Judgementall Hai Kya Trailer

Thanks to Sanjana…

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Thanks to Sanjana…

25 Responses to “Judgementall Hai Kya Trailer”

  1. Looks good!


  2. jayshah Says:

    Giving me Andhundun vibes. Looks good.

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  3. I predict an 80 crore gross here. If it catches on like Raazi/Stree, then it could blast into the 130/140 crore bracket.


  4. tonymontana Says:

    Confusing, but surprisingly intriguing.
    Seems like a red herring


  5. anyone else think the poster of JHK is sexist and vulgar? look again if you don’t


  6. sanjana Says:

    Kangana Ranaut gets into a HEATED ARGUMENT with a journalist at the song launch of Judgementall Hai Kya

    Kangana claimed that the journalist bashed her last release, Manikarnika: Queen Of Jhansi by calling her a jingoistic woman who made a film on nationalism. Kangana questioned if that was fair for him to do so. The journalist clearly denied all the accusations and counter questioned Kangana if it was fair for her to intimidate him since she was the star. He respectfully asked, “Kangana if I may (talk) with your permission, I did not even tweet anything about Manikarnika.” To which Kangana retaliated, “I will send it (the tweet) to you.”

    Amidst their conversation, the host, RJ Suren happened to take the journalist’s mic away to prevent the argument from escalating further and it resulted in another journalist losing his cool. He started shouting at the host for taking the mic away and kept calling the situation unfair. While the team was trying to control the situation, it did not help in any way. The event managers from the PR firm were seen promising the journalist that they will address the situation. Kangana interrupted the situation and said, “You have come to my van for an interview and we had lunch together and you were in the van for over three hours where we spoke about the film (Manikarnika). After the interview things have changed drastically so you don’t tell me that I’m intimidating you. I’m not being a star right now; I’m talking to you as a friend.” The journalist kept denying all the claims put by Kangana and said that he never had lunch with her and the interview hardly lasted for half an hour.

    After a lot of argument, Rajkummar Rao had to interrupt and he said, “We’re sorry, you calm down first. We’ve understood what you’re trying to say and we’re sorry.”

    Watch the complete video, right here.



  7. I used to love Kangana for calling out everyone’s bullshit. But after slamming (via minion Rangoli) Taapsee over literally nothing… All Taapsee did was praise the trailer… It seems like you don’t even have to do anything and the Ranaut sisters will bash you. They’ve turned into nasty bullies and it’s a shame really. If they continue on this path, the only way is down from hereon.


    • jayshah Says:

      Yep agree. This is ultimately not feminism which is what she fights for. Bullying, basically being a unnecessarily rude and aggressive. The opposite of KJo who kisses ass!

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    • In the world where actor’s career is choked for speaking out, I think Kangana stands out for me.
      The case with Tapsee was an old one. Seems some previous grudge. But Kangana is quite a bully here. Despite this, i love her. Enough of Khan market gang who propagated- toe my line or i will finish you.


      • jayshah Says:

        Naveen – simple question. You think Khans are more crazy than Kangana?

        I get likes of Aamir, Salman and SRK have arrogance, power and may have used media in more ways than we know but are they any different to say KJo? And more importantly isn’t Kangana loopy? She’s hardly winning fans with her outbursts. I’m all for people who have opinions and even strong ones but what way you convey them is important. 80/20 rule applies to most things. How you deliver the message is very important, I even said during metoo stuff nothing will come of it if it’s done through Twitter. It’s just a shadow way of conveying miseries, if you want something to change do it through the best channels. Every day the kid that shouts loudest in class will eventually lose his or her voice. Not every battle is a war. Kangana is washing her dirty laundry every day!


  8. sanjana Says:

    With the production house distancing itself from Kangana and her sister’s war cry against entertainment media, a war of words is likely to break out against Kangana and Ekta Kapoor. Kangana sees the apology from Balaji as surrender and a compromise.

    “It won’t go down well with Kangana. Watch out for Chapter 2 of the current episode in the ongoing Kangana Versus the World saga,” says an actor who says he is ‘scared’ to work with the actress.



  9. Like

  10. …..and the English version of the Interview


  11. Republic Interview –


  12. sanjana Says:


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