Kaala trailers (updated)

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  1. Rocky:

    The teaser for Rajinikanth’s much awaited film Kaala may not have had the ideal release but fans will take anything that comes their way.

    The teaser was released at midnight on March 2, after a scene from the film was leaked.

    It opens with Nana Patekar saying, “Kaala, what sort of name is that?” Well, we ALL know what sort of name that is – one that belongs to the superstar and carries with it all the punch that’s needed in the world.

    Nana’s question is answered by a shot of Rajinikanth holding an umbrella in the rains. With some awesome shades and a white beard. This is followed by a voice-over (Samuthirakani?) explaining what Kaala means – black, the one who fights to protect. But is everyone happy with fights
    Eswari Rao, who plays Rajini’s wife in the film, is not impressed clearly! Like Kumudhavalli, who was Rajini’s wife in his first film with Pa Ranjith, she appears to be an assertive woman.

    Nana and Rajini have something of a standoff, with the former dressed in the white and the latter in black. Nana’s character says that he wishes to clean the world, while Kaala counters him by saying that black is the colour of the workers of the world.

    “Come to my chawl and see, all the dirt will look colourful to you,” he shoots back.

    And then there’s the punch line, mixing Hindi and Tamil, the superstar snaps his fingers and throws a challenge into the air, “Kya re? Setting ah? Vengaiyin mavan, I’m standing alone, come if you have the guts!” (no, the English translation doesn’t do justice to the swag).


  2. So much better even at teaser level than Kabali. It is very ironic to do TWO consecutive movies with same director and both characters are underworld don (one stylish and one rustic) and both sounding similar titles and release one after another. Don’t think any big star would have done it but hey its Rajnikanth movie!!


  3. This looks super good! Kabali too had a great teaser, and personally felt it was one of the first Rajini films in quite some time to understand his super stardom and then deconstruct it. This looks more of the same, and perhaps even more pronounced. Also, Nana’s on a good roll across languages in this old age phase.

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    • Yeah, the way he says he wants to clean the country, with that sly grin, it’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a Nana Patekar moment quite this much…


  4. Blockbuster


  5. Will Rajnikanth take on Steven Spielberg?

    A source in the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) foresees major hurdles for the film as it touches upon several sensitive political issues.

    After a series of hiccups and delays, Rajinikanth-starrer Kaala may finally be released on June 7, provided the censor board clears the controversial political drama. A source in the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) foresees major hurdles for the film as it touches upon several sensitive political issues.

    “Tamil Nadu is already on the boil. We have to be careful about the content,” the source says. In the event that it does manage to get cleared, Kaala will have another force to reckon with – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Steven Spielberg’s fifth instalment in the Jurassic Park franchise is also set to hit silver screens on June 7. Taking on the massive Jurassic Park franchise is unlikely to be an easy task. Apart from Hindi and English, the film is also being released in Tamil and Telugu.



  6. The good guy is in black and called ravana, bad guy is in white and building Dandakaranya nagar. Interesting subversion there by Ranjith.


  7. This is a pretty lop-sided trailer; the first teaser promised an epic clash between Nana and Rajnikanth. However, by making Nana speak in Tamil, the director has killed all hopes I had. Nana’s Tamil renders him as weak in dialogue delivery as Rajnikanth’s atrocious twang when he speaks Hindi. I wish he spoke in Marathi or Hindi with a spattering — what with the director making it clear to that this film also treads the communal lines with Nana sporting the ‘dreaded’ tika. This doesn’t just seem to be a power-clash; but also a covert if not overt clash of political/religious ideology.

    That just one word ‘Raavan’ and Nana’s expression when he says that he is having the time of his life! Brilliant.


  8. One point of concern is that the Superstar’s previous releases Lingaa and Kabali did not strike the chord as expected. So the Superstar stands in real need of giving a commercial success that will re-define his market in the Indian film industry. As uncertainty clouds over his political entry, his fandom is in dire need of a sound hit that will elate the position of their idol both politically and commercially.

    Rajinikanth’s canny and superficial comments on political happenings have triggered memes and trolls of late on internet. So the litmus test will be answered only by the way Kaala performs at the box office. Meanwhile, the Tamil film industry has been affected to a wide extent because of GST implementation and latest film industry strike. The number of movie goers in Tamil Nadu has plummeted due to increased ticket rates and other miscellaneous theatre expenses. No absolute sale method prevails as the theatres turned down the distributors’ minimum guarantee basis and landed on the token advance payment, thereby the producer stands at bearing the risk of the film’s outcome.

    Read more at: https://www.filmibeat.com/tamil/news/2018/kaala-vs-jurassic-world-2-will-it-be-a-win-win-situation-at-the-box-office-274010.html


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