Sye Raa Trailer


4 Responses to “Sye Raa Trailer”

  1. Hope Bachchan is having an interesting and impactful role.
    Disappointed to see less of him and also less of others.
    It looks like Chiranjeevi allover.


  2. This is an impressive trailer. Especially impressive visually. If it can strike an emotional chord with the audience then it may turn out to be a big one.

    It’s the kind of huge epic deal that Bollywood has largely failed to come up with.

    After Hollywood films doing quite well, we have Saaho and Sye Raa coming up from the south in the next few weeks. They can give Bollywood films a good run for their money.


    • Saaho is not really a southern film anymore. Its shot simultaneously in Hindi (unlike a dubbed Bahubali, 2.0 or Syeraa) and barring Prabhas, almost the entire cast is or was in mainstream commercial Hindi cinema. Its a true pan India film, shot in 2 languages and dubbed in 3 more.


  3. IdeaUnique Says:

    this is what i like abt South Indian Directors – the screenplay is so gripping most of the times that even OTT things look fine – unlike some crappy stuff like TOH, Bang-Bang, Race etc…….lot to learn from SI directors….very imaginative….


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