Why Cheat India, 72 Hours, Uri: The Surgical Strike (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. thoda bad audio hai , but good discussion-


  2. Amit Sharma on Badhai Ho..


  3. Why Cheat India Movie Review Quicker: Electrifying Emraan Hashmi Tricks You Into His Charm!
    Hashmi’s electrifying presence and few entertaining dialogues mould the story well in the first half.



  4. UK’s Prince Philip, 97, escapes unhurt from car crash
    Police said two people in a car that collided with that of the prince, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh, were both taken to hospital for minor injuries but later discharged.

    Still Prince at 97!


    • That’s the queens husband.

      “Men married to the British monarch are known as prince consorts, not king consorts. As with many royal traditions, you can chalk this one up to a very old and powerful patriarchy. Kings always reign, whereas Queen can be a symbolic title.”


      • The wife of a king is also called a queen. However the husband of a female ruler is not necessarily called a king. The last King of Britain (George VI) had a wife (Elizabeth) who was called Queen Elizabeth. He had no sons, so he was followed by his elder daughter. She is also called Elizabeth and became Queen Elizabeth II. She is married to The Duke of Edinburgh; but when she became Queen he did not become King.

        A queen consort is the wife of a king. She is not the head of state, and does not have any powers unless they are given by the King or another law.

        A queen dowager is the widow of a king.

        A queen consort usually keeps the title of Queen after her husband’s death, for example

        Queen Mary, widow of King George V of the United Kingdom and
        Queen Elizabeth, widow of King George VI of the United Kingdom, she was given the title Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother because her daughter is also called Elizabeth.

        According to wiki.


  5. We have many Aamir fans here. So here is a simple question …

    It has been more than 10 years since TZP, WHY does he not take up direction again? He surely has no ready-made script that he fancies at this point. And he does not seem prepared to go ahead with his MB mega-plans (yet).

    Even if he has no original idea at this point, whats stopping him from scripting and directing FG remake by himself? Its a 20 year old movie and his own personal fav. Surely he can do better by himself than depend on Advait to come up with mediocrity?

    Is it lack of confidence or unwillingness to take a risk when his chips are down? What exactly is the reason for his being in a limbo?


  6. He is a very good director. TZP, as much as the concept was really good, would not have been the gem it is without a good director’s vision.

    There were reports more than 2 decades back that he ghost-directed Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke. It was being reported that Bhatt was busy directing so many films simultaneously and Aamir took charge of it on the sets.

    When you look at films like Lagaan and Dangal, you can be sure there is a lot of his own vision in there.

    But at the same time, maybe Aamir finds it draining to take full charge of direction when he is the main hero of the film. In a TZP kind of deal, he had limited screen time, so it does mean that he could devote considerable time as a director as opposed to doing both at the same time.

    I do hope he directs a project of his own very soon. He would definitely deliver better than the likes of Advait or VKA.

    If he does the FG remake or a Mahabharat series, I hope he is the guy behind the camera. These are epic dramas to be filmed on a vast canvas and requiring tremendous creative vision. If he doesn’t direct, I hope he brings in guys like Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra or Ashutosh Gowarikar if he can’t rope in a Rajamouli. These are directors made to direct such epics.


    • He does not have technical know-how to direct MB in the scale it deserves to be made. If he really wants to get back into direction he should pick a small to medium sized project, coz he understands such films as his speciality. His most hands on films have been QSQT, JJWS, HHRPK, Lagaan, TZP and Dangal (apart from the 3 small films he produced after 3I and SS). He is not exactly a Cameron or Rajamouli kind of film-maker; and to be clear I am talking about big-budget vfx oriented films made on epic scale of story-telling. He will make a mess of MB.


  7. There are some bright spots. The actors are spunky. The milieu feels authentic. But the script is all over the place and lacks nuance or coherence to balance its problems with its purpose and air any real grievance.

    There is neither poignancy nor humour to the proceedings to distinguish it as a study or satire.

    A jumbo mess of warped notions and random ambition, Why Cheat India trivialises education and shows sympathy for deceit.

    Why indeed?



  8. Yes, But a FG remake cannot be a medium budget or small scale film. The original film had breathtaking visuals, war scenes and innovative VFX. And Bob Zemeckis is really gifted in those respects. During those times, it was being said that if there was someone other than Spielberg who could pull off such a film, then it was Zemeckis. He could ally art with technology efficiently.

    If one wants a good remake of FG, it can’t be done within the confines of a room like it was done in SS. It has to be filmed on a grand scale, with breathtaking visuals capturing different landmarks of history.

    Lagaan was not a small budget film either. I think Aamir can handle a FG kind of deal. At least, I would trust him much better than Advait in there. But my personal pick would be Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra for such a film. He seems tailor-made for it.


    • So replicating 20 year old tech used in 20 yr old film is same as directing MB with cutting edge stuff for world platform at this point? There is something called ‘scale’ of a project.

      Your argument wud have made some sense if Aamir was remaking FG one year after its release in 1994. Anyways, its not a great film in my books that needs to be remade in the first place, even if he is personally hung up on that film for some weird reason. That example was only if Aamir has ran out of original ideas.


      • And after 30 years in the industry if he cant replicate a 20 yr old hollywood film’s technicalities, then he shud seriously retire for good.


      • He still needs to make it as per today’s standards. It’s not merely about copying it frame to frame. He will then need to adapt it to the Indian context.

        So, there will still be the need to re-create previous eras. There will be the need to build those sets, or re-create those landscapes. There will surely be war scenes, which are usually costly to film. And then they will need to make those historical figures come alive (which they did without using duplicates in FG). It may not be as ground-breaking as it was 20 years back, but no Indian film has done it yet IIRC.

        At the end of the day, it may be a budget similar to Bharath’s. So, it is still not going to be a small or medium budget film.

        I do agree that any production of a MB series will be on an even grander scale, especially if it is to be brought to to the big screen. And he will probably need a Rajamouli kind of director there.

        I, however, disagree over the fact that FG is not a great film. It is tremendous cinema. If a film is made in Bollywood at anywhere near its level, then it will be a masterpiece by Bollywood’s standards.


        • Sure, Monster Hunts are also great cinema as per you. I am not inclined to judge Aamir from ‘Indian’ film standards (if they actually exist) . So you are picking up a debate with the wrong guy … give your gyaan to Advait and hopefully it will help him to recreate great sets, landscapes, war scenes and whatever you think is awe-inspiring in FG.

          I am sure he will churn out something ground breaking like Salman’s Bharat which will easily surpass the greatest Korean original film ever made in your books. But then Tubelight has already done that.


          • Monster Hunt is entertaining. My kid loved it immensely. It’s the kind of universal entertainer that does its job without needing to be a classic. It’s an E.T./Shrek kind of deal. Like so many people loved E.T. Just like so many people like superheroes flicks from Hollywood. Just like millions of people liked Baahubali in India. And the first part of Monster Hunt has a good social message in it. I think both parts are among the top 10 highest grossing films in China, so have been liked by millions of people there.. And know for one, that Chinese audience’s tastes matter a lot here! I brought the films home without expecting Citizen Kane there. They delivered what they promised.

            Forrest Gump is at another level. Great performances, good story to tell, great direction by Bob Zemeckis, great cinematography, great visuals. It is one excellent film. I would be glad to see Aamir do it. It is good material to start with.

            What’s there to get hyper about and attack people’s likes and dislikes? You were posting on trailers of Chinese cinema. I actually watch the films. I tried to contribute to it by sharing about a few Chinese/Korean/Hong Kong films I actually watch. Why attack the films without bothering to watch?

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  9. https://www.koimoi.com/box-office/box-office-why-cheat-india-expected-to-open-well-fraud-saiyaan-to-follow/

    However the films that would be seeing the maximum screens reserved for it is Why Cheat India. The film boasts of an interesting promo and has seen some good promotional and marketing drive going around it. Emraan Hashmi is returning after a hiatus and that too in a subject that has never been presented before on the big screen. Moreover, with audience appetite increasing for different kind of genres and subjects, one is excited about the prospects of Why Cheat India.

    As things stand today, the film should take an opening of around 5-6 crore. If that happens, it would be good since word of mouth can then result in healthy jumps over rest of the weekend. Anything more than this would be an added bonus for this Soumik Sen directed film.

    Another notable release is Fraud Saiyaan which has Arshad Warsi in the lead along with Saurabh Shukla. The film has been ready for last few years and is now finally seeing a release. This one is in fact seeing a sparse release with just a few shows at the multiplexes. One waits to see though how it performs at the single screens. Expect opening in the range of 1-2 crore for the film.


  10. Putting an end to all the speculations, actor-producer Arbaaz Khan spilled the beans on the commencement of Dabangg 3. The movie will go on the floors in April, thus making the second release of the year for Salman Khan, after Bharat. Now, a fresh development on the project has just broke-in which is sure to arouse the excitement amongst the fans.

    As per the report in Mumbai Mirror, Kannada actor Sudeep will portray a negative role in the commercial pot-boiler. “Sudeep and Salman have been planning to team up on a film since a long time and things have finally fallen in place. The two will engage in Tom and Jerry kind of skirmishes in Dabangg 3. Sudeep’s character has shades of grey,” adds the source close to the daily.

    The source further states that director Prabhudeva recently narrated the basic storyline to Sudeep, to which the actor has given a verbal nod.

    Dabangg 3 is said to be shot in 90-100 days.

    It is also learned that the movie will feature two negative characters and the Telugu actor Jagapathi Babu to play the second one, which is yet to be confirmed.



  11. Speaking from Mijwan the proud and happy sister Shabana says, “I’m in Mijwan with my sister-in-law Tanve (Baba’s husband). The District Magistrate of Azamgarh gave the muhurat clap for Baba’s feature film Me Raqsam (I Dance). It’s being shot in a start to finish schedule in Mijwan with 14 year old resident of Mijwan, Aditi Sharma playing the protagonist. Danish Husain plays her father. It is the story of a humble tailor who fights all odds to fulfil his daughter’s dream to become a dancer. Once Abba (father Kaifi Azmi) had asked Baba in passing if a film could be shot in Mijwan. In Kaifi’s centenary year Baba pays the most fitting tribute to his father’s desire.”



  12. Will Karan Johar’s chat show Koffee With Karan be axed after the Hardik furore?

    With strong disciplinary action being taken against cricketer Hardik Pandya for his deeply sexist comments it looks like the axe may also fall on Karan Johar’s talk show Koffee With Karan. Sources close to Star Plus, the channel that hosts the popular show, “are considering their options considering the uproar over the content.”

    Many in the know feel that Karan Johar as the show’s architect and helmer should have exercised more control during the editing. A prominent filmmaker who has so far desisted from going on Karan’s show says the onus of propriety in the presentation lies with the producer. “It is your show. You have complete control over what goes into it. If an invitee loses control over his mouth, you as the show’s anchor and producer know where to draw the line.”

    Sources say Hardik Pandya could very well prove to be Karan’s show’s waterloo. Quips an actress who confesses Karan “seduces” guests into saying things they wouldn’t otherwise. “Ab Koffee with Karan qafi (enough) with Karan ho chukka.”



  13. Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Film Photograph Heads To Berlin International Film Festival
    Photograph will be part of the Berlinale Special Gala at the Friedrichstadt-Palast where it will have its European premiere.

    According to the official site of the festival, Photograph will be part of the Berlinale Special Gala at the Friedrichstadt-Palast where it will have its European premiere. It also features in Berlinale Special films category. The fest will start from February 7 and will run till February 17.

    Photograph revolves around a struggling street photographer (Nawazuddin), who is pressured to marry by his grandmother. He convinces a shy stranger to pose as his fiancee.

    It also stars Sanya Malhotra, Farrukh Jaffar, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Vijay Raaz, Jim Sarbh, Akash Sinha and Saharsh Kumar Shukla.

    Photograph will also premiere at Sundance Film Festival 2019, which will be held from January 24 to February 3, 2019.



  14. Emraan Hashmi On #MeToo: We Just Jump The Gun & Start Making Accusations
    Rajkumar Hirani has been accused by a woman assistant who worked with him in Sanju.
    “It’s a great movement but there has to be some kind of due process. We just jump the gun and start making accusations. We understand that the accusations have been made but there has to be some kind of process where there is some kind of investigation, so I hope that gets done for the girl.”



  15. Kangana Ranaut To Karni Sena On Manikarnika Row: I’m Rajput, Will Destroy You

    Actress Kangana Ranaut has hit back strongly at Rajput fringe group Karni Sena who, she claims, are ‘harassing’ her over new film Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi, which is based on the life of Rani Laxmi Bai. Kangana, whose film releases next Friday and for which she has obtained a certificate from the Central Board Of Film Certification, issued a statement saying that she too is Rajput and will “destroy” the Karni Sena if they continue to “harass” her over the film’s release.


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  16. Kalank look


  17. Sarcasm is often misinterpreted by those who cant take it. Move on.


  18. https://www.khaleejtimes.com/international/india/indian-minister-diagnosed-with-rare-cancer

    I dont know how far this news is true. None of the Indian papers reported this.


  19. Why Cheat India had a very dull opening of around 5% and will struggle to make much of a mark. The name itself hardly hold appeal and on top these films can only have some acceptance in the big multiplexes but Emraan Hashmi is a no no there.

    The opening day figures could one of the lowest for a recent Emraan Hashmi starrer and that too when the initials have not been too kind to him lately. There were a few other film like Bambairiya, Fraud Saiyaan and Rangeela Raja but these have not even found an audience.

    Uri – The Surgical Strike is super strong on its second Friday and is heading for a very strong number. There is hardly a drop from day one in some places like UP and Rajasthan in terms of occupancy but these places started a bit lower. The multiplexes will have probably have a bigger drop as they started pretty well.



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  22. Like

    • After delivering Raazi last year, why is Alia playing second fiddle to Ranveer, Varun and Ranbir this year? No matter how impressive she is in her short screen time in GB trailer, that is still a Ranveer show as the title suggests.

      Stay away from being badri or humpty’s dulhaniya, and she has it in her to be more impressive than Radhika, Kangana or Deepika by the time she gets in her early thirties.


  23. Uri – The Surgical Strike has emerged a BLOCKBUSTER with insane collections on its second Friday with around 8 crore nett. It could even be the second Friday is bigger than the first Friday which has probably never happened to a film which opened at the levels of Uri – The Surgical Strike.

    The film will probably clear the 100 crore nett mark in its second weekend and possibly towards 175 crore nett or even more. The film is certain to cross 150 crore nett. The film saw a minimal drop in the mornings shows on the second Friday as collections in some places are actually higher than the first day.

    The patriotism and dialogues in the film have struck a chord and barring South India this film is doing huge numbers. The collections in Delhi NCR and East Punjab are more than some of the big 200 and 300 crore nett films on the second Friday.



  24. URI is monstrous blockbuster. Who would have thought such movie starring Vicky Kaushal will do 150crrs. 2nd Friday numbers similar to 1st Friday is remarkable indeed in today’s box office. If Manikarnika turns crap URI may keep marching on. Fantastic trending.


  25. There are five big action sequences in the film — Chandel, Myanmar, Uri, B1 and B2. We shot all of them in Serbia but we couldn’t afford more than nine stunt people for the entire film. We did have extras, but stunt hands — like those who could fire guns or be close to the area of blast, those who could be rigged or who could do hand-to-hand combat — we didn’t have more than nine. It was these same nine people who were terrorists in Chandel, we changed their look and it was these same nine people in Myanmar and the same nine again in Uri! The funny bit is that no one has realised it yet (laughs). We had to use the same people because we couldn’t afford more.



  26. Looking fwd to catch up with Uri today.


  27. Pati Patni Aur Woh Remake: Bhumi Pednekar Joins Kartik Aaryan & Ananya Panday
    While the core of the story remains the same, the makers have contemporized it to fit today’s audiences and situations.



  28. Blockbuster success of Uri is testimony to the fact that India is definitely more nationalistic in its choice now than what we initially thought.
    The movie is definitely not the best in genre. But it packs enough patriotic punch that one feels for the soldiers and country.
    Movies like these should be given tax free status so that more countrymen can watch it.


    • Today NDTV has come with a column which suggests they are shocked at the remarkable success of URI…even to the extent that the columnist Sunetra disbeliefs the box office hysteria URI has created.

      She ofcourse goes on to write how other actors like Doval played by Paresh Rawal and Modi played a bigger role in the film than Vicky Kaushal which objectifies the writer’s and channel’s bias.

      Someone posted the ugly rankings that NDTV reviews have been posting for films like URI, Bany, Holiday, etc. So next time when they give a poor ranking, one knows that the film will be superb.

      Can Akshay & Pandey make Baby 2 now? The nation wants it now.

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  29. Katrina Kaif to play the leading lady in Akshay Kumar – Rohit Shetty film Sooryavanshi?


  30. Many in the industry acknowledge that these numbers cannot be verified and these are just put out to satiate the ego of fans and the stars in question. All the ‘tamasha’ pointed to the serious issue of how unreliable box office numbers have had an adverse impact on the film business itself.

    In fact, Tamil Film Producers Council president Vishal has been insistent that a ‘centralised’ ticketing system be established in Tamil Nadu to know the box office figures, which form the basis for an actor’s remuneration and the film’s budget. Producer G. Dhananjayan, who has been writing about the film industry, said that the Tamil film industry should get a third-party auditor to track the box office numbers, like in the Hindi film industry.

    “Currently, we are only doing a guesstimate of the actor’s salary and budget of the film based on BO numbers currently available,” he said. A producer who did not want to be named said that reliable box office numbers would result in increased efficiency in business practices and more taxes accruing to the State.



  31. Manikarnika Controversy: Karni Sena Denies Opposing The Kangana Ranuat Starrer
    “We disown and completely dissociate ourselves” from all such claims,” said its national spokesperson.


    Nowadays controversy created for the sake of it or real controversy is sought after. Even last minute court case helps.


  32. Uri – A Surgical Step Up for Hindi Indie


    First things first. A tactical war film that holds your attention constantly from opening shot to end credits is more than a decent effort. Coming from a debutant director, it is a noteworthy achievement. It is definitely a must-watch for multiplex audience in India and its a boon that it is doing well at box-office, which would encourage film-makers with similar mindset to get funding and resources to make more such films.

    A few random thoughts based on what has remained after watching it (quite intensely to my pleasant surprise) …

    When an expert tactician gets real-time intelligence that Pak police is just 2 minutes away from reaching the venue, he surely cannot waste time indulging in a long fistfight with the terrorist mastermind. After overpowering him, one single bullet in the head would have sufficed instead of wasting precious time in stabbing, mouthing jingoistic dialogues and screaming unnecessarily. It is supposed to be surgical – which implies professional approach, not an emotional outburst.

    On the point of surgical strike, it is indeed a prescriptive measure needed from time to time. No one can doubt that. But such steps come with heavy losses too. Not all those good men would come back alive (even in a movie that was a stretch). Vicky’s well-intention of bringing all his men back alive is morale-boosting. But in real life scenario you won’t be able to ensure that no matter how good you are at your job. There will be sacrifices to be made, unfortunately. For example, that helicopter attack would have had its fair share of casualties.

    So that brings me to the next question. Why is the war counsel NOT shown to brainstorm preventive measures? I mean, we see 4-5 terrorists infiltrate our national defence camp by just cutting some wires and simply walking in to slaughter our army. What protocols were re-invented and measures taken to prevent such easy infiltrations? It is not MORE important to first secure the nation internally? If we can’t protect our home, then external attacks are quite counter-productive in the long run.

    Vicky Kaushal is very competent though. From Masaan to Uri, he has done his best in all opportunities he has got. Quite impressive.


    • Also, films like Uri do help out in times of budgeting and LS polls. National Defense, Development and Security needs to get its due in political, media and public mind-space.


  33. Marakkar – The Lion Of The Arabian Sea: Suniel Shetty to feature as a warrior in this period drama starring Mohanlal and Prabhu Dheva
    By Bollywood Hungama News NetworkJan 19, 2019 – 12:57 pm IST


  34. Simmba took a hit on the fourth Friday as it collected 75-80 lakhs nett which is a 70% drop fro last Friday. This drop takes away totally that little chance it had of reaching the 250 crore nett mark. The strong run of Uri – The Surgical Strike has also slowed down Simmba.


    One kite cutting another kite!


  35. Rajinikanth starrer 2.0 is continuing to make waves. The film has been nominated a Golden Reel Award for Sound Editing in the Foreign Language Feature category. As per Variety, the film has also received a nomination in the Feature Film: Foreign category. Oscar-winning sound designer Resul Pookutty, who worked on 2.0, took to Twitter to share the news. He described the nomination as “highest recognition in Sound Design”.


  36. stree is on hotstar.


  37. It’s amazing to see boxoffice result of URI. Glad all these small movies are working big time. I think even the big stars will follow footprint of small budget movies (Akshay has been doing it for long time and benefitted a lot from it).

    Watched Bazaar, liked it a lot, again small movie which is lot better then the big budget movies.


  38. In contrast, the 1929 spectacle “Shiraz: A Romance of India” — at Metrograph in a fine 4K digital restoration by the British Film Institute — came by its heritage honestly. Based on Indian source material — albeit directed by a German national, Franz Osten, heading a mainly European crew — “Shiraz” was filmed on location in and around Jaipur with an all-Indian cast, including its producer and guiding light, Himansu Rai, in the title role as the man who designed the Taj Mahal.


  39. Stree is more fun than horror. A sort of fairy tale. Shraddha is beautiful and sweet. If they want to remake Woh kaun thee, they can consider Sharddha for the lead role. Some traces of Talaash and Madhumati.


  40. Like

    • Modi’s connect with the ground reality is amazing. He has ‘sense of the game’ similar to Dhoni. 🙂


  41. Now that Quantico is done, why does Priyanka not sign a few movies? Cowboy Ninja Viking wud have been fun with Chris Pratt, but that production got delayed as far as I am aware.

    Hopefully she will sign a few interesting scripts back home soon.


    • Purple Pebble Pictures produced as many as 6 regional films in last 2 years. Sky Is Pink is her production foray into Hindi – thats fine. But she can surely produce and act in more hindi indies? Anushka’s NH10 and Pari may not have scored at box-office, but they are her best works in my book. Whats stopping PC from trying to make the next Uri? Just give it a few attempts and see …

      Money is not a problem for her, and we are talking of small-budget content here.


    • Also, here is a dream project involving my personal favs …

      Why does Shekhar Kapur not come out of his self-imposed retirement, re-draft his lost Paani script, approach Ronnie Screwvala to produce it and direct it with mature leading characters played by Aamir and PC? I am sure that guyz like Aamir and PC can use their clout to raise enough funding to make that film in the scale it deserves to be made.

      If Cameron can bring ABA to life after so many years with Robert’s help, why will Paani die in the rust?

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  42. This was the time when Aamir was at the top of his game yet he kept dwelling on the fact about the preeminence of the writer & the director behind movie’s success:

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    • A very rare interview of the real ‘Showman’ Raj Kapoor. A legend in the true sense!! How modest, real & down to earth he was despite achieving so much in life, a rarity!!

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  43. Fav Director – Ray (by a mile)
    Fav Films:
    1. Apu Trilogy (1st is absolutely lyrical, 2nd is a personal fav, 3rd is liked more by gals in my experience)
    2. Abhijaan
    3. Nayak

    If Raima was born in his times, i believe Ray wud have done almost all his films with her (given how he liked to repeat his actors if he could). However, he did work with Waheeda Rehman and Smita Patil too …

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    • Was impressive in his prime (early years of direction) … but his work detonated due to excessive nicotine, funding stress and ill-health. Later works were almost a travesty, specially after he shifted to color palette.


  44. Some small films are hitting the mark. Meanwhile many small films are not. Just because a small film has made money does not mean it is a better film than a small film that did not make money. Fraud Saiyyan, WCI and many other small films are falling and failing inspite of being reasonable efforts. Many are ignoring this and shouting that only small films are working. It is like lottery. One film may work and the other two films may not work. It is also called audience fatigue. Next week one big film is releasing. Let us see how it works.


  45. After launching actresses like Deepika Padukone, choreographer turned filmmaker Farah Khan is now on a hunt for another new face. And her hunt has ended on Manushi Chillar. The model, who is a doctor by profession, made India proud by winning the Miss World in 2017. And now it seems that she is also keen on entering the Bollywood industry.

    Coming to the film that will be her debut, sources claim that it will be a biopic. It will be an interesting venture for Farah who hasn’t tapped into this genre before. However further details on the film is being kept under wraps, including the male lead of the film. A source close to the development said, “Farah Khan is quite impressed with Manushi Chillar and thinks that she should be venturing into Bollywood. She too has considered the offer. As for Farah, she is quite excited about tapping into this unexplored genre of biopic.” An official announcement on this front is awaited.



  46. Top Second Fridays In History – Uri 11th
    Sunday 20 January 2019 01.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Uri – The Surgical Strike had a phenomenal second Friday as can be seen from the list below. It is among the biggest films of recent times and it actually looks the odd one out among the list..

    All the other fourteen films are star cast films with many of them being event films. There is hardly any film which will have a budget of under 100 crore while Uri – The Surgical Strike is under 50 crore. The film which can be called similar to Uri – The Surgical Strike in terms of cost is Tanu Weds Manu Returns and that film collected 1 crore nett less than Uri on its second Friday with 6.62 crore nett.

    We have seen a change of these content films last year with more of a desi touch coming into the story telling and presentation be it Raazi, Stree or Badhaai Ho and here action is been added to the fold also. Though its probably the patriotism that has struck a chord for the film to be on this sort of run.

    The top fifteen second Friday collections are as follows.

    1. Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion – 19,81,00,000

    2. Dangal – 17,84,00,000

    3. PK – 14,52,00,000

    4. Bajrangi Bhaijaan – 12,56,00,000

    5. Sanju – 12,09,00,000

    6. Bajirao Mastani – 12,00,00,000 (Holiday)

    7. Tiger Zinda Hai – 11,55,00,000

    8. 3 Idiots – 10,54,00,000 (Holiday)

    9. Padmaavat – 9,47,00,000

    10. Dhoom 3 – 9,42,00,000

    11. Kick – 8,31,00,000

    12. Uri – The Surgical Strike – 7,75,00,000 apprx

    13. Krrish 3 – 7,67,00,000

    14. Sultan – 7,41,00,000

    15. Golmaal Again – 7,24,00,000


    • I wud rather look at how much it dropped in second weekend compared to the first.

      And, if it can trend better than Badhai Ho.


      • Badhaai Ho did 137 cr total from 66 cr week one. Similar trending will take Uri to 145 cr. IF it can hold considerably better, it may look to challenge Tiger’s Baaghi 2 (165 cr) with Disha last year.


      • Coz I dont think Tiger shud waste time with SOTY2 or beating HR in his own game – futile exercises. Instead He shud solely focus on Baaghi 3 if he is out of other options.


      • While this will be the real test for Disha if she can get time off from Bharat and whatnot …


  47. Sure, Kangana! But Karni Sena can wait while you ensure that you have done your v best with editing the final cut of Manikarnika. One week to go! Uri is the level you will need to deliver now …


    Karni Sena is not that important IMO.


  48. Like

  49. Btw, is Akshay confirmed for I2?


  50. Too long a break is not healthy, its always awesome to see Deepika on screen.


  51. Like

  52. “We are not remaking any of the films that were part of The Apu Trilogy made by master director Satyajit Ray. The film which Bhandarkar Entertainment is presenting, Avijatrik, is based on the novel written by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay on which Satyajit Ray’s Apu trilogy was based, and producer Gaurang Jalan has taken the rights of the book from late Shri Bandopadhyay’s family.

    “In Avijatrik, the Bengali filmmaker Subhrajit Mitra is taking the story forward from where Ray sir left it and the reason I decided to get associated with the project is the script and the passion with which Mitra intends to make the film. We are not touching the films made by Satyajit Ray.

    “I am a big fan of the legendary filmmaker who helped Indian cinema reach global audiences. We are in no way tampering with the classics he made. He is and will always be an inspiration to filmmakers not only in India but across the world.”


  53. Uri – The Surgical Strike Continues Miracle Run
    Sunday 20 January 2019 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Uri – The Surgical Strike continues its miracle run as it collected a huge 12.75 crore nett on its second Saturday. This takes the second weekend total to around 20 crore nett plus in just two days and a 35 crore nett second weekend looks there on the cards and it could be a few crore more.

    The total business of the film is now around 90 crore nett in nine days but it is the trend which is the biggest achievement of the film. This sort of trend at this level has not been seen before. The film had a very good first weekend and they way the film is going it could mean that the second weekend actually more than the first weekend. The weekdays could be less than the first week weekdays but overall the second week is not going to much lower than week one, maybe 15-20%.

    Week one – 70,00,00,000 apprx

    Friday – 7,75,00,000 apprx

    Saturday – 12,75,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 90,50,00,000 apprx


  54. In Maharashtra. it will be Thackeray only from 25th onwards.


  55. Converting crops to plates
    BIO-LUTIONS India, a Hamburg-based company with operations in Ramanagara, near Bengaluru, buys agricultural waste from farmers and makes biodegradable packaging and tableware from it. The patented technology converts agro-waste into self-binding fibres by simply churning them with water in huge machines. The end products are sustainable packaging and tableware that takes only three months to biodegrade.


    Ramnagara reminds me of Sholay.


  56. Like

  57. Like

  58. Like

  59. Like

  60. #JustOneThing

    Like Vicky, Yami shud take the opportunity to reach out to indie makers who may have liked Uri for interesting work.


    • #OneLastThing

      Tapsee needs to be careful about script selection, specially after Badla. Not every film will be Baby or Pink … Judge the potential before signing the dotted line.


  61. As for Vicky, surpassing or even repeating Masaan may as well be his lifetime challenge. It has 89% approval at rotten tomatoes with 7.5 average rating. Good luck!



  62. And thats pretty much it.


  63. Old

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  64. Think from koimoi reports, srk is not doing salute.
    Both aamir and srk let down the producer.


  65. For Tamannah fans


  66. Cloud Atlas summation:


  67. ‘Manikarnika…’ producer in HOSPITAL
    “Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi” producer Kamal Jain has been hospitalized in Mumbai, and an aide said on Sunday that he is suffering from on Sunday that he is suffering from throat and chest infection.
    Vikesh Kumar, communication head at Jain’s production house Kairos Kontent Studios, denied that Jain was in a critical condition after reportedly suffering a paralytic stroke.

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  68. Speaking to Times Now, Kangana stated, “I saw three back to back because obviously they are so nice and I have been hearing so many things about it. So I saw Andhadhun, Stree and Badhaai Ho. I was asked to watch these. Unfortunately I missed them in the theaters because I was directing otherwise a good film I don’t miss it in the theaters. I really love the theaterical experience, also like to take my family along and these films have been really family oriented.”

    “But such great work, I mean Shraddha was so good in Stree. What a phenomenal year for Tabu and Ayushmann. Neenaji (Neena Gupta) is doing another film with me and she is playing my mom…so I let her know that she was amazing…And Gajju ji (Gajendra Prasad), we have worked together in Rangoon…and suddenly when I go there and see him (in Badhaai Ho) and I am like oh my God I can’t believe it he’s so good. I even called him and said you have done such a great job,” she further added.


  69. Before consciousness … there was Juhi and her cuteness.


  70. Asked about the allegations, Dhulia said: “I don’t know why people commit such kind of mistakes. It is not necessary. They are such big directors and lots of names have cropped up. I feel people should be responsible and sensible enough while working in the film industry.”

    “There are other ways to fulfil your needs but they shouldn’t involve themselves in such kind of acts. It’s cheap behaviour and I am totally against it,” he added.

    Dhulia opened up about the allegations while talking to the media at the success party of Badhaai Ho on Saturday here. He also stressed the importance of making films on out of the box subjects.

    “It has become really important because our audience has become more intelligent. In 2013, content-driven films worked at the box office so we shouldn’t feel that now it has become a trend,” he said. The filmmaker added that he is happy that content-driven films are being made.

    “In 2013, there were small films like Kahaani, English Vinglish, Paan Singh Tomar and Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster which worked at the box office. But then in 2014, 2015 and 2016, we saw some pathetic films.

    “Since 2017, we are making some good films so this kind of ups and downs keep happening in the film industry. I am really happy that content-driven films are being made.”



  71. Massy entertainment? Sure, as long as the gal gets to kick some serious butt.


  72. Time for SLB to announce his next?


  73. Like

  74. #UriTheSurgicalStrike second weekend seems to be in the same range as the first. And Escape Room trended well in China too over the weekend.

    Note that ‘hold’ is the key …


    • Thanks for the selfie Kriti !


  75. GOOD NEWS! Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor Khan to start shooting from this month onwards (all details Inside)
    By Bollywood Hungama News NetworkJan 21, 2019 – 10:24 am IST

    Karan Johar‘s Good News’ first schedule already started a month ago with Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani and now the movie’s first lead: Kareena Kapoor Khan and Akshay Kumar are all set to join the team. The movie has gone on the floors as the makers shot Diljit and Kiara’s portions and now, combined scenes with all the four leads will be shot from the end of this month. The buzz is that second schedule of the movie will kick off from January 27 with Akki and Bebo headlining it with Kiara and Diljit.

    Good News is a slice of life movie which essays the journey of two couples: Kareena and Akshay, Kiara and Diljit. Understandably, Kareena and Akshay’s characters are trying to have a baby in the movie.



  76. Koffee With Karan 6 – From Shweta Bachchan Nanda’s reaction to Navya Naveli entering the film industry to Abhishek Bachchan being the bed wetter, skeletons tumble out of the closet in this episode!



  77. Uri – The Surgical Strike Creates History In Second Weekend
    Monday 21 January 2018 10.15 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Uri – The Surgical Strike has created HISTORY in the second weekend as it recorded higher collections in its second weekend than the first weekend. The film had collected 35.92 crore nett in its first weekend and the second weekend is 37.25 crore nett apprx. This has never happened before for a film which opened with 5 crore nett plus collections. Some films opening in the under 2 crore nett range have seen a higher second weekend

    The last time this happened was Dum Laga Ki Haisha in 2015 where the second weekend was a few lakhs better and before that in 2014 when Queen did the same but there is a huge difference as those films were doing it on low collections while Uri – The Surgical Strike has managed it on good collections.

    The total collections of the film now are 108.50 crore nett and it is only a matter of time that the film crosses the likes of Stree and Badhaai Ho as the film has a bigger reach than those films. In the mass markets the film has already crossed those films or is the verge of crossing today (Monday). The collections of Uri – The Surgical Strike till date are as follows.

    Week one – 71,24,00,000

    Friday – 7,75,00,000 apprx

    Saturday – 13,00,00,000 apprx

    Sunday – 16,25,00,000 apprx

    Second Weekend – 37,25,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 1,08,49,00,000 apprx

    The film has chances to reach the 175 crore nett mark as it will clear 150 crore nett for sure. What happens when Manikarnika releases this Friday will tell if it can reach 175 crore nett.


  78. Once the Disney-Fox merger is officially signed off, I am sure JackMan may return as Wolverine IF needed (with all his dark phoenixes and para-commandoes). Till then, he can go back to his studies …


  79. It’s confirmed – Akshay Kumar would be playing the title role of Prithviraj Chauhan in the namesake film. The film would be directed by Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi and would go on floors this year. It is being planned for 2020 release.


  80. BOmojo always mention the male-female ratio amongst the audience. Hope someone looks into that for #UriTheSurgicalStrike …


  81. In the End-Game, Whats common in #AlitaBattleAngel and #Elizabeth ?


  82. Like

  83. http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/bollywood/karan-johar-paid-chartered-plane-bollywood-stars-visit-pm-modi-delhi/

    Guess who paid for the Mumbai film industry to visit Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi last week? It was none other Bollywood’s resident Santa Claus, our very own Karan Johar. A very reliable source tells us that ‘Santa’ Johar took upon himself to take the entire Bollywood entourage to Delhi at his expense. “Karan hired a private plane which took the entire team of actors, directors and producers to meet Prime Minister Modi in Delhi and brought them back,” says the source who reveals that the airborne indulgence cost KJo around Rs. 7-8 lakhs.

    “That’s nothing for him,” poohpoohs a close friend of Johar, calling him the “most generous person in Bollywood.” “He is! He is constantly giving expensive gifts to all his friends. His favourite gift items are Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags, each valued at around Rs 1 lakh. Sometimes he buys two and three bags for a friend. Then he also buys expensive designer clothes for friends like Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt are like his own children. If they like something in his house or something that he’s wearing he gives it to them on the spot,” says a friend who has been at the receiving end.


  84. URI: The Surgical Strike will be remade in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam



  85. Simbaa Fourth Weekend Business
    Monday 21 January 2018 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Simmba slowed down in the fourth weekend as the Uri – The Surgical Strike craze took over and Simmba dropped 70-75% from the previous weekend. The film collected 4 crore nett in its fourth weekend which takes the total to 236 crore nett plus.

    The collections were mainly from the multiplexes in the fourth week. Even overall the ratio of business from single screens is far less than other mass action films like Tiger Zinda Hai and Baaghi 2. This is because maybe those films were outright action films while this was not. Mumbai is looking to fall a little short of 90 crore nett.

    The collections of Simmba till date are as follows.

    Week One- 1,50,26,00,000

    Week Two – 61,65,00,000

    Week Three – 20,25,00,000 apprx

    Fourth Weekend – 4,00,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 2,36,16,00,000 apprx


  86. The economics of streaming is making songs shorter



  87. Don 3: Title REVEALED, A STUNNING Climax & All The Details Shah Rukh Khan Fans Were Craving For!
    Another exciting news that pops up is that unlike earlier sequels where Farhan produced the movie, this he will also be seen donning the role of a cop.
    By Koimoi.com Team -January 21, 2019

    With the recent reports of Shah Rukh Khan exiting Saare Jahan Se Achcha, fans have been speculating that after the failure of Zero which was being termed as his career decider, it seems the actor isn’t willing to take any more risks and will go ahead with a project that he can rely upon. While the situation is still unclear about Rakesh Singh biopic, as no official has been made, we wish the later is true as sources have confirmed Don 3 going on floors, along with several intrinsic details we all were looking for!

    According to a report in Cineblitz, Shah Rukh Khan has locked on a power pack action entertaining script for Don 3, and it will be the last franchise of the series, titled as ‘Don: The Final Chapter‘.

    “Shah Rukh Khan and Excel Entertainment have finally locked on to the script. Don: The Final Chapter will be full of action and trickery. But it all ends! They thought it would be nice to give the franchise a great end, rather than dragging it. And hence, they’ve come up with a great climax that will have everyone stunned,” said a source close to the development.

    Now the bad news.

    Unlike earlier sequels where Farhan produced the movie, this he will also be seen donning the role of a cop. Moreover, because of the twist and turns in the script, makers are reportedly planning to finalise a new face for the female lead which means Priyanka Chopra Jonas will unfortunately not be a part of the movie.


  88. Epilogue:

    Not all the smiles that Technology creates are just ‘Digital’.

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  89. Disney-Fox merger will bring Avatars, MCU and Star Wars under one umbrella in #NewIndia reducing distribution/marketing hassles.

    And Terminator series needs Cameron IMHO …


  90. Many members are missing. Hope they will return once Manikarnika releases. February has 2 anil kapoor releases. And gully Boy.

    There are many films for february release.


    The forum is somewhat dull as of now.


  91. Some quick and brief end credits:

    Thanks Bill! Can do with some dough on Paani …


  92. Actor Brijendra Kala says he worked closely with Salman Khan in “Bharat” and that he will be seen as a part of the Bollywood superstar’s gang working in Abu Dhabi in the upcoming film.

    “Bharat” is an official adaptation of 2014 South Korean film “Ode to My Father“. It is the journey of a man that starts in 1947 and ends in 2002.

    “There is a gang that works in factories in Abu Dhabi. It will show how Salman’s character and we struggle to earn money. There are about five to six people in his gang, including Sunil Grover,” Brijendra told IANS in a telephonic interview.

    “It’s an important film and the work is good. The character has been written well. I will be mostly seen with Salman. I worked closely with him,” he added.



  93. URI’s trending is spectacular.
    1st week 70Cr
    2nd week maybe 55-60Cr?

    3 Idiots was 80Cr, 55Cr, 35Cr…

    This is pretty much like that. Manikarnika will hurt it but I still think it’s got an outside shot at 200Cr. It’ll have the republic holiday too.


  94. During my student days in States, my takeaway was that the fastest way to Learn is to Listen … With an eye on the details.


  95. And Politics is Essential for Security and National Defense.


    • Specially for my #YouNow hash 😛


  96. Bucks are Essential … But not Everything in Life. I believe more in Meritocracy in Real-Time.


  97. Ultimately, self-interest is too common a trait. Strength is perhaps more ‘Unique’. #ModiForPM2019


  98. CONFIRMED: अक्षय कुमार अब बनेंगे पृथ्वीराज चौहान, शूटिंग इसी साल से होगी शुरू

    अक्षय ने साल 2019 की शुरूआत 1, जनवरी को अपने ट्वीट के जरिए अपनी इस फ़िल्म के बारें में एक छोटी सी हिंट दी थी । जिसमें लिखा था, ”नए साल के पहले सूर्योदय के नए साल की शुभकामनाएं, मेरा वर्क मोटिवेशन : इस साल दो एक्शन पैक्ड फ़िल्में, तो इसलिए ऐसा कुछ करें जो आपको जागृत करें और आगे बढ़ाए । आप सभी को नए साल की #हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ ।”

    सूर्यवंशी और पृथ्वीराज चौहान दो फ़िल्में इस साल अक्षय को बिजी रखेंग़ी
    कई लोगों को लगा कि अक्षय का ‘दो एक्शन पैक्ड फ़िल्में’ का मतलब उनकी आगामी फ़िल्में केसरी और सूर्यवंशी है । जबकि केसरी की शूटिंग साल 2018 में ही पूरी हो गई इसलिए यह दो एक्शन पैक्ड फ़िल्में पृथ्वीराज चौहान और सूर्यवंशी होंगी, जो साल 2019 में अक्षय को व्यस्त रखेंगी ।

    फ़िल्म पृथ्वीराज चौहान की बात करें तो, यह लगभग 1000 साल पहले स्थापित की जाएगी जब पृथ्वीराज चौहान ने 1178–1192 ई के दौरान शासन किया था । एक योद्धा, पृथ्वीराज चौहान से जुड़ी कई कहानियां है । इनमें से एक कहानी को फ़िल्म में दर्शाया जाएगा जिसमें जब वह दुश्मन द्दारा बंदी बना लिए गए थे उस वक्त कैसे दुश्मन ने उनकी आंखों को फ़ोड़ दिया था । इस फ़िल्म में हिंदु शासक पृथ्वीराज चौहान के शौर्य-पराक्रम की अनूठी गाथा को दर्शाया जाएगा ।

    हालांकि, यह फिल्म की रिलीज के बाद ही होगा जब किसी को पता चलेगा कि क्या यह पौराणिक कहानी वास्तव में कथा में दिखाई देगी ।

    इस बीच, अक्षय पहले से ही रिकॉर्ड वर्ष के लिए कमर कस रहे हैं, इस साल रिलीज होने वाली अक्षय की पांच फ़िल्में है । और ये फ़िल्में है, गुड न्यूज [जुलाई], मिशन मंगल [स्वतंत्रता दिवस], हाउसफुल 4 [दिवाली] और सूर्यवंशी [क्रिसमस] के दौरान रिलीज होंगी ।

    पृथ्वीराज चौहान के अलावा अक्षय ने अन्य फ़िल्म भी साइन की है जो इस साल शुरू होगी । और इस बारें में जल्द से जल्द अनाउसमेंट कर दिया जाएगा ।



    • After extraordinary and brilliant 3 years 2016-2018, if Akshay Kumar’s 2019 lineup is no ordinary then 2020 is going to be even better.

      Prithvi Raj Chauhan
      Hera Pheri 3
      2 more coming soon.


  99. #YouNow


  100. Chinese #Interstellar … Hope Nolan is watching.


  101. Like

  102. Like

  103. The female crew member claimed that the director had molested her for over a period of 6 months. Although Hirani has not been proven guilty yet, the social media has seemed to put him on a trail. Vikram, in his column, puts forth valid justifications regarding the allegation. Vikram writes in his Facebook post, “In a #MeToo situation you are required to fully support and under no circumstances disregard the lady in question for whatever she is saying. I agree. We must take on board what she is saying and make sure that justice prevails. And yet, let us not forget that everyone is innocent until he or she is proven guilty. I cannot understand what is the hurry to put Mr. Hirani in the Shame Slammer? Can we not wait for justice to prevail?”

    The director further added, “…is it not possible that a lady has some score to settle with a man? Is it not possible that the lady is under the influence of some other? Is it not possible that it could be a relationship that went south?” So as to not come out as insensitive, Bhatt also pointed out the trauma a woman goes through and the effect sexual harassment has on a victim. He clearly mentioned that Hirani has not had a single accusation against him in his extensive career.

    Vikram Bhatt concluded the column by saying, “I shall await the truth and till the committees in question do not tell us one way or the other, I choose to respect the lady in question but I also choose to respect Raju Hirani for the man I know he is, I choose to respect his body of work and I choose to respect him for where he has gotten in life. An accusation will not make him a molester in my eyes, the findings of the justice system might.”



  104. Btw, #NewIndia without Cricket is not feasible …


  105. And we need senior responsible and far-sighted media editors and critics to follow. Pick the best that you can … Media is as Muddy Waters as Politics 😛


  106. Like

  107. http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/bollywood/scoop-rift-cousins-farhan-akhtar-farah-khan/

    Farhan openly criticized Sajid’s conduct on twitter and all bit described Sajid as a family shame.

    Farhan did the right thing. Infact Farah should also have done the same being a woman herself.


  108. Winning election manifestoes and interim-budgets need to be built based on public feedback.


  109. Do We Really Have Any Alternative? #ModiPM2019


  110. Uri – The Surgical Strike had a miracle second Monday as it grossed around the 6.75-7 crore nett range. The film hardly dropped on its second Friday from its first Friday and now has hardly dropped on its second Monday from its second Friday. Basically the drop from day one to day eleven is under 20% and this has never happened in the last decade or so definitely not for a film which collected over 5 crore nett on day one.

    The second week is heading for a figure of 60 crore nett and could even go higher. It will be very interesting what happens on Friday when Manikarnika releases as at the present the way this film is trending then a 200 crore nett plus figure is on the chords. It will be some sort of competition which stops this film as it has struck a chord across India. South which was low in the first week is excellent in the second week as the second weekend alone in all markets of South India be it Nizam / Andhra, Mysore or TNK recorded higher numbers than the whole first week run. The collections of Uri – The Surgical Strike till date are as follows.


  111. Now after 12 long years, Akki’s all set to be back with another project from the genre and here are all the details you need to know about it.

    According to a report in leading daily Mumbai Mirror, the film is being helmed by South Director Raghava Lawrence and will be on the lines of his own successful Tamil franchise, Kanchana. It will showcase Akshay Kumar as a man who’s scared of stepping out of his house after sunset as he’s scared of ghosts but the comedy twists come in as he witnesses a transgender ghost.

    “It’s not a straight remake, the basic premise will draw references from two films, Muni and Kanchana, so it’s more like two films clubbed in one to create double the impact. The team has been working on the script for over six months and has added several new dimensions to the original film,” said a source close to the development.

    The reports also suggest that the movie is eyeing for a 2020 release and will be shot within 60-70 days between April and July.

    Meanwhile, Akshay has a couple of movies from different genres that will surprise us this year. Starting from Mission Mangal, Good News, Housefull 4, to Kesari and another movie that hopefully will hit the theatres is Rohit Shetty directorial Sooryavanshi.



  112. Republic Day marks the day India formally adopted the Constitution as the guiding document and became an independent republic. But are you aware of the history of the day and why it’s celebrated on 26th January? How well do you remember those history classes because we have a quiz that will have you reaching for your history books (or Google).
    Test your knowledge about India with these 10 easy questions in our Republic Day quiz:



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  114. There has to be a specific starting point to come out of Infinite Stagnation. What i NEED now is scripting sessions with SK and AD for Paani and Uri2, without Any further delay. Paani needs co-production funding and KT from Big Brother. Uri2 can be handled by RSVP themselves.

    Other projects will follow depending on script merit and potential of the concept (Big or Small).

    #TickTock #TickTock #TickTock

    Do I NEED to be more Clear ??? No Meta data here for a change!


  115. Uri’s run is astounding. The way it is performing, it may even end up affecting Manikarnika while in its third week.

    Within a spell of 2 months, we have had 2.0 at 185cr and then Simmba’s expected 240cr and then Uri is now targeting the 200cr mark.

    Glad for Vicky Kaushal. Loved that drunk scene with Paresh Rawal in Sanju. He was really good in that film. Glad to see him getting such a big success.


  116. Like

  117. Like

    • I will post my selection (from what my commandoes exhibit) in this blog on 26th Feb. Based on that, I expect All deals to be signed by 1st Feb, 2019. Anyone who misses these deadlines will miss the train by a mile – NO compromises on Deadlines.

      I expect to get my tickets on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd Feb without Fail. No Excuses will suffice from Anyone. India needs to learn to maintain strict deadlines – EveryOne.


    • Love.


      • If i dont get my tickets by due date, then its going to be brain drain for India. Big Bros will give me a visa for sure this time. Thanks.


  118. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/ranveer-singh-and-rohit-shetty-react-to-accusations-of-using-rape-inappropriately-in-simmba/articleshow/67637824.cms

    He stated that ‘Simmba’ is for the viewers’ entertainment and requested the fans to not take it too seriously. He concluded by saying that he never promised anything more than entertainment.

    Meanwhile, Ranveer Singh was also asked the same thing in another interview. The fact that many critics felt that the rape of the girl as a trigger for Sangram Bhalerao aka Simmba’s awakening (played by Ranveer) was distasteful. Ranveer said that the list of problems should ideally be taken up with Rohit Shetty. He added that he was not surprised by the criticism. Ranveer also said that he would like a film to be viewed for what it is. He stated that ‘Simmba’ is for the viewers’ entertainment and requested the fans to not take it too seriously. He concluded by saying that he never promised anything more than entertainment.

    Certain critics and social commentators felt that, in both scenarios, the film has used rape victims, be it the one in the film, the 2012 gang-rape victim Nirbhaya’s reference, and the overall approach to deal with rape, have been portrayed inappropriately. In an interview, Rohit Shetty was asked about these criticisms. The director said that he doesn’t need an issue like rape to make a film for it to be a hit. He said that he has already proved his mettle in 13 films, out of which 8 have grossed Rs 100 crore and 2 have collected Rs 200 crore. He said that he is sitting on 10 blockbusters and he won’t do such a pathetic thing to make my movie a hit. The director also added that however rape was dealt with in the film, the reference of Nirbhaya, even the issues with the judge’s perspective, that’s all his point of view. In fact, it’s he who believes that rapists should be killed without any deliberation.


  119. Marcus, you need to consolidate your tweets… you can’t have so many of these. It drowns out other discussions. Have a few tweets per response or have fewer responses.


    • For Once And For All


    • Satyam,

      It’s actually pointless posts. Should just be deleted. No value at all, going on for a few days now. Clogging up the thread and hard to find relevant comments from other bloggers.

      Every time I hit refresh there is Twitter link or pic or YouTube link.


      • I had told Satyam earlier, it’s a monster/situation you have created. Should have been shut down months back and many had complained about it in past.

        To your point, everything else gets lost. It has become a place to post either china stuff (which thankfully reduces somewhat when TOH was a disaster there, countless twitts links, and so on).


      • I’ll track this stuff more. thanks..


  120. Uri: The Surgical Strike Gets Very Few Shows In Bihar Because Of Thugs Of Hindostan!
    According to Neeraj Singh, President of NEMPKA (North Eastern Motion Picture Association Of Bihar) this is happening because of old grudges.
    By Koimoi.com Team -January 22, 2019
    According to other sources, the distributors are resisting to distribute the shows because they are the same ones who did for Thugs Of Hindostan. The source also adds, “This is because we refused to show Thugs Of Hindostan and give a satisfactory share of Kedarnath to them. We asked them on Monday after the movie started to gain momentum at the box office, they then put some deliberate unfair demands. They’re asking to continue to show Uri: The Surgical Strike till the next month skipping Manikarnika and Thackeray both. They are just trying to bother us.”


  121. #Zero Dollars With #Zero Compliance And #Zero Competence.

    Money Will Only Follow Merit.


  122. Life Comes A Full Circle … Let It End Where It All Began


  123. Like

  124. Without Any Meta or Beta stuff – NO means NO.


  125. Another political film.


  126. tonymontana Says:

    So if Uri does more than 200 crores, would it be safe to call it an all time blockbuster?t


  127. ‘Badla’ is a remake of a twist-laden Spanish thriller that invites viewers to guess the killer

    In the 2016 Spanish hit ‘The Invisible Guest’, a murderer is brought to justice through unusual means.

    Caution: spoilers ahead for those who haven’t watched ‘The Invisible Guest’.

    Sujoy Ghosh’s new movie Badla reveals its theme through its title. Starring Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu, the thriller is a remake of the Spanish hit The Invisible Guest, about a murderer who is brought to justice. The March 8 release is a co-production between Azure Entertainment and Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment, and has been shot in foreign locations, including Scotland.



  128. It is difficult to go through this page. There are many spams and also thoughts are not structured. Does anyone else find the same?
    We can maybe create a new thread.


  129. Like

  130. Koffee With Karan 6: Karan Johar APOLOGISES, regrets harming Hardik Pandya, KL Rahul’s careers
    By Bollywood Hungama News NetworkJan 23, 2019 – 1:20 pm IST

    Karan Johar has finally broken his silence over the controversial Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul’s episode in an interview with ET NOW channel. He has come out and sincerely APOLOGISED to the players because indirectly, he felt responsible in harming their careers. He even admitted that his show is utterly ‘frivolous, borderline ridiculous and irrelevant’. Having said that he claimed that he is NOT justifying for the offensive statements made during the course of that particular episode.

    Karan spoke to ET NOW and said, “I feel very responsible because this was my show, my platform. I invited them as guests on the show so the ramifications and the repercussions of what happened on the show is my responsibility. I have had so many sleepless nights wondering about how I can undo the damage. Who’s going to listen to me if I even go…it has now gone into a zone that is beyond the control. When I say this I don’t defend myself. The questions that I asked the two boys are the questions I ask everyone who come on the show, including the women. Deepika and Alia who came on the show… I have asked them those questions. I have no control over the answers that come my way.”

    He clearly owned up to what he considered his responsibility but also equally put Hardik and Rahul in a spot with this statement. Karan went on to tell the television channel that he has a team of women who did not find the bits offensive and therefore he carried on with the episode, the way they had shot. He said, “Post the show, I have a control room of 16 to 17 girls. KWK is run entirely by women; I am the only man there. None of them came up…some said he was wild, crazy, mad, cracked. They said he was funny. None of them came and told me that Karan this is inappropriate. Maybe we should reflect on them and as I result, I did not think…”

    Karan kept on reiterating that he never intended to offend girls and said, “I regret what has happened to them. Then there was a talk about me actually enjoying the TRP…I don’t care about the TRP. This is a spin off on my career, it’s not my career but it is their’s.” The Dharma head honcho said, “I think perhaps things were said which crossed boundaries but I apologise because it was my platform where it all happened. I feel the boys have faced prize for it already.”

    Karan Johar signed off by saying that this episode has ruffled him and he has become very conscious. He added, “I would be so conscious of doing any episode from now on. I was just being edgy and that is the vibe of the show…”


  131. This film has potential, but will A LOT of work!


  132. And My Last Comment Here:

    In 2019-2020 timeframe i m particularly interested in Aditya Dhar’s next directorial (hopefully Uri2), Tiger’s Baaghi 3 (with a new director), Aamir’s next. All 3 films will surely have kick-ass action heroines. In fact, i may also be interested in Dhoom 4 too IF it has a female villain this time. Same goes for Farhan’s Don 3.

    🥂 Cheers.


  133. RAW

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  134. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-46964969

    R Kelly – disgusting stuff here…


    • This is beyond disgusting but is there no such thing as personal responsibility anymore? There was nothing ‘normal’ about this pervert from the beginning, but she still continued to put up with him. And I am not even talking about all the crap he has done in the past which is well documented in public media.

      I am glad she has come out with this story so others can now get a clue, and never go close to this asshole. But something tells me that the ‘celebrity’ status is just too overpowering for some women, and they continue to fall for such abusive relationships.

      I am sure Chris Brown can still get any no of girlfriends at the flick of a finger, regardless of how many rape/assault accusations get lodged against this guy.

      At what point, are you not a victim but just reckless?


      • Agree, beyond a point common sense is required. The badboy/girl image is something attractive to many! I’ve seen it in my own circle of cousins, boy do some people make some horrifying choices in life despite all evidence pointing one way!


  135. More than 3-5 consecutive comments in short span, will be deleted. Please consolidate your comments .


    • Consolidating the way Salim does?
      Ranbir Kapoor was the first person who was approached for Don film and he declined it.
      Interestingly, Ranbir has a history of rejecting films that turn out to be successful. He said no to ‘2 States’, ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’, ‘Bang Bang’, ‘Dilwale’. He even said no to ‘Gully Boy’. So it isn’t surprising that he rejected Don which went on to become a superhero.
      Maybe akhtars and Ranbir are mismatched.
      From Indiaforums.

      Watched Bareilly ki barfi. Interesting film. Liked Kirti more than the boys. Attractive girl and acting also was quite good. But the other girl’s role was underdeveloped. They could have given more scope to her. Is it necessary that such side actresses should not overshadow the heroine in looks?


      • Don’t want to shepherd commentators in certain way..But use your discretion that you are not imposing on other commentators.
        If there are 2-3 twitter links then, it makes sense to have one comment with all the links. It will go in moderation but someone will make it right.
        Significant movie trailer and picture are fine.

        Sometimes there is no traffic, there is good chunk of comments from one person; I guess that is okay.


  136. Satyam/Munna:
    I haven’t posted on this thread but posting this for Satyam (& munna). Its not about fights between individual but if some individual is ruining the blog itself then you need to be strict at least now. If 2 folks don’t get along, that’s still a minor issue but if someone messing up the blog by posting junk 24/7 giving lame and sugar coated warnings won’t help. Some strict action is needed until they value the blog. Blog is more important than me or anyone and I’ve always maintained that from first. Not a permanent ban but a temporary ban is always a good practice and giving it 2 days or week ban is beneficial in long run than putting up with stupidity and someone doing it with clear intention to harm the blog.

    This page is refreshing multiple times and its so hard for me to post this comment. I didn’t look at this page till today and its ridiculous what all is posted on here in the name of articles.


  137. Bob Cristo Says:

    Marcus why are you doing this ?


  138. Irrfan Khan’s letter from London:

    Tuesday, June 19, 2018
    लंदन से इरफ़ान का पत्र

    इरफ़ान भारत से दूर विदेश में अपनी दुर्लभ बीमारी का इलाज करवा रहे हैं.यहाँ उनके दर्शक और प्रशंसक उनके जल्दी से सेहतमंद होकर लौटने की कामना कर रहे हैं.सभी की दुआएं और प्रार्थनाएं उनके साथ हैं. यह पूंजीभूत प्रार्थना इरफ़ान की जीवनधारा और विश्वास की शक्ति है.जिंदगी कई बार ऐसे मोड़ पर ले आती है जब अनिश्चित ही निश्चित जान पड़ता है.मिजाज से योद्धा इरफ़ान की मानसिक अवस्था और अहसास को हम उनकी लिखी इन पंक्तियों में महसूस कर सकते हैं.इरफ़ान ने न्यूज़ लॉन्ड्री के स्तंभकार अजय ब्रह्मात्मज के साथ अपने भावपूर्ण शब्द शेयर किए हैं.हम उसे यहाँ अविकल रूप में प्रस्तुत कर रहे हैं….

    कुछ महीने पहले अचानक मुझे पता चला था कि मैं न्यूरोएन्डोक्रिन कैंसर से ग्रस्त हूँ,मैंने पहली बार यह शब्द सुना था.खोजने पर मैंने पाया कि मेरे इस शब्द पर बहुत ज्यादा शोध नहीं हुए हैं,क्योंकि यह एक दुर्लभ शारीरिक अवसथा का नाम है और इस वजह से इसके उपचार की अनिश्चितता ज्यादा है.

    अभी तक अपने सफ़र में मैं तेज़- मंद गति से चलता चला जा रहा था … मेरे साथ मेरी योजनायें,आकांक्षाएं,सपने और मंजिलें थीं.मैं इनमें लीन बढ़ा जा रहा था कि अचानक टीसी ने पीठ पर टैप किया ,’आप का स्टेशन आ रहा है,प्लीज उतर जाएं.’ मेरी समझ में नहीं आया ,ना ना मेरा स्टेशन अभी नहीं आया है.’ …
    जवाब मिला ‘अगले किसी भी स्टाप पर उतरना होगा , आपका गन्तव्य आ गया …

    अचानक एहसास हुआ कि आप किसी ढक्कन(कॉर्क) की तरह अनजान सागर में अप्रत्याशित लहरों पर बह रहे हैं…लहरों को क़ाबू करने की ग़लतफ़हमी लिए.

    इस हड़बोंग,सहम और डर में घबरा कर मैं अपने बेटे से कहता हूँ,’ आज की इस हालत में मैं केवल इतना ही चाहता हूँ…मैं इस मानसिक स्थिति को हडबडाहट, डर, बदहवासी की हालत में नहीं जीना चाहता. मुझे किसी भी सूरत में मेरे पैर चाहिए, जिन पर खड़ा होकर अपनी हालत को तटस्थ हो कर जी पाऊं.मैं खड़ा होना चाहता हूँ.

    ऐसी मेरी मंशा थी, मेरा इरादा था…

    कुछ हफ़्तों के बाद मैं एक अस्पताल में भर्ती हो गया. बेइंतहा दर्द हो रहा है. यह तो मालूम था कि दर्द होगा,लेकिन ऐसा दर्द… अब दर्द की तीव्रता समझ में आ रही है…कुछ भी काम नहीं कर रहा है. ना कोई सांत्वना और ना कोई दिलासा. पूरी कायनात उस दर्द के पल में सिमट आई थी… दर्द खुदा से भी बड़ा और विशाल महसूस हुआ.

    मैं जिस अस्पताल में भर्ती हूँ, उसमें बालकनी भी है…बाहर का नज़ारा दिखता है. कोमा वार्ड ठीक मेरे ऊपर है.सड़क की एक तरफ मेरा अस्पताल है और दूसरी तरफ लॉर्ड्स स्टेडियम है … वहां विवियन रिचर्ड्स का मुस्कुराता पोस्टर है.मेरे बचपन के ख्वाबों का मक्का,उसे देखने पर पहली नज़र में मुझे कोई एहसास ही नहीं हुआ…मानो वह दुनिया कभी मेरी थी ही नहीं.

    मैं दर्द की गिरफ्त में हूँ.

    और फिर एक दिन यह अहसास हुआ…जैसे मैं किसी ऐसी चीज का हिस्सा नहीं हूँ,जो निश्चित होने का दावा करे …ना अस्पताल और ना स्टेडियम.मेरे अंदर जो शेष था ,वह वास्तव में कायनात की असीम शक्ति और बुद्धि का प्रभाव था…मेरे अस्पताल का वहां होना था.मन ने कहा…केवल अनिश्चितता ही निश्चित है.

    इस अहसास ने मुझे समर्पण और भरोसे के लिए तैयार किया …अब चाहे जो भी नतीजा हो,यह चाहे जहाँ ले जाये,आज से आठ महीनों के बाद,या आज से चार महीनों के बाद…या फिर दो साल…चिंता दरकिनार हुई और फिर विलीन होने लगी और फिर मेरे दिमाग से जीने- मरने का हिसाब निकल गया
    पहली बार मुझे शब्द ‘ आज़ादी ‘ का एहसास हुआ सही अर्थ में ! एक उपलब्धि का अहसास.

    इस कायनात की करनी में मेरा विश्वास ही पूर्ण सत्य बन गया .उसके बाद लगा कि वह विश्वास मेरे हर सेल में पैठ गया.
    वक़्त ही बताएगा कि वह ठहरता है कि नहीं…फ़िलहाल मैं यही महसूस कर रहा हूँ.

    इस सफ़र में सारी दुनिया के लोग… सभी मेरे सेहतमंद होने की दुआ कर रहे हैं,प्रार्थना कर रहे हैं,मैं जिन्हें जानता हूँ और जिन्हें नहीं जानता,वे सभी अलग-अलग जगहों और टाइम जोन से मेरे लिए प्रार्थना कर रहे हैं.मुझे लगता है कि उनकी प्रार्थनाएं मिल कर एक हो गयी हैं,एक बड़ी शक्ति…तीव्र जीवन धारा बन कर मेरे स्पाइन से मुझ में प्रवेश कर सिर के ऊपर कपाल से अंकुरित हो रही हैं.

    अंकुरित होकर यह कभी कली,कभी पत्ती,कभी टहनी और कभी शाखा बन जाती है…मैं खुश होकर इन्हें देखता हूँ.लोगों की सामूहिक प्रार्थना से उपजी हर टहनी,हर पत्ती,हर फूल मुझे एक नई दुनिया दिखाती हैं

    अहसास होता है कि ज़रूरी नहीं कि लहरों पर ढक्कन(कॉर्क) का नियंत्रण हो. जैसे आप क़ुदरत के पालने में झूल रहे हों !



  139. In a video message to his followers, Simbu asked them to follow in the footsteps of his senior colleagues and their fan clubs, and appealed to them to erect as many flex boards ahead of the release of ‘Vandha Rajavathaan Varuven’ on February 1. “You do (erect) maximum flex boards, you may generously pour milk (on my cutouts), not from packets but from huge jars. Nobody will ask, do it in a ‘vere level’ (higher level). I am telling you this,” Simbu said in an unprecedented appeal by an actor to fans.

    ‘Paal Abhishekam’: ‘Fans stealing milk packets’ for film releases, Tamil Nadu dealers seek ban
    With the thefts causing a huge loss to traders, the outfit representing milk dealers in the state has approached the police with three demands.
    Written by Arun Janardhanan | Chennai |



  140. If reports in Zoom are to be believed, Janhvi’s dad, Boney Kapoor recently blasted her public relation’s team. Reason? Daddy dearest is feeling that his darling daughter is not being ‘highlighted and projected’ properly by her PR team, as compared to Sara’s team. He is of the opinion that they are not working as effectively and efficiently as Sara’s team. He apparently wants the same kind of ‘fierceness and enthusiasm’ in Janhvi’s PR team as well.

    The report further suggests that Boney feels that besides all the film offers, Sara has also been getting quite a few brand endorsement deals, advertisements and public appearance offers while Janhvi is missing out on all the limelight.


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