Images from Badla

thanks to Sanjana & Xhobdo…


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  1. The major parts of the original film take place in an apartment. It is about an accused meeting his lawyer just before a witness has to testify against the former in a murder case.

    But the film is so gripping and engrossing. There are recounts by the accused about what actually happened. And at different times, right when you think you have a clear picture of what had happened, a different hypothesis comes up and the tables turn. This happens a few times and there are twists that you don’t see coming until the very end.

    Thoroughly recommended.

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  2. Amit Pandey Says:

    i hope He is the lawyer and not just the father looking from ……


  3. plex audience and most of them seen ‘Invisible guest’ ….


  4. Spoiler later:

    There is something about that look from Bachan Sir, that, well, if he plays that particular character I am thinking of, then he completely nails it here. That condemning stare from that character stayed in my mind even weeks after having watched the film.

    Either way, there are 5 main characters in the film, of which there are only 2 that Bachan can possibly play. And both of those characters are very interesting.


  5. looking forward, pretty effective poster .

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  6. An arresting image of Bachchan. He can still give goose-bumps to the young in a close-up even with an age-ravaged face.

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  7. Guys, please refrain from sharing the plot/stories of the movie. 🙏🙏🙏

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  8. New Poster of BADLA

    Thanks 🙂


  9. Like

  10. BADLA official trailer:

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