Sui Dhaaga trailers (updated)

thanks to Sanjana…


20 Responses to “Sui Dhaaga trailers (updated)”

  1. A bit depressing.


    • tbh.. felt varun dhawan was not convincing enough in that character. its just that it might b good script backed by big production house who has taken current young hero.. anushka too looked too forced in those clothes which she wore. her acting look clean but some how cant imagine in those cheap saarees..


  2. looks good, but not sure that it needs a huge canvas like VD, ASK. Couldn’t they have someone like Rajkumar Rao or Ayushmann Khuranai with Swara Bhaskar?


  3. IdeaUnique Says:

    the film looks to have its heart int he right place but YRF will make it look like a out-of-the-blue underdog story….too contrived….anyway, looks like a tight-budget winner for YRF


  4. Like the trailer..


  5. Dum Lagaake Aisha was a wonderful little movie. This looks a bit more melodramatic than DLKH but Varun Dhawan always interests me. The supporting characters of DLKH were very good, here also that seems to be the case.


  6. Mix of DLKH and Padman


  7. This looks good. Interesting trailer.

    Batti Gul looks like a half-baked attempt at tackling the real issue. It seemed to lack the necessary substance. I felt its trailer was poor.

    This film, on the contrary looks quite well-written. There are some good scenes out there in the trailer. The concept is quite intersting as well. The kind of thing one can easily relate to. A few bits reminds me of the first half in Guru.

    Agreed it also seems in the lines of some of the recent Akshay Kumar movies.

    It does look promising. I am looking forward to it now.


    • Didn’t mind the trailer, but this cast “undoes” it for me — Varun Dhawan seems like he means well, but he is never more than well-meaning! I guess from Akshay others have also learned to make films that tie into various government initiatives (e.g. “Make in India”), perhaps there is a tax-break on offer here at some point.

      Aside: the bit about the employer making his employee act like a dog was jarring, it was reminiscent of some films from the 1980s — but in the latter instance (e.g. the film might be depicting a villainous thakur etc.) that sort of thing is believable; I find it hard to believe that this is going on in a small town in India; the contemporary politics around group assertiveness and so on make this unlikely — stated differently it feels like how a big city person imagines what a small town is like than how it actually is. [Contrast with a shocking instance of caste/class humiliation in Mukkabaaz: there Jimmy Shergill peeing in a bottle and asking the “subaltern” to drink up felt… true.]


  8. thakursingh Says:

    I like the trailer a lot 🙂 I can’t stand Anushka Sharma. Will have to tolerate her I guess.


  9. All these new trailers – batti gul, sui daaga, yamla pagla deewana2, paltan – are just blah! Manmarziyan looks ok and will probably be a decent watch.

    Looking forward to 2.0 teaser trailer and ToH first look poster. Otherwise its dull going-on.


  10. In Batti Gul I could relate to the problem as I made trips to get bills corrected, meter replaced and other hassles. There were instances where computers billed lakhs of rupees to those who did have minimum electrical appliances and they were shocked when they were asked to pay first and then lodge a complaint. Even in their entire lifetimes they cant earn that much. The option is to go to consumer courts or ask somebody who is familiar with these kind of to help. The former is time consuming. Hope that the film deals with these problems with some humour thrown in to get acceptance. And Shahid Kapoor is much better than Varun Dhawan who still looks unsuitable to these types of roles unlike Akshay Kumar who can look like an underdog and talk like an underdog. Even in October he was underwhelming though I appreciate him for taking such roles at such an young age and trying. Further Anushka looks like his sibling than his wife. Bhoomi Pednekar would have suited such a role. And there is too much rona dhona like in daily soaps!


  11. Only reason to look forward to the release of yet another yrf formula film is that ToH trailer will be attached to its prints. So 28th Sep is an awaited date.


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