The Lost World of Urdu Film Magazines


“Lahore had a thriving film industry in those days and the likes of Dalsukh Pancholi, A.R. Kardar and Roop K. Shourie were shaping the course of Indian cinema. Urdu was the dominant language of the region and the city quickly became a springboard for the launch of a host of film publications such as Shabistaan, Filmkaar, Tasveer, Star and, of course, Chitra.

However, it was Delhi that went on to produce the major film magazines in the later years, including the one that is unanimously acknowledged as a milestone.”

4 Responses to “The Lost World of Urdu Film Magazines”

  1. Saw the photo first and got a shock because of the continuous news about DK’s health. Then saw the title and heaved a sigh of relief!


  2. The day film stars started giving interviews, awards acceptance speeches in English, it was evident that other languages would struggle.
    Comparatively, regional languages are doing better. The stars talk, walk and breath regional language.

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  3. Spoken urdu is not much different from hindi. Only the written urdu looks difficult for those who are not familiar with it.
    With online portals, all the print magazines are facing decline in fortunes. And also the cost of glossy paper increases the price of the magazine. The roadside libraries renting books and magazines are also vanishing. I have stopped subscribing to newspapers long back. And also stopped watching so called news. All news portals are available online. That is more than enough to get a grasp of what is happening around us.


  4. Happy Birthday to Kaifi Aazmi, a renowned Urdu poet and lyricist.


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