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  1. Her Jaap din-raat had caused the flooding. I had no clue! SSR looks scared of his heroine.


  2. Sara seems like a refreshing change from all the bland newbie star daughters that have been launched recently: she has intelligence, charisma and personality and I will be surprised if she isn’t a talented actor. She isn’t going to be the next Deepika or Katrina (which is something that Jhanvi can realistically aim for) but if she chooses her films wisely, she could turn out to be a female Ayushman Khurana/ Rajkumar Rao or the next Radhika Apte. If this controversial launch film doesn’t finish her career before it starts, that is!

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    • Sara is a very good looking lady. The less said about the hero the better.

      Fitoor bombed badly. This I don’t see doing much better.


      • She is good looking but in a natural way. She doesn’t have the barbie doll sex appeal of someone like Katrina which seems necessary for an actress to succeed in Bollywood today which is why I don’t think she will make it to the very top. SSR’s success as a romantic hero is a real mystery to me: he has no appeal or attractiveness whatsoever!


  3. Fantastic trailer. Abhishek Kapoor is one of the few directors with perfect vision irrespective if the content is good or not. Even Fitoor was shot lovely and picturesque. This story appears to be good but dish ingredients is as old as hills! I spoon each of rich girl, poor boy and then add 2 spoons religion to the mix and then 200 ml pilgrimage to it and 500 ml calamity and serve hot on Dec 7!


    • Amit Pandey Says:

      seems it will be commercially flop


    • I agree with you assessment of the trailer: an aesthetically pleasing but cliched love story. However, the way religion has been incorporated here is anything but typical and is in fact a very audacious move for these times that we live in (as the reactions of a few BJP politicians prove). Personally, I don’t find SSR to be charismatic or attractive as a romantic hero, so I will skip this one but otherwise it looks quite promising.


      • If they had just keep leading hero also same religion, it would have been superhit easily. Even most conservatives families will prefer to watch with families thinking they showed the temple so well and all that pilgrimage stuff. Now they won’t go thinking it’ll give idea to their kids that they can fall in love even on pilgrimage and that too with a different religion guy? That’s a strict No-No and will ruin the movie chances considerably.


        • Abhishek Kapoor is quite good in this Muslim.hindu religious terrain though..kai po che was solid stuff

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          • Yes, but sadly a lot has changed in the past few years and audience that were receptive to Kai Po Che and PK might no longer be so open. I hope I’m wrong, but I feel this film will open a Pandora’s box of ugly prejudices and become a platform for media sensationalism and attention seeking politicians.


  4. It looks like they have hindu type of wedding with pheras. The hero might have converted to hinduism. If it is so, be ready for fatwas!

    It will be very brave if this is shown as happening.

    The hero with hindu parents might have been lost in childhood and brought up by muslim family. So his becoming a hindu wont pose any problem.


  5. Bob cristo Says:

    Can’t predict BO outcome but Trailer is better than all trailer released this year except Badhai ho.

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  6. The trailer is good. Sara looks good, much better than some of the plastic ones that have come out recently.

    I can’t imagine this movie having a clean release.


  7. Bob cristo Says:

    Agreed. Sara has that well built punjabi DNA from her mom Amrita. Also saw her interview during Trailer release. She has wonderful voice as good as Priyanka chopra.


  8. tonymontana Says:

    She’s a splitting image of a young Amrita Singh!

    Loved the trailer, this seems to strike the right emotional cords. a good romantic film to watch out for even though the graphics aren’t all that impressive.


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