The year’s best Indian films go beyond Hindi cinema

The year’s best Indian films go beyond Hindi cinema
n recent times, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Assamese cinema have surpassed Hindi films in storytelling and craft.
Shubhra Gupta

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8 Responses to “The year’s best Indian films go beyond Hindi cinema”

  1. No Kannada film?


  2. chengezkhan Says:


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  3. Can confirm, Kumbalangi Nights is beautiful, captivating, lyrical, hypnotic and a very well-crafted tale. It was love at first sight for me.

    But nothing, IMHO, beats the absolute gobsmacking genius of Sacred Games 2. It’s not just a show — it’s a work of art! Deeply affecting, raucously funny (at times) and thematically super-rich, it represents writing of the highest calibre. Leaves the source material far, far behind.

    Oh, and Nawazuddin was just born to play Gaitonde. He can never surpass himself again. And that’s completely all right. Actors who’ve achieved far less are considered legends in cinema!


    • Good to see you back!


    • Welcome Saket! Will be watching SG2 later in September when I get some me time!


      • Thanks, Jay. Do watch it when you can. I’m not sure it will please everyone though.

        It takes lots of detours; introduces new characters and attributes psychological reasons for bringing the first scene of Season 1 together. I dare say it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. People who love vanilla thrillers will be left disappointed.

        People who love maddeningly crafted, intricately detailed, moral/philosophical dilemmas are going to have a blast. Pun unintended!

        I’m a bit surprised to see the radio silence that’s followed S2’s release.


        • I thought I was the only one on this blog that liked SG2.

          It needs to be viewed in 1 to 2 sitting with complete focus. It’s a treat. It’s little slow and confusing but very pleasing.

          Agree, Nawazuddin is something else.

          Not sure why couple people here thought it was anit-hindu, but it’s more of a fashion to label everything with like libtards, leftiest, etc…

          This is better than just about anything that has come out of hindi TV.


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