Can Netflix Take Turkey’s TV Dramas to the World? (NYT, Dec. 28, 2018)

I have long felt that India squandered an opportunity for even greater cultural outreach (I hate the term “soft power”) when it jettisoned its organic masala and popular cinema traditions in favor of bowdlerized Hollywood… Qalandar


EXCERPT: ““The Protector” is the latest evidence of how Turkish television drama is spreading worldwide. In Turkey, several drama series compete for viewers every night, each episode two hours or more filled with romance, family strife and gangsters. (Episodes of “The Protector” are more a manageable 40 minutes.) Some have been associated with rising nationalism in the country; others have angered conservatives by showing historical figures drinking and philandering.

The shows are a phenomenon in the Middle East and Latin America, and have become such a symbol of Turkish soft power that they have been used as counters in political disputes. On March 1, for instance, the Saudi Arabia-based satellite broadcaster MBC abruptly dropped all Turkish drama, cutting off some shows midseason, apparently in response to Turkish support for Qatar. (MBC did not respond to requests for comment.)

Now the shows are spreading across Europe.”

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3 Responses to “Can Netflix Take Turkey’s TV Dramas to the World? (NYT, Dec. 28, 2018)”

  1. Just somedays back Swati and myself were discussing about turkish serials and their adaptations in hindi for Indian tv. Where is Swati?

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  2. Protector is addictive and good one, converging Ottaman empire and modern Istanbul. 2 hot females, especially Lila 🙂


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