Paltan trailers (updated)

thanks to Sanjana..

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5 Responses to “Paltan trailers (updated)”

  1. I really hope that J.P. Dutta doesn’t fade back into oblivion after “Paltan” releases. I don’t understand his fascination with war films. 3 in a row now!. It’s time to move on to other genres. Hopefully, this film is a critical and commercial success which will give him the impetus to make more films on other genres. In top form, he’s truly one of the greats. Ghulami, Hathyar, and Yateem are masterpieces. Batwara was really good. Border, LoC and Umrao Jaan weren’t bad at all. Refugee, as disappointing as it was, wasn’t that bad either. His only true stinker was Kshatriya. Amazing director. Glad to see him back after a long time.


    • Seems to be an attempt to cash in on the prevalent jingoism du jour. Border was great for its time, but LOC fumbled because it offered nothing new. And this seems to be very dated, in continuation from LOC.


  2. Jeeves:

    Paltan short glimpse



  3. Sadly the trailer makes the movie looks dated. Scenes seemed forced with hangover of border and LOC without the real intensity.

    Hope I’m wrong as I’m a big fan of JP’s movies.


  4. This song is soulful and picturised nicely. After a long time I am liking a song.


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