Namaste England trailers (updated)

thanks to Sanjana…


8 Responses to “Namaste England trailers (updated)”

  1. This might turn out to be good.
    Namaste London was very good. One of the best love stories.


      • Namaste London was a fantastic movie, very romantic! The movie plot was a little slow in starting (with only one good part in the beginning- Arjun giving Jazz away at the church wedding and then walking away), it doesn’t pick up until Jazz and her parents travel to India and she thus meets Arjun for the first time. From then on, its fascinating and intriguing.

        Arjun (Akshay) dancing and singing is so expressive of his emotions and in his happiness, and one cannot help but feel for him throughout the movie. One also cannot help but connect with his plights and hardships, in all the characters- it is Arjun that one really connects with.

        His sense of humor is truly intriguing and he is such a sweetheart! FANTASTIC LOVE STORY! Great music; dance/pop/r&b-ish! It’s good to see movies like this that give reflections to other films-i.e. like 40’s American film noirs, nightclub sequences. (Example: Akshay Kumar (Arjun) singing “Chakna…” in the nightclub, as he holds the mike, he sways to and fro like most nightclub singers, but with a phenomenal twist! That is definitely my favorite scene! DANCE MUSIC!! Truly amazing, I don’t mind listening to soundtrack for this more often than other cooyi cooyu romantic films.


      • yes really Satyam…laila majnu…romeo and juliet…and namaste london…soon to be added…namaste london.


  2. Namaste London was enjoyable, not sure about this one.

    This guy just asked me isn’t London and England same thing?


  3. tonymontana Says:

    looks like a crushing more


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