Saamy 2 trailers (updated)

thanks to Sanjana..

Telugu trailer


8 Responses to “Saamy 2 trailers (updated)”

  1. Disappointed with this trailer. The character doesn’t quite look the same and the film seems too over the top. Of the kind one sees quite regularly for sure but Saamy wasn’t that sort of film.


  2. Standard Hari template….I am told that this guy is the son of the original Saamy from all those years ago…

    This is the DN trailor
    [added to post]


    • he might as well be with this 15 year gap! Think this looks more over the top like a Singam than the original Saamy. But didn’t know this was a different character. Looked this up and apparently this is a double role.


  3. This was an atrocious trailer! The dubbing sounds awful, its like its live dialogues. There are scenes where the characters are mouthing words but there’s no sound. No shot is more than 1.5 seconds long. I got a headache looking at this. Hari has lost his mind tbh. Singam 4 on the way. Vikram either has developed the worst mass script sense or maybe everything around him is just too mediocre.


  4. tonymontana Says:

    Ok. These guilty pleasures are getting too much now. We need a break from senseless masala for a change. Everyone is already doing it


  5. Bob Cristo Says:

    Over the Top..Super over the top then there are south indian movies.


  6. South films often have repetitive themes and unfortunately this is in that category – no novelty, same hero-worshipping script and Vikram looks bad while dancing around and doing those done-do-death OTT stunts….


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