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  1. Last Thread? Then no more sports discussions?


  2. West Indies smashing England again!


  3. Legendary Australia cricketer Steve Waugh feels that India captain Virat Kohli has a very sound batting technique and that is what sets him apart from the rest. When asked about who he feels is the best batsman out of Kane Williamson, Steve Smith, Joe Root and Virat Kohli, the Aussie World Cup winning skipper gave his vote to the Indian superstar.

    โ€œI think Virat Kohli has got the best technique. If I told someone to model himself on a particular player I would say Kohli has got the perfect technique,โ€ Waugh told ESPN Cricinfo.


  4. Smriti Mandhana Tops Women’s ODI Batting Charts After Heroics vs New Zealand


    Mithali Raj Becomes First Woman Cricketer To Play 200 ODIs


    • She is very fluid but I think she needs more muscles to hit the ball out of park. Harmanpreet Kaur has smaller frame but she can hit ball with more ferocity.


  5. Seeing a top team like England struggling in West Indies suggest that test cricket now favors the home country more and more.

    ps – Curran should come early.


  6. Like

  7. Emiliano Sala: Body identified as Cardiff City footballer


  8. Rohit botched up another chase with his selfish batting making it impossible for likes of Pant, Pandyas to have a realistic chance at the total. Reminded one of Prabhakar and Mongia batting. Rohit should be investigated for match fixing involvement given his lack of intent to hit sixes when needed.


    • 38 off 32 balls, majority of them in powerplay on a small ground with no sixes is really unforgivable.

      Rohit and Vijay did not deliver a single six in the powerplay on a smallish ground. Unforgivable!!

      Imagine Pant had batted in the powerplay, he would have torn into the opposition, made Rohit look like a faltoo batsman.

      What does the captain do? Have Vijay batting at #3 instead. India failed in both T20s where Vijay came at #3. When Pant came at #3, we won although the openers had already set the platform in that match.

      even Smriti Mandhana was able to hit sixes on that ground yesterday.

      Specially this is a ground in which even the women (example Smrithi Mandhana) are capable of hitting big shots, Rohit only had 3 boundaries with zero sixes.


  9. Star Sports taking the pi$$ out of Paine’ s babysitting comments on Rishabh Pant


  10. Aleem Dar umpiring is suspect in SA – SL.


    • Munna, how do you find the time to watch all cricket?


      • Any competitive sports take precedence over TV/movie ๐Ÿ™‚ Moreover it gels with less productive office work at night.
        Who would miss Rabada/Steyn bowling 145 ๐Ÿ™‚

        I was debating, to watch The Invisible guest or second day of SA-SL..


        • Wow. Tbh even I was watching sports last night. Watching Tottenham beat Dortmund 3-0 which has left me smiling today!


        • Love seeing the pacers dominate in cricket. That’s why Test is the Best over white ball hit and giggle IPL stuff. Anyways, teams have reviews available to use only when absolutely sure.


          • Well agree. Cricket is at it’s best when bowlers are genuinely world class and batsmen therefore have to play out of their skin to stay in and score runs.

            Smaller grounds and hitting 6’s for fun is counter productive – it would be like making the goal bigger in football to the point you need 2 goalkeepers to make it fair.

            The West Indies return to form is a great story for cricket. Fast bowlers from WI is one of the hallmarks of cricket history.


          • Jason Holder too has led well with bat and ball. One of the few genuine seam all rounders right now


          • Windies is not even a country. Imagine if European Union played Brazil in FIFA World Cup matches.

            Jay and others, what is the impact of Brexit on an Indian immigrant in England?


          • I imagine negative impact.


          • Did anyone catch Kusal Perara heist at Durban? The so called best attack in the world has egg on their face against SL bruised and battered in Australia.


          • Kusal Perara, what a knock. Shocked the Saffies in their backyard


          • That’s an epic knock by the scorecard.


          • Kusal’s knock was audacious and to be remembered for long time..especially against Steyn, Rabada, Olivier…Last wicket 78 run partnership..he hit many sixes..

            ps – I slept around 185/5 and was smelling victory with Silva playing well..After seeing the highlight I appreciated Kusal innings more..


  11. Provocative title but I think he makes some very valuable points (which in turn, and by analogy, apply to cricket even more!):


    • Interesting. A level playing field(literally and otherwise) has emerged over the years. The GOATS can also be determined with reference to behaviour patterns on and off the field, charisma and other attributes by fans besides the banal number of wins. The discussions will go on just like our bo records like footfalls and collections.


    • Always an interesting debate to be had. I think there is a subtle difference between words in these debates. ‘Greatest’ and ‘best’ are different terms. Djokovic is heading towards being a superior tennis player to Federer but I’d consider the latter to be greater as Sanjana suggests there is more to being a GOAT.

      Also for Federer so many changes like the Wimbledon courts and hardcourts have become more rally friendly that kind of plays into Nadal and Djokovic’s game rather than Federer plus on clay Federer will probably rank in top 5 ever anyway despite just 1 French Open win by virtue of being close to Nadal in an era when Nadal just wiped the floor with everyone on clay.

      Pretty sure Djokovic will overhaul Federer’s 20 and maybe Nadal will equal it too. But Federer embodies that magic, pressure ala titans like Messi and Tendulkar which kind of keeps his name etched in the greatest club. Purists will definitely prefer him.

      It’s like Guardiola will be preferred to any manager in last 30 years despite others winning more. But the impact of Guardiola on the sport and how things have changed, how he’s changed the sport etc is bigger than Ferguson, Mourinho or Lippi or whomever.

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    Very interesting story on gender and Caster Semenya.



      I really don’t understand why the gender test was not made public. Such a curious case. I don’t know where I stand on it without all the information. I guess if she is a man she shouldn’t race in womens races period. But if she’s a woman who has some rare phenomenal testosterone levels let her race. Is it not black and white or am I missing something?

      Surely the integrity of the sport is of utmost importance. If she’s a man it’s cheating, means any man can claim to be female and just win events all day long. But again if she’s female god damn it leave her alone.


  13. Legendary Danish shuttler Morten Frost feels India should be proud of producing top badminton stars in the current generation and felt that the breakthrough for that came through Parupalli Kashyap and Saina Nehwal.

    โ€œThe big breakthrough in Indian menโ€™s singles was through Kashyap. He was the first one to make himself noticed. Saina Nehwal came as well in womenโ€™s singles and [they] became good role models and that had a great influence on what happened in last 10 years,โ€ he said.


  14. Gayle storm in Barbados!


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