2.0 Trailers (updated)

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  1. Zero ke upar two. zero!


  2. Rajni is so cheesy. Otherwise the chaos in the trailer, BGM is better than teaser. This is very well cut trailer.


  3. TOH a fictional period mega drama. Bachchan and Aamir. And others. According to trailer poster.

    Zero romance and height issues. SRK.

    2.0 Angry crow and romantic robots. Akshay and Rajni.


  4. P.K Talli Says:

    Not a good trailer , this is more looking like a comedy film .


  5. Superb. I found it more interesting than Toh and Zero.


    • This film has a possibly interesting message at heart. That the positives of technology have some very big drawbacks. I kind of agree in many instances. Some small things like Birthday E-Cards or even to some degree Kindle. As ‘easier’ they may make life they replace some very simple things like the excitement of opening your cards or reading to your baby.


      • So again a message film for Akshay?


      • I think it also has a message of how techonoly is killing the ecology. I read somewhere that mobile towers lead to disrupting the life of birds. Subject to correction on that.

        I always remember that Avatar was a green film at heart, which spoke about human beings rampant abuse of nature.

        Hence I find it interesting.


  6. This is superb trailer made for Akshay’s fans, keeping hindi audience. Akshay is the surprise packet. They had concealed him in the teaser. But here he is aptly given space. Just about 5 seconds as i was hoping.

    This will be massive.


  7. wtf did i just watch? unimpressive!!


  8. Pathetic !!

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  9. 1. This is a visual spectacle with the best special effects seen in indian film industry so far.
    2. The scene where the fiery eyed crow emerges is extraordinary. The entire scene with it beats the best we have seen so far, at par with world standard.
    3. Each shot in the trailer is filled with a lot of energy, creativity and originality.
    4. It is a refreshing take on Technology and how the world comes to grip with being connected every single second.
    5. It’s now clear that Akshay will bring a career best performance with an author backed role.

    Above all –

    “Mark my words, this film will be a super- duper hit,” said a confident Rajinikanth at the trailer launch event.

    It undoubtedly looks like the biggest film of the year.


  10. Loved this trailer! The FX also look way better than in the teaser. Really looking forward to it now. And I am a great fan of the earlier film.


  11. https://www.google.co.in/amp/s/m.timesofindia.com/home/environment/pollution/Mobile-tower-radiation/amp_articleshow/32348258.cms

    THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Radiation from mobile towers is not only taking a toll on human health but is also blamed for sparrows vanishing into thin air.
    An environmental science expert team – led by Sainudeen Pattazhy – attributes the disappearance of sparrows to the electromagnetic fields and radiation effects created by mobile towers and mobile phones.
    “Navigation skills of the birds and earth’s magnetic system are correlated. Natural electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and the earth-oriented magnetic vibration are directly proportional, whereas technology-induced EMR is inversely proportional,” Sainudeen Pattazhy, an environment scientist and associate professor at S N College, Kollam, told TOI.


  12. thecooldude Says:

    Same VFX as the teaser….nothing impressive here. The whole trailer is pretty incohesive.


    • I agree..it looks a bit in cohesive.. vfx is ok but the bird thing looks wierd..dont know what to expect here..in general I trust shankar to deliver though I dont like many of his movies..but he knows the pulse of the south Indians.. this movie not sure if it will do well in north


  13. Visually impressive. Much better than the teaser.

    A film from India can offer such visuals. It would have been unimaginable a few years back.

    This is going to be huge pan-India.

    TOH’s trailer was very good. Found Zero’s trailer slightly underwhelming. But this trailer rocks really. Could not ask for more.

    This is the kind of cinema made to be watched on the big screen. The grandeur, the VFX, the imagination behind those visuals.. it’s going to be worthwhile experience in the cinema theatre.


    • Agreed. This trailer absolutely rocks and this will be a film to watch in theaters. Vfx is much more polished than that in teaser. This trailer is better than ToH trailer, which was quite good.

      Less said about zero trailer the better.


  14. IdeaUnique Says:

    what a dull trailer! nothing exciting


  15. Amit Pandey Says:

    feel good trailer as compare to teaser..fx looks clean now..
    happy all 3 big movies are looking sure shot hit. dont think any movie not working at bo…
    big boost to the industry.. this year has been good so far for the industry..


    • TOH fate will be out a week from now. Thats a big relief. How long can one wait in suspense? Meanwhile let Zero and 2.0 fight it out!


    • What are u smoking? Zero has been sold such that it needs 100 cr share for just recovery. Srk’s hamming will be lucky to make 100 cr nett in india. Losses will b as high as jhms.

      Toh and 2.0 both will do 400 cr nett in india in all versions.


  16. Better than teaser but not so much. Still overall movie could be better than these teaser/trailer


  17. VFX is overrated for Indian films in general. It’s obviously a fantastic attempt here but to say it’s comparable to Hollywood or whatever or on a par is just idiocy. The budgets are not comparable and frankly Hollywood has been at it for years now.

    Imagination is a different point (like the transformation scene at end is executed brilliantly and clever) but quality is always overrated, quite bizarrely – I don’t know why this button needs pressing – one just accepts reality.


    • IdeaUnique Says:

      stale is the word for the whole thing here……maybe an IMAX/3D watch but too much cacaphony over nothing in trailer….will skip this by all means (never liked Robot also – slept in interval and for the rest of the movie)


      • The chaos and noise suits the vibe here. The turn off here is Rajni IMO. Akshay’s role looks pretty good here.


        • “The turn off here is Rajni IMO.”

          good thing you’re not in TN…

          you shouldn’t have an issue with this anyway. Naveen has convinced me this is an Akshay movie..


          • Ha. I don’t get the craze anymore.

            Naveen is building up to take all the credit for Akshay, even in TN. He just needed 5 seconds here 😀


        • This new trailer was very good indeed — loved the “Garuda”-ish SFX, as always Shankar’s imagination trumps most (although not, I’m afraid, what we saw in the first one, if this trailer is anything to go by). I really wish Akshay had a better get-up here. All in all this is definitely a huge step up from the earlier teasers, but there is something still a bit missing — perhaps it’s the Ash-effect…


    • Agreed everywhere..


    • Dont know what you mean by accepting reality about indian vfx quality. Attempts like this are supposed to be progressive and there will be comparisons and criticism.

      Shankar rushed into releasing a pointless teaser with half-baked vfx and faced the music. the team has obviously pulled up their socks and the effort shows in this trailer.

      Anyways, glad that this film has been made.


  18. Bob Cristo Says:

    Trailer is incohesive but still found it better then ToH and ZERO. Big screen extravegenza. I wish film to be big hit and then hope Rajni retires. It should be swansong film of rajni.


  19. Akshay Kumar’s mighty presence makes a huge impression in 2.0

    When the teaser of 2.0 was unveiled, many were left disappointed due to minimal presence of Akshay Kumar. After all, the Bollywood superstar was doing his first South film and that as a key antagonist opposite Rajinikanth no less. However, for reasons known to them, the makers of 2.0 decided to focus primarily on Rajinikanth and VFX (in no particular order) and Akshay Kumar just had a blink and you would miss appearance.

    Well, not anymore!

    Good sense has prevailed amongst one and all when it came to putting together the two minute promo of 2.0 and the results are there to be seen. There is a lot of Akshay Kumar right from start till the end of the promo, and that pretty much establishes that it is going to be the battle of equals when Rajinikant and Akshay Kumar have a face-off.

    “Ideally, this should have been the case from the very beginning,” says an insider, “You can’t take a top superstar of Bollywood and then keep him as a surprise element in the costliest film ever made in the country. For maximum returns, you need to have maximum visibility of all the strengths that you have at your disposal. Akshay is what would bring audiences outside South India, it’s as simple as that. Fortunately for all involved, this would now be the case with 2.0 as it has been established loud and clear in the promo that Akshay has a huge role.”

    Even though the promo is abound with VFX where fight sequences are on the same lines as Transformers series, there is South ‘masala’ intact with Rajnikanth’s Chitti presence whereas Akshay Kumar is casting an evil spell in the form of an eagle on a riotous spree. Meanwhile, you do get to hear him delivering dialogues in his own characteristic style, albeit with technological effects put around his voice.

    “Of course that is bound to be the case when the film belongs to the sci-fi genre,” the insider adds, “The film is being true to the genre. There is action, VFX, styling, sound design, background score – everything coming together in unison to ensure that the kind of vision that director Shankar was carrying over the years has been translated well for the big screen. This has been one of the most patient outings for Akshay Kumar. For an actor who revels in completing three films a year, he has been a part of 2.0 journey for three years to complete one film.”

    The results seem to be paying off for sure.



    • It is highly possible for the film 2point0 to break all box office records including Bahubali and Dangal. The movie is expected to be released on over 10,000 screens across Hindi, Tamil and Telugu (practically every cinema will be running this in India, that being accounted for consideration, we could hope for nearly 100 crores on its opening day itself. If the theatre response is highly positive, the movie will continue a steady box office for at least 2 consecutive weeks, with the first-week collection expected to be between 600–700 and second week 300–400.

      Considering the stardom of both the actors, the film will definitely surpass all previous the opening day/week box office records created.


      • LOL

        Tamil industry seems pretty insecure after telegu film industry delivered BB2. 2.0 guyz should be happy if it can match BB1’s collections for the time being. Dilli abhi duur hain …


        • That’s a wrong reading of Shankar and rajni pan south appeal..Shankar is big equally in telugu and mallu..I still is in top 10 in kerala..their root is Tamil but they sell in kerala and telugu big time..


          • Correct me if I am wrong, but isnt telegu film’s market bigger than tamil ones? Say for a normal big telegu and a tamil film, which one is expected to collect more than the other, all other things hypothetically being equal?


          • Right telugu is bigger.. no rate slab too but what I meant is Shankar or rajni when they make a movie they make it for entire south..so you cannot slot them as just Tamil.. in these 4 markets they can collect 300 crs..telugu being biggest


      • There is only 1 star here..south wont care for akshay..and if there is too much akshay without rajni the movie will bomb..it will be interesting to see how much this does in north..


  20. putting this out there for fun :):)


  21. Decoding the Trailer:

    1. Mobile creates death of birds to WHOM akki character loves who is misunderstood and humiliated often by mobile lovers.

    2. By some freak accident he acquires super powers.

    3. He creates havoc and army fails to tackle him.

    4. Human. RAJNI and simple and human robot Amy suggests to use Chitti.

    5. Chitti arrives on style but. Fails miserably. As he is not updated properly.

    6. Version 2.0 is created. Note the two different hairstyle and looks for version 1.0 and 2.0.

    7. 2.0 wins.


  22. ‘I will set your screens on fire.’

    With Rajinikanth’s horrific ‘Wow’ and Akshay’s last scene breathe-onto-one’s face, it does look like someone will set the screen on fire with bad breath.

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    • I would give it a chance. This may turn out to be entertaining in a harmless way.


      • This was pretty bad when compared to the first part. The first one was indeed entertaining. And Rajinikanth and his laugh are truly irritating here. Just cannot stand him in his masala avatar; and cigarette-in-his-arse-lighting tricks. He died as an actor with the end of his association with K Balachander and the likes of Bharati Raaja.

        But agree with you that it might be a huge hit to the Indian audience, especially south.


  23. When An Jo decides to be sarcastic, god save his victims!


  24. Like

  25. This is 20 crore song. Even more than many movie budgets like Badhaai ho!

    [added to post]


    • looks pretty poor when compared to the investment. But again, on the big screen, might be a different experience altogether.


      • Even on laptop screen it does not look too bad (IF you can ignore Rajni).


        • Don’t you get an AVATAR like vibe with all the gloss and those sparky legumes? In this song I mean. Or maybe it’s just me…

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          • They got into a low-priced deal with Weta to re-use some of their old concept arts and production design for 2.0. Weta has been working with Cameron since Avatar days (the sequels are being handled by them too). But then the vfx work went through a lot of delivery problems from different us-based vendors.

            Even with 600 cr budget Shankar cant afford original designs from Weta. They will need hollywood budgets of 200+m usd to do that! I wont blame Shankar, he is doing the best he can with his resources.

            I hope this does well for Shankar’s sake – will be sad to see 3-4 years of blood and sweat go down the drain.

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  26. Now this is from Shankar himself:

    “Lyca Productions, the production house, knows the exact amount. I narrated the entire story before we went on floors and they sort of knew how much money would be required to complete the film. They agreed to fund the project, knowing how much it would cost them. Beyond our calculations, we had some unexpected expenses for the VFX.”

    Elaborating further, filmmaker Shankar revealed, “As far as I know, the budget stands between Rs 400 to Rs 450 crore for the film alone. In addition, the producers have spent a huge chunk for the publicity and other production costs.”



    Dont think the Variety cover highlighting it as the first 75m indian film was an exaggeration. A failure here will not impact Rajni or
    Akshay as much as it will hinder Shankar’s ambition to do more such films. Its a slow-paced incremental process for him, and will need the support of masses here in order to keep progressing.


    • to spend 400 cr for an Indian film where the major targe audience is professional suicide and unless there is a Dangal. PK like solid content-driven film – even aamir can’t salvage such big films – it is a hardcore reality. 2.0 has absolutely no emotional connect so far with its glossy trailers….no vacation….no holidays….no buzz….what exactly are ppl expecting here? a miracle?


      • Idea: You are going on and on for this movie. Are you new to Shankar’s filmography? He’s been making huge cost movies all his life over 25 years now. Yes, 2.0 is huge for current standards but the VFX needs to be international level after all the Hollywood hits in India. They can’t make two robots fighting in a room. The only person who can demand such budget is Shankar in all over India especially for VFX. Irrespective of Akshay being there in the movie or not, movie’s budget would have been on similar lines. You can’t make such huge movie in 3D for 200 crores or less.

        So, when you say there is no buzz, are you talking about Hindi? For south, any Rajnikanth movie will have huge buzz. Any Shankar movie will have huge buzz. So, any Rajnikanth + Shankar movie will definitely have huge craze! Shankar is the only director in South India that they don’t dare remake his movie. He can take any actor in his Tamil movie but it’ll be as big a release in Telugu and does as huge business as Tamil. All other directors still remake their movies in Telugu and other southern languages taking their local stars. Shankar don’t need any star, he can take Arjun/Vikram or and deliver blockbuster in Telugu who has no stardom in Telugu. He’s been doing this job or almost 3 decades now and you are too young to understand his craft in movies!

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        • Was it ‘Shankar’ who made remake of 3 Idiots as Nanban starring Vijay as the lead!!


          • Yes, that was one off thing he did favor to Vijay while the Robot was getting delayed in releasing. He told before release that he will never remake another movie and that was an exception. Its the only film he didn’t write in his filmography.


  27. For those who don’t know all Shankar movies, Rangan has ranked them here. I agree with his top 4 but I would keep Muduvalan, Indian, Gentleman and Endhiran as the sequence.


    About Nanban(3 Idiots), Rangan says:

    The most perplexing, un-Shankar-like film in this director’s oeuvre. To those familiar with the original (3 Idiots), this is a shockingly faithful remake — “shocking” because major filmmakers do not usually choose to make movies where they have nothing to do but make sure that the shots are canned and the music is recorded and the publicity is mounted. Shankar’s stamp is in a mere handful of scenes and song sequences that feature computer graphics (and he gamely makes fun of his fondness for the same). Otherwise, you feel a first-time director could have ended up with the same product, working off the same template. The coming together of Shankar and Vijay should have been something else, though I guess the film is a competent-enough entertainer for those who haven’t seen 3 Idiots.


  28. Finally I think 2.0 will open around 28 CRORES in Hindi first day. This is my serious prediction! Those who think it has no buzz will be shock to see this figure 1st day. Later the content will take over!


  29. This one will open big no doubt, but in all likelihood its gonna collapse going into the weekdays. The visuals are tacky, production quality substandard and looks of both Akshay and Amy Jackson seem to be worse than a children’s fantasy horror film of the 80’s. Forget worldwide, even domestic number of Baahubali-1 and Dangal (around 500 Cr+ gross) is a tall ask of this piece of artwork (if we can call it that). Kabali huffed and puffed its way to 300 Cr worldwide and this might follow suit.


    • It has a 4 day weekend, so may do better initially than Kaala did. The Hindi business may as well be like Gold – from 25 cr opening to 100 cr cume (+- 5% tolerance).


  30. This week will see the release of 2.0 which will be on of the biggest films ever made in India as costs hit around 500 crore on release. The film has gone over budget as the American company doing its VFX went bust last year which caused a huge delay in the film and took its a budget to another level. The budget is more than the two Bahubali film put together.

    The film has cost 175 crore more than Thugs Of Hindostan which is the most expensive outright Hindi film of all time. Its always difficult to judge which films are the biggest ever but there are a few films that when released the amount they have to recover is so high that hardly any films have recovered that much prior to the release of these films.

    The biggest films released in India in terms of costs are as follows,

    Jhansi Ki Rani (1953) – This film had a budget of 60 lakhs including 55 prints costs which was insane as only one film had covered this amount till date and that was Chandralekha (1949) which was released in 2 languages. On top this film did not feature any box office draw of time. The film was a huge disaster at the box office.

    Mughal-E-Azam (1960) – This legendary film cost around 1.25 crore on release with 100 prints and in time the cost went to 1.50 crore plus as a further 175 prints were taken over the next decade. When the film was released no film had ever recovered the amount this film took to make. If its comes to a push this was probably the most expensive film ever made in India.

    Sholay (1975) – The biggest blockbuster that India has ever seen had a cost of around 2.50 crore on release with 150 prints but eventually the cost went to 3.50 crore plus as a further 500 prints apprx were taken out in time.

    Shaan (1980) – The makers of Sholay got together to make Shaan which cost around 6 crore and this sum had been recovered by only film which was Sholay. No other film had a worldwide share of 6 crore in 1980 barring Sholay. The film was called a huge flop at the time of release but was running capacity houses for weeks and eventually went on to recover its huge costs.

    Ra. One (2011) – This superhero film was made at a cost of 135 crore which was a sum which had been recovered by just 1 or two films at time if we go by worldwide revenue. The film was liked by the audience but did manage to cover the huge costs.

    2.0 (2018) – The VFX loaded is the first non Hindi film which joins the biggest budgeted films India has ever made. Bahubali would also have been in the list if but it was two films instead of one. Again only one film Bahubali – The Conclusion has recovered the budget of 2.0 and that was also a multi language film. A case can be made for Dangal having this recovery but there was minimal revenue coming back from China.



  31. What is your problem with 2.0? Why are you objecting to its release?

    There is a scene in the 2.0 trailer which portrays cell phones and cell towers as hazardous, and that is against our national policy. This matter is now before the Supreme Court of India.

    You mean to say the case about radiation emitted from cell phone towers is before the Supreme Court?

    Yes, the radiation case.

    This case is being currently litigated in the Supreme Court so this matter should not beget prejudice (in the minds of people).

    Secondly, this is the present policy of the Government of India and the law of the land. High courts have ruled there is no injury or ill-effect from mobile towers or mobile phones.

    So what we are asking the Central Board of Film Certification is to allow us to review the film in its entirety so that we can take a holistic view of the matter and decide whether a particular scene should be removed, or to put a notice in the scene, like a disclaimer, that mobile phones and mobile towers are not injurious to health.

    Film-makers put disclaimers during smoking scenes so they can put such a disclaimer for 2.0 too.



    • I wish they had a disclaimer for Baghbaan like ‘not all children are this bad’ or ‘not all children are like Salman ‘.


      • Haha! Or biological children are not injurious to health and happiness.
        How about cellphones striking back like empire strikes back.
        Akki as cell phone and Rajni as romantic hero.


    • Seems like India is like US. You can file a case on any level of stupidity. Can I claim a decade of cyber bullying by Naveen? Or claim against Satyam’s essays? Or claim against Z’s terribly unimaginative name handle ‘Z’? Or plagarism by myselfaamir, pktalli and Krish?


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