Manikarnika trailers (updated)

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  1. Except for the slow motion and weak Har Har madadev..I liked the teaser.


  2. Too much of Kangana here. Will be affected by Thugs if the themes are similar


  3. From the other thread:

    Not bad, but parts of it are unintentionally funny. Kanagans’s shrill voice is a downer, but looks pretty grand given that budget is 1/3rd of ToH’s and 1/7th of 2.0’s.

    I am willing to pay money to watch Kangana cut an colonial army to pieces in Salman style masala action.

    Battle lines drawn at BO for next 3 months:

    Nov: ToH vs 2.0
    Dec: Zero vs Simmba
    Jan: Manikarnika vs Super 30

    Let the games begin! Full support for ToH, Simmba and Manikarnika. Should be easy winners unless others run away from fear …

    Trailer/Teaser ratings:

    ToH – 4/5
    Manikarnika – 3/5
    2.0 – 2/5
    Zero – 0/5

    Must say that the last two ratings are living up to their respective titles!


    • sounds like bhakt


      • No bhakti for any of these films as such (not even one of them will be good cinema by a margin). But isnt too difficult to predict the BO outcomes:

        TOH: 400-450 cr
        2.0: 100-125 cr
        Zer0: 100-125 cr
        Simmba: 175-225 cr
        Manikarnika – 80-110 cr
        Super 30 – 50-75 cr

        Come feb, you can recheck these.


  4. No comments.

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  5. Since The Matrix in 1999, Bollywood has developed a penchant for slow motion action sequences. It worked in the Matrix because of the novelty and the concept. But it’s 20 years now and Bollywood is still clinging to it. Even the biggest productions are still using it.

    Action scenes are so much less effective when they are in slow motion. What requires quickness and reflexes looks less hard hitting when it is projected in slow motion.

    The trailer here seems ‘meh’. There is a deliberate attempt to re-copy SLB’s universe (in Padmaavat especially). Remember Kangana constantly posting pics from the sets of this film right when Padmaavat and Deepika were flying high at the BO.

    Beyond those SLB’s kind of settings and Kangana vainly attempting to put on the trademark Sunny Deol glare throughout, there is not much for a teaser. The slow motion action scenes do not work for me personally.


    • My slow motion rant ends here. It makes sense in certain scenes like sports – as a viewer we are use to seeing replays and slower motion and it really enhances viewing experience. Take the 6 in Lagaan. Everything in the film’s destiny is shown in flashbacks while that 6 is hoisted, it adds to the moment.

      In some raw action sequences or chases Hollywood really nails it. The MI6 fight in the bathroom is fast & snappy. All the Taken, Bourne films have splendid action scenes. They are just not reduced to killing the moment.

      No more ranting, found the trailer pretty poor. Will have to watch it with sound to see if it improves. But this is Bahubali overdose. SLB already does this genre and everyone has something lined up it seems in this period/war/fantasy type genre. Kesari, Tanaji, Kalank, Brahmastra, Takht and others I’ve probably forgotten.

      Bollywood is VFX’d and has the Bahubali bug, Kjo in particular is taking the lead. 4/5 of the named are coming via him. Get set for K3G in period films!


  6. I think there will be a lot of yelling from Kangana Ranaut. Thank god my hearing aids have an off switch.


  7. I liked the teaser. The clincher is obviously the writer of Baahubali….This might turn out to be a surprise. Any idea whats the budget is?

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    • It’s gone overbudget. It’s now around 100 crore.


      • Initially they planned 80 cr production budget but recently there were reports of additional expenditure on patch work/reshoots. Including P&A it will get to 100-110 cr overall imo.

        I think its a high point in bollywood to see a complete female star-centric big budget action-period film where the first lady is depicted as an unhinged killing machine …. first in indian commercial films?


  8. Better than TOH trailer!!


  9. The Queen is here. Superb. The best part was Amitabhji’s voice. One could write a separate book on his sutradhar role in Hindi Cinema!

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  10. Tigress Kangana rocks.


  11. Naah.Why wld she marry a criminal and non actor like him?

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  12. indian john Says:

    Sumit kadel

    5h5 hours ago
    #ManikarnikaTeaser response among trade & audience is EPIC. #Manikarnika

    Rohit Jaiswal
    Oct 2
    #ManikarnikaTeaser recvs POSSITIVE response in TRADE …

    single Scrns exhibitors very Happy with teaser…


  13. My take. Blood and gore puts me off. When everyone here was praising Black Friday i wanted to watch it. Within 7 minutes I had to turn it off due to grim blood soaked scenes. The tv serial telecast on Zee TV on rani Laxmibai was very entertaining until her childhood lasted and which was for a long time. Once she grew up I lost interest.


  14. Jhansi ki Rani has a deep connect in the Hindi Belt. Coming in this contemporary age of feminism, the Rani stands tall as one of the earliest Indian women who asserted her rights versus a highly Patriarchal society of that era, against Royal males as well as against Brits and their armies. The story of the Rani fighting like a lioness with her 1 yld old child strapped to her back is the stuff of legend and has been depicted in countless plays in schools all over the nation. Every kid in the Hindi speaking belt has heard of that bravery. Just the visuals of that end-battle will be soul stirring.
    Its not just about the VFX, or slo-mo action sequences, the audiences will show up for the unfolding of this saga on the big screen. Expect women to show up in droves.
    I have seen bits and pieces of the rather pedestrian TV serial which had been running recently. Hopefully, the big screen version does justice.


    • Go Kangana! 👍🏻👍🏻


    • This is an anti-thesis and catharsis to Bhansali’s Padmavat. Instead of suicide, take up some fucking arms and kill them!

      Congress supporters will find this film politically ‘troublesome’!

      Btw, bollywood’s #MeToo moment may help this film in many ways.


  15. While Kangana Ranaut, the leading actress and one of the directors of the film, said that words like ‘chest-thumping’, ‘nationalism’, ‘jingoism’ are used in a negative manner, and people should celebrate patriotism loud and open; the media asked question on how forced nationalism can be encouraged in a democratic country, since everyone has the right to express patriotism in their own way.

    Prasoon replied, “Don’t make patriotism your convenience, as far as you are cognizant about it, as far as you are honest about it, don’t make it convenient. If you are hiding behind your convenience, then I surely have a problem.”

    “Yes, people can express their love for the country in their own way, but people should express their love for the country, it should not just be internalized,” he added.


  16. Sharing her experience of being a part of the film, Kangana said: “I am a very small part of this very big film. Until now, I have always worked in small films but this is actually my first big film… Not because of the budget, not because of the story. It is a big film because of the kind of artists I am getting to work with.”

    Praising the film’s music composers, Kangana said: “It’s my first film with Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy. What they have done for this film, I don’t think words can explain that. There are 7 to 8 songs in the film and each one is better than the other. We weren’t able to understand which song we should release first but I feel the audience will have great time when they will listen to entire album.”

    Manikarnika – The Queen of Jhansi will hit screens on January 25, while Thackeray will hit the screens on January 23, Bal Thackeray’s 93rd birth anniversary.


  17. Manikarnika will be a make or break movie in the editing table. It will all boil down to Kangana’s editing skills to cut a 2 hr tight version and shed all the fluff. The teaser and trailer hints at patchy work (maybe due to change in directors and all that hassle) and it needs to be straightened out in the final edit. Cut out all the poor vfx portions (at least shorten them to minimal length), eliminate routine jingoism and shed all the melodrama. Else it will be mauled.


  18. What an amazingly beautiful song !!
    main rahoon ya na rahoon, Bharat yeh rehna Chaiyey .


  19. Like

  20. Like

  21. Kangana Ranaut: I’ve Been Harassed By Actors On Sets But It Wouldn’t Come Under #MeToo
    Kangana Ranaut alleged that she was given incorrect call time and she was asked to wait for hours
    Entertainment | Press Trust of India | Updated: January 22, 2019 13:00 IST

    “Harassment happens on many levels,” said Kangana
    Kangana says one ‘shouldn’t worry about raising their voice’
    Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming film in Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi
    Kangana Ranaut says she was harassed several times by actors on film sets and while it wouldn’t fall under #MeToo as it wasn’t sexual, the experience was daunting and humiliating. The actor said harassment can happen on several levels and she has faced toxic behaviour from many people in her career. “Harassment happens on many levels. So many times on sets, I wasn’t sexually harassed, but some people had ego issues. I was harassed on many other fronts. It wouldn’t come under #MeToo but it was still harassment,” Kangana told PTI.
    The actor said the harassment ranged from making her wait for long hours to dubbing her voice without her consent. Talking about her harrowing experiences, Kangana said, “Making me wait on set for six hours, willingly giving me wrong call time to make me stand, always giving me the wrong set of dates so I’m missing out on opportunities and then cancelling the schedule last minute by these heroes.”

    “Ganging up on me and not inviting me to film events, launching trailers without me and then someone else dubbed for me without even telling me, which is violating the basic right of taking permission from an actor,” she added.

    The Queen star said because of the #MeToo movement, which hit India last year, men in the industry are scared. “People are scared, obviously and they should be. Men are scared in the industry. This isn’t going to stop. This will continue till we really go into the root cause of it because essentially it’s a patriarchal society which is extremely chauvinistic,” she said.

    “We need to come to a point where they are scared. All the talks of ‘what if women lose work’ should stop. I believe there’s no life without dignity. You shouldn’t worry about raising your voice,” Kangana added.

    The actor had come out in support of the survivor when allegations of sexual harassment were levelled against Queen director Vikas Bahl. Kangana, 31, said going forward strict rules and immediate action policy should be implemented to make film sets safer for women.

    “On film sets there have to be strict rules and strict action should be taken. Things can’t be solved on a personal level or behind closed doors. Things should be taken to authority and immediate action is the need of the hour. When anyone raises concern, people-director, producer or anyone-need to solve it. We need to become more sensitive about these things,” she said.


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