Blackmail trailers (updated)

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  1. Title is Blackmail (or Blackmale) but not Black. I was curious as why we have Black(Bhansali’s movie) thread now.


  2. Confusion cleared.


  3. Abhinay Deo: The moment I read the script, I knew that Blackmail was the film I wanted to make next

    Talking about the same, director Abhinay Deo said, “Delhi Belly was an amazing script, and after the massive success of the film, I was looking for a script that would be at par if not better, and then finally 47 scripts and 6 years later I found the one. The moment I read the script, I knew that Blackmail was the film I wanted to make next.”

    Starring Irrfan Khan in the lead, the teaser of Blackमेल released on Valentine’s day and took the internet by storm. Showcasing a bare-chested Irrfan Khan running around the streets in nothing more than boxer shorts, the teaser intrigued the audience to know the story of a man covering his face with a bra and panty paper bag.

    Starring an ensemble cast comprising of Irrfan Khan, Kirti Kulhari, Divya Dutta, Arunoday Singh, Omi Vaidya, Anuja Sathe, Pradhuman Singh Mall, Gajraj Rao amongst many others, the film promises to be a crazy comedy backed by entertaining performers.

    Produced by T-Series’ Bhushan Kumar and RDP Motion Pictures’ Abhinay Deo, Blackमेल directed by Abhinay Deo is slated to release on 6th April, 2018.


  4. Aiyaary And Black Panther First Day Business
    Saturday 17 February 2018 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Aiyaary had a low opening of 3-3.25 crore nett with the film opening slow and just having the normal evening follow up when it really had to improve. This makes it very tough for the film as thriller films dont really show huge growth on day two and this film needs to be going 60-70% up to have a chance.

    The promos were not impressive and the film hardly had any music but the film had fair production values so though a big opening was never going to happen but it should also not be down in the 3 crore nett range. The film showed the same picture all over with poor collections.

    Aiyaary has opened in that same range as the last few Siddharth Malhotra films. The lowest opener of the below films in the morning shows was actually Ittefaq but it showed by fat the best growth in evening shows.

    Black Panther which was playing on almost 55% of the screens of Aiyaary did very well as it grossed 5-5.25 crore nett on day one. The film was very good in all the metros and even collected better than Aiyaary in the smaller circuits where Hollywood films have a lesser market unless its a franchise film.


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  6. thakursingh Says:

    I gave Delhi Belly another chance today but nope I still turned it off 20 minutes after starting it. I can’t stand the puerile misogynistic humour.


  7. Blackमेल Is A Situational Comedy On ‘How Will You React If You Find Your Wife In Bed With Someone Else?’
    What follows is a laughter riot, with a crazy confusion of who blackmails who creating a fusion of suspense and comedy.
    By Team -February 25, 2018

    While the connotation of a man being cheated on had been different in the past, the connotation now has been different in today’s scenario. The upcoming quirky comedy turns the situation on its head to present a madcap comedy.

    Earlier, when a man would find out his wife in bed with someone else, he would resort to only two options: Either kill the wife or kill her lover, however, in Blackmail Irrfan opts for an unconventional option of blackmailing his wife’s lover.

    While normally people opt for two options, either kill the wife or her lover or divorce the partner, the Irrfan Khan starrer, however, explores the third possibility of blackmailing his wife’s lover.

    The recently released trailer of ‘Blackmail’ showcases Irrfan’s character being cheated on by his wife Kirti Kulhari with Arunodhay Singh. While Irrfan’s character Dev plans to blackmail his wife’s lover, he, in turn, ends up paying for his own blackmailing.

    What follows is a laughter riot, with a crazy confusion of who blackmails who creating a fusion of suspense and comedy.


  8. Not a fan of DB, but this seems like fun. Good to see Deo back. And Irrfan is always a pleasure to watch in such stuff than to see him in quarib quarib single.

    Irrfan’s web series with AIB guy is also supposed to come this year.


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  10. Bewafa Beauty


  11. Right from SUIT to High Rated Gabru to RANI & now to PATOLA, Guru Randhawa is fast becoming one of the best Punjabi pop stars in music folklore, my personal favorite since Sukhbir. The best part about his music is that he composes effective and foot tapping numbers with lyrics that are neither sexist nor demeaning and neither do they have constant references to drugs, sex and booze (barring one particular number Nachle Na from that unknown movie Dil Junglee, which apparently has been his least appreciated number among all the known one’s). Hope he continues carving his own path without falling to the Yo Yo or Baadshah gimmicks, passing off blatantly sexist & misogynist numbers as a “need of the hour”.


  12. Bachchan is praising Blackmail on his twitter..
    Majra kya hai ??


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