NYT on Super-Deluxe (Tamil; 2019)


“Got porn, Madam?” That’s what the high school boy known variously as Milk Carton and Egg Muffin asks a DVD store clerk after some stammering feints in the Tamil movie “Super Deluxe.”

And, yes, Madam has porn. But, surprise: When Egg Muffin and his pals start to watch it, one of them becomes enraged. That’s his mother onscreen.

This sets off a chain of mostly comic events that are, by turns, ominous, bloody and cosmic. And that’s just one plot strand. In another, a married woman’s ex-boyfriend dies in her bed, setting off a chain of comic, ominous events. In a third, a little boy pines for his father to return, and the father does — but now transformed into a woman. (Another chain ensues.)…”


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22 Responses to “NYT on Super-Deluxe (Tamil; 2019)”


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  2. Rangan’s review


  3. Just returned after watching the movie. Engaging but put me off in some places.
    Samantha is a surprise though. The young boys are excellent . The English subtitles are far more explicit than the actual Tamil dialogues though

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  4. The people who discussed and are still discussing the film on blogs give much more to chew on. Simplification of a supposedly complex film. If only one can get hold of the script and translate it into english! This film has the vibe of Ship of Theseus. But clearly not for bollywood audience! Crisp and clear story telling is what they want. And what I want. Like Tumbbad or even a Stree.


    • This is no Ship of Theseus. It is an extremely entertaining film with something happening every second.Think Delhi Belly but with four sets of stories. Yes, it is an indulgent film and would have benefitted with a shorter run time and a little less profanity


  5. Movie seems to be getting rave reviews . Not sure of how it is doing at the BO


  6. I watched this IdeaUnique. It’s an interesting and ambitious movie, and very self-indulgent; though that was expected. The film’s individual tonality is brilliant, but the different threads that tie the 4 stories are not very convincing. It tries to cram in everything, it succeeds for the most part, but fails spectacularly when it fails. The length is a pain; it’s a 3 hour movie.

    The actors are terrific, and profanity a big turn-on, but it seems to be mostly in the sub-titles and not in the original Tamil language. I do not understand the language, but a friend who knows
    tamil mentioned it. It’s like 5 Tamil dialogues are crammed into one
    English profanity.

    It tries hard to be a PULP FICTION. But sure as hell, it fails at that. Might try to watch again…

    Also, maybe one needs to watch ARANYA KANDAM before to get the director’s over-arching thesis…


  7. This is in Netfix. One of the best movies of this year. This needs multiple viewing. A longer review by An Jo, Q or Satyam needed for this.


    • Oh? Will check it out, have heard a lot about it!


      • Qalandar, don’t miss this please. Awaiting to see yours’s and Satyam’s review on this move. It has been so long that you both have written a longer piece. This movie deserves one.

        This along with “Mard ko dard nahi hota” are the best movies to me in recent times.

        All the friends at Satyamshot try to catch this movie to in the middle ‘Super 30’ discussion


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