Mission Mangal Trailers

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  2. Who Hero ka dost wala Panauti bhee hai issmey, gaya Mission Paani mein !!


  3. ISRO
    #MissionMangalTrailer beautifully shows the glimpses of emotions and passion with which #TeamISRO works


  4. The trailer ensures a bigger than good opening. With Saaho’s postponement, Mission Mangal will benefit the most now.

    3000+ screens and best of multiplex shows for Mission now.

    Would be multiplex monster on day 1. Even a 20 Cr opening would be huge as the movie can then trend very well to become another solid hit for the No 1 star of India, Akshay Kumar. What an innings he is playing. A century most of the time. He is the Man of the Match at the moment.


  5. tonymontana Says:

    A century at the box office is no longer enough. Salman managed to make a double century
    with Bharat even when his film was not really accepted.
    Akshay has in fact been consistently delivering underperformers for a long time now. Even Hritik with his comeback will deliver a bigger grosser than most of Akshay’s recent films in the past such as Padman and Gold.

    On the trailer, it’s okay. Hidden Figures Deja Vu. I think we’ve reached a point in Hindi cinema where biopics and underdog stories and constantly patting on our backs has become the new cliché. If the film is indeed very well made, that’s a different issue.


    • Agree that 100-150 cr are not enough these days. After the business of golmaal again, padmavat, sanju, 2.0, simmba, uri, kabir singh – it seems 200 cr is the new 100 cr. And Akshay’s films usually under-perform even when touted as hits.

      Hritik’s comeback seems no better. Boi is counting on it to do 125-130 cr and be called a hit based on 60 cr distributor share. What happened to Nahata’s prediction of 150-200 cr?

      This trailer is v mediocre. A 20 cr opening on Independence day and 100-130 cr total is not going to be a great success.


      • jayshah Says:

        But you have to think of Akshay’s innings differently. He gets to bat 4 times rather than once like others. Add up all 4 match scores to see his real impact 😛

        Indian cricket team is advancing talks with ICC to allow Kohli same cricketing strategy.


        • Lol, 4 innings of 25 runs adds up to a century!

          Akshay has spent a lifetime looking for big ones, and his fans have made peace with it. Instead they use hyperbole based on small hits.

          Even hritik has been on the lookout for a big one since krrish/d2 back in 2006. His agneepath and znmd were small hits. He did try to fraud his way to a big one in krish3, but it raised a hell of controversy and amusement. BB and Kaabil were average.

          The difference is that one does 4 films in a year, while the other does 1 film in 2 years. The big one comes to neither!


          • Shivaay Says:

            The other difference being that between 2000-06 HR had delivered 4 major grossers, 3 of which were the HGOTY, a feat yet to be achieved by Ranveer, Tiger, Varun, Akshay, Ajay & Shahid while Ranbir achieved it for the first time in 2018 through Sanju. Controversies & fudging aside, Krish 3 was another major grosser for HR even by its original collections. Akshay on the other hand has not had a solo major grosser barring Welcome & Rowdy Rathore all his career (Mohra being a multistarrer, akin to HR’s K3G). And has never made it close to delivering the HGOTY except in 2007, forget delivering 3. The significance of a match winning opener who’d get 5 test hundred’s in 20 tests is definitely more than a #7 batsman who’d play second fiddle to the top order for over a 100 tests and average 25 in the process.


          • Welcome also had Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar, Feroz Khan as well. One can call it a multistarrer.


          • Quite a childish set of comments here.
            Please see my opinion below.


          • Shivaay Says:

            Yes everyone is in their nappies here except judge, jury & executioner you who has the ultimate right to brand Lord Akshay as the greatest superstar on the planet ever!


    • “But you have to think of Akshay’s innings differently. He gets to bat 4 times rather than once like others. ”

      That’s quite fair and reasonable.

      For someone opening the batting 3 times a year, big score is not needed. A consistent match winning score would do. And that’s where with 125-135Cr Akshay is doing better than the other.

      Aamir and Salman did brilliantly in 2012-16 period. Akshay is not doing as brilliantly. But is doing enough to be ahead of the competition. That’s what is needed.


      • Parameter of success has changed. No superstar is now giving biggest hits since last 3 years.

        Let’s not live in the past. Now a superstar is defined by consistency more than peak. Most stars have understood this now. The rise of content movies is for all to see. Most of the the peaks were never expected – Sanju, Uri, Kabir Singh were never planned to be such big hits. The consistency of stars are now coming to the fore.

        Will it remain like this? probably not. May be peaks will again come back to measure super stardom. But at least for next 2-3 years it looks unlikely.


  6. Looks like a pleasant sunday afternoon telly viewing.


  7. Like

  8. Bahut logo ko mirchi lag rahee hai, iss tweet par-


  9. My faith on this movie is increasing now with the Sindoor dialog by Akshay Kumar. It is going to be another memorable film.


  10. Rift between Sanjay Dutt and daughter Trishala Dutt escalates

    Among the barrage of good wishes that Sanjay Dutt received on his 60th birthday on July 29, the one that was conspicuous by her absence was the star’s elder daughter Trishala Dutt who has been living away from her father, in the USA, since her birth. And now it seems the breach between Baba and his Beti has gone beyond the geographical.

    On his 60th birthday, daughter Trishala sent no greetings to her father. Just a week prior to Dutt’s birthday, Trishala had posted a heartrending message on social media about the death of her boyfriend. Dutt, we are told, had no reaction to this life-changing tragedy in his daughter’s life. “It seems Sanju has shut the door on Trishala. They don’t communicate at all. He has zero knowledge of what goes in her life. There is no connect, direct or indirect, between them,” says a friend of the Dutt.

    Eyebrows were raised about Trishala’s complete omission from the Sanjay Dutt biopic Sanju. Filmmaker Mahesh Manjrekar, a close friend of Dutt had commented on how cruel it was to leave out such an important part from the actor’s biography.

    But now the rift has gone far beyond a denial of the daughter’s existence in a film that was in any way farcically fictional. Now, the estrangement is out in the open.



  11. “Dangal” director Nitesh Tiwari returns with his new film “Chhichhore” after a gap of over three years, but he is unhappy that his film will clash with “Saaho” at the box office on August 30.

    “I wish it was avoidable. For 10 months, yours is the only film scheduled to release on a particular day, and then a month before (the release) you are no longer the only film releasing on that day. It is something you cannot be happy about,” Tiwari told IANS.

    What’s more frustrating for Tiwari is the fact that “Saaho“, like “Chhichhore“, stars Shraddha Kapoor as its heroine. It is a known fact that two films of the same star releasing on the same day cannot be beneficial for either.



  12. According to Masand, Akshay Kumar barely has 20 mins role in Mission Mangal and has shot for 9 mere days for the film:

    “Word is that a male A-lister who stars alongside a clutch of female actors in an upcoming release only has 20 minutes of screen time but will take home Rs 81 crore. This business-savvy superstar reportedly became determined to make this movie when he discovered a recent Oscar-nominated Hollywood film with a predominantly female cast. The subject spoke to him and also tied in with his nationalist leanings. He bounced the idea off a filmmaker whom he’d recently worked with, offered to take a key supporting role (that would nevertheless be marketed like a leading role) and jumped in to co-produce the film.
    With his fingers in so many pies, he made sure he got the lion’s share of the film’s profits, attracting a cast that’s a mix of credible female stars and friends happy to take the job. He shot for nine days himself; he’ll promote the movie extensively and walk away significantly richer even if the movie tanks. He’s not regarded as the shrewdest superstar for nothing.”


  13. https://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/bollywood/taapsee-pannu-speaks-criticism-akshay-kumar-prominently-featuring-mission-mangal-posters/

    After the tales of heroism like Airlift, Rustom and Kesari, Akshay Kumar‘s next, Mission Mangal, celebrates the power of women scientists and their achievements who were responsible for the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM). The film features Vidya Balan, Taapsee Pannu, Sonakshi Sinha, Kirti Kulhari and Nithya Menen. While the film celebrates the achievements of these women, it also received criticism since Akshay has been prominently featured on the posters.

    When asked about Akshay Kumar receiving the spotlight while the film is about the women, Taapsee Pannu said that one can’t deny the fact that Akshay’s face on the poster will result in huge footfalls. She said that they can’t escape the fact that it is a commercial requirement since it is a big-budget film. She added that five women put together won’t be able to add up to the opening figures that Akshay can get singlehandedly. Taapsee further said that if the women in the film weren’t there, the film will still open with big numbers since Akshay is attached to the film. She said that their absence would have reduced the star quotient but wouldn’t have made much difference.


  14. tonymontana Says:

    R Balki is the writer??
    Oh God.. I’ll stay away from it then.


  15. This is opening big @ Naveen

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  16. NOBODY in Bangalore, whether from Bangalore or outside, calls M.G. Road as MAHATAMA GANDHI Road. Whew…

    This is literally like calling TIMES SQUARE, ‘TS’.

    This doesn’t look very promising to me..but happy to be proven wrong…


  17. Looks like Akki has only a 15min role in MM


    • Thanks for sharing. This is first time i am hearing R Balki in a full interview. He comes across as honest and passionate film maker. Just love the way he talked about Amitabh Bachchan. Hope he does his next with Big B, Vidya Balan and Akshay.


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