NTR trailer

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13 Responses to “NTR trailer”

  1. I am amazed. yes that’s the right word.
    Is Telugu cinema the world all movie lovers wanted?


  2. Am not sure of an unbiased biopic here considering the son is the producer. Keerthy Suresh’s potrayal of Savitri was very organic, this seems to be more outwardly physical. Have not seen that many NTR movies, so perhaps some other members here can judge better.


  3. NTR was good even in social dramas like Chiranjeevulu, Ramudu Bheemusu, Missamma, Gundamma Katha etc.


    • But I prefer ANR to NTR.


    • Correction Ramudu Bheemudu.
      While ANR was suave and looked quite contemporary, NTR was all old world dramatic hero. His chiselled looks was a plus for those Krishna roles. His pairing with Anjali Devi needs a special mention. In his later life he made some mistakes. Will it be shown? NTR was both Sivaji Ganesan and MGR while ANR was more Gemini Ganesan.


  4. Fabulous visuals. Hopefully, the film will match up to its promise and not turn into a hagiography.

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    • Thats why biopics are unneccessary. Its more disppointing when someone like hirani devotes time and energy to one. Surely, sanju was hirani’s worst? I sincerely hope Aamir stays away from biopics. One dangal is more than enuf for his lifetime. Excuse me for bringing him in this thread.


  5. Vidya’s presence is soothing.


  6. Saw Ratsasan (Tamil with subs) – inspired by Korean slashers..but very well made and authentic in settings.


  7. tonymontana Says:

    Simmba getting decent early reviews

    Looks like both the RSs have another winner on hand. Ranveer looks set to kick SRK’s ass for the second time after Bajirao


  8. tiger getting his due ..

    rajni’s hollywood movie for notalgia:


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