused to grant interim relief to actors Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor in an FIR filed against them for allegedly using severe profanity in the AIB Roast, which many consider to be a turning point in Indian comedy.

    However, Santosh Dundkar, who filed the complaint claimed the show was “vulgar, obscene and pornographic.”

    In February 2015, FIRs were filed against Kapoor, Singh, filmmaker Karan Johar, comedy group AIB and actresses Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone among many other notable figures for obscenity. All of them had participated, either in an active or a passive way in the event. While the Bombay High Court had granted interim relief to all the accused back then, now fresh reports claim that the court has denied interim relief to Kapoor and Singh who provided the ‘exclamation point’ to the AIB Roast.


  64. Still think this would have been a better Thug look than the one they finally selected.

    Anyways, 53 and still kicking. Hope he concentrates more on direction and production after TOH.


  65. IdeaUnique Says:


  66. Indian film market has same potential as China: Aamir Khan
    Aamir Khan: Indian Film Market Has Same Potential As China
    He said, “I think India has as big a potential as China. I just feel that China has done major investment in the entertainment industry and its administration is also supportive. They have built up a lot of screens, and that is why the business has gone up.”

    “I think if we build many more theatres here in India, which is such a large country with a huge population, we will get the same kind of growth in the entertainment and film industry. So it is just the matter of building the infrastructure in India.”

    On the discussion that actors need to consider fee cutting, Aamir said, “Actually I don’t charge a fee. People don’t know that but it has been years since I have stopped charging a fee.”

    “If the film makes less money, I make less money, and if the film makes more money, I make more money,” said the actor, who has been regaling Bollywood audiences for over two decades.

    Aamir, who is now busy shooting for Thugs of Hindostan, said his wife Kiran Rao is the driving force in his life.

    “Kiran is someone who has been a major force in my life. I think since Kiran came into my life, I feel that some changes have happened with me. Earlier, I was quite intense and serious, but now I feel a sense of joy and energy in me.”



  67. aamirsaurabh Says:

    Happy Birthday to the India’s Greatest megastar.


  68. aamirsaurabh Says:


  69. God knows how birthday messages on Aamir have been posted in the last 24 hrs and moderators need to step in and place at least a 96 hrs moratorium on anything ‘aamir’ on this blog lest we lose our sanity.


    • don’t worry, we retained our sanity when someone (can’t remember who..) was posting every other tweet out there on Salman’s latest (every time there was one) release.


      • Aamirsaurabh criminal under which IPC code? Just yesterday Bachchan had this to say –

        Amitabh Bachchan‏Verified account @SrBachchan Mar 12
        T 2742 -” We are very good lawyers for our own mistakes, and very good judges for the mistakes of others “~ PaulC

        If we have to discuss Aamir this is a perfect occasion to discuss his sexual deviance and dalliance at this ripe age of 54….and even one was to forego the evident ‘ tharkiness’ and understand sexual / erotic attraction between opposite sex working together as legit or accept pleasurable sex can take place between two people who do not even know each but this latest one with Fatima is not only sick but disgusting! ……going at this rate …. Zaira Wasim his next arm candy?

        Most of these males in our society are convinced that their erotic longing indicates who they should and can love. Led by their penis, seduced by erotic desire, they often end up in relationships with partners with whom they share no common interests of values.


  70. Is there a post on sonu ki titu ki sweety?
    It is inching to 100 crores.
    Songs going viral.


    • If there was one, it’ll get flooded with posts related to aamir khan and BOI 🙂

      Joke aside, this is truly an achievement. Bunch of nobody and it’s inching towards 100 crores.


      • Here’s the original


      • Correction, it is not inching to 100 cr but 10 cr. 1 cr = 10 million. 90 million = 9 cr. Theek hai?


        • Collection not YouTube views..


          • Correct. The movie is hit though the critics are saying it is misogynistic.
            Karhik, Nustat, Sunny all are great actors or better than current crop of Varun Dhawans and Tigers of the BW. I am glad whenever nepotism is not involved and talent gets some hits. I loved Akashvaani from this director which went unnoticed. It is free on youtube to watch.


      • Not exactly a bunch of nobody’s. Luv Ranjan’s developed a good fan following in Delhi-NCR & Punjab post the Pyaar KA Punchnama films. The music led by YO Yo & Guru Randhawa has worked big time while Alok nath ‘ji’s cool fagging & boozing grandad avatar has been adored by the audiences to no end! Kartik Aryan has all the makings of a romantic hero as well as a subtle comedian. Whatever genre he makes, wish Ranjan retains the wit in every single one of them.


  71. Yes I posted this song on Monday. Pretty groovy….enjoyed this movie as a fun watch and wish well for the actors who seem to be outsiders and waiting for the big break.


    • oh ok. I didn’t see it. Arijit singh is on a career high these days all songs from him in all movies.


  72. Like

  73. Akshay Kumar walks away with Rs. 40 crores for Pad Man
    ByBollywood Hungama News NetworkMar 15, 2018 – 11:00 am IST

    It has been months since the release of the much talked about Akshay Kumar starrer Pad Man and the film which was directed by R. Balki performed pretty well at the box office. Now months later we hear that Akshay Kumar is certainly a happy man, especially since the actor earned a whopping Rs. 40 cr. from the film. If what we hear is true then, apparently Akshay forwent his usual remuneration for Pad Man and opted instead to take the digital and satellite rights of the film which according to reports have fetched him approx. Rs. 40 cr.

    Interestingly, while on one hand Akshay has made a neat sum with the success of Pad Man, the film’s producers KriArj Entertainment and Sony Pictures have wound up making a considerably lower sum as a profit. In fact, given the fact that the film earned Rs. 81.1 cr at the domestic box office and USD 3.97 million [Rs. 25.52 cr] in the overseas markets the co-producers of the film stand to make approximately Rs. 48.50 cr from box office revenue. However, negating the estimated Cost of Production of Rs. 40 cr, leaves both KriArj and Sony with a profit of just Rs. 8-10 cr that will be shared between the two.

    An increasing number of A-list actors are opting for the satellite and digital rights of their films in lieu of a fixed remuneration.


    • Akshay’s model of growth LOL!


    • LOL … Akshay made 40 cr while the other producers and distributors earned peanuts. The exhibitors wont complain though. Question is, does this increase the market value of a film with 40 cr investment (including P&A) to 80 cr because Akshay made 40 cr profit out of it?

      Its just a case of smart risk taken by a star on a project he believed in and he got the returns. End of the everyone made profits and a 40 cr film made 80+ cr nett at BO.

      BOI can call it below-average or what not on behalf of their distributor ‘friends’.


      • Akshay’s model of smash and grab!


        • He is doing the best he can!


        • IdeaUnique Says:

          but that makes lot of business sense for such niche projects….akki shot for what 2 months? and marketing for 3-4 weeks. 40 cr for 3 months is a deal to grab. And production budget of padman wont be more than 10 cr given the subject….


    • Doesn’t matter whether Akshay made 40 crs or whether the rest made zero or more as none of it coming to our pockets anyway. the “real market value” of the film with Akshay’s fee of 40 crs is around 75 crs including P&A. The lifetime nett collections are barely 80 odd crs which does not make this movie worthy of a verdict anything higher than a Below Average. That’s how BOI works and for once i’m in agreement with them. Partially at least!


  74. Vidya Balan to turn producer, will produce Indira Gandhi web series
    BySubhash K. JhaMar 15, 2018 – 10:42 am IST

    It’s not Vidya Balan’s husband Sidharth Roy Kapur who will produce the Indira Gandhi bio-pic based on journalist-author Sagarika Ghose’s biography Indira: India’s Most Powerful Prime Minister.

    Vidya Balan herself will produce films now under the banner Vidya Balan Films, quite separate from her husband’s SRK Productions. Says a source, “Vidya now feels the need to generate content that she would like to be part of. Not that she will star in everything she will produce. But Vidya will most certainly like to do bio-pics on personalities she admires such as Indira Gandhi and Lata Mangeshkar.”

    Some years ago, Vidya was pencilled in to do a bio-pic on the legendary Carnatic singer M S Subbalaxmi and more recently she had agreed to be part of a bio-pic on author Kamala Das. Both projects fell apart, prompting Vidya to take matters into her own hands. Says the source, “The Indira Gandhi bio-pic will require loads of research on Vidya’s part and her entire dedication for the next few years. Vidya is doesn’t intend to make it as feature film but as a web series, as the vast stretches of plot and incidents in Mrs Gandhi’s life cannot be rendered in two hours.”

    Incidentally Vidya Balan is not the first actor to aspire to play India Gandhi. Ten years ago Manisha Koirala was all set to play Mrs Gandhi in a bio-pic to be directed by N Chandra. It never happened.


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  76. You Asked It – Raid Opening Against Pad Man
    Thursday 15 March 2018 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Q. Is Raid a bigger film than Drishyam in terms of box office and budget and what opening does the advance booking of the film suggest? Also can it beat the opening numbers of Pad Man?

    M. Shukla

    A. The film is a bigger film than Drishyam in terms of cost. As far as box office goes that all depends on content but it should open better than Drishyam as a bigger production than that film and generally more for the initial audience.

    Today very few films get an advance, its mainly the event films and the big holiday releases and the advance tells nothing about the opening as 95% of the films are about that Friday audience and this is the case for Raid as it has been for all films this year. Even Padmaavat as the advance was slow to open but that was for other reasons.

    On our assessment Pad Man numbers will be difficult but its not as if you totally discount it as a 9.75 crore nett opening day is not too hard.

    Q. Can the all languages worldwide figures be put up on the website before the end of the year as both Secret Superstar and Bajrangi Bhaijan are around 1000 crore plus.

    A. Pathan

    A. Maybe when the run of Bajrangi Bhaijaan finishes in China then there can be a post but a 1000 crore does not likely for both films.

    Q. You have said that Aamir Khan is a huge star in China but now Salman Khan should be also as Bajrangi Bhaijaan will do 250-300 cr there?

    J. Warghese

    A. Aamir Khan has been building brand there for the last 7-8 years by going there whenever his films release and interacting with the media and audiences but this is not the case with Salman Khan so there will be a difference. It does not happen overnight and depends on the actor to push it if the films are being liked.


  77. The Biggest Small Films Of Recent Past – SKTKS 6th
    Thursday 15 March 2018 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    There have been some small films which have done extremely well over the last twenty five years or so and Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety is among them. The horror blockbuster of 2002 Raaz tops the list followed by Satya (1998) which was a washout in most of India but Maharashtra (Tax Free) and South were phenomenal.

    There are three films crossing 1 crore footfalls and although Sonu Ke Tito Ki Sweety will fall a little short with 90 lakhs apprx its still a huge achievement. It was a bit easier in the past as if the film had merits it would continue to run for a long time and a small film could compete with a big film if it had the content. Today the multiplexes are ready to replace the holdover with a new film as even if the holdover is doing well, its a good bet the newer film will give better occupancy over the weekend.

    The top small films over the last 25 years or so are as follows. The likes of Chak De India, Taare Zameen Par and OMG! Oh My God have been left due to star presence while a Grand Masti is not there due to brand value. All these films clocked over 1 crore footfalls and are small films but due to the above points cant really be called small.

    1. Raaz (2002) – 1,28,40,000

    2. Satya (1998) – 1,12,17,000 (Note Mumbai / South Blockbuster, washout at many places)

    3. Vivah (2006) – 1,02,41,000

    4. Aashiqui 2 (2013) – 98,54,000

    5. Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na (2008) – 94,16,000

    6. Sonu Ke Tito Ki Sweety (2018) -88,00,000 apprx (expected)

    7. Kya Kehna – 76,71,000 (2000)

    8. Malamaal Weekly (2006) – 76,08,000

    9. Fukrey Returns (2017) – 74,59,000

    10. Kahaani (2012) – 69,32,000


  78. Aamir Khan On Clash With 2.0: We’ll Be In Trouble If It Releases With Thugs Of Hindostan

    Aamir Khan turned 53 today. The actor joined Instagram a few hours before his birthday. Soon after sharing the first picture of his mother on the photosharing app, the Thugs Of Hindostan actor decided to go live on Insta to interact with his fans. A few hours ago, the actors went live and answered many questions right from his next film after Thugs Of Hindostan to what wife Kiran Rao and son Azad gifted him on his birthday to his view on clashing with Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0. Khan wasn’t too on clashing with Rajini.

    During his Insta live, Aamir revealed that he does not want to clash with 2.0 and also added that Thugs of Hindostan will be in trouble if it happens. The 53-year old actor said, “I hope ki woh humare saath naa aaye warna humei problem ho jayegi. Rajinikanth bahot bade star hain aur mein unki izzat karta hu.” For the uninitiated, 2.0 has been getting postponed since Diwali 2017. The film was supposed to earlier release with Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal again but they decided to move the date. It was then supposed to release on the Republic Day weekend in January this year but was pushed to April later due to pending post-production work. But industry sources now suggest that the Rajinikanth – Akshay starrer will release on Diwali 2018 which means it will clash with Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Fatima Sana Shaikh starrer Thugs Of Hindostan which is all set to release during the same time.

    This isn’t the first time Aamir has spoken about the Thugs Of Hindostan – 2.0 clash. Earlier while talking to Hindustan Times, the superstar had said, “See, it comes back to the same problem that we have only 5,000 screens in India. Any producer of a big film would want the maximum screens for it. So, a clash definitely affects the films. As far as possible, that should be avoided. But sometimes, it isn’t possible to avoid. Ab main Diwali pe aa raha hoon. Nahi aa paata toh kab aaoon? There are already films lined up for Christmas. Meri bhi majboori hai. Given a choice, no one would want to clash. That said, I am very flexible, when it concerns. There’s no ego that I just have to release on a certain date. Agar mein hatt sakta hoon, toh hatt jaaoonga. Because a clash affects both films equally. Ultimately, we are all friends in the industry. So if we can help each other, we do. When Secret Superstar released, we clashed with Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal Again. When the first-day collections came, I realised they were doing much better than us. I called Rohit the same evening and offered him screens that I’m not using. Mujhe screens rakh ke achaar thoda banana hai.”



    • IdeaUnique Says:

      ha ha that is Aamir’s way of saying “Rajnikant ki pant tak utar jaayegi agar hamare saath release kiya to….” 😉


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  80. Neeraj Pandey to remake Tamil hit Vikram Vedha! Guess who will bag the lead roles?

    Though Pandey has not revealed names to a leading daily, we know for sure that he would consider a couple of A-listers for this project. According to a leading daily, Neeraj is collaborating with the original producer, S Sashikanth, and Reliance Entertainment on the venture. He is the creative producer and the writer of the movie and the original writer-director duo Pushkar and Gayatri have been retained to direct the film.

    The film seamlessly blends the folk tale of Vikram-Vetal into reality making it a noire gangster film and the makers assert that Pandey will adapt the film to suit the Pan Indian masses and it will be treated that way to blend mythology and reality in a poetic fashion. Now, what’s more exciting is that there will be a twist after every 20 to 30 minutes keeping the masses hooked on till the end.


  81. Bollywood banks on brand Aamir Khan as actor ups box office game with maximum all-time grossers

    Khan’s film graph in the last 10 years shows that he is a brand that Bollywood can trust with five of his movies being the highest grossers of all time out of seven.


    While the Khans of Bollywood rule the Indian film industry, not all of them have been able to keep up with the numbers game. Be it Shah Rukh Khan or Salman, both witnessed disappointing collections last year from films like “Jab Harry Met Sejal” and “Tubelight”. But Aamir has walked a consistent path with films like “3 Idiots”, “PK” and “Secret Superstar”, but it was the wrestling drama “Dangal” that raised the bar for the industry in terms of both business and content.

    Khan’s film graph in the last 10 years shows that he is a brand that Bollywood can trust with five of his movies being the highest grossers of all time.

    It all started with “Ghajini” (2008) and ever since, Aamir’s box office domination has become tougher to compete with. The actor’s tremendous physical transformation left his audience in awe and the so called “Ghajini” hairstyle became the talk of town at the time. And so did the film’s box office collection as it was the first Bollywood film to make an entry in the much coveted Rs 100-crore club as the film earned close to Rs 114 crore, shattering the record set by Dhoom 2 of Rs 81 crore.

    The record-breaking collections two of his films, Dangal and Secret Superstar, saw in China has been making headlines but the success story began with 3 Idiots. And post Dangal’s release, the neighbouring country has become one of the most important markets for the Indian film industry.

    Dangal managed to go cross the business of the magnum opus “Baahubali 2: The Conclusion” because of collections in the Chinese market and ended its dream run with a business of around Rs 2,000 crore globally. But “Secret Superstar”, which did not generate the big bucks in India, received a warm welcome in China as started its innings with Rs 43.35 crore much more than that of “Dangal” on opening day…


    • Aamir was 43 when Ghajini happened. The last decade has been fantastic for him as far as box-office is concerned. Some really huge WW grossers in Ghajini, 3I, D3, PK, Dangal and SS.

      Hopefully TOH will be another one. If so, then 7 all time high grossers within 10 years is not bad.


  82. He lives in a sedate little corner of Bandra. Unlike the throngs that you see outside Amitabh Bachchan’s house or Shah Rukh Khan’s or Salman Khan’s or even Jeetendra’s, you won’t see people posing with the building security for selfies. He still doesn’t live in a bungalow. Most people wouldn’t even know his building’s name. He doesn’t drive around in fancy cars. In fact, well into the late ’90s, he was rumoured to not even own a luxury car. And starry asides like the producer paying for his driver or his staff were unheard of. And still are. He makes sure he pays everyone from his own pocket. He has himself admitted that heads don’t turn as much for him as they do when Salman Khan enters a room. He doesn’t have the crazy fan following that Shah Rukh Khan has among girls or the NRI crowd. Yet, over the years, he has out thought the opposition and created a sort of gold standard as far as the box-office collections of his films are concerned. Some consider him a marketing genius. It’s pointed out that he only becomes active on the social media during the release of his film. That it’s his reclusive behavior, which kind of adds to his allure. Some applaud his long term strategy of associating himself with key causes. He has long been a votary for the Narmada Bachao Andolan, associating himself with the likes of Medha Patkar, Anna Hazare, Arundhati Roy and the ilk, not making heavy weather of his presence but quietly lending his star clout. And coming across as a concerned celebrity in the process, to be precise more Julia Roberts than Erin Brocovich. But getting the point across all the same.

    In his most strategically brilliant move as yet, he made himself the fulcrum for the socially aware TV programme called Satyamev Jayate. The well-researched module took him to the remotest corners of the country, with him sometimes even going incognito. The show dealt with both the problems faced and the victories attained by people at the grassroots level. It discussed hitherto taboo topics as homosexuality and child abuse. Perhaps his biggest achievement lies in the fact that he got such topics discussed in a healthy way in our living rooms. Such was his popularity during the heydays of Satyamev Jayate, that had we been a Presidential democracy, he could have been elected as one. And he didn’t let all that popularity go waste. Few know that he has started water conservation efforts, away from the media glare, and has vowed to make Maharashtra drought free. Taking one taluka, one village at a time, he’s making sure the right training, the right tools reach the villagers, making them self-sufficient in the process. He’s being humane minus the hoopla.

    All this may not be directed towards garnering more bucks but somewhere, the enormous goodwill he commands does bring in a legion of fans when his films are released. He has transcended from being a multiplex star to someone who could drive crowds wild at Jhumri Telaiya too. A large part of his box-office magic can also be ascribed to the way he approaches his roles. He was in character for almost three years for Mangal Pandey, refusing to cut his hair and even developed a manly moustache for his role. Similarly, for Ghajini, he transformed himself into a muscular hulk seemingly carved from granite. For PK, his nude look grabbed the most eyeballs. In 3 Idiots, he looked like a young college student and not a 40 plus guy. In Dhoom 3, he looked like a gymnast and in the most recently released Dangal, he transformed himself into a chiselled marvel for a blink and miss scene. For the same film, to portray an aging Mahavir Singh Phogat he refused to wear prosthetics and enjoyed samosas perhaps for the first time in his life to sport a pot belly. His flabby, haggard and bearded look of a has-been wrestler was perhaps the non-starriest thing ever resorted to by a Hindi film actor. Now, we hear he will grow a stomach long beard for YRF’s Thugs of Hindostan. Let’s see how that will turn out. The only parallel that comes to mind regarding this persona is perhaps Sanjeev Kumar in his numerous films or Shashi Kapoor in Utsav. It may be recalled that neither star’s experimentations paid as rich dividends as Aamir’s. And that, barring Mangal Pandey, which isn’t considered a hit given its bloated budget, his gambles have always paid off.

    It’s said he obsessively takes control of the films he acts in. It’s also pointed out that Vikram Bhatt never made a better film than Ghulam, that Dharnesh Darshan’s finest effort was Raja Hindustani, that John Matthew Matthan couldn’t resurrect his career after Sarfarosh. Lagaan is considered as Ashutosh Gowariker’s finest films. Even Rajkumar Santoshi hasn’t been able to deliver a cult comedy after Andaz Apna Apna. And Rang De Basanti is counted as maverick director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s best film till date. The only exceptions are Ram Gopal Varma and Rajkumar Hirani. Ramu did go on to deliver hits after the superbly crafted Rangeela and Hirani is the only director that Aamir has agreed to repeat. His alleged obsession with the nitty gritties of a project must be grating for some but since it helps bring in the moolah, the complaints haven’t been loud.

    The success of his own directorial debut, Taare Zameen Par, where he brought forth the needs of special children in the forefront has shown the world his acute understanding of the craft of cinema and sensitive insight. That he turns selfless for the larger benefit of the project can be seen from the fact that he let Darsheel Safary walk away with the limelight in Taare Zameen Par. In Rang De Basanti, he let Sidharth take the glory in the climax and in Dangal, it was his screen daughters Zaira Wasim in the first half and Fatima Sana Shaikh in the second half, who walked away with the accolades. While other stars want to keep the camera focussed just on themselves, his single-minded dedication to make the story the centre of things has actually worked in his favour. The counter perhaps is his cameos in films like Delhi Belly or Dhobi Ghat, which were tremendously helped by his superstar presence. His presence in the Secret Superstar teasers is already creating waves.

    Birthday Special: Decoding Aamir Khan

    Unlike other stars, his affairs haven’t been written about much. Not that there haven’t been any. But unlike the other kiss and tell Lotharios he hasn’t derived mileage from it. His divorce with first wife Reena Dutta and subsequent marriage to Kiran Rao too were kept away from the media glare. We see cutey pie pictures of star toddlers every day on the social media but he has made sure hype surrounding his lil’ son Azad Rao Khan has been kept to the minimal. Just as is the case with his older children Junaid and Ira.

    Dangal (2016)

    The autobiographical tale of wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat and his two daughters Geeta and Babita Phogat went on to create history and has been crowned as the highest grossing film till date. After the release of PK, Aamir Khan announced that he would he would be playing of the role of a wrestler in his next titled Dangal in which he will be portraying the role of Mahavir Singh Phogat. At the time, he spoke about Dangal in an interview with a leading daily. This is what he said, “Nitesh has written a wonderful story. The topic is very important, it’s very dramatic. It highlights the discrimination that is meted out to the girl child in India. The best part is that he has done it in a very entertaining manner. The heart of the story is emotional, but it also has a lot of humour. Raju Hirani has this unique way to tell a story where he says something socially very relevant but he tells his story in a very entertaining manner. Similarly Nitesh has written a very entertaining lovely script, the dialogues are very entertaining. Each time I listen to the dialogues, I laugh a lot. I cry as well as laugh.” And it all came true as visualised.

    Budget: `70 crore

    Domestic Collections: `587 crore

    Birthday Special: Decoding Aamir Khan

    PK (2014)

    The extraterrestrial themed film, which commented on our religious hypocrisy was lapped up by the masses despite its controversial content. PK was directed by Rajkumar Hirani and also starred Anushka Sharma, Sushant Singh Rajput, Sanjay Dutt, Boman Irani and Saurabh Shukla in supporting roles. PK was a comedy about the idea of a complete stranger in the city. Who will ask questions that nobody will ever even think of. People who are set in their ways from generations are forced to think about the world when they see it through the eyes of PK. Even though PK was a complete outsider he noticed that people of earth had forgotten the universal message of God and how they are completely manipulated by these so-called religious leaders or as PK would refer them to as “Managers”. He feels that religions in the world are hijacked by these managers. He feels that religion should be rational, compassionate and humane not the superstitious and hateful one that is being preached currently which he refers to as “Wrong Number”.

    Budget: ` 85 crore
    Domestic Collections: ` 340.8

    Birthday Special: Decoding Aamir Khan

    Dhoom 3 (2013)

    His double role was the key point in this caper film and he took the Dhoom franchise to its zenith. High speed chases, extra-ordinary camera work and worid class special effects, Dhoom was a refreshing change for the cinema goers. This could be termed as the Indian version of The Fast And The Furious. Dhoom 3 was the third instalment in the Dhoom series.The movie continueed with Jai (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali (Uday Chopra) in their roles as police officers, who are assigned to solve another high-profile case. And this time they were up against Sahir (Aamir Khan), a thief living behind the mask of a clown. He used his circus show as a cover to avenge the death of his father, which occurred due to a bank rejecting his loan. Although the film didn’t impress critics, it was refreshing to see Aamir Khan in a double role. The perfectionist made sure to bring subtle differences between both characters so we can differentiate between the two.

    Budget: ` 175 crore
    Domestic Collections: ` 284.27 crore

    Birthday Special: Decoding Aamir Khan

    Talaash (2012)
    It was a niche, offbeat film with a twist ending and fell just shy of a 100 crore domestically. Inspector Surjan Singh Shekawat is put on a case of film actor Armaan Kapoor. The celeb drove his car off the embankment which resulted in him drowning in the sea. However, the circumstances surrounding the accident don’t fit with suicide nor there is any evidence of foul play. Meanwhile, Surjan’s wife Roshni (Rani Mukerji) is finding hard to get over the grief of the death of their son. Surjan who also was severly impacted by the incident decides to involve himself into work more hoping that it would take his mind off things. He begins investigating for the case where he meets a very alluring prostitute named Rosie (Kareena Kapoor), someone who he feels may know the answer to the case.

    Budget: ` 40 crore
    Domestic Collections: ` 93.40 crore

    Birthday Special: Decoding Aamir Khan

    Taare Zameen Par (2007)

    It highlighted the fact that special children need more empathy and made money despite its sensitive subject. Taare Zameen Par was a story about a boy called Ishaan Awasthi (Darsheel Safary) who suffers from dyslexia, which make it difficult to cope up with things in his daily life. Frustrated by this, his parents send him to a boarding school where he meets a teacher called Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir Khan). Ram was someone who believed that every child is special in their own way and given the right time and attention they all can flourish. He encourages all the students to be creative and notices that Ishaan Awasthi always seems to be very low so he decides to find out the reason for that. When he learns Ishaan is facing dyslexia, he decides to help him. With patience, time and care, he helps Ishaan finds himself.

    Budget:` 12 crore
    Domestic collections: ` 62 crore

    Birthday Special: Decoding Aamir Khan

    3 Idiots (2009)
    It was a clarion call against our flawed education system and has become a cult classic in the process. Whatever the problem in life is… just say to yourself ‘Aal Izz Well’.. This won’t solve your problems but it will give the courage to face it..” “Chase Excellence and success will follow”.. ” Life is not about getting marks, grades but chasing your dreams”.. These are the golden rules which 3 IDIOTS teaches you in a very light and entertaining way. The three main leads i.e Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi and R . Madhavan teamed up again after Rang De Basanti for Rajkumar Hirani’s Three Idiots which was loosely based on the novel written by Chetan Bhagat titled “Five Point Someone.”
    This movie is regarded as one of Aamir Khan’s finest work and an all time Bollywood classic.

    Budget:` 45 crore
    Domestic collections: ` 202.95 crore

    Ghajini (2008)
    He pumped iron for this South remake with a vengeance and the unconventional plot helped raked in the moolah.

    Budget: ` 65 crore
    Domestic collections: ` 162 crore

    Rang De Basanti (2006)
    The parallel narrative, oscillating between the past and the present highlighted youth angst struck a chord and was a bumper hit.

    Budget: ` 30 crore
    Domestic collections: ` 75 crore



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    For keeps……


  85. Shah Rukh reveals, “My greatest Hichki moment is the death of my parents. I was 15 when my father passed away and 26 when my mother passed away. We were not financially well off, and I was studying for my Master’s degree then. It was very sad for us. The empty house without my parents used to come to bite us (my sister and me). The loneliness, pain and sadness of the loss of both my parents, could have been overwhelming enough to take over my life wholly. I decided to overcome this Hichki moment by letting acting fill up my entire life.”

    He adds, “I never quite let go of the pain, but I also used it to make me completely focus on my profession. People close to me will tell you that acting is my vent, my window of manifesting these overwhelming emotions. I always say this that one morning, when I wake up, I will realize that I have spent all these emotions and now have nothing more to give (as an actor). Otherwise, death is a hiccup from which there is no coming back. I realized that and therefore, overcame it by giving my work, my all. God might bring a hiccup to you in this life but he will also give you multiple ways to deal with it in this lifetime. I could find my family (the love and sense of belonging) amongst my friends and colleagues in the film industry again.”


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    • How many times is SRK going to squeeze sympathy out of people with the story of his parents’ passing?? Koi naya material dhoondo yaar.


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  88. We never know what happens inside when the raid is going on. We don’t know the procedures.

    This film will show all that.

    When I was listening to the story, the first thing that came to my mind was what happens during a raid? No one knows that.

    That is when I decided to talk to income tax officers and I came to know some very interesting facts, like how they treat the women during the raid.

    Officers themselves don’t like to raid people’s houses because there are kids and women in the house, and they start crying.



  89. Sidharth Malhotra grabs title role in Captain Vikram Batra biopic
    ByBollywood Hungama News NetworkMar 15, 2018 – 4:12 pm IST

    Sidharth Malhotra is all set to start work on his next movie after Neeraj Pandey’s Aiyaary, The movie is a biopic on Captain Vikram Batra who is a Kargil hero and a winner of Param Vir Chakra. Sid will be seen essaying a double role of Vikram and his twin Vishal. The movie will be set in Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, and Dehradun. The Kargil hero’s brother and girlfriend Dimple Cheema have joined hands with the makers of the film and have given them all the necessary information about Vikram to portray him accurately.

    A source close to the movie told a daily that Sidharth has been in touch with Vikram’s twin brother, Vishal, who is on board to offer inputs to the story. His girlfriend Dimple has also helped the team with the research as, besides Vikram’s valour, the film will also explore their love story. The team is aiming to wrap up the film by the year-end. Sid is training in horse-riding and shooting.

    For the uninitiated, Vikram was born in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. At the time of Kargil War, this unit received orders to move to Kargil. Eighteen days after this, on June 19, 1999, he was ordered to recapture Point 5140 in his first major battle. He defeated the enemy and gave out a triumphant war cry, “Yeh dil maange more.” While leaving from the base, his colleague lost his legs in an explosion. He went back just to save him that’s when he was hit by enemy’s bullet in his chest. He was martyred on the spot.

    He was Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest and most prestigious award for valour, for his actions during the war.


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