Badhaai Ho trailers (updated)

thanks to Sanjana..


10 Responses to “Badhaai Ho trailers (updated)”

  1. A bollywood film that makes me actually lol? This could be it. Wow!

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  2. may become one of those small movies becoming a huge success


  3. What a wonderful trailor…Havent laughed so spontaneously for a while now…


  4. We are fortunate that we are living auch time when bollywood is making these kind of out of the box films. Badhai ho.


  5. Like

  6. Today, veteran actress Neena Gupta was present at the baby shower event of her upcoming film Badhaai Ho. She was asked to comment on the Alok Nath controversy since they have worked in the past together. Rumours also say it that the duo had dated for a while in the past. So during the event, Neena was asked to share experience of working (if any) she had encountered with Alok Nath, to which she said that she don’t have to say anything about it. She said, “Why should I say anything about it. Right now, I’m happy about Badhaai Ho. After many years, I’m getting this happiness, don’t spoil it. Let me enjoy it. (Smiles).”


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