Once Again Trailer (Film Available on Netflix)


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    • I saw the film on Netflix last night, and really enjoyed it: it was that rarest of things, a love story about and for adults, and was well-served by some patient pacing (I can only think of the Hindi/Urdu word “thairaao” to describe it), blending well with an excellent background score by Talvin Singh (where has he been?!). It’s also a very good Bombay film, and one sees a number of shots of neighborhoods one often doesn’t seem in films — i.e. not just the Bandra that we often see in “small” films these days, but also many scenes in other parts of the city. This “representation” extends further than the visuals: it was great to see so many shots of Shefali Shah cooking; especially given how integral Shetty/Bunt/Karnataka coastal food is to the fabric of the city, it was great to see it represented in a film (huge shout out to the fish market scene as well — ahh love the seafood in that city!).

      The two protagonists are the core of the film: both Neeraj Kabi and Shefali Shah are superb — the latter reliably so (such a good actress, and can operate in both registers, understatement as well as comic exaggeration; this film mostly uses the former), but in a sense Kabi has the more difficult role, because he has to take a cliche — he plays a BigTime Bollywood star — and make an alternative take on what such a person’s life might be like, plausible. And he does so with great aplomb (a cavil: would have liked a moment or two as to why he is IN the movie business to begin with; perhaps all the joy has been drained by now, but it would have been good to glimpse some of the magic). All in all, I would definitely recommend it.

      I’d add that Bhagwan Tiwary — who was also superb as the malicious cop in Masaan — leaves an impression as Kabi’s assistant and Man Friday Ashok; he might not have many dialogues but note the way he grabs the jacket Kabi’s character dangles; in that one scene, off to the side of the main action, you learn everything you need to know about Ashok’s role in his boss’ life, in ensuring that everything is as amenable as can be for his star employer.

      Hadn’t previously heard of director Kanwal Sethi, and I understand this is his first feature film: props to him for the guts to make a film that marches to its own beat, that isn’t “gimmicky” or overly plot-driven, and that respects its audience’s intelligence.


  1. Saw it yesterday. Never seen such pakau pretentious movie and want my two hours back. Idiotic movie trying to pretend like lunchbox!


  2. tonymontana Says:

    Dunno about the movie, but I find Shefali Shah a very attractive woman. There’s something rather alliring about her personality—those eyes in particular

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