Lupt, Badhaai Ho (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. Zero trailer

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  4. Tomorrow it will be test for 2.0.


  5. can somebody give me a good / correct link for the theaters where TOH IMAX is playing and where I can book? I used this link but there’s nothing in the DC/MD area. It might be true but if someone has correct links, let me know. Thanks.


  6. Top Worldwide Figures – All Formats And Hindi
    Friday 02 November 2018 17.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The worldwide figures for films in all formats have been added on the website. These will include the numbers from places Far East (recent), Russia and Eastern Europe (pre 1990) where the films were dubbed, subtitled and edited to cater to these markets. Basically its the numbers of each film in whatever format it is released anywhere in the world. Dangal leads the list with a little over 2000 crore and Bahubali – The conclusion is second with a little over 1800 crore.

    Below are the lists for the top ten grossers worldwide released across the world in any format be it dubbed or a mixture of dubbed and subtitled and be it different formats in India or Overseas. The figures are not like for like here as different films have had different journeys. The complete list can be see here

    1. Dangal – 2023.81 crore

    2. Bahubali – The Conclusion – 1810.60 crore

    3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan – 910.29 crore

    4. Secret Superstar – 858.43 crore

    5. PK – 750.60 crore

    6. Sultan – 615.71 crore

    7. Bahubali – The Beginning – 599.72 crore

    8. Sanju – 578.45 crore

    9. Tiger Zinda Hai – 565.10 crore

    10. Padmaavat – 563.55 crore



    The top ten grossers worldwide in HINDI are as follows. This is the original film made for the Hindi film audience be it India or Overseas. These figures are like for like and mainly from the same markets. The full list can be seen here.

    1. Bahubali – The Conclusion – 801.61 crore

    2. Dangal – 702.47 crore

    3. PK – 616.04 crore

    4. Bajrangi Bhaijaan – 604.00 crore

    5. Sanju – 578.45 crore

    6. Sultan – 577.29 crore

    7. Tiger Zinda Hai – 565.10 crore

    8. Padmaavat – 546.93 crore

    9. Dhoom 3 – 524.37 crore

    10. Chennai Express – 395.92 crore


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  9. They are having a grand launch for the trailer. They have almost showed the entire film during this interaction. About 2.0. Except for a few, all are talking in tamil only. Uyire uyire is ringing in my ears.


  10. [added to post]

    2.0 trailer


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    Was this the same tigress posted a few weeks back?


  13. Top Ten India All Formats – Bahubali Films Reign
    Saturday 03 November 2018 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The two Bahubali films are the top two films if we look at films released in India in all formats. In NETT numbers and GROSS numbers the Bahubali films come out on top. It was unthinkable in the past that the Hindi film industry could be topped in this way and that the two highest grossing films in the country are not from the Hindi film industry.

    This sort of scenario has only been once before when in 1949 a Tamil film called Chandralekha was a huge hit in Tamil Nadu and then the film was remade into Hindi and was an even bigger grosser and was the highest grosser in India despite not being a film from the Hindi film industry. This film was the film in history of Indian cinema to cross 3 crore footfalls.

    The Hindi film industry is in the national language but sadly 99% of the content is regional, appealling to certain sectors which curtails business in other sectors. To compete with a Bahubali our films have to do big in all our markets be it Mumbai, Punjab or Bengal but sadly it just does not happen. There is hope with Thugs Of Hindostan which does not have that regional divide and is on the lines of the 1981 mega blockbuster Kranti. The film should take a bumper opening like that film and if it can have similar appreciation then those Bahubali films will be split for sure.

    The top ten NETT GROSSERS In India in all formats are as follows. Note – Some films were released in multiple languages while others are one language.. The full list can be seen here

    1. Bahubali – The Conclusion – 1115.86 crore

    2. Bahubali – The Beginning – 418.54 crore

    3. Dangal – 387.29 crore

    4. Tiger Zinda Hai – 339.00 crore

    5. PK – 337.73 crore

    6. Sanju – 334.58 crore

    7. Bajrangi Bhaijaan – 315.49 crore

    8.Sultan – 300.67 crore

    9. Padmaavat – 295.46 crore

    10. Dhoom 3 – 271.53 crore


  14. “Ranveer wants the trailer to release on his wedding day so that it gets maximum hits. Rohit Shetty too is happy about the idea and is currently sitting with his edit team to cut out a trailer that is full of action, comedy and clapworthy dialogues. Ranveer knows he would have time to promote his film only after his reception post December 1. He wants the trailer to trend and create enough popularity to keep the movie trending. Rohit too know dates between Nov 14 to 15 are the best,” a source said.


  15. Rohit Shetty is known to bring in his own formulas for commercial success. And to say they have worked is an understatement. But this time around, with his next directorial, Simmba, he is going to set the screen on fire as he goes in all guns blazing.

    Shetty takes his creative genius to the next level as he brings together his past successful franchises of Golmaal and Singham to merge with the Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan-starrer Simmba. The director has appearances by actors from both sets of his films as they play special parts in his next. And with how Simmba seems to be shaping up, it looks like Shetty has another potential franchise on his hands, making him the only director to have three successful series of films in his filmography.

    Seeing that the commercial level of Simmba has been upped several notches now, we cannot wait to watch the film on December 28.


  16. Good going for Khurana.


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  19. Search is ongoing for Mogul director. Apart from Hirani, guys like Anand Rai and Nitesh Tiwari has also been approached. That may be the reason why Aamir has gone overboard on social media praising a poor Zero trailer.

    If Nitesh Tiwari gets finalized then it will be postponed from christmas 2019 release date to 2020 release. Nitesh is currently busy shooting chichore or something.


    • This is a pointless club, only counts now for the small or medium budget films. Heck TOH could break in over 2 days & 2.0 over the first set of shows (Naveen’s likely prediction 😀). The year’s been boosted by 3-4 unexpected entries, that’s the major surprise & story. If the big guns now can deliver 1,000Cr+ for rest of year (Hindi only), it will be a good end to 2018.

      But overall tracking of # of 💯 per annum is probably a good tracking metric. But eventually 200Cr would be better.


      • 1000 cr nett from hindi versions of the 4 big films is v high expectations. I will be happy with 750 cr, if it happens.


  20. Hichki has emerged a HIT film in China as it has sustained very well over the last four weeks or so. The film had started with less than $750k and is now on the verge of crossing $20 million. The film has crossed the business of PK to stand as the fifth highest grossing Indian film in China.

    This film has done better in China than in India which was also the case with Dangal, Secret Superstar, Hindi Medium and Delhi Safari. These four films as well as Hichki have sold more tickets in theaters of China than India.

    The figures for Hindi films are below and it shows how different this market is compared to the core overseas markets where films are watched by the ex pat sub continent audience. Shahrukh Khan who is the biggest star in these markets has the lowest grossing films in China.

    The business of all Indian films released in China over the last decade or so are as follows.

    1. Dangal – $193.06 million

    2. Secret Superstar – $117.71 million

    3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan – $45.55 million

    4. Hindi Medium – $32.71 million

    5. Hichki – $19.70 million (30 Days)

    6. PK – $19.65 million

    7. Toilet Ek Prem Katha – $14.23 million

    8. Bahubali – The Conclusion – $11.93 million

    9. Sultan – $5.26 million

    10. Dhoom 3 – $3.24 million

    11. 3 Idiots – $2.91 million

    12. Delhi Safari – $1.51 million

    13. Bahubali – The Beginning – $1.12 million

    14. Happy New Year – $410k

    15. Fan – $220k

    16. My Name Is Khan – $71k



  21. Saturday Update: Baazaar – Badhaai Ho – Andhadhun
    Sunday 04 November 2018 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The growth on Saturday was less than normal for all films as it is pre Diwali. The box office will now pick up again on Thursday when Thugs Of Hindostan hits the theatres.

    Baazaar went up around 25-30% on its second Saturday and has grossed around 18.75 crore nett till date. The collections of Baazaar till date are as follow

    Week one – 16,42,00,000 apprx

    Friday – 1,00,00,000 apprx

    Saturday – 1,30,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 18,72,00,000 apprx

    Badhaai Ho was doubling up the previous Saturday’s but with Diwali coming soon it only showed growth of 50-55%. The collections of Badhaai Ho till date are as follows.

    Week One – 65,33,00,000 (8 Days)

    Week Two – 27,56,00,000

    Friday – 2,25,00,000 apprx

    Saturday – 3,50,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 98,64,00,000 apprx

    Andhadhun also showed less growth on Saturday compared to the Saturday’s gone before. The collections of Andhadhun till date are as follows.

    Week One – 27,37,00,000

    Week Two – 22,21,00,000

    Week Three – 10,43,00,000

    Week Four – 4,50,00,000 apprx

    Friday – 40,00,000 apprx

    Saturday – 65,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 65,56,00,000 apprx


  22. Can TOH take a bigger opening in china than this?


  23. 3 years spent in making ToH:


  24. IMAX locations for TOH in India:


  25. No trailer, No movie can be as thrilling, adventurous, heart stopping, nail biting and never give up spirit as this

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    • Its a bit embarrassing that Aamir tweeted overpraising Zero trailer and kept mumb on a far better 2.0 trailer.


  27. Kedarnath: Priests in the shrine town threaten to hold protests if Sushant Singh Rajput starrer is not banned
    Sara Ali Khan, Sushant Singh Rajput starrer Kedarnath has evoked strong reaction from the priests of the temple town, who have demanded a ban on the film, saying it promotes ‘love jihad’.


  28. A fan of Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan slit his throat outside Mannat yesterday. The fan had come from Kolkata to meet the star. Failing to meet the star, the fan slit his throat. He was taken to Bhabha hospital where he was treated and later discharged. (HT Correspondent)


  29. I am extremely excited with the realisation that ToH is only few days away. Cannot wait to watch it on screen.


  30. SCOOP: Sharman Joshi and Nithya Menon join Akshay Kumar – Vidya Balan starrer Mangalyaan mission
    ByBollywood Hungama News NetworkNov 4, 2018 – 1:21 pm IST
    Akshay Kumar will be reuniting with Pad Man director R. Balki for a film based on India’s 2013 space programme of Mangalyaan mission. He will be starring alongside Heyy Baby co-star Vidya Balan. The film is currently under works and the final draft is being made of the script before it is officially announced. Now, we hear that Sharman Joshi and Nithya Menon reportedly have been roped for the film.


  31. Aamir says no future plans yet …


    Aamir Khan Sunday revealed that director Shakun Batra had approached him for a film on the life of spiritual leader Rajneesh, popularly known as Osho, but the actor said he is waiting for a bound script before he takes a decision.

    Shakun earlier told PTI that he was developing a story on Osho’s life. He had said that it would be an ambitious project and he needed to right people on board.

    “He (Shakun) has discussed the project with me. I am waiting to hear the script. It all depends on how the script turns out,” Aamir said in an interview here on his involvement with the film on Osho.

    Asked about the status of “Mogul”, which he was going to produce with Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series, Aamir said, “You must have read the statement. That’s the status.”

    The actor is the first mainstream name to have taken a tough stand in the wake of #MeToo movement.

    Without taking any names, Aamir had announced his and filmmaker-wife Kiran Rao’s departure from the project as producers, after he learnt of sexual misconduct allegations against director Subhash Kapoor. Kapoor is no longer helming the film.

    Asked if there was any development with regards to “Mogul”, he replied in the negative.

    Aamir was recently in New Delhi where he met Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with other members from the film industry.

    Commenting on the exchange, the actor said, “It was a good meeting. We discussed some of the issues that the industry is facing.”

    The 53-year-old superstar was recently spotted at an airport holding a copy of “The Condensed Mahabharata by Vyasa”, fuelling rumours that he has started work on his most ambitious project “Mahabharata”.

    Reports say he will start work after the release of “Thugs of Hindostan”.

    Asked about the speculation, Aamir said he is yet to zero in on his next project.

    “I have no idea what I am doing next. There are always lots of talks for everything. I am not committed for anything right now. I have not thought what I will do next. I am right now focused on ‘Thugs of Hindostan’,” he said.


  32. Ahead of the release of his film, the actor sat down for a group interview with journalists at his sea-facing apartment. The conversation started with Aamir sharing more about his interaction with Bachchan.

    “I was nervous and really didn’t know how it would go with him. But he is such a warm and well-behaved man that he will never let you get intimidated by him. It was a wonderful time with him and I got to learn so much,” shared the 52-year-old.

    Aamir Khan further revealed that he spoke to his good friend Shah Rukh Khan to overcome his anxiousness. SRK has worked with Big B multiple times and shares quite a warm bond with the megastar.

    Aamir said, “I asked Shah that does he smoke in front of Amit sir. I didn’t want to offend him by my actions so wanted to be sure. While SRK shared he does, he also said that he had never asked if Amit sir was comfortable. So I was in two minds.”

    He further added with a laugh, “Shah advised me to start out by smoking far from him. And then every day get a little closer towards him. That way I would know if he minds.”

    Interestingly, Amitabh Bachchan got a hint of the conversation and he did not leave a chance to pull Aamir’s leg on the same.

    “While on our schedule in Malta, I asked sir if he wanted to go for a movie with me. While we were on our way to the theater, he asked me, ‘I heard you met Shah recently and asked him about smoking in front of me’,” shared Aamir, looking visibly embarrassed.

    But taking the conversation in his stride, he asked Bachchan, if it was fine with him. Aamir said, “He said I could but added that smoking was injurious to health. He also shared that Avinash Gowarikar, who was with me and Shah then, had leaked out the conversation to him.”


  33. “Mark my words, 2.0 is going to be a super-duper hit,” Rajinikanth started his speech to thunderous applause from fans. “I feel quite upbeat about the film because I witnessed the magic that’s been created. Subaskaran has invested around Rs 600 cr on this film, and his confidence is not in Rajnikanth or Akshay Kumar, but Shankar. For the past twenty-five years, Shankar has been proving his mettle time and again with his creations, yet he never fails to entertain the audiences or meet their expectations. He is a showman, a magician, an Indian James Cameron, and Spielberg rolled into one,” gushed Rajinikanth.

    Rajinikanth also candidly spoke about how the budget of the film has doubled from the initial estimates of the team. “Subaskaran of Lyca told me that he would invest the entire amount collected by Endhiran (Rajinikanth’s all-time grosser) for 2.0. So, we started the project with a budget of around Rs 250 – 300 cr. Now, the investment has doubled.”


  34. Badhaai Ho… absolutely hilarious watch with some great laughs & emotional moments.


  35. Today hichki crossed 20 million dollars.



    Aamir revealed that though there is a lot of pressure on him to perhaps overthrow Baahubali collections at the box office, he is unsure about Thugs Of Hindostan because it has no message to give. Speaking about his character he said, “It’s an out and out commercial character. He is the kinda guy you would love be around with but not be his friend because he can’t be trusted.” He also recalled he had a lot of fun shooting the movie and was totally starstruck in the presence of Amitabh Bachchan.

    2. Aamir’s HONEST take on the Me Too movement

    Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao have publicly stated that they will not be associated with anyone who is proven to be guilty in the ongoing Me Too movement. He told Karan that he will go with what he hears from the victims and if there is a reason to doubt a person, then he will NOT engage with him whatever the consequences will be. He also said that he takes the burden of finishing up someone’s career on being wrongly accused of sexual harassment but he won’t ignore an allegation.

    3. Salman Bhai Kabhi Dubenge Nahi: Aamir Khan

    Aamir Khan single handedly won the coveted Koffee Hamper after he answered one question which made judge Malaika Arora and Karan Johar go completely zip zap zoom! He was asked if he was in a deep sea with Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, who would he rather push? Aamir replied Salman because well, Bhai Kabhi Dubenge Nahi. Get it, get it?

    Well, he also revealed in the rapid fire questions that Shah Rukh would borrow smokes from him and Salman would just come home and take what he wants and leave! Now, that shows how thick he is with both Salman and Shah Rukh.

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  37. KWK is on hotstar. And KBC is on Sonyliv. I have a membership with both and so I can watch the shows without going through the torture of tv ads at my own pace.

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    • The Khan cartel has done very well since last 10-15 years by ensuring that if they cannot do the project, the same doesnt go to another outside the cartel. Salman does do thinks outside the cartel and hence most respected by others in the industry.

      No wonder that the non-Khan cartel is becoming stronger now with Ranbir-Hrithik-Akshay-Varun-Ranveer forming a major cartel and looking set to rule the next generation as Khans slow down due to age and tired body + best of the projects are no longer landing in their fiefdom.

      These cartels are bad for the industry as it doesn’t allow outsiders to prosper. They not only decide the price for themselves but also script the film industry’s fortune.

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      • Aamir always praised Ranbir and he also was sportive about Ranbir doing Sanju and gave his love for that project.
        I think he tried to rope in Hritik for RDB but the latter did not accept it.

        People with jaundiced vision see what they want to see.

        And Salman would not have done Sultan if there is cartel.
        And there is no love lost between srk and aamir. They take digs at each other. Will aamir do a cameo for an srk film like Salman does?


        • Stars always find PR excuses to explain why they rejected a script they did not like.


          • Naveen u r reading too much into it. Aamir did not like salute script just like akki did not like mogul script or hritik did not like TOH script when it was offered to them. As for recommendations, it may as well be about ‘drowning’ the competition as said in kjo’s show.


          • Salute is actually a good script, which will help SRK a lot.

            Even Zero went from Salman to SRK on salman’s recco.

            But my views are about the industry…not just for this movie.
            It is also about the cartels..not pin pointing any particular star.


          • Cartels are always there in every industry. I am just refuting your claim that Aamir spends his time and efforts in this. Both Salute and Mogul scripts have not turned up to satisfy Aamir’s expectations. They may be great from Akki or Srk’s standards.


          • A rejected mogul from Akki went to Aamir. so your claim above lacks facts.
            Akshay is now gold standard in script selection.


        • Sanjana,
          Jaundice was once an evil…not any more. its curable.
          Coming to the topic-
          Yes Aamir did praise Ranbir and in face many times in the past. Such praises etc are rare and not consistent. Ofcourse Aamir is fond of Ranbir, so is SRK and Salman for few younger gen.
          They are not a closed door clan if what u understood.

          But praising and recommending are different things.
          This is how a cartel works:

          A cartel is a grouping of producers that work together to protect their interests. Cartels are created when a few large producers decide to co-operate with respect to aspects of their market. Once formed, cartels can fix prices for members, so that competition on price is avoided.

          They can also restrict output released onto the market, such as with OPEC and oil production quotas, and set rules governing other aspects of the behaviour of members. Setting rules is especially important in oligopolistic markets, as predicted in game theory. A significant attraction of cartels to producers is that they set rules that members follow, thus reducing risks that would exist without the cartel.

          The negative effects on consumers include:

          Higher prices – cartel members can all raise prices together, which reduces the elasticity of demand for any single member.

          Lack of transparency – members may agree to hide prices or withhold information, such as the hidden charges in credit card transactions.

          Restricted output – members may agree to limit output onto the market, as with OPEC and its oil quotas.

          Carving up a market – cartel members may collectively agree to break up a market into regions or territories and not compete in each other’s territory. They will recommend a business opportunity to their competitor to ensure high entry barrier as that weakens the price/premium/exclusivity.

          When are cartels most powerful?
          They are at their most powerful when there are high barriers to entry into the market or industry, and when all members can be ‘policed’ by a dominant member. Here the dominant member is Aamir khan now. It was SRK earlier and then Salman. But now Aamir.

          In fact both Zero and Salute went to SRK because of this cartel.


        • And mind you…the Khan cartel is weakening and is already weaker than the Paandav cartel – Akki-Ranveer-Ranbir-Hrithik-Varun – as per the industry term.
          I am not advocating any cartel, please read the last pare of my first statement-

          These cartels are bad for the industry as it doesn’t allow outsiders to prosper. They not only decide the price for themselves but also script the film industry’s fortune.

          and beware of “Aaakaism”- it is more dangerous than Jaundice madam.


          • Khan cartel is not there in the first place. Why their films go to one of them in case of rejection is that they have the highest initial draw. It is all business. Aamir did not recommend Akshay because even Srk in decline has a better initial draw and the producer has the right to reject aamir’s recommendation if economically it was weak.
            Ranveer, Ranbir, Varun are also not cartel. They are competitors just like those khans.
            Akshay is trying to compete with the Khans but he has to face Ranbir and the gang too. His closest competitor is John Abraham.
            Hritik first has to come back to make it big once again.


          • How incorrect are you in the industry readings?


    • “Shah, I think you should hear the script and it’s a wonderful script. I think it would be right for you if you like it. ”

      I honestly think Aamir thought its more of SRK project than an Aamir project. This falls in the line of Swades and VFX arena and all about space travel which is more of Srk’s inclination than Aamir. Acting is the easiest part which Aamir can do anyday but looking at the personality and career trajectory, its more closer to Srk than Aamir. Also the finale with Indira Gandhi talking to Rakesh Sharma and him mouthing – Saare Jahan se Acha.

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      • Last time he felt swades script is boring and passed it. This time he probably felt the budget constraints will result in third grade vfx in salute.


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  41. Aamir revealed that though there is a lot of pressure on him to perhaps overthrow Baahubali collections at the box office, he is unsure about Thugs Of Hindostan because it has no message to give.


    • He will be praying at this point that Thugs outdoes Dangal’s collections and crosses 400 cr nett in all versions.

      Btw, Thugs got a buy-out deal from chinese distributors EStars, which is reportedly anywhere between 110-145 cr (15m-20m $). That is roughly 50% of its reported landing cost of 230-240 cr. Add the satellite, digital and music rights to it and Yrf has probably recovered their total investment on the film even before release.

      Of course the profits will depend on theatrical collections, but the movie is quite safe due to smart economics.


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    • This may give competition to Salute like Sultan did for Dangal.


      • And they will also release close to each other … Akshay’s might release earlier as he will rush through it.


        • Masand was saying the Akshay Kumar will be in an pivotal supporting role here and the film will have 4 actresses in prominent roles with Vidya Balan leading the lines.

          He said it would be in the lines of Oscar nominated Hidden Figures where Akshay Kumar would have a pivotal role like Costner’s but the film will be women-centric.

          The above column suggests otherwise. Let’s wait and see.


      • Actor Imran Khan (of Jaane tu & Delhi Belly fame) has already made a short film on this subject. Now folks are making full feature length film. They should hire Imran Khan himself to direct the full version movie. There is nothing magical on screen to display for Akshay but it can be on the lines of Parmanu and John would have been good choice.

        If folks haven’t watched the short film – you can watch it on Youtube.


    • Ho gayi teri balle balle…ho jaayegi balle balle


    • These multiple film signings are back?

      Commenting on this association, Akshay says, “I am delighted to find a new creative partner in Fox Star Studios and am looking forward to creating a collaboration that will deliver a meaningful and entertaining cinematic experience. With our combined energies, we hope to create content that not only excites but also empowers.”

      Adding to that, Vijay Singh, chief executive officer, Fox Star Studios, says, “With Jolly LLB 2, Fox Star Studios and Akshay Kumar delivered one of the biggest hits of 2017. It gives me great pleasure to take our association with Akshay further with this three-film partnership with Cape Of Good Films. Akshay is one of the most successful actors, who has a fantastic understanding of scripts and changing audience preferences. We are looking forward to an unprecedented collaboration with the National Award winning actor.”

      Expressing his excitement on the partnership, Amar Butala, chief acquisition officer, Fox Star Studios, said, “We are extremely excited about collaborating with Akshay. It’s a partnership we have envisaged for a long time and are happy to see it fructify today. Akshay has played an immensely valuable role in creating and fronting stories that have not only enthralled the audience, but have also inspired change, and we hope to bolster that with this partnership. We look forward to creating powerful and compelling stories together.”


  43. The plaintiffs allege TCS has engaged in a “systematic pattern and practice of discrimination” by favoring Indian ex-pats and visa-ready workers from India for US positions. That has resulted in a workforce that’s almost 80 percent South Asian, far greater than the 12 percent representation of South Asians in the US IT workforce, according to the complaint.

    Daniel Kotchen, the lead lawyer for the plaintiffs, said the aim of the litigation is to stop outsourcing firms from violating US anti-discrimination laws. Kotchen’s firm is suing a half dozen other outsourcing firms over alleged discrimination, including Infosys and Wipro.


    • Its not just US, its common cost-cutting measures for all indian IT firms. Its the main reason they are trying to cut down and also make it more difficult to get H1B these days.


      • typo – TCS


      • Even american firms hire south asians(especially Indians) to get more work done with less costs. Their hire and fire policy is in the hands of managers who are quite biased and cant be questioned.
        India cant provide enough employment opportunities and america started this visa restrictions. The future is really bleak for our youth.


        • American firms exploit asians (indians and chinese) less if they have green cards. But US makes it difficult to get green cards and many get stuck in the loop.


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    • 3 days before release, here are predictions/expectations from ToH (given MP strike has been resolved and all-india screen count is expected to be 5000+):

      Day One – 50+ cr nett
      4 Days Extended Weekend – 175+ cr
      8 Days Extended Week One – 250 cr
      2nd Weekend – 50+ cr
      Cumulative Total at end of BO run – 410 cr

      These are all-versions pan-India expectations.


      • Btw, Addatoday is predicting 150 cr over first 4 days and 320 cr total …


      • Friday ticket prices in the plex near my location is 15% less than opening day. If it opens at 50 cr on thursday, then day 2 would be around 40 cr and it should then jump over the weekend. Expecting a trend like this if its accepted like any recent blockbusters:

        Nov 8 – 50 cr
        Nov 9 – 40 cr
        Nov 10 – 45 cr
        Nov 11 – 50 cr
        Extended Weekend – 185 cr (+- 5 cr tolerance).


        • Factor a drop on bhai dooj..north will be affected on Friday..anything close to 35 cr on Friday after a 50 cr Thursday means film is liked a lot…


          • My numbers were best case scenario … it may as wel go down to 30 cr day 2 after 50 cr opening day. Lets see how the audience reception is.


        • Also interested to see what kind of avg imdb rating TOH gets. Expecting it to be somewhere in this range:

          Talaash – 7.3
          Ghajini – 7.3
          Fanaa – 7.2
          Mangal Pandey – 6.7

          Hopefully ratings wont be as awful as Dhoom 3 (5.4)! YRF’s last 2 blockbusters have imdb ratings of 6.1 (TZH) and 7.1 (Sultan).


  45. BREAKING: Aamir Khan FINALLY speaks about Mahabharata, Saare Jahan Se Acha and Osho Biopic!
    ByHimesh MankadNov 5, 2018 – 10:34 am IST

    Thugs of Hindostan will be Aamir Khan’s first Diwali release since Raja Hindustani (1996) and the superstar is hoping that the action entertainer is as successful as his release during the festival of lights. With just 4 days left for the film release, the speculations about Khan’s next project have already begun, however, Khan in an interview with us reveals that he is yet to take a final call on his next film.

    When asked if he would start working on Mahabharata next, Aamir said, “I have not yet decided which film I am doing next. There are a lot of talks for everything, but I have not committed to any film right now. I have not even thought about my next film as the focus is totally on Thugs Of Hindostan.”

    The superstar, however, confessed that he is in talks with Shakun Batra for Osho Biopic and will take a final call on that film once the director gives him the final narration. “He (Shakun) has discussed the film with me, but I am waiting to hear the script. If it is a feature film or for Netflix depends on how the script turns out to be. So as of now, I have no idea,” said Aamir.

    Khan, who was initially in talks with Sidharth Roy Kapur for Rakesh Sharma Biopic revealed that he is no more associated with the script and it, was him who recommended the script to Shah Rukh Khan. Aamir said,

    “It is a great script. I loved the script and the story of Mr. Sharma is fascinating. It is true that I called up Shah and said Shah you should hear the script, it is fantastic. It will be the right film for you and should do it if you like it. I am glad he liked the script and he is doing it.” Adding further that he already discussed his reasons for not doing the film with Shah Rukh Khan.

    The wait for Aamir Khan’s next film has just gone longer and we might get some concrete detail on his slate by December 2018. Talking about Thugs of Hindostan, the film releases across the globe on 8th November 2018.


    • Reading between the lines of his words, it looks like he isnt doing Osho, Mogul or Mahabharata. But he did speak something about working on something that he cant talk about now. I am guessing its some AKP production, probably Kiran’s next or Advait’s remake of FG.

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      • Further when was asked if he has signed any other film, he said, “Currently, I don’t have any film. Actually I do have plans but I can’t tell you (Laughs).”


  46. apart from 15-20M $ buyout for china market, this is what Yrf has made from other non-theatrical revenues:


    According to a Mint report, YRF is expected to earn around Rs 140 crore from the film’s sale of rights alone. It has reported that online streaming giant Amazon Prime Video and Sony Pictures Networks, which already are in a partnership with the YRF, will be buying sales rights of the film for around Rs 70 crore each. This will yield 70 per cent of the film’s budget well before its release.

    It also said that the YRF may earn around Rs 12 crore from the music rights of the film. As per reports, the film’s budget was around Rs 200 crore.

    Deccan Herald


    • Considering Aamir’s market value in China, he can easily push the budget of his films by additional 100 cr and still not worry about recovery. No other indian star has this luxury.


    • It does look like YRF are the major stakeholders holders and the few rumours of Aamir getting a 70% share weren’t really true.

      Either way, expect the film to do really well at the BO. The other revenues are going to be very healthy bonuses.


      • The landing cost of 230-240 cr does not include aamir’s fees. So he is in profit sharing mode, whether its really as high as 70% or not, no idea at all.


  47. Aamir is fully aware that ToH is lacking his USP:


    “I am specially nervous about this film for one reason that people are used to seeing my films with some message in it or some new concept. This is a film, which is really a mainstream kind of a film. So I am hoping that people will not get disappointed. I enjoyed doing the film, I hope the audience enjoys it as much.”


    • Songs haven’t caught fire…Even Suraiya sounds shrill with Shreya; if you cannot get Sunidhi there are other singers who could have done better job…I think content and light moments need to do the talking…


      • Contrast that with I liked whatever little I heard in trailer of Zero.


      • Sorry, IMO, the songs of TOH are very good and in fact quite unique. They stay in one’s head running in a loop. Depending on what one heard last, I find the song just refuses to leave! Today it’s Vashmalle, yesterday Manzoor e Khuda, a few days back Suraiyya. And all these songs have good lyrics, some of them quite funny. I feel the music is speacial too, with a retro air; worthy of a masala entertainer that TOH promises to be.

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        • I am not suggesting it is bad but is very average. Sometimes song have more meaning within context of movie. Apparently the 3 songs didn’t excite people enough that is why they are thinking of adding another song?


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  49. Baazaar 2nd Weekend – Badhaai Ho 3rd Weekend – Andhadhun 5th Weekend
    Monday 05 November 2018 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Baazaar hit the 20 crore nett mark after ten days mainly because of the lack of competition. The film has a few more days to add to its collection as will be out of most theaters when Thugs Of Hindostan releases on Thursday. The film has crossed 9 crore nett in Mumbai which is far better than other circuits. The collections of Baazaar till date are as follow

    Week One – 16,42,00,000

    Friday – 1,00,00,000 apprx

    Saturday – 1,30,00,000 apprx

    Sunday – 1,40,00,000 apprx

    Second Weekend – 3,70,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 20,12,00,000 apprx

    Badhaai Ho had a good third weekend of 9.50 crore nett though the growth on Saturday and Sunday was not like previous weekends due to pre Diwali. The film has collected 102.50 crore nett so far. The collections of Badhaai Ho till date are as follows.

    Week One – 65,33,00,000 (8 Days)

    Week Two – 27,56,00,000

    Friday – 2,25,00,000 apprx

    Saturday – 3,50,00,000 apprx

    Sunday – 3,75,00,000 apprx

    Third Weekend – 9,50,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 1,02,39,00,000 apprx

    Andhadhun added 2 crore nett apprx in its fifth weekend which is decent. The film will finish at 28 crore nett plus in Mumbai circuit which is excellent. Delhi / UP will finish around 14.50 crore nett.. The collections of Andhadhun till date are as follows.

    Week One – 27,37,00,000

    Week Two – 22,21,00,000

    Week Three – 10,43,00,000

    Week Four – 4,52,00,000 apprx

    Friday – 40,00,000 apprx

    Saturday – 75,00,000 apprx

    Sunday – 90,00,000 apprx

    Fourth Weekend – 2,05,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 66,58,00,000 apprx


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  52. Thugs Of Hindostan Music Album To Get One More Song; Amitabh Bachchan Sings!
    The lullaby has been composed by the talented duo Ajay-Atul and Amitabh Bhattacharya has penned it.


  53. “He wanted to show the deep trust, the love and the respect that Zafira has for Khudabaksh and decided to add a moment of vulnerability between the two. Khudabaksh will be seen protecting Zafira at every step and they are inseparable souls.”

    “Mr. Bachchan was so kicked about singing this lullaby that he decided to record it himself and that too at his home! The initial idea was to make a short lullaby but Mr. Bachchan went a step further and converted it into a song. He is insisting that Aditya (Chopra) puts it into the album,” the source added.

    Slated to release on November 8, the movie also stars Katrina Kaif and Aamir Khan. It will release in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.


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  55. Thugs Of Hindostan Advance Off To A Flyer But….
    Monday 05 November 2018 15.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Thugs Of Hindostan advance opened on Saturday and was off to a flyer as it sold around 2 lakh tickets across the country on Saturday. This is better than Tiger Zinda Hai, Sanju and Avengers – Infinity War but less than Bahubali – The Conclusion. The NETT amount collected in advance will also be lower than Avengers – Infinity War as Thugs Of Hindostan has nearly half the tickets sold coming from single screens while Avengers – Infinity War was far less in single screens.

    The Delhi / UP market leads in terms of advance with both multiplexes and single screens selling fast. UP will be huge as most of the single screens will record full houses. The first show will heavy in the state for this type of larger than life cinema. Delite which is the probably the best single screen in Delhi with reasonable rates on top saw 5000 tickets sold in a matter of hours.

    The three big national chains of PVR, Inox and Cinepolis saw around 50k tickets sold between them on Saturday which is a big number for just one day. The opening day advance is at record pace or very close to it after the first day but it is difficult to judge where it will land due to pre Diwali. The film will have only five days for advance and most of these days will see Diwali festivities.

    The advance period for Diwali releases normally comes in that pre Diwali week which makes it a little harder. Last year Golmaal Again had hardly any advance due to release issues but it opened big on the day, Secret Superstar opened advances but that film was hardly interesting that it will get bookings prior to release. A Prem Ratan Dhan Payo managed to set an ALL TIME ADVANCE RECORD in pre Diwali week but it was not chasing an epic record breaker like Bahubali – The Conclusion. Also it beat the previous record holder Dhoom 3 by a very small margin.

    Happy New Year the year before failed to beat the advance records of Dhoom 3 but still managed a record opening day. The reason that advances stayed less was probably due to pre Diwali. There was a time when the shows were mostly filled in advance in a matter of a days prior to Diwali be it Muqaddar Ka Sikander (1978), Dil Kaa Heera (1979), Dostana (1980), Yaarana (1981) or Samraat (1982). All these Diwali releases were dealing with weekday sales in a matter of no time. The difference is at that time there were 15 lakh tickets apprx available for the weekend and now there are 1.50 crore plus tickets apprx available for a three day weekend.

    The weird thing is that despite 1.50 crore tickets available over the three day weekend we are not selling much more than 15 lakh which was the case in forty years back. Bahubali – The Conclusion topped 40 lakhs, Tiger Zinda Hai and Sanju would be 25 and 20 lakh apprx respectively but these are exceptions. Generally 15 lakh tickets sold prior to release would be huge today.

    Coming back to Thugs Of Hindostan it is going to be big advance but difficult to judge where it will land up just before release. If the first day pace continues it will be near Bahubali – The Conclusion but past history says the pace over the next few days may not be like films released in other periods so it may even finish like a Tiger Zinda Hai or Sanju. But irrespective of advance its pretty certain that the on the day audience will come on day one after the Diwali festivities are over.


    • I will take TZH’s advance booking of 25 lakh tickets! No complains. TOH is not a second part to a record grosser that ended in a cliffhanger.

      AIW was a monster in multiplexes in metros (a true blue one since perhaps 3I a decade back). No way TOH will raise that much money from advance booking in metro plexes. Its not a film designed only for that particular demographic.


  56. “I also see the point why Yash Raj Distribution have decided to hike the rates because it is a very expensive film and I don’t think the Indian Audience have ever seen a spectacle like this. I think, the film would be worth their money. It was a very expensive film to make,” concluded Khan.

    Commenting about the raise in ticket rates, Aamir said, “This is a tough call to be honest. Thugs Of Hindostan is a very expensive film, so may be that’s the reason. Personally, I am always for having tickets cheaper and cheaper. I believe that we should have more economy theatres. No matter what bracket you belong to, watching films should be affordable. It is my dream that eventually we should have theatres all across which are economy theatres and then you should have middle level and posh theatres also. I hope a day comes when everyone has the opportunity to watch films,” adding further that despite the hike, the audience would get complete value for money.

    when Aamir Khan was asked to comment on the decision of the producers to hike the ticket rates, the superstar revealed that as a creative person he would prefer to never increase the ticket rates for his films. However, YRF might have asked the exhibitors to increase the rates owing to the humongous budget of the film.

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    • IdeaUnique Says:

      not just ticket rates, internet booking fees has shot up to Rs. 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bookmyshow guys will make cool 50-100 cr with TOH


  57. Avengers 4 trailer is expected to be dropped by nov end.


    Benedict Cumberbatch has rather bluntly ruled out a return for Doctor Strange in Avengers 4. Stephen Strange was sadly killed in Avengers: Infinity War when Thanos did his fateful finger snap.

    When asked if his character would return for the next film, he told The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: “I’m dust, baby. I’m just out there. I’m in the ether. I’m probably part of your food chain. I’m in your stomach somewhere.”


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    • Post 2point0 trailer, its raining offers for Akshay Kumar.
      The hard working superstand who has recently developer gold standard in script selection is all set to take the industry to a new level.


    • Post 2point0 trailer, its raining offers for Akshay Kumar.
      The hard working superstar who has recently developed gold standard in script selection is all set to take the industry to a new level.


    • 2019 will be year of small budget horror movies. I just pray Aamir acts in one of those else it will be 3 years amaavas for his fans from next week.


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  62. thecooldude Says:

    Thursday will be Thugsday! 3 days to go!


  63. Don’t hate me too much…I think ToH has flop written all over it. It might just barely recover cost. Now let me runnnnn…


    • thecooldude Says:

      define flop….how much will it make?


    • I do not think so. This could be a thought as one always takes a worse scenario.
      BUT i think,
      The movie will be at worst a HIT.
      There is lot of goodwill going on with ToH with Amitabh in it along with Aamir. So people will watch it once and that would mean a Hit collection.


      • Will be v surprised if it does not do as much as Sanju or TZH – 340 cr. It can do more, but dont think it will do less in any scenario. This isnt going to be Dilwale or Race 3 by any means.

        I think Aamir also knows it. He is constantly talking about his role and not the script (he insists that his character is THE reason why he did this film!). So content may be less absorbing than a Baahubali type movie. YRF is more into gimmicks in their tent-poles rather than focusing on drama and script. And the songs are just Ok, while the supposed USP of Aamir and Amitabh together has not really created much buzz at ground level.

        To do substantially more than 340 cr, Aamir needs his USP – either a message oriented film or a film with some novelty concept/factors. Even Ghajini was just not another random masala film but had elements like short-term memory loss and tattoos lifted from Memento apart from that hyped buzz-cut look, etc etc.

        Anyways, Baahubali hindi version made 247 cr nett in a normal 7-day first week without any holidays or festivals. Lets see how much TOH can do in extended first week of 8 days with Diwali holidays …


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  65. That 2.0 song is so addictive!


  66. Trade on TOH prospects:


    Akshaye Rathi, film exhibitor and distributor, says, “If you look at the entire package and the elements that have come together in this film, it certainly has the potential to be the highest opening Hindi film of all times. After all, it has Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Katrina Kaif in the cast, it has the scale, is backed by Yash Raj Films etc.”

    Trade analyst Taran Adarsh adds, “The screen count is going to be massive, ticket rates have been enhanced and moreover, it’s the coming together of Yash Raj Films, Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. All these factors should contribute to the biggest opening ever for a Hindi film.”

    Trade expert Komal Nahta is also in agreement, “It can be the biggest opening of the year. It has two of the greatest actors of the country coming together. Moreover, it’s a film by Yash Raj and the scale is huge. And New Year is the biggest holiday in India. They have even increased the ticket rates, at places, on an unprecedented level. So all these conditions could create a situation for the film to become the highest ever opener”

    Trade analyst Amod Mehra is supremely confident of the opening prospects of Thugs Of Hindostan. He confidently states, “It will be the biggest opening and would break all records, despite the trailer, music and advance booking not being up to the mark. There’s tremendous curiosity for this kind of cinema, which hasn’t been seen for a very, very long time. It’s the kind of cinema that Manmohan Desai used to make. So there’s a little nostalgia value attached to the film. So, Thugs Of Hindostan will be one of those keep-your-brain-at-home kind of movie. Though the trend today is of content driven film, but at the same time, we also enjoy illogical fantasy comic capers. It looks like an ideal Diwali entertainer. The movie should cross Rs. 50 crore in the first day itself. In the first 4 days, it can cross anywhere between Rs. 150 and 200 crore. From Monday onwards, the true picture will emerge.”

    While talking about whether the Hindi version can cross Rs. 50 crore mark on the first day, Girish Johar, film trade and business analyst, asserts, “It might be a touch-and-go considering the increased ticket prices, extended weekend starting over and big names coming over”. Harveen Singh, distributor from Rajasthan, is not completely sure of it and says, “The opening should be somewhere in the Rs. 45-50 crore range. The first four days will be highly extraordinary. From Monday onwards, the merits of the film will talk.”


    • Seems like advance booking is not that spectacular. A Ghajini like opening (60 cr in today’s money) seems unlikely.


      • 50 crs is surely happening..not sure what you people are talking by saying 60 crs..if 5000 screens run at 100 percent occupancy the maximum collection is 60 to 65 when it is collecting 50 crs that means roughly 80 percent occupancy all India.. that’s fantabulous..


        • Do u know how much BB2 collected in day one in all-india with 6500 screens?

          ToH screen count is over 5000 as per reports.


          • The capacity at 100 percent in 5000 screens is more than 60 to 65 crs as per you? I doubt that..toh collected a lot as there is no tax in south…or very less you can have number closer to gross in those 2000 screens in south..


          • I mean bb2


          • Split those 6500 into south and north screens..if you just take north or hindi version capacity for bb2 would have done 80 to 85 percent capacity and got 45cr net..having a huge release down south helped bb2..toh will not have same case and I doubt dubbed version will add much


          • Per day capacity will be 70-75 cr.


          • Are you adding the dubbed screen counts? Even addatoday says per day max capacity is 65 cr..



            4600 in hindi and 400 dubbed. Single day potential max 65 cr..


          • Addatoday is a wannabe site.

            BB2 day one was 152 cr gross and 123 cr nett. Lets assume occupancy was 100% on that day (reality will obviously be less). Then BB2 had roughly 150 cr gross potential per day in opening weekend in 6500 screens.

            150 cr gross potential per day in 6500 screens will roughly be 115 cr gross potential per day for TOH in 5000 screens. This is assuming ticket prices for TOH are same as BB2.

            Lets further assume TOH prices are 10% less than BB2 (again in reality it will be same). That translates to 100 cr gross potential per day for TOH on Nov 8.

            Since GST has kicked in, Taran uses flat 0.78 conversion factor to calculate nett. That means roughly 78 cr ‘nett’ per day potential for TOH (after assuming so much in your favor).

            I have no idea what Addatoday is smoking. As I said, per day capacity for TOH on Nov wait will be around 70-75 cr nett range.


    • More distributor opinions … estimates are varying from 35-50 cr day one.


      Debashish Dey, Distributor, West Bengal

      The buzz and the hype are there but the bookings in our region started a little slow. That was on Saturday and since it was the pre-Diwali weekend, people were probably busy with festival preparations. After that, on Sunday, the bookings saw a huge jump. The thing is, I don’t believe that the Diwali holiday is the reason a film does well. A movie has to be good. Obviously, Yash Raj Films knows how to market a film well. This film has mind-blowing hype around it. The star cast is huge and everything is going positively for it. If it’s good, even in a non-holiday week, it would have been a hit. As for the first day collections, I think it should be no less than Rs 45 crore. And in West Bengal, taking into consideration the hype around it, it will be around Rs 2.75 crore.

      Rajesh Thadani, Distributor, Mumbai

      The hype around the film is certainly there, but I would say not to the extent that we expected it to be. With the hiked ticket prices, we expect a great opening day. It would have had a good opening on any day but since it is during Diwali, I expect it to be slightly better than it would have been. According to me, the first day pan-India collections should be around Rs 40 crore.

      Tarun Tandon, Distributor, pan India

      Thugs Of Hindostan looks great. In the Telangana region, we don’t have a major Telugu release. There will only be Sarkar, which is a Tamil film. So it’s an open market, and I believe Thugs Of Hindostan will have a fantabulous opening. No opposition is an added advantage. Aamir Khan has proven to be very lucky here. Whenever his films are released, he never faces stiff competition from any big Telugu release. Whether it was Dangal or PK, it has just happened that way. It is the same for this film, which of course looks huge in terms of scale and star cast too. Irrespective of the holiday, it would have worked. Baahubali was not released on a holiday and that worked big time. For day one, I think anything short of Rs 50 crore would be bad. There are price hikes in theatres and the film is getting very good shows; there is no competition at all. Also, it has the perfect day of release which is the day after Diwali. People are not at home doing puja. So they will go out to watch the film and hence it should make at least Rs 50 crore.

      Jeetu Khandelwal, Distributor, Orissa

      There is a lot of buzz around Thugs Of Hindostan. But in our Orissa sector, the buzz is not as much as it should have been. The advance bookings are not seeing much momentum. There was a huge cyclone in our sector before Durga Puja and maybe this is an aftereffect. But we are hoping that the buzz will grow. This is a movie with legends like Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan in it. Also, there hasn’t been a massy film for 3-4 months now. The movies that have done well lately, like Stree and Badhaai Ho, were aimed at a certain group of people. TOH is for the masses, which means that it works for single-screens as well as multiplexes. I think, overall, first week collections will be around Rs 230 crore to Rs 240 crore. In Orissa, we will have around Rs 2 crore to Rs 2.25 crore.

      Sarang Chandak, Distributor, CP

      The buzz around Thugs Of Hindostan is very good. Based on this buzz, the first day collections should be around Rs 2.2 crore. That is for my circuit. All over India, I think it will be around Rs 35 crore to Rs 40 crore. There are not that many advance bookings for the film. But this film has a wide release, in single screens and multiplexes, as there is no other film releasing with it. People are probably not booking in advance as much because they know that this is the only movie being released, so there is no buzz for the advance. But in the last two months, there haven’t been any entertaining movies others than Badhaai Ho and a couple of other films. Plus this is Diwali vacation time. So the audience will come.

      Sakshi Mehra, Distributor, Delhi-UP

      Thugs Of Hindostan will have very good initial numbers and it will have a blockbuster opening. Considering that it stars Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan, the film will be of a certain caliber and so I anticipate that it will do well. It seems set to be a super-hit. People are booking tickets in advance wherever they are available, but these two days are known to be a dull phase since people are busy with Diwali. I would say that the film will run to full houses in most places. I wouldn’t be surprised if occupancy was more than 95 per cent in most centres. In multiplexes I would expect 100 per cent collections, and in single screens, barring some here and there, I am expecting a very good opening for this film.

      BH Baasha, Distributor, Mysore

      Since it is Diwali and vacation time, Thugs Of Hindostan should touch Rs 200 crore across India. In the Mysore circuit, the film should collect around Rs 10 crore. There is definitely buzz around the film and people are booking tickets in advance. It should do well at the box office.


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  68. Vijay’s Sarkar, durected by AR Murugadoss is getting rave reviews and is carrying extraordinary buzz.

    Sarkar is set to have a blockbuster opening.

    Thalapathy Vijay’s most awaited film “Sarkar” is gearing up for a massive worldwide release on November 6. Directed by AR Murugadoss, Sarkar has other notable actors like Keerthy Suresh, Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar, Radha Ravi and Pala Karupiah in lead roles. The film marks Vijay’s third outing with AR Murgudoss. Murugadoss and Vijay have earlier delivered box-office hits with Thuppakki and Kathithi. This is Keerthy’s second outing with Vijay after Bairavaa, and the music is composed by Academy Award winner, AR Rahman. Promised a film with the synergy of these three, fans have already declared the film a super hit.

    The movie carries huge expectations of massive business in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Sarkar will be releasing in around 3400+ screens across the world, including the US, UK, Singapore, South Africa, Canada, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. Sarkar is the first Tamil film to be released on Hawaii islands.

    Sarkar has already started its hunt at the box office, even before its release. This film is about to set a new box office record in Kerala. as it will release in 402 screens with 1,200+ shows. In Karnataka, there will be over 50 special shows, mainly in and around Bengaluru. In Chennai city alone the collections would be in Rs.3 crore region. In Tamil Nadu, there is a huge demand for tickets for the first two days. The movie could make more than 40-50 crore collection from the very first weekend of release. Trade experts were predicting high numbers for the film since it’s festival week and a long holiday.


  69. Dogfight and fraud BO reporting waiting to happen in Dec …


    Clash at the box office is passé as the main struggle is for theatres. Because come December the expensive films riding at the box office Rohit Shetty’s Simmba and Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero are making sure for amplified screen presence.

    While Simmba is Rohit’s most expensive film till date, it is a solo for Ranveer Singh paired opposite a newcomer, Sara Ali Khan.

    “It is not easy money to recover. So Karan Johar and the distributor Anil Thadani have clearly done a two-film deal with the other distributors and sub-distributors, apart from single screens and some multiplex owners. Thadani and Johar are also involved with 2.0 which will release on November 29 and they have struck a deal with single screen owners to give Simmba all the important screens exactly a week after Zero’s release. This effectively means that Zero has exactly one week to make good in the single screens,” says our source.

    The point to be noted is that Zero is twice that as of Simmba and it will be difficult for SRK and his team despite the presence of other big stars like Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif and the direction of Aanand L Rai, to collect huge money from single screens that early.

    “It is going to be tough. Zero will have to rely on the multiplexes to carry on the box office collection. They have the Christmas week to try and encash, but that won’t be enough,” says a trade expert.

    In the meantime, to create a buzz around Simmba and draw some attention towards it, Rohit has shot the film with his Golmaal actors. And will soon get his Singham stars too, to enter the film.

    Billed as an entertainer, and with the entry of these other actors, the film will become a lot bigger than what it was earlier.

    “Both Singham (two parts) and Golmaal (four parts) are successful film franchise. Ajay Devgn is an integral part of both the films. And others like Arshad Warsi are loved and their trademark styles, are good enough to get the audiences into the theatres, knowing well that Rohit and the actors’ combinations will be fun to watch,” the source adds.


    • Wow so this clash is on. This explains SRK’s cryptic tweet too to Ritesh Deshmukh…

      I feel like I’ve heard of this “two film deal” a bunch of times in clashes in the past, but what ends up happening in reality is like a 60:40 split. If SRK goes back to being ruthless, he’ll try to make it a CE – OUATIMD situation especially if Simmba is bad. Otherwise, two losses to Ranveer Singh would be another nail on the coffin for SRK, especially with Rohit Shetty switching sides

      I can’t stand Karan Johar or Ranveer Singh, so best of luck to SRK!


      • SRK at this stage should not take head on with Ranveer, the way he has been doing with his contemporaries in the past.
        This is one reason why he lost his goodwill so quickly after 2-3 under performers.
        In the long run it is always how you treat others. As long as its ethical and moral, it’s alright.
        But going back on your words the way he did with OUATIM with the producers, etc brought down his equity in the market. His online army badmouthing his contemporaries is also legendary in a bad sense. Johar was part of the gang but not any more now. He is smart enough to correct himself. Is SRK smart too? Let’s see.


        • Its funny that both KJo and Shetty are on the other side of the line now. Even Adi Chopra has moved on to Salman and Aamir to deliver his tent-poles for sometime now – Dhoom 3 (2013), Sultan (2016), TZH (2017) and TOH (2018). The shift happened in 2012 when ETT did almost 200 cr while JTHJ did 100 or so. YRF gave another chance to SRK with Fan, but that flopped badly.

          Srk is on his own now, with sympathetic comments from Salman and Aamir now and then. Zero will lose all premier screens and shows to Simmba after one week (Ranveer coming after 300 cr Padmaavat with Shetty) in both plexes and single screens. And that is irrespective of whether Simmba under-performs or not. Between the two, I will put my money on Simmba to collect more.


        • Yeah lets see…this might be the first year of ALL the Khan’s downfall (SRK is already down). Tiger beating Salman (Baaghi 2 > Race 3); Ranveer beating SRK with SRK’s people (Rohit Shetty, KJO), and if TOH isn’t up to expectation, then Ranbir (Sanju) may beat Aamir with Aamir’s people (Hirani).

          Possibly tough times ahead for the Khans! Although I am hoping TOH sneaks past Dangal to make 400 crores and become the biggest grosser of the year, and SRK gets a respectable 200-250 even with the clash..



    But Big B, dear readers, have given Aamir a target of sorts to score an unprecedented Rs 1000 crore. Don’t believe us? Well, in a recently-released behind-the-scenes video of Thugs of Hindostan, Mr Bachchan can be heard telling Aamir, “Kuch kar dena yaar iss picture ka. 500 crore tak toh aap kar chuke hain. Isko phir 1000 crore kar dena.” To this, Aamir says, “Arre baap re!” in his trademark style.


    • Haha … difficult to do that with a kranti remake in today’s times. Big B is still living in eighties just like his fans.


      • That was a joke by AB, if you see the video.

        And compared to the shite like Vibrator-di-Wedding that we get today in the name of progressiveness and modernism, the ’70s and ’80s are gold.


        • I personally feel 50s and 60s were the best. I dont mind 70s stuff that much. Dont have much to say about 80s and 90s, and I will just keep it at that. 🙂


  71. Some plex programmers are saying day one will be around 40 cr …


    Rajender Jyala, Programmer, INOX

    Advance bookings for Aamir Khan’s Thugs Of Hindostan opened last Saturday. The numbers look very good. It will enjoy a four-day holiday during which it has the capacity to achieve record-breaking numbers. The buzz is good. Aamir’s films are known to perform very well at the box office and Thugs Of Hindostan will be no exception. It will set a new record for sure. I think it will earn more than Rs 45 crore on its first day. There is a chance it might even touch the Rs 50 crore mark.

    Amit Sharma, Programmer, Miraj

    Advance bookings for Thugs Of Hindostan opened two days ago and it is looking really good. About 10- 12 per cent of tickets have already been sold. The buzz around it is great. Given the star power and the brand value associated with the film, I assume it will garner close to Rs 45 crore on the first day. It will easily earn more than Rs 40 crore.

    Yogesh Raizada, Programmer, Wave

    The buzz is great around Thugs Of Hindostan. Advance bookings opened just yesterday and already 30-40 per cent of the tickets are sold out. The fact that is releasing on Diwali is a big plus for the film. The intrigue factor is very high too. I expect it to run almost 95-100 per cent full, which is great. It should be a blockbuster.

    Meenu Singh, Programmer, SRS

    The buzz surrounding Thugs Of Hindostan is amazing. Advance bookings have begun and the numbers look good, and are growing with each passing day. I expect the first day collections of the film to be massive. It is an Aamir Khan film after all. It has a huge star cast too. These factors are enough to pull people to the theatres. I expect the opening day numbers to be similar to those of Tiger Zinda Hai.

    Jignesh Mehta, Programmer, Gold

    Advance bookings for the film opened two days ago. The numbers look okay. In my opinion, the first day collection will be less than Rs 40 crore. The film will definitely work and get a decent opening.

    Vishal Madhavi, Programmer, E Square

    The advance booking for Thugs Of Hindostan have been really good. The first day collections will be between Rs 40 crore and Rs 43 crore, since the rate of admission is very high and there will be many shows. Generally two films are released around Diwali. This year, Thugs Of Hindostan is the only release. The film has two of the biggest stars of the nation, Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan, in it. These factors will definitely benefit it.


    • Anything less than 50Cr and this film is struggling from Day 1. Maybe these distributors know what they are talking about (they should) but 35 Cr is awful and embarrassing for everyone involved with TOH.


  72. Tamilrockers threatens to upload Vijay starrer Sarkar in HD print on the day of its release
    Sarkar leak: The Tamil Film Producers Council on Monday informed the exhibitors of Vijay starrer Sarkar that a portal that “hosts pirated versions” of films has said that it would upload the HD version of the movie.


  73. “Our film is not a historical film about the Thug Culture. It is a totally fiction story set in that particular period. It is an action adventure film, and I would place it in the same bracket as the Manmohan Desai films from the 70’s. The film doesn’t have a lot of patriotism, as it talks about the independence of a fictitious kingdom which the Britishers have taken over. It is something like Lagaan,” quipped Aamir adding further that Thugs of Hindostan is a film which has universal appeal that appeals to audience from 6 to 60 years, “I am describing it as a Manmohan Desai film, but I don’t think Victor wrote it as an attempt to make such a film. Basically, this is a pretty universal film, and I would actually call it a very kid friendly film. The film has “Mazedaar Action” and doesn’t have a serious tone to it.”


  74. The pitch is ‘Desai film of 70s and Lagaan’ …


    “Two years have gone into making this film. I am very happy with the film and I think it is an ideal release for Diwali. It doesn’t have any social message; it is just a film that is meant to be enjoyed. It has great action, big scale and the collaboration of Amitabh Bachchan with me for the first time,” said Aamir.

    “Our film is not a historical film about the Thug Culture. It is a totally fiction story set in that particular period. It is an action adventure film, and I would place it in the same bracket as the Manmohan Desai films from the 70’s. The film doesn’t have a lot of patriotism, as it talks about the independence of a fictitious kingdom which the Britishers have taken over. It is something like Lagaan,” quipped Aamir adding further that Thugs of Hindostan is a film which has universal appeal that appeals to audience from 6 to 60 years, “I am describing it as a Manmohan Desai film, but I don’t think Victor wrote it as an attempt to make such a film. Basically, this is a pretty universal film, and I would actually call it a very kid friendly film. The film has “Mazedaar Action” and doesn’t have a serious tone to it.”


  75. BySubhash K. JhaNov 6, 2018 – 10:42 am IST

    They knew what they were getting into. Director Abhishek Kapoor and the producers of Kedarnath now face protests from Kedarnath for propounding “love jihad”. A romantic relationship between a Muslim man and a Hindu girl. The trouble doesn’t seem to be unforeseen. I remember Shekhar Kapur once saying, “Never make a film in India about love between a Hindu and a Muslim. It’s bound to spark off trouble.”

    To add to their woes the film’s director, in all his wisdom, has chosen to insert a kiss between the couple in a 30-second teaser trailer that was released last week. “If that isn’t being deliberately provocative, what is? Why put the kiss in the first trailer of Kedarnath when you know you’re playing with fire (by depicting a Hindu-Muslim romance),” says a veteran filmmaker closely affiliated to the ruling party.

    One feels the film is not averse to sparking off a Padmaavat kind of controversy. Every film-trade expert knows Padmaavat made an extra 100 crores because it was controversial. Kedarnath could just as well be another controversial film, provided the box office numbers match up with the protests.


  76. Why am i getting a feel that Aamir is not confident with ToH?
    I am more confident than Aamir it seems. 🙂

    Reference – His statements above shared by Sanjana.


  77. Just heard that TOH is sold out for Thu-Fri-Sat in UAE!

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  78. Top Twenty Stars – Male Plus Female
    Tuesday 06 November 2018 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    There was a top twenty star list started here in the second quarter and in the follow up in the third quarter has seen a few changes. The biggest one being the upward trajectory of John Abraham with that killer 20 crore nett opening of Satyamev Jayate. Back this up with another 15-20 crore nett opening and this guy could be challenging the top ten.

    The other change is Shraddha Kapoor making an entry into the top ten with Stree. She was a popular actress before Stree but that has to backed with some sort of result at the box office. Although Stree was driven by the content and horror comedy factor with good music, a top lining actress was a must to take it the level it went to eventually. As with an unknown face it would not have gone this far in terms of reach.

    Tiger Shroff who made the biggest impact this year does not have a release in some time when the need of the hour is a big action film and this guy does not even need an A list or even known director. The action spot can be made his own but the films have to be there and over a year for his next release which is not an out and out action film may not be the best strategy.

    The next major change can be with Simba and Ranveer Singh and then next year it will be about whether Ranbir Kapoor can break that Khan monopoly and all he needs is to back up Sanju. The below positions are not based on just box office numbers as its difficult to bring in female stars that way as the credit has to be calculated and even male stars (barring Akshay Kumar in last few films) are padded with other elements and are not totally depending on themselves for the numbers. It takes everything into account and reflects that scenario. The positions of the last quarter are in brackets. The previous update can be seen here. The next update will be in Jan / Feb 2019.

    1. Salman Khan (1)

    2. Aamir Khan (2)

    3. Shahrukh Khan (3)

    4. Akshay Kumar (4)

    5. Ranbir Kapoor (5)

    6. Hrithik Roshan (6)

    7. Tiger Shroff (7)

    8. Varun Dhawan (8)

    9. Ajay Devgn (9)

    10. Ranveer Singh (10)

    11. Alia Bhatt (11)

    12. Deepika Padukone (12)

    13. Kareena Kapoor (13)

    14. John Abraham (18)

    15. Katrina Kaif (14)

    16. Shahid Kapoor (17)

    17. Arjun Kapoor (15)

    18. Anushka Sharma (16)

    19. Shraddha Kapoor (-)

    20. Kangana Ranaut (19)


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  80. Aamir at a group interview, about how it was working with Big B

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  81. Like

  82. P.K Talli Says:

    Have checked advance it’s not up to the mark , excellent in single screens and smaller cities but quite average in multiplexes .



    The Bombay High Court’s vacation bench on Tuesday refused to hear CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) chairperson and filmmaker Pahlaj Nihalani’s plea over cuts to his film on urgent basis. Nihalani had moved the court against 20 cuts to his film Rangeela Raja.


  84. IdeaUnique Says:

    at some places shows starting around early morning 12.30 am tom!!!


  85. The advance booking is phenomenal in overseas…the opening might stun many here as in India it will be havoc.


  86. IdeaUnique Says:

    sau akki ki…..aur ek aamir ki…..kahavat suni he? 🙂 “majdoor-ek wannabe superstar ki katha” – ye he chakki kumar ki position ……..


  87. IdeaUnique Says:

    Naveen, i bet 2.0 will be a loosing proposition for everyone involved… will fizzle out in no time…..there is no buzz here


  88. Happy Diwali Ideaunique !!!


  89. In the statement, the makers have made it clear that Shah Rukh is not wearing a Kirpan but a dagger popularly known as Katar in the Indian subcontinent.

    The statement from the spokesperson of the film read, “The concern is duly noted and we wish to respectfully clarify that the film does not depict a Kirpan but in fact has used what is commonly known as a Katar. The filmmakers have been careful not to hurt the feelings of any community including the Sikh community.”


    • What is this guy smoking..I would like to have that…nonsense prediction…he hasnt seen the movie still hedging big..


  90. P.K Talli Says:

    Thugs of Hindostan will not only be remembered as one of Aamir Khan’s worst films, but it will also be remembered for how a perfectionist went wrong!

    Has this guy already seen the film or what ? i thought this was a business prediction ..


    • His predictions are not reliable.


    • This guy liked the Dhoom 3 trailer. And gave Race 3 a 230 Cr prediction with blockbuster tag. Let’s see where TOH goes.

      I don’t think at all the responses are nearly as negative as he writes. They probably aren’t as positive as 2.0 or Zero but that’s just an opinion. By Sunday it will be clear as if TOH is accepted, his lifetime prediction will go in 4 days. If it isn’t accepted it should have enough steam to be the first flop 200Cr+ grosser.

      Trade seems split on TOH fate.


      • thecooldude Says:

        Relax my friend… seem a bit nervous. This guy’s lifetime prediction will be gone by Sunday night!


      • Trade isnt split. Everyone is saying that opening weekend will be great. But not many are convinced that it can go higher than 300-350 cr range of today’s regular blockbusters.


        • P.K Talli Says:

          Well , not everyone in the trade thinks or saying it can go past 50 cr on the opening day and to be honest looking at the advance i don’t think it can either so yeah i think trade is a little unsure/split .


    • All of you guys are high if you think TOH is not opening great. He has 178 crore life time, i’ll be shocked if that’s not met by end of day 4.


  91. What was the pre release buzz for 3 Idiots?


  92. Aamir Khan fan and admirer – Must say that ToH had really good buzz right before the teasers/trailer were released. Promos have indeed done damage to the movie (which may be underwhelming as well)

    I have no doubt that first day will be huge. It is post the WOM, that I think the movie is going to tank.

    Aamir is nervous, very clearly from his interviews. Repeatedly mentioning that he had ‘fun’ in movie is a red flag – he had fun playing that weird character in SS as well.

    Not very confident about the movie. I am hoping that everyone are just pretending the movie is ‘fun’ and masaledaar but it turns out to be a good engaging one, with twists (The director likes weird angles/twists looking at Tashan/Dhoom3) Will be really surprised if this one gets 3+ ratings on average from critics and trends decently.

    Twitter must be getting ready to bash the movie. ToH really looks like a bad Disney movie for kids.


    • With the loser Victor at the helm, I am not surprised. This might be worse than DHOOM 2.

      If you compare this with DANGAL, even 1 month before, EVERYONE was heaping praise on the film and there was lot of confidence. Here, not even a SINGLE person is liking the film.

      The only silver lining is Aamir’s mother, who seems to have liked TOH. She liked the film on paper and on screen even before anyone else saw it!! That gave Aamir confidence.

      Hopefully it will be a good movie.

      Whatever be the case, Victor will make history; for good or bad, has yet to be decided.


      • IdeaUnique Says:

        “Here, not even a SINGLE person is liking the film” = lekin Dangal was shown to so many before the release – yahan to film has been guarded like kohinoor……it will trend huge……aamir khan’s films have a neck of surprising all and sundry…..


  93. This one is for wild life lovers-
    The Problem Behind a Viral Video of a Persistent Baby Bear
    What appears to be a life-affirming triumph is really a cautionary tale about drones and wildlife.

    The video, they say, was clearly captured by a drone. And in it, they saw the work of an irresponsible drone operator who, in trying to film the bears, drove them into a dangerous situation that almost cost the cub its life. “I found it really hard to watch,” says Sophie Gilbert, an ecologist at the University of Idaho who studies, among other things, how drones affect wildlife. “It showed a pretty stark lack of understanding from the drone operator of the effects that his actions were having on the bears.” (It wasn’t just scientists, either; several drone pilots were also dismayed by the footage.)


  94. Like

    • Vijay is the biggest Tamil superstar now.


    • Is Sarkar star Thalapathy Vijay the Akshay Kumar of South cinema?

      Thalapathy Vijay’s Sarkar has hit the big screens today and has been keeping audiences busy on social media. The mega Diwali release is going to break box office records, according to predictions by trade analysts. Vijay did Mersal last year and Sarkar this year, both of which have been the talk of the town. It’s no secret that all of Vijay’s film deal with a social message be it about free government medical services and the politics revolving around it or electoral fraud. What makes these movies even better is Thalapathy’s swag and dialogue delivery. The actor enjoys a humungous fan base, not just down South but worldwide.

      There is something that is common between the Thalapathy of the Tamil film industry and the Khiladi of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar. The last couple of films that Akshay has been a part of addressed some very important social issues and topics. Toilet – Ek Prem Katha, Padman, Oh My God were all films that the audience could relate to, since the topics were so relevant to them. Akshay became the king of box office after he did these films that revolve around society and societal issues. You can’t think of anyone else who would fit these roles as well as Akshay did.

      Well, Vijay and a couple of actors before him already cracked the formula that nothing gets the audience all charged up than a masala film that is socially relevant. Vijay’s Sarkar even broke Mersal’s record and might even be the biggest film of the year. Being embroiled in controversies doesn’t seem to have affected the film’s box office collections and that is also the case with Akshay. Since Akshay will already be making his entry in the south film industry with Rajinikanth’s 2.0, it would be amazing to see him pair up with Thalapathy, don’t you think?


  95. Like

  96. 3 Upcoming Ranveer Singh Films That Will Make Him a Force To Reckon With


    The hitmaker director, Rohit Shetty has picked Ranveer Singh for his next film, Simmba. The film will be co-produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions and is touted to be a classic high action film that the director is famous for. The film will be an official remake of Junior NTR’s Temper and Sara Ali Khan will be debuting opposite Ranveer Singh through this film!

    The film is scheduled to release on 28th December 2018.

    Gully Boy

    After having played a cool rich urban lad in Zoya Akhtar’s last directorial Dil Dhadakne Do, Ranveer will also be seen playing the lead in her next, apparently titled Gully Boy. Going by the details of his character, it is safe to assume this one’s going to be a cakewalk for him as he plays a modern day rapper.

    Having already displayed his rapping skills in Ladies V Ricky Bahl and also at a lot of events, this role is something we can safely put our money on! The project is still under is pre-production and is expected to go on floors by the end of this year.

    Alia Bhatt has been paired opposite the actor for the first time.


    Ranveer will also be seen in Kabir Khan’s next based on the historic win by Indian Cricket team at the 1983 World Cup. The actor will be seen playing the role of Kapil Dev in the flick.

    The producers of the film titled ’83 have got the written, legally sanctioned consent of each of the 12 players who were in the team when India won the World Cup and they will be associated with the movie as consultants.

    The film will release on 5th April 2019.


  97. See the comments.
    Many tamilians other than Vijay fans are not liking Sarkar.
    Same with NOTA. It looks like an underperformer and already it is on amazon prime.



    Kamal Haasan is known as the Ulaganayagan for a reason. The Padma Bhushan awardee and recipient of several National Awards is known across the world for his acting abilities. But the 64-year-old thespian is much more as he has donned several hats with remarkable flair. Kamal Haasan has been a successful producer, director, choreographer, singer, lyricist, writer and make-up artist.


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