The Irishman trailer

Thanks to Bliss…

20 Responses to “The Irishman trailer”

  1. Galat baat, “Thanks to Bliss” is missing !

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  2. jayshah Says:

    I will wet myself in the fall. Definitely getting my wife to keep Netflix subscription now!


  3. wow, check out the length, can’t wait!


  4. tonymontana Says:

    Vintage Scorsese: powerful and irreverent. He just doesn’t tire, does he?
    Seems to be an amalgamation of his best. Eagerly awaited


  5. GDT 13 tweets on ‘The Irishman’
    Barry Lyndon to calling in Masterpiece

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  6. This will be out tomorrow.

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  7. Saw it in one go.
    I liked it a lot, although quite a few of my friends whom I had recommended found it to be boring and long.
    I was just watching the performances of Pacino and De Niro and Joe Pesci .
    Aside: there is a 23 minute video on Netflix where the four of them discuss the movie , watch it AFTER you have seen the movie .


  8. Every Martin Scorsese Movie, Ranked As The Irishman hits theaters, we look back at the director’s highs and lows.
    1. GoodFellas (1990)
    2. Taxi Driver (1976)
    3. Raging Bull (1980)
    4. The King of Comedy (1982)
    5. Mean Streets (1973)
    6. Casino (1995)
    7. The Departed (2006)
    8. Shutter Island (2010)
    9. The Irishman (2019)


  9. Watched it last night. It was good but some spark was missing. De Niro was fabulous along with Pesci. But compared to Goodfellas or even Casino I’d take the latter 2 in a heartbeat as they still have tremendous repeat value. I’m not sure I could watch The Irishman again as it needs some editing. 3 hours was a bit too long.
    Still would recommend it.


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