Mission Mangal (Ongoing), Batla House (ongoing) and the rest of the box office

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  1. Prabhas added that he’s looking forward to working in a full-fledged Bollywood project, which could be why he’s chosen to dub his dialogues in the Hindi version of Saaho himself.


  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-49318170

    Interesting- only 2 original screenplays have crossed $100mm at US box office. All others are sequels or superhero movies.


  3. The advance seems to be really good for Mission Mangal. 25crr looks kind of certain. Batla House have surprisingly low advance so far. I was expecting something like Satyamev Jayte. But the reviews so far for Batla House is mostly great. So can pick up by tomorrow.


  4. Kangana Ranaut, Amyra Dastur at Judgementall Hai Kya success bash in Juhu



    • It’s flopped!


      • Ha! But ekta kapoor is not there!


      • It has not. Kangana and Rangoli’s calculator had it at a predicted lifetime 50cr net after its first week and they readjusted their figures to have it at 40cr after the 2nd week end while most of the trade had it at 32cr. So, as per their calculator, it is not a flop.

        I also saw reports of the film being called a success after its first day and there was some event with the whole team (including Ekta) celebrating its opening that had ensured a hit.


        • Is this a joke?


          • tonymontana Says:

            yes, i hope he is being sarcastic


          • IdeaUnique Says:

            yeah dude KR is a joke 😉


          • It’s not, unfortunately. There were indeed some reports claiming that the film was winner right after its first day and the makers through a party right after its opening!

            And then Rangoli, besides bashing Hrithik’s performance in Super 30, and bashing trade journalists and the rest of Bollywood, started throwing in her own figures. She threw in a prediction of 50cr net lifetime after its first week.

            And then a few days back, she posted that the film had made 40cr net when most of the trade were reporting figures at around 32-33cr! Her calculator seems as good as Papa Roshan.

            And there is this success party. It’s a circus, indeed.

            As good an actress Kangana is, some of the off screen antics are ridiculous.


          • Pathetic I guess she learnt something from Roshan clan is how to manipulate box office.


      • Flop is probably harsh. 30crore budget, grosses 35crore. Average could be a fair classification. Still not enough for these ridiculous success bashes though.


  5. The early reviews of Batla House look quite positive. While Mission Mangal seems quite certain to do well (at least the initial will be good), I do think Batla House can be a winner as well.

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  6. Yet I felt obliged to intervene and, since I was not in the government then, I persuaded Kapil Sibal, then minister for science and technology, to visit Batla House.

    Mohammed Adeeb, an MP, was my partner in the enterprise. Kapil Sibal felt some last-minute reservations, but Adeeb was unrelenting, and so we made our way to Okhla.

    As we alighted from the official car, the posse of policemen guarding the entrance to the building where the firefight took place stared at us and made no gesture to come up.

    Kapil Sibal felt the lack of welcome and suggested that we go to the back alley to inspect the geography. We then went up to the terrace of the neighbouring building, from where we could see the incident site.

    Throughout, the people accompanying us kept up a narrative of the incident, emphatically suggesting that the official position was faked.

    We came down to the street and made our way to the car, still without any gesture of hospitality from the surly policemen.

    On the return journey to Lutyens’ Delhi, Sibal told us that he felt shaken. We agreed to go to Digvijay Singh and accompany him to the Congress president and the PM.

    We did, taking along blown-up pictures of the deceased. The Congress president, then Sonia Gandhi, was visibly distressed and asked us to seek the PM’s advice.

    This meeting, recalled at a public rally in Azamgarh many months later, where I spoke of her disquiet, was given a horrible spin about my having said that she cried bitterly.

    The fact is that anyone would have been disturbed by the fact that young people were being drawn to unwholesome acts of violence and terrorism, and the inevitable ghastly end to their youthful but misguided lives.

    My statement comes back to haunt me periodically, when some vicious self-opinionated supporter of an extremist group attempts to undermine it.



  7. BREAKING: At least three police officers shot in active shooter situation in Philadelphia


  8. Mission Mangal is going to be S.U.P.E.R.H.I.T.


    Record banayegi yeh film ✨✨✨

    Box office tsunami ke liye ready ho jao💥💥💥💥

    No 1 is now a.k.s.h.a.y k.u.m.a.r. !!

    I am already in Champaign mode.

    Akshay Kumar’s fans are having a dream run. Matlab ab saare heroes Cheeni Kam lag rahein hain. Matlab thok diya Akshay ne sabko ab. Dhuan ho gaya hai competition.

    All I can say, ‘Saari duniya se kaho, Copy That!’ 😁


  9. Priyanka Chopra Says Nick Jonas Loves To Stare At Her Face Every Morning: ‘It’s Amazing’
    “Nick’s like, ‘let me stare at you, you aren’t even conscious yet’,” said Priyanka


  10. Ananya says The Godfather is overrated. Is she being a dumb bimbo or anyone agrees with her?


    • Dumb. Part 1 and 2 are remarkable. I could never decide which I prefer.


      • I think my favourite movie scene of alltime is in Godfather Part I when Al Pacino shoots the guy in restaurant. That scene is built up with the train in background.


  11. Happy independence day and raksha bandhan all

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  12. Taran couldn’t find a ticket in India as it was house full everywhere

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  13. Veteran actress Vidya Sinha passes away


  14. IdeaUnique Says:

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  15. So MM would cross 30 cr while BH might scrape past 10 cr due to its dark theme & lack of mass appealing entertainment (something akin to the classic Madras Cafe, would be a surprise if Nikhil can match Shoojit Sircar). Wom takes over from tomorrow but for now MM is all set to be AK’s first & well deserved 200 cr grosser. His spate of good films that began with Baby to Airlift to Jolly llb 2 to Kesari continues.

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    • Even with the big opening 200Cr is tough. However if it’s achieved here Akshay’s going to get all the credit as trailers looked cheesy. His run deserves a big grosser.


    • 3 wise man claims Mission Mangal to be superhit and another national award for Akshay Kumar.

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  16. Itnaa sannaata kyon hai bhai?

    Lagta hai everyone is in a shock on seeing another brilliance of Akshay Kumar.

    What happened Tonymontana, ideaunique, Marcus, aamirsfan?

    This could be the most silent Friday since the birth of Satyamshot.


  17. Mission Mangal review: 4/5


    The movie’s superficial and fairy tale approach will be questioned. A song pops up unnecessarily and yes at places things happen as per convenience.

    Final words

    Some movies make us believe in ourselves, some make us forget what we are while some take the leap to go to majestic extremes, MISSION MANGAL tries to do all these and achieves success. The climax will make you stand and salute these great Indians who made NASA eat its teeth in disbelieve and making India and Indians proud in universe. Akshay Kumar infectiously spearheads this rousingly magical salute to the mother, daughters and sisters of India on Independence Day. MISSION MANGAL is a must for every man, every woman, every Indian and every human.


  18. Mission Mangal Excellent Opening – Batla House Ordinary
    Thursday 15 August 2019 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network




    It feels good to be Akshay’s #1 fan. Move over Naveen you got competition 😛


    • 😛


      • I have revoked my British citizenship and claimed Canadian as it’s good luck and fortune I hear

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        • I will consider Akshay a megastar if he can convince Modi to provide dual ciizenship for himself and everyone. I mean he is technically a canadian but doing wonders for India thru his philanthropy, films etc.


          • Akshay Kumar should go for PM role!


          • OCI is as good as Dual Citizenship. Only voting rights, and ability to buy agriculture land and to occupy government position


          • No point of talking to Modi directly. The only one who can make drastic extremes & unthinkable scenarios come true overnight is Mr Amit Shah. Article 370 was being debated for over 2 decades in parliament and this MHA turns it on its head without giving 2 hoots to what anyone thinks or says within 2 months in office.


  20. How wrong I have been on Akshay Kumar. If he delivers 200Cr with MM, Housefull 4 and Sooryavanshi I will drink poison and buy Naveen a blow up model of Akshay Kumar.


  21. In most dramas about the drug trade, women—wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters—tend to hover quietly in the background, often as trophies of sorts for the men who support them. Rarely are they central characters, figures who have everything to gain or lose as the result of the illicit business dealings of the men around them. But Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra’s spellbinding Birds of Passage, set in an indigenous Wayuu community in the early days of the Colombian drug trade and based on real events, is a drug-dynasty epic like no other. As the movie opens, young Zaida (Natalia Reyes) chooses a suitor whose ambitions will shape her future; it’s a choice that gives her mother, Ursula (Carmiña MartÍnez), the tribe’s leader, more status and power as well. Birds of Passage is a visually resplendent epic that builds to a mournful end: Even in a small, cloistered community where women call the shots, they still have the most to lose.



  22. https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=5311

    27-28 for MM and 13-14 for BH. From the morning occupancy, the number is lower than expectation for Mission and higher for Batla. Interesting to note the trend over the next 3 days.


    • Boxofficeindia is biased in favour of Akshay Kumar. Last year, they tried to downplay Satyamev Jayate until they could no longer ignore it. Even this time they are being hesitant about Batla House. Arre, let the film run first.


  23. As the girl with the mousey hair, Taapsee Pannu does reliably well. Sonakshi Sinha is rather spirited, while fine actors like Nithya Menen and HG Datttatreya are sadly wasted. The problem with creating ‘types’ as underdogs — especially in a film that will largely be mistaken for real-life — is that while asking audiences not to judge these female characters, ironically enough the filmmakers have created them (and their quirks) by judging them.

    Films about science have to simplify the subject — films about rocket-science doubly so — but here things are brought down to a regretfully basic level. So while there are times Mission Mangal plays out as a pleasant enough entertainer with a message, complete with a caricaturish villain (Dalip Tahil with an unholy accent) there are other times everything feels like too much of a stretch — even the runtime. The film becomes a saddening bore.

    The Mangalyaan had stunned the world. American publications put out racist cartoons about this third-world nation knocking on the doors of their exclusive cigars-and-planets club. We were incensed, and rightly so. Now in Mission Mangal — starring Akshay Kumar (one of our least hidden figures) and a shiny tinfoil version of ISRO that often looks like a lavish backdrop to a Rajinikanth song — we applaud a Prime Minister who had very little to do with supporting the mission. The message is clear: We shall create our own cartoons, thank you very much. Make in India.



  24. Is this why Kashyap ran away from Teettar a few days ago?

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  25. Former India Player VB Chandrasekhar Dies At 57, Cops Suspect Suicide

    Former India and Tamil Nadu batsman VB Chandrasekhar died in Chennai on Thursday.

    Notably, VB Chandrasekhar was the one who brought MS Dhoni to Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the Indian Premier League. Chandrasekhar served as manager of the Chennai-based franchise for three years.

    VB Chandrasekhar was working as an expert with the official broadcasters of the ongoing Tamil Nadu Premier League.



  26. Mission Mangal has recorded excellent first day collections of 27-28 crore nett which is the highest ever for an Akshay Kumar starrer. The number is a huge one for a film which is primarily a word of mouth film but thanks to the big holiday it has taken off like an initial taking film.

    The film has scored big in the city multiplexes while mass centres have been pushed by the holiday to record good numbers especially for the genre. The previous best for an Akshay Kumar starrer was exactly one year back when Gold recorded numbers of 23.67 crore nett. This film has gone 15-20% higher than that film. the film has scored big in Mumbai and Mysore with the Mumbai looking to be around 9 crore nett and Mysore hitting the 1.50 crore nett mark.

    Batla House has done decent business of 13-14 crore nett which did not look possible in the morning but it gained momentum with the on the day audience. In the metros it was helped that the evening shows of Mission Mangal were full in advance at prime multiplexes so Batla House was the only choice for the current audience.

    The film will have to hold very well as the opening day numbers are not too impressive for a national holiday as a whole. With Independence Day falling on the same day as Raksha Bandhan it looks like both films have probably doubled their fair value collections which is a little more than the norm though the real value will only be known after the weekend collections. The clash is more one sided than last year with Mission Mangal leading by a margin and now it will be down to Batla House to close those margins.



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  28. South Indian actor Vijay Sethupathi recently confirmed that he would be working with Bollywood actor Aamir Khan in a film. The confirmation comes in after Khan met Sethupathi on the sets of Sanga Tamizhan at Pollachi.


  29. Back from BATLA HOUSE. Extremely gripping movie except for a couple of cringe-worthy scenes/un-necessary melodrama.

    Highly recommended: Even capable of enticing for a repeat viewing.

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  30. Mission Mangal recorded excellent first day collections of 28.50 crore nett apprx easily beating Gold for the highest Akshay Kumar opening day. Gold coincidentally released exactly a year ago. The numbers are pretty impressive all over with the bigger cities performing very well. The top twenty or so cities have recorded solid numbers. The business in singles screens is so so but that is expected.

    The big holiday is over and now its about consolidating at its real value number as the holiday is juat the bonus and eventually a film of this type should sustain in the long run. There will be big drop in collections today but its about going back up over the weekend for a big extended weekend. The film has scored best in Mumbai, Delhi NCR and South.



  31. The Lion Kings Hits 150 Cr – Super 30 Steady
    Friday 16 August 2019 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The Lion King crossed the 150 crore nett mark in four weeks as it grossed 9 crore nett in its fourth week. the film had a huge reduction of shows on Thursday but the collections dropped only 20% as the holiday pushed occupancy higher. The film will see a huge drop in collections today and is probably looking to add another couple of crore. The collections of The Lion King till date are as follows.

    Week One – 80,94,00,000

    Week Two- 44,59,00,000

    Week Three – 16,20,00,000

    Week Four – 9,00,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 1,50,73,00,000 aprrx

    Super 30 managed to have another good week as it recorded collections of 5.50 crore nett. This takes the film to 146.50 crore nett and it is being screened on very limited theaters in week six so there is not much coming in anymore. The collections of Super 30 till date are as follows.

    Week One – 75,58,00,000

    Week Two – 37,85,00,000

    Week Three – 17,96,00,000

    Week Four – 9,61,00,000

    Week Five – 5,50,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 1,46,50,00,000 apprx


  32. Amol Palekar: Vidya was thrilled when I had made a portrait of her
    Updated: Aug 16, 2019, 07:43 IST | Amol Palekar

    Remembering his first co-star Vidya Sinha, Amol Palekar reminisces their friendship that grew over love for parallel cinema and gupshup



  33. Batla House recorded a decent 14.50 crore nett on its first day. The film did well to get to this mark as it hardly looked 10 crore nett the way it opened but it did gain momentum through the day. It looked a Raees v Kaabil result in the morning with Batla House being Kaabil but the collections improved for Batla House from noon giving it a decent result. But it will be the collections today that will tell if it was genuine momentum or just the holiday factor where the other film has sold out in advance at prime multiplexes at peak times.

    The 14 crore nett plus total would actually be a good total if it was not a holiday but it should should have done a more considering that Satyameva Jayate did almost 20 crore nett last year. The difference between Batla House and that film was the smaller multiplex and single screens business in Maharashtra, Nizam and CPCI. Satyameva Jayate had done very well in these parts while Batla House is so so.



    • Both films have done superbly. Both are more niche compared to last year so such comparisons should be taken with a pinch of salt.


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  36. Farhan Akhtar takes on Hrithik Roshan yet again
    BySubhash K. Jha Created: Aug 16, 2019 – 11:56 am IST

    Muscling in with a big-budgeted blockbuster at the last minute is now becoming a norm. Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidwani did it once earlier to Hrithik Roshan when in January 2017; they released their Shah Rukh Khan starrer Raees alongside Roshan’s Kaabil although the Roshans had announced their film from long before.

    Sidhwani and Farhan are doing it again. They are all set to release the Hindi version of Telugu cinema’s most expensive film to date Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy on the same day as Hrithik’s big action starrer War for Yash Raj films.

    A source close to War says Ritesh and Farhan’s move is unethical. “Aditya Chopra and Yash Raj Film had announced War for 2nd October, months ago. Suddenly Excel (Farhan and Ritesh’s company) comes up with this dubbed Hindi film. It just upsets everything.”



  37. Mission Mangal Is A Huge Winner

    Friday 16 August 2019 15.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mission Mangal is a huge winner at the box office as collections hold up very strongly on its second day. The second day is a normal working holiday and a 50% drop is a healthy trend but this film is looking at a 40% drop only if we go by the mornings collections against the morning collections of yesterday. It could even be the drop is less in the evening collections.

    After putting up a 28 crore nett plus day even if the film had dropped 55-60% it would have been a good result but it is sure to do better than that. The film should be able to collect 15 crore nett mark though it will be evening collections which will give a more accurate estimate. The film has done outstanding business in Mumbai, Mysore and West Bengal where it is out performing and is heading to to be a SUPERHIT / BLOCKBUSTER film.

    The film was a quickie made in no time and shot for around 30 days and at a production cost of just 32 crore (without Akshay Kumar and P&A) which is looking to be covered in its 3 day all India share and the way the film is trending it will not be stopping after the first 3 or 4 days as the film has worked with its target audience. It may not be across the board as mass centres are less but the holiday has got it some numbers in these places where it may not have done otherwise and now the multiplexes in the big cities will take it to huge success.



    • How Akshay Kumar became Guarantee Kumar?

      Many years ago, Akshay’s film was never a guarantee. He was playing the game of one hit out of the three. He was happy with this. Aamir and Salman were synonymous with hits. It was almost certain that their next film will be a big hit.

      Last 2-3 years Akshay has changed the game. His every film is now a guaranteed hit. Even the worst of his critique knows that Mission Mangal at worst would be a semi-HIT. There is a greater chance for it to be a clean hit and more.

      With Housefull 4, releasing in Diwali,, the certainty factory is even more. Then comes Good News and the holiday friendly genre is looking like another HIT. Akshay has changed the game now. Not giving big hits but he is now more consistent. Add his frequency and the impact of his regular hits becomes more.

      Now look at other stars, there is lesser guarantee that with few releases they would deliver superhit. They may gross more, but they cannot guarantee a superhit the way they were able to do at their peak. They need superhit if doing only 1 or 2 films per year. Just a hit would not do when Akshay Kumar is belting it every quarter.

      Will Dabanng 3 do 250+? Bharat couldn’t. Will 250+ be good enough. Probably if Housefull 4 flops which is unlikely.

      So where does this leaves us?

      Old timers will give excuses of Akshay not getting big grossers without reflecting on the situation of others who are struggling to give a hit and barely. After 15 months, you give a hit or a bit more…is that it? How will you compete with Guarantee Kumar?

      A consistent run of Superhit is needed to outrun the Khiladi. Simple. Else the strategy os assurance / guarantee hit is unbeatable.


      • Akshay’s on a run and if he carries on very hard for others. Doing 4 films a year is no joke. But if each is economically a hit plus he’s unique. But I still firmly believe a big star needs that ‘moment’.
        Housefull 4 would be 200Cr and Sooryavanshi too. He’s neck and neck with Salman then. Watch out for Hrithik with War as he is poised.

        Akshay deserves a big grosser.


        • IdeaUnique Says:

          akshay will have his career best film in Sooryavanshi – courtesy brand shetty. he will get his first 300 cr film there.


      • If a A1 & A center appealing MM does the same as a mass appealing Kesari, it proves my point about Kesari being an under performer, perhaps due to its slow tedious & lackluster screenplay.


    • Caution Naveen – this is a very early Day 2 write up. It might be correct but would wait.


  38. Boi is harsh on Batla house. It has a less popular star, no known heroines, a serious subject dealt with little humour, no face value except JA who himself is a middle bracket star and yet it got to 14.5 crores inspite of bigger competition. Unlike Secret Superstar which could not stand a chance in front of Golmal Returns.
    After Kadel’s tweet, it hurriedly made up a case for the bigger film.
    What is cooking?
    As for Guarantee Kumar, it is either guarantee or a big hit or big flop.
    So guarantee means middle ground. No one will lose and there is no uncertainty. In these days of huge uncertainties, a certain amount of certainty is reassuring. Keep the costs less.
    That is why I feel a bit uncomfortable with big films like Saaho, War, Sye N Reddy, RRR etc. Reminds me of Toh.


    • Agree on Batla House. It has done very well despite the competition. The WoM is pretty good as well. Just because it is not doing as well as Satyamev Jayate it is made to look lesser, which it is not.

      But this is how industry works…they create a halo around No 1 star. Any competition is berated. They create an artificial situation where clashes are avoided. And these Box office sites are den of superstars.

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      • Final number of Batla would be same as SMJ despite the lower start due to the much better Wom. MM will cross 150 for sure, maybe even 200 while Batla would cross 75, perhaps even challenge Badla lifetime. Mark my words!


        • Both films can be winners and it does look likely both will work. If Mission Mangal gets a 2nd day at around 15cr, then it is a hit at the very least. Made at a very modest budget of 32cr, it looks like a sure shot earner for the makers, distributors and Kumar will take home a very healthy share of the profits.

          Batla House has done alright with a 14cr opening. The reports are quite positive. With 2 open weeks ahead and with decent trending, it can very much be a winner as well.


  39. Tried to watch Badla. But gave up. After watching the Invisible Guest, the suspense is not there. And Tapsee cant match Big B. It should have been Kangana or Rani Mukherjee. Even The Invisible Guest cant be watched second time. The fate of most thrillers is one time watch! Unless there is great music, all the actors are extraordinary.


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  41. Super Deluxe star Vijay Sethupathi’s deeply affecting performance as a trans woman who returns to the family she left as a man seven years ago in Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s wildly original film has expanded his legion of fans, and Aamir Khan is a recent convert. The Dangal superstar has roped in Sethupathi to play a key role in his new film Lal Singh Chaddha, a remake of the Tom Hanks-starrer Forrest Gump (1994).

    Sources say Sethupathi’s character is inspired by Bubba aka Benjamin Buford Blue, a fellow soldier Forrest befriends while serving in Vietnam. In the film, Bubba offers Forrest to partner with him in a shrimping business he plans to set up once their service is over. But Bubba is killed in war. Forrest nevertheless fulfils his promise to his friend when he buys a shrimping boat following his return from service and shares a chunk of the profits with Bubba’s mother. Expect plenty tears when our stars wring the scenario for melodrama.

    In fact while researching Sethupathi’s work Aamir also came across the Tamil star’s celebrated 2017 thriller Vikram Vedha, an inventive take on the Vikram-Betaal mythology, which Aamir has reportedly decided to remake in Hindi. The film is centred on two characters: an upright police officer with a strong moral compass and a dreaded gangster who tells him three stories that force him to question his notions of right and wrong. In the original version, R Madhavan played the cop’s role and Sethupathi starred as the gangster. In the Bollywood remake, Aamir is expected to play the gangster, while Saif Ali Khan has apparently been roped in to play the police officer. Buzz is the original film’s husband-wife directing duo Pushkar and Gayathri will return to helm the Hindi version.


    • Bliss – you watched Season 2 of Sacred Games?


      • Yes.
        I didn’t like S01 but S02 is pinnacle of Anti Hindu throwing subtlety to the winds.
        Hindu religion and one of the 4 greatest utterances in SD – Aham Brahmasmi : I am Brahman is associated as tag line for terrorists and terrorism and pitted against a ‘State’ not other faiths.
        Watched, as i expected, Kashyap and Grover will go full blast in S02 and may be his twitter episode was done knowing what shit they have created.
        Rest too slow, high production values, Nawaz shines in type cast roles, cuss words and more more cuss words, Tripathy wasted, Kalki there for what? seems to be designed injection of her role. too slow and non linear narrative becomes confusing if it well executed.

        Watch it if you like or love it.

        Though I recco watch ‘Mindhunter’ – S02 is again awesome so far


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  43. Day Two: Mission Mangal Super Strong – Batla House Decent
    Friday 16 August 2019 23.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mission Mangal is super strong on day two as it records collections of 16-17 crore nett as per early estimates. The drop on the second day is in the 40% range which is excellent coming of such a big holiday and off a big first day number. Its a working day and the content is working for the film as this sort of number may not have come if the film had opened on a non holiday.

    The two day numbers of the film will be around 45 crore nett and there should be upward momentum over the next two days though its difficult to judge how much growth it will see over the weekend. The film is fantastic in Mumbai, Mysore and West Bengal and even at this early stage it can be said with confidence that it will emerge the highest Akshay Kumar grosser in these markets, West Bengal and Mysore are practically certainties.

    Batla House has done decent business on day two with business in the 7-7.50 crore nett range. The drop is in the 50% range which is not bad though it would have been better if this drop came from a higher number. the two day total for the film will be 21 crore nett plus and it will be very important that the film shows good growth over Saturday and Sunday. The best business for the film is in Delhi / UP while Mumbai, South and East are pretty lackluster at the moment.


  44. tonymontana Says:

    Imore than Sacred Games I’d recommend Killing Eve on hotstar. A rollercoaster of a ride

    The primary antagonist is an actor to watch out for, portraying a rather interesting and original character: a chirpy and bubbly psychopath

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  45. https://mobile.twitter.com/taran_adarsh/status/1162611512315457542?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet

    These are good solid numbers. Parmanu, SMJ & now Batla. John seems to have hit his own little purple patch here.


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  47. Narrating about how he cast for the film, he said, “I was ecstatic to meet SRK. Kajol and he had promised that they will do my first film. So I remembering going to meet him and I had no script whatsoever. I only had a scene in my mind. Which I narrated to him. And he bought into my bullshit. I told him if you like this one scene then I will narrate the entire film to you, which was completely a lie. Tabu, Urmila, Aishwarya turned me down and Ash was the only one who was polite to call me back. It took months to cast for Rani’s part after Aditya Chopra recommended me her name.”

    As Hindi cinema’s one of the most cult films Kuch Kuch Hota Hai clocked in 20 years, Karan Johar recently held a premiere at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne to celebrate his debut movie. During the audience interaction, he was asked what if he were to remake the film now, who would play Rahul, Anjali, and Tina. Without an ounce of doubt, he said, “On my wishlist would be Ranveer Singh as Rahul. He has that mad intensity as Shah Rukh Khan. Alia Bhatt as Anjali. She has the spunk and Janhvi Kapoor as Tina because she has the poise and balance of the part.



    • tonymontana Says:

      Won’t be surprised if he actually goes ahead with it.
      The biggest production house in the country can’t come up with a decent original script? It’s the smaller film directors who aren’t afraid to experimenting and, must I say, working hard!

      I’m sure Dharma has a stockpile of unread scripts from talented budding writers who are desperate for chances. But the big shots are too busy partying and Twitter bitching to have the patience to sit through and understand the dynamics of the script.

      The better course for them is of course to recycle and remake – easy and sure shot money!


      • Johar seems caught in some kind of time warp. Every film of his is nostalgic about KKHH. He always seems to go back to it. No wonder, he will end up producing a remake of it.


  48. Shabana Azmi’s house party was all about the red lipstick, love, and laughter!
    ByBollywood Hungama News Network Created: Aug 17, 2019 – 12:50 pm IST
    On India’s 73rd Independence Day, Shabana Azmi invited some of her closest friends from the industry over for a house party and it sure looked like a happy affair! Some of the best actors in the industry graced her party including Sandhya Mridul, Konkona Sensharma, Dia Mirza, Richa Chadha, and Divya Dutta. The all-ladies gang opened up about how they couldn’t stop laughing and had the best time at Shabana’s place.


  49. 100Cr by Monday.


  50. Mission Mangal Is Excellent On Saturday
    Saturday 17 August 2019 23.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mission Mangal was excellent on Saturday with collections in the 23.50 crore nett range. It was fantastic growth in practically all multiplexes. The Saturday number gives the film a chance to reach its first day number which would be an huge achievement. It will be difficult but there is a chance and it will probably be the first time that a big film released on a national holiday has gone and beaten or even challenged its national holiday opening day collections.

    The collections of the film are now around 69 crore nett in three days. The film always looked likely to cross 90 crore nett after the first two days but now its going to cross the 95 crore nett mark. If final Saturday figures can hit 25 crore nett then even a 100 crore nett four day total will be on. But Hindi circuits will have to match the growth of Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Punjab and Mysore to hit that number which is unlikely.

    Batla House is also doing pretty good business with collections of 9.50 crore nett on Saturday. the film has gone up by around 30% which is a good result for the film. The film is not competition to Mission Mangal but looked at as a separate entity the film has done well over the first three days. It has collected over 31.50 crore nett in three days and these is Sunday to come so it will be a healthy weekend and then the acid test over the weekdays which will determine the outcome of the film.


  51. How Punjab govt school went the smart way to woo children, funds
    While the official school timings are until 2 pm in summer and 3.15 pm in winter, the school is open from 8 am to 8 pm through the year.


  52. MM doing great. Looks like could be first 200crr movie for Akshay if weekdays are stronger. 180crrs looks minimum at the moment.


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  54. Watched Mission Mangal. Sorry to say, this is yet again a huge opportunity lost by Bollywood to make a classic out of a strong theme. Instead they come up with something that involves childish logic, lack of any insight on Isro & high on antics & family melodrama. Its like Karan Johar directing a science film. Biggest disappointment since last year’s Parmanu. 5/10

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    • IdeaUnique Says:

      shot in 30 days flat, to cash-on the recent space mission euphoria, and starring the machine-akki-kumar – what and why do u expect a classic??? 🙂


    • I agree with you. I watched it and was disappointed too. It is entertaining for sure, but truly a silly movie made out of a very complex theme…

      Where it succeeds is it ‘s engrossing and holds your interest I felt and that’s why the huge success…

      BATLA HOUSE, on the other hand, is way, way superior except for a couple of didactic scenes..BADLA and BATLA HOUSE, for me, have been superior thrillers of the year so far for me..


    • I just managed to see it in a full house over the weekend. Had one of my best cinematic moment. This is brilliant. Women and Kids would love it. Men, not so much and it will be their fault. The movie shows some of their weaknesses which look stupid because men sometimes can be.

      Shivaay – No comparison with Karan Johar. He cannot make one even remotely like this. A middle class home and his problems…where did you see it in Karan’s film? 😀

      An Jo – Watch it again. The movie is layered…it comes across as brilliant if watched in total immersion and without any disturbances – thoughts or people.

      My detailed review is given below.


      • Its a mediocre, juvenile and caricatured attempt at making a science film which is a lot less of science and a lot more of family and parenting drama. What could have been India’s answer to Gravity or even the Martian (i’m not even gonna mention 2001 Space odyssey or Interstellar) ends up being a feminist Baghban version of the life of an Isro scientist with a few additional characters thrown in to increase face value. Even by the standards of Akshay Kumar, he’s done far superior films of late like Special 26, Baby, Airlift and Jolly LLB 2. Heck, I wouldn’t have minded a Kesari doing 200 Cr instead of this snooze fest which is basically a dumbed down female liberation drama with 4th standard science thrown in as an after thought. Isro scientists might cringe if they ever catch this one by accident.

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        • “What could have been India’s answer to Gravity or even the Martian (i’m not even gonna mention 2001 Space odyssey or Interstellar) ”

          Looks like you went with a different expectation inspired by the foreign movies. Few other critics also fell into this. In the past, i too failed to enjoy a good film when over expecting it. Pity it makes a beautiful movie unenjoyable.


        • tonymontana Says:

          Gravity and Martian would be unfair comparisons, as it is a movie not set in space but about a group of (I suppose) underdogs who achieved great things.

          You can compare it to Hidden Figures. And watch it as well if you haven’t


        • Not as much about expectation vs reality as its about what the film could have been and more importantly, what it SHOULD have been. 90% of a film based on ISRO’s achievements being dedicated to family issues, personal matters, finding a place for rent, getting an IVF, etc etc etc is simply not what a film that boasts about giving a tribute to ISRO scientists should be. These matters should have been on the back burner and the primary focus should have continued to be the science behind the Mars mission. Alas had that been the case, how would the film have catered to the all important MASSSSSSES and set the cash registers ringing among the tier 2 & 3 cities? So Mr Balki (aready infamous for making turkey’s out of solid themes) decides to make a so called scientific film but forgets the science and adds needless emotions, love stories and family dramas while whatever little science is left is dumbed down to the IQ of an 8 year old. Bravo!

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  55. Chris Evans is no longer a part of the MCU after Avengers: Endgame. He won everyone’s heart as Captain America and fans are yet to digest that he won’t play the character anymore.

    For so many years the actor played Captain America and made us fall in love with the character and his performance. However, in an interview with We Got This Covered, Chris revealed that he was apprehensive on playing the part.

    The actor said he went to therapy before saying yes to Captain America film and playing the character. Evans said, “I went [to therapy] because I was very apprehensive about taking the movie, I was nervous about the lifestyle change, about the commitment. You know, it’s six movies, that can last 10 years. I love making movies but I’m not dead set on being a gigantic movie star. I like to have the option to walk away if I want, with a six picture deal, you can’t walk away.”

    Chris Evans revealed that when he finally agreed to do the role, he needed to fix his brain and find out why he was so scared so he went to therapy. He added, “It’s not like there were giant breakthroughs in the therapy either, it was just nice talking.”



  56. Watched it last evening.

    My Review of Mission Mangal:

    When one goes to watch a Mission Mangal, one doesn’t know what to expect. The trailer had a mix of comedy and serious moments. The movie turns out quite serious and it is one of the best film of Akshay and Vidya Balan.

    The movie is quite serious and brings forth the relevant issues of Group Dynamics, Working under resource constraints, Innovation, Team motivation, science and above all the concept of 99% hard work and 1% luck which we Indians believe in.

    The movie takes you to a new world actually to every world that middle class Indians knows but is never explored to the extent Mission Mangal does. Movie starts with a failed mission to moon due to a small mistake by a lady. The failure is accepted by the Man in charge – Akshay Kumar who then resigns to his fate. The budget for the next mission is cut. Everyone loses hope except for the same lady who made a mistake but is now driven by passion – Vidya. She convinces her boss – Akshay Kumar who initially doesn’t believe but when convinced gets the mission going. The team is formed and other brilliant characters are introduced.

    From then on it is all about teamwork, group dynamics, excellence, innovation, Jugaad, leadership and optimism that is shown which is unique to India. Any Indian will associate with it. The most strong theme among all these is the importance of gender diversity and multi tasking abilities of women. These are shown with prominence.

    One scene, not even one scene is out of place. The screenplay, dialogs and direction are so perfect that every scene hooks you. This is the perfect editing work i have seen in this decade. The sets are superb and gives you a peep inside ISRO. Songs are brilliant and helps the narration to progress.

    Extra effort is put on to show the balance between work/family and life. This is i think first in India (Hindi films). No other film has remotely touched this and Mission Mangal will be remembered now because it will now set the ball in motion.

    Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan are the leads and give their best act. Both are restrained and give a performance which almost overshadows everything else despite superb acting by costars. Menon, Sonakshi, Kirti have powerful roles and they do complete justice. Vidya has the meatiest role and her family problems also form the core of the storyline. This has been intertwined with the main story so brilliantly that this movie can be a masterpiece of story telling in 3/4 layers.

    Overall the best movie of the year by a distance. This is beyond the regular bollywood movies. This is an all time classic.

    Rating: ***** 5/5 My best cinematic experience since Dangal.

    Box office: This is set to be All time Blockbuster.


    • Calling this junk Akshay’s best of late is an insult to Akshay’s own legacy of films like Special 26, OMG, Baby and Airlift. Thin line between a fan and a hero worshipping fanatic i must say!


      • Not really. I enjoyed this more than a Airlift or Baby.
        I am a sucker for these kind of team work dramas. i just love it if they are explored. Add Indian sensibilities and day to day problems like not getting a house, in laws problems, personal setbacks etc…and then overcoming these to achieve your dream, your team’s dream….i love these dramas.


  57. Mission Mangal Heading For Biggest Sunday Of Year
    Monday 19 August 2019 00.15 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mission Mangal may well have the highest Sunday of the year as it head for collections in the 27-27.50 crore nett range. The collections in the bigger circuits like Mumbai and Delhi / UP are the highest of the year but it will depend where the mass circuits come and if they are lower then can South compensate. Kabir Singh had collected 27.25 crore nett on its first Sunday which is the best Sunday of 2019 for a Hindi film.

    If it does turn out to be the highest Sunday of 2019 then it will be after an extended weekend while Kabir Singh was a normal weeeknd. The extended four day weekend total of the film is a huge 96 crore nett plus and now its about how strong that Monday will hold. The film has built momentum over the weekend and has appreciation so Monday will hold but its always difficult to tell at what levels.

    Balta House also recorded good numbers of 11.5-12 crore nett on Sunday and the film has an extended four day weekend of 43 crore nett plus. This film has also gained momentum over the weekend though not at the levels of Mission Mangal. As this film did not open to the levels it should have on a national holiday it will be about the the weekday collections and there is a chance of holding though the Maharashtra / Gujarat could be an issue on the weekdays.


    • Around 100 Cr over 4 days for this genre is unbelievable.


      • It’s excellent, the trend is good. I think Monday to Thursday needs to hold close to double digits by Thursday to go for 200Cr otherwise it’s chasing 2.0 total.


        • I don’t think it can r.each 200cr. It will be most probably be at around 8-9cr during the week days and then will leap again in its 2nd week end.

          It will collect until Saaho releases. My guess is more at around a 170-180cr finish.

          Batla House will collect slightly more than SJ.


          • Same here. But even sticking up 170Cr is a lot more than expected. With 2 very audience friendly genres to come soon in Housefull 4 and Sooryavanshi, 200cr should be a given.


    • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


      • It is not a surprise that Mission Mangal is doing well. In fact, more than anything Batla House doing quite well has surprised me.

        I was expecting Mission Mangal to do well. It’s a continuation of a good run. Akshay Kumar has been very prolific lately. Since 2016, i.e. in a 3.5 years spell, he has a run of 9 successful films out of 10 releases (the one under-performer being Gold and it still beat its direct release rival by 20cr and remains one of the highest grossing films of its banner and the highest of its director).

        During the last 9 months alone, there have been 2.0 (185cr), Kesari (153cr) and Mission Mangal looks to be heading to around 175-180cr.

        The major surprise here is Batla House performing quite well. JA is on a decent run. And while I never rated him personally as an actor, he has exceeded all expectations by surviving and doing alright. He started out at the times of Hrithk, Abhishek, Vivek etc and far better actors from that time have disappeared. Only Hrithik, Shahid and JA have remained relevant. He is not the most talented out there (far from that, in fact), but smart choices have certainly helped him.

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        • I was expecting Batla House to open better on day 1. From the promos it looked better than Mission Mangal. It had the same template as Satyamev Jayate. Once the reviews kicked in, it was clear that it is well made and better than Satyamev Jayate.
          But Day 1 figures surprised me. From Day 2 onwards, it is WoM now and the trending is showing. Overall no surprises for me from Batla House. Good as it was expected.

          But Mission Mangal is excellent. I had expected it to have a 20-21 Cr opening which it surpassed by 30%. Then the reviews came and it was good. Trade analysts gave it 4/5 while print critics gave it 2.5-3/5. But it opened very good. The public WoM was at another level and it helped the movie to sustain on Friday at good level and then jump big on Sat and Sun. Overall 15Cr more so far. Eventually in its final run, It will at least nett 50% more than what i expected. This to me is the surprise.


  58. Unprecedented crisis

    Under a deal signed with Britain, authoritarian China agreed to allow Hong Kong to keep its unique freedoms when it was handed back in 1997.

    But many Hong Kongers feel those freedoms are being chipped away, especially since China’s hardline president Xi Jinping came to power.

    Beyond suspending the extradition bill, Beijing and city leader Carrie Lam have shown no desire to meet key demands such as an inquiry into police violence, the complete withdrawal of the bill and an amnesty.

    Beijing has turned the screws on Hong Kong’s businesses, pressuring them to toe the line and condemn the protesters.

    On Friday, Cathay Pacific announced the shock resignation of CEO Rupert Hogg after the carrier was excoriated by Beijing because some staff supported the pro-democracy protests.


    (Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)


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  62. Kartik Aaryan’s Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 to CLASH with Ranbir Kapoor’s Shamshera and S S Rajamouli’s RRR


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    • 2point0 did 95 Cr (thu-Sun) on a non holiday release.

      Mission Mangal is more of chasing 2point0. If it does, it will be HUGE.


  64. Like

  65. Talking to journalist Rajeev Masand, Karan asked if he would have shared a video if drugs were indeed used. “There were achieving members of the industry who were having an easy night out after a hard week of work, having a good time. I took that video with all the earnestness… would I be putting out that video if there was anything happening at all, I am not stupid,” he said in the interview.



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  67. Mission Mangal Records Excellent Extended Weekend
    Monday 19 August 2019 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mission Mangal has recorded excellent extended weekend collections of 96.50 crore nett. Its a huge number for the film as such a number could not be expected for this type of film before release. the first day holiday was there but it is what it has done after the holiday which is the standout. The Sunday numbers are almost coming back to that national holiday first day level. At some places the collections are higher than day one.

    The film has crossed the business of films like De De Pyaar De, Manikarnika – Queen Of Jhansi and Luka Chuppi is just four days and these were successful films to a varying degree. The weekend is at such a level that even if the film was to drop hugely on Monday it is still a HIT film. But going the fantastic weekend trend the film should hold and its about how well it can hold.

    Mumbai is done fantastic business while West Bengal and Mysore will notch record numbers for Akshay Kumar starrers by the end of the week. Delhi / Up and East Punjab have been rock solid on Saturday and Sunday and should hold over time and catch up with business in Mumbai circuit. The first three day business of Mission Mangal is as follows.

    Thursday – 28,50,00,000 apprx

    Friday – 17,00,00,000 apprx

    Saturday – 23,50,00,000 apprx

    Sunday – 27,50,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 96.50,00,000 apprx

    Last year Gold had grossed 67 crore nett over its five day extended weekend and this film has done almost 50% more business in five days. It will cross the lifetime numbers of Gold in just five days.


  68. Batla House Has Decent Weekend
    Monday 19 August 2019 11.15 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Batla House has had a decent extended weeeknd grossing around 43.50 crore nett over the first four days. The film has recovered well on Saturday and Sunday after the drop on Friday. The Sunday figure of 12 crore nett is good especially as its the fourth day and not the third day.

    The problem for the film is that the film is not doing that well in Mumbai circuit. The all India collections were just 20% down from day one but an area like Gujarat was 30% down when Sunday is normally very strong for Gujarat / Saurashtra. The film is doing better in Delhi / UP and if both Mumbai and Delhi / UP can hold well on Monday that should be enough for the film.

    Delhi / UP looks like it can hold and so its all on how Mumbai circuit hold through the weekdays. The clash and holiday factor has helped hugely as with a solo non holiday release it is unlikely this film could have put up these numbers. The first four day figures of Batla House are as follows.


  69. tonymontana Says:

    The Hindus are under grave danger.
    Thankfully we have Dharam rakshaks like these to ensure we sail through easily.


    • Like

      • Next up for this distasteful nauseating film maker, the mastermind behind 9/11 named Shiva and the brain behind Madrid bombings being called Siddharth Gautam. Had this been Indira Gandhi’s India, this guy would have been hanged for hate mongering.

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  70. Wrongly posted on Saaho thread.

    Pritam Comes On Board To Compose The Music For Aamir Khan’s Lal Singh Chaddha
    The much-loved composer himself made the announcement of his union with Lal Singh Chaddha team on Instagram.


  71. Akshaye Rathi @akshayerathi

    अगर @NetflixIndia को हिंदुस्तान में अपना वर्चस्व बनाना है तो उन्हें अपनी current India team के duffers का बलिदान देना हगा। Clearly, these guys have no idea about the Indian market, consumption patterns, culture & sensibilities. They are the biggest threat to their organisation!

    If @NetflixIndia is betting on its India team to drive growth & secure the company’s future, I feel sorry for its shareholders! Poor fellas have no idea about the shit they’re sailing in! And with Disney Plus floating in the horizon, they’re going to be in their grave very soon!

    I genuinely thought #SacredGames was essentially the finest show to come out of India on any OTT platform. #SacredGames2 feels like a robbery in broad daylight after it. Wouldn’t have been so disappointed & pissed off if the first season was the benchmark of my expectations.

    I hope @NetflixIndia has the good sense to realise that India is very different from the rest of the world. McDonalds’s, Mercedes & various other iconic brands have embraced the Indian ethos & that has made them successful here. Do it before India kicks you out. And do it NOW!

    How would you feel if you were told that you’re being shown the sequel to Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety & then shown Sweety Weds NRI? I feel exactly like that right now. #SacredGames2 is an invitation card for critics (who have a sense of objectivity & don’t have biases) to make merry.

    The writing of #SacredGames2 is like a Venkatesh Prasad ka slow ball coming towards meme-makers who are in their Chris Gayle form. Takes special skills to come up with a script that is as sloppy, twisted & messed up. Wonder what the writers were smoking when they came up with it!


  72. Mission Mangal Good Monday – Batla House Steady
    Tuesday 19 August 2019 00.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mission Mangal had had a good Monday as it records figures of around 8.50-8.75 crore nett. The drop will be 50% or a little more but the film is coming of big weekend numbers and that too an extended weekend. It did look like a 10 crore nett Monday was possible on the weekend trend but eventually its a big city multiplex film and the film would have consumed a heavy chunk of this audience with a near 100 crore nett extended weekend total.

    The film will be at 105 crore nett after five days and the extended first week is looking to cross the 125 crore nett mark. The second weekend as hardly any competition and it should be the dominant film again and head to a very big lifetime total.

    Batla House is steady on Monday with collections of 4.25-4.50 crore nett on Monday. The drop for this film will be under 50% at around 40-45% from Friday but the Friday collections were low. The centres in UP have held well and are stronger than the rest of the country. The extended first week for Batla House will be around 58 crore nett and then the very crucial second Friday. The Monday collections give this film a good chance of success if it can continue to sustain.

    Overall its turned out a good Independence Day for the industry and better than last year despite the start being lesser than last year.


  73. Akshay Kumar on whether he fears of getting typecast for doing films on social issues, says ‘Jitni Izzat Kamaayi hai sab ‘Housefull 4′ mein nikal jayegi’


  74. Mission Mangal Is A Huge HIT
    Tuesday 20 August 2019 11.15 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mission Mangal is a huge HIT as it recorded collections of 8.50-8.75 crore nett on Monday. There is a drop of 50% plus from the Friday and the major multiplexes have fallen even more but there has been a huge drop in ticket prices at these multiplexes as they were at blockbuster levels for the first five days. The film is among the top three HITS of the year with Kabir Singh and Uri – The Surgical Strike.

    The drop is more in the big multiplexes due this reduction in ticket prices but the overall number is still very good for a Monday and there is an open weekend to come where the film should dominate again. The total collections of the film are 105 crore nett in five days and the extended week should be around 125 crore nett. The film is sure to cruise past the figures of Kesari in no time. A 10 crore nett Monday would probably have even given the film a shot at 200 crore nett but that would have been a crazy number for this type of film which has limited commercial elements and an audience mainly in the big cities.

    The film will be best in Mumbai, West Bengal and Mysore and all three are sure to set new highs for Akshay Kumar starrers. The first five day business of Mission Mangal is as follows.

    Thursday – 28,50,00,000 apprx
    Friday – 17,00,00,000 apprx
    Saturday – 23,50,00,000 apprx
    Sunday – 27,50,00,000 apprx
    Monday – 8,50,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 1,05,00,00,000 apprx

    The film has surpassed the numbers of Gold which did around 102 crore nett in just five days.


  75. Bob cristo Says:

    Who would have thought that oneday Akshay’s name will be synonyms with quality cinema. Look the buisness of Mission mangal. Movie with massage and bumper buisness.

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  77. Actor Vidya Balan has said that while she appreciated Kiara Advani’s performance in the film Kabir Singh, she wasn’t on board with one particular plot point in the film. In a rapid fire interview on Pinkvilla, Vidya said that she didn’t like the fact that Kiara’s character, Preeti, took Kabir back at the end of the film.

    Vidya, who recently appeared in the film Mission Mangal, was asked questions by several leading Bollywood actors such as Kareena Kapoor Khan, Janhvi Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Parineeti Chopra, Taapsee Pannu and Nithya Menen. The question about Kabir Singh came from none other than Kiara herself. “She’s so pretty,” Vidya began by saying, and added, “I personally didn’t like the fact that she takes him back at the end of the film. But that’s my personal view. I called her up and told her she did a great job. Especially for a city bred independent girl who’s not like Preeti, to play it with so much conviction is the best thing about being an actor. Hats off!”


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  78. Mission Mangal has been simplified for the common people. Did you put in some extra effort for that?

    Akshay: Our only motive was to make this film is a very simple manner.

    To be honest, even I didn’t know about India’s struggle to send a satellite to Mars. But when I heard the story, I understood it easily because it was very systematic.

    Vidya: I thought that if I understood the movie, the audience will definitely understand it because I am very scared of science.

    Children are loving it because the movie is very simple.

    After a long time, I had a ‘U’-rated film (laughs).



    • Fair enough IMO. Pointless doing a geeky film as I doubt it would work in India – to some degree like a Swades was a box office failure. A dumb version works but that is reality.


      • Swades was way back in 2004. I suppose the onset of urban multiplexes and audiences being exposed to the likes of Fincher, Sorcese, Nolan and co a lot more would surely accept a more intelligent film. We have witnessed smarter films from the likes of Shoojit, Neeraj Pandey, Sujoy Ghosh, meghna Gulzar etc work. Why not on a science theme? I don’t see why.


        • I don’t see why not but no producer will waste money on it. There is an audience for it but it’s tiny IMO. Not like Hollywood.

          Hence why it seems this movie is Kjo’fied to make it appealing commercially.


          • Long term impacts need a bit of short term risks and chances. Unfortunate that none of our billion dollar production houses or so called superstars are willing to take those chances.


        • I see your point Shivaay.
          I really thought it would be Mahabharat with Aamir and Saare Jahan Se Achcha with SRK taking this plunge.
          But then just on indian audience you cannot make a world class SFX movie. Even a hollywood needs one to make a movie like Gravity.

          However what pains me is that we have not been able to match the SFX hollywood of 80s – Back to the future, Terminator 2, Rocky, Rambo, Predator 2, etc. I think these kind of movies Indian films should definitely try. Eega by SS Rajamouli was actually superb and felt it was at par in this genre. 2point0 was very good in 3D and comparable, but when i saw again on Prime, it was quite ordinary and lacked the cinematic experience i had on big screen wearing glasses. Krish, Ra.one was also fine but not comparable.

          I think some of these movies of 80s in hollywood if made/remade now for Indian audience would be a blockbuster.


  79. Why’s it that none in film circles and media have commented on a clash between 2 mega budgeted productions on 2nd October? I guess the unfortunate fact about films clashing & eating into each other’s business is accepted now. Ultimately, the holiday factor gets completely neutralized to ground zero in the long run once 2 films clash, as Kaabil/Raees and SMJ/Gold proved.


  80. Mission Mangal has had another solid day with collections in the 7.50-7.75 crore nett range. This takes the business of the film to almost 113 crore nett in six days. The drop was very limited at multiplexes as they consolidated after the drop on Monday. The film should cross the 125 crore nett mark in its extended first week which would have been a good result if it was the lifetime business this film. Mumbai and Mysore held up very strongly on Tuesday and even Gujarat did not show much of a drop.

    Batla house is holding up well on weekdays with a limited drop on Tuesday. The collections hardly dropped as the film collected around 4.25 crore nett and this takes the total of the film to 52 crore nett plus. It can finish the week very close to the 60 crore nett mark. If the film continues to sustain like this into the second week it could even turn out to be a HIT though there is a long way to go yet.



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  82. Karan Johar ‘Won’t Apologise’ For His Larger-Than-Life Films Because…
    “I made that kind of films because I was raised in a certain atmosphere and there was also an aspiration attached to my thinking,” said Karan Johar

    In Bollywood, the name Karan Johar means swanky sets, ensemble casts, breath-taking locales and stunning costumes – all ingredients of a majestic cinematic experience. The 47-year-old filmmaker, who comes from a filmy background (he’s the son of late filmmaker Yash Johar and Hiroo Johar), has his resume dotted with films such as Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, Student Of The Year and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Often accused of overtly glamorising life in films and deviating far from reality, Karan Johar explained his choice of subjects at a recent event. “I made that kind of films because I was raised in a certain atmosphere and there was also an aspiration that was attached to my way of thinking. I always thought that cinema was meant to be larger-than-life and therefore, I created characters that were aspirational,” PTI quoted him as saying at author Shunali Khullar Shroff’s book launch for Love In The Time Of Affluenza in Mumbai.
    Karan Johar admitted that Bollywood has evolved with time, which means its time for him to change too: “But somewhere down the line, cinema’s syntax changed and I have to kind of adapt to that, and make sure that my characters are more rooted and real, so that they don’t seem so flashy anymore,” PTI reported him as saying.

    Talking about being criticised for his “larger-than-life” films, Karan told the media: “I am accused of affluenza but, having said that, I won’t apologize for the films that I have made, although I think I have to tweak the level of affluenza in future.”

    Making a direct reference to Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, in which Ranbir Kapoor featured as a wealthy family scion, KJo said: “When you talk about my films and affluenza, then that’s been criticism. Everyone says I make films about first world problems. It is said that if Ranbir Kapoor flies a private plane in a film, then his heart shouldn’t be broken at all. Apparently, if you are wealthy you are not allowed to feel pain.”

    Karan Johar’s name also often features in Bollywood’s ongoing debate over nepotism. The filmmaker has launched star kids like Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Janhvi Kapoor, Ishaan Khatter and more recently Ananya Panday in Bollywood. Meanwhile, his most-awaited directorial project is Takht, which stars Anil Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh, Bhumi Pednekar and Vicky Kaushal.



    • I think it is always the overdose of anything which is a problem. Karan’s KKHH was indeed aspirational in every sense. It was fresh. Then came his Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham which was affluenzaic but thanks to Amitabh, it made it worthy for me. SRK too next. Jaya killed it literally with her overdrama, easily her poorest acting ever. But from then on it was similar genre, set, setting and it became too much. It lost its novelty.
      Every director suffers from this. Karan should not be pointed. out. He is trying a historic which would be a new change.
      At Least the affluenza in an emperor / palace set up would look real. This should have been his second film.


  83. To be fair to Mission Mangal, it does seem that Hidden Figures was the source of inspiration. So, likening it to films like Gravity, Interstellar may be a bit unfair.

    Hidden Figures is a little gem of a film. While it was about an unlikely team overcoming hurdles to achieve something absolutely huge, it also subtlety dealt with underlying problems like discrimination and racism.

    The issues Hindi cinema face to make films like Gravity or Apollo 13 are three-fold: Lack of technology and finance to create such cinema, poor standard or writing and direction and the limitations imposed by the audience.

    I don’t think Bollywood have the technical aspects or CGI’s ready to make films like Gravity yet. On the other hand, Rakesh Sharna biopic looks so underwhelming on paper, anyway. There is hardly a thrilling story to tell there.

    The bankruptcy in creative writing apart, even if there is a good story to tell along with the required level of CGI and technology in hand, unfortunately there are a very few directors around who can really do justice to it.

    Also, once it gets too technical and complex, there is hardly an audience for it. Nothing demeaning about the film, but the Indian audience is more ready to lap up Luka Chuppi rather than something like Interstellar. The former is more relatable to them.


    • Well Said Rahul. I am actually hopeless on Bollywood.

      One problem i see unique to bollywood is that it is so star centric that best directors works for the stars and not the other way round.
      An Akshay picks Mission Mangal and everything around it.
      A Salman picks Dabangg3 and everything around it.

      An ace bollywood director like Hirani and Bhansali has not come out from their forte. They keep making same kind of cinemas.

      Things have evolved so beautifully in South Indian film industry that i can only expect them to be the torch bearer in breaking the barrier.


  84. Saifai, where the alleged ragging took place, is the home of former UP Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav

    SAIFAI, UTTAR PRADESH: A group of 150 first-year medical students were forced to shave their heads and salute their seniors, in an alleged case of ragging that took place at a university in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday. Videos of the incident, in which the students “bow in reverence” to the seniors, were shared widely, prompting authorities at the Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences in Safai village to take notice of the incident.
    The Vice-Chancellor of the university, Dr Raj Kumar, has claimed the institution maintained special squads that kept a “check over ragging” and has suspended students for similar incidents.

    “We keep a strict vigil on such activities and we have a separate dean social welfare for students. Further, we have an anti-ragging committee to deal with complaints,” he said, adding, “We also have a special squad which visits every place in University to keep a check over ragging. The students can complain to the anti-ragging committee or even to their wardens.”

    In the first of the distressing videos, which is shot from a distance, a small group of students, wearing white coats, can be seen walking in a single file. All of them have had their heads shaved.



  85. Yash Raj Films demands Thugs of Hindostan terms for Hrithik Roshan – Tiger Shroff starrer War; exhibitors fume

    Commenting on the same a source close to the matter says, “Back when Thugs of Hindostan released, Yash Raj Films had sold the film to theatre owner/exhibitors at a rather hefty minimum guarantee. However with the film under-performing at the box office, most exhibitors ended up facing nearly 50% loss. Now with War, YRF has demanded a similar if not better deal from exhibitors, which has obviously left many seething.” Prod the source for more details about the simmering conflict between exhibitors and YRF and the source continues, “After Thugs tanked at the box office, exhibitors had approached YRF to seek partial redressal of their loss, but YRF dismissed the same with impunity. This has left not just a bad taste but also a nasty memory among distributors.”

    Further talking about the issue exhibitors’ face a source close to them says, “The last time a film was projected to be the new benchmark setter it tanked, and it was exhibitors who lost a lot. Now the same production house is returning with yet another ‘benchmark setter’ and demanding similar terms seems unjust, since if this film too under-performs it will be the exhibitors who suffer again. Now, obviously not wanting to burn their fingers again, and at the same time not lose out on a potential money spinner, exhibitors have found themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

    While it still remains unclear whether exhibitors will bend to YRF’s demands the release date for War is fast approaching. And point out this detail our source adds, “War is slated to release on October 2, a holiday weekend that will ensure a good start. No one wants to lose out on the business but it looks like YRF and cinema owners have reached an impasse, which can be solved only with time. But whatever be the solution, the same has to be arrived at immediately.”



    • YRF are having a laugh. TOH was the mother of all turkeys, they should be embarrassed! Hopefully exhibitors push back.


    • Frankly at this moment i am only sure about a blockbuster opening day based on the action packed teaser.
      On what terms YRF can dictate? There is no Aamir Vs Bachchan here.

      Sid Anand, the director has not reached his potential for some reason and now he has probably one of the biggest film of the year. Such projects are risky budget wise. The expectations are skyrocket already. People would have sucked up to actioner in Saaho. So beware YRF!


  86. Parle-G Joins ‘Sacred Games’ Meme Fest. Netflix And Swiggy Respond
    “Parle-G is proud to be part of every artist’s initial struggle.”
    Offbeat | Written by Sanya Jain | Updated: August 21, 2019 17:37 IST



  87. Akshay Kumar’s column in Hindustan Times. Wow man !!


    • Bullshit! Sci fi if made like sci fi or science will work huge among the A1 and A centers at least, which are the real money spinners for the industry too. A nation producing countless number of engineers, doctors, scientists, mathematicians etc etc etc deserves better science films than Ekta Kapoor inspired crap like Mission Mangal. Pity that while most second rung film makers like Sanjay Gupta and the Bhatt proteges are busy taking inspiration from European and Korean junk, none ever bothers borrowing even an iota from Kubrick, Spielberg or Nolan.


  88. Mission Mangal had a normal drop of around 10-12% to collect 6.50-6.75 crore nett on Wednesday. It followed a similar trend to Tuesday when it dropped a similar amount. Wednesday has seen some film which were steady on the first weekdays drop of but Mission Mangal has not gone that. The film is doing good numbers and the first seven day total is around 119 crore nett.

    The first week total is the second highest ever for an Akshay Kumar starrer after 2.0 (Hindi) which did around 127 crore nett. The highest outright Hindi film first week total is Kesari with 97 crore nett.

    Batla also showed a similar 10-12% fall as it collected 3.75 crore nett for a first seven day total of 56 crore nett. Last Year Satyameva Jayate had collected 59 crore nett in its first seven days so Batla House is slowly catching that film as that film had opened 35% more Balta House but after seven days that gap is down to just 6%.



  89. I saw the teaser (of Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas) and it is a treat visually. The film seems to have been shot in some breathtaking locations and these have been captured very well. The title track seems melodious and the leads look good together. So far, so good.


  90. tonymontana Says:

    Did catch up with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood!

    Far different from what Tarantino has attempted so far. There’s very little action (or violence), but when it finally comes, it’s a freaking treat!

    the rest of it sees the director in a mellow mood. I haven’t yet decided my take on it. Some parts of it are heartwarming and funny, the rest is as relaxed as the countryside western feels his films usually depict.

    There’s no plot or so to speak of: just told from the perspective of a bunch of fine characters in late 60s Hollywood. It will probably age well, but I still miss the Tarantino of pre-Hateful Eight Days where stories, dialogues and the fun factor went hand in hand to create memorable masterworks.


  91. Like

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  93. September 12th release.


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  95. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/salman-khan-and-aamir-khan-to-romance-new-actresses-in-the-sequel-of-andaz-apna-apna/articleshow/70789318.cms

    Furthermore, he also revealed that Aamir and Salman will be seen romancing young actresses. He explained that this will add more humour to the plot.
    Meanwhile, reportedly many names of young Bollywood actors were speculated to play the role of Salman and Aamir in the film. Actors like Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Kartik Aaryan, Varun Dhawan and others were said to be considered. While the sequel will see new actresses joining the star cast, it is also said that Raveena Tandon and Karisma Kapoor will be making a cameo in the sequel.


  96. Like

    • tonymontana Says:

      Mar Jaavan
      yeh kaisa naam hua? its not even a real world but made real by bad songs..
      sad to see such things entering Hindi movie pop culture. cant expect anything more anyway with the likes of stupid people like Milap Zaveri


  97. Marjaavaan first look: Sidharth Malhotra pitted against an angry dwarf played by Riteish Deshmukh, see pic
    The first look of Sidharth Malhotra, Riteish Deshmukh-starrer Marjaavaan is out. After Zero, another actor plays a dwarf. See it here.
    BOLLYWOOD Updated: Aug 23, 2019 09:08 IST



  98. Huge first week. 2nd weekend ~ 25Cr+, 2nd week around 40Cr will race past 175Cr by end of run.


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  101. Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff, two of the biggest action heroes of our generation, are pitted against each other for a massive showdown in YRF’s visual extravaganza War. The action entertainer will see the two superstars going after each other as they pull off jaw-dropping, death-defying stunts in a bid to win over each other. From the teaser itself, we can say that War will be a spectacle for action film lovers and YRF wanted to do a grand, action-packed trailer launch that would wow media and audiences. However, they hit a massive roadblock!

    A source close to the production house reveals, “The team was working incessantly to produce a hugely mounted, action-packed trailer launch that has never been seen before. But after working for about 4 months on several different plans, they realized that no matter how big the event shaped up, it would still look way smaller in comparison to the visual spectacle that the trailer promises to audiences.”

    The informer adds, “War is the biggest action film that Bollywood has ever produced and YRF took a strategic call that there was no point doing this event. No event idea could live up to the grandness of scale and there was no point doing an event where two of the biggest action superstars were simply doing a routine stunt or using choppers, etc as the mode of transportation to create an entry because all this was really very small visually for this film’s positioning. The trailer of the film will show audiences across the world that a Bollywood action film is at par with the biggest Hollywood action films and the makers want audiences to get wowed by the mind-blowing visuals and jaw-dropping action choreography.”



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  103. Sacred Games 2 is now out. Not that I liked the first season.


    • 4 posts from Satyam in a day, time to celebrate 🙂

      I’ve watched 3 episodes so far of season 2 (I had liked 1st season a lot, better than anything else on the indian channels which are cringe worthy). You have to be focused while watching season 2 otherwise you’ll get lost. There’s a lot of reference from season 1, lot of going back/forth.


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  105. Looks super-crazy


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  107. I think that the remarkable thing is that in a spell of less than 9 months, he has 2.0’s 186cr, Kesari’s 153cr and the expected 175cr from Mission Mangal (all BOI hindi figures and producers figures are slightly higher).

    This makes it around 515cr from 3 films within 9 months, which is really an excellent run to have. And he has 2 further films lined up for the next 3 months or so!

    On another note, I am personally eagerly awaiting Saaho for next week.


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  109. Watched Game Over on Netflix. interesting movie. The incident at Cafe Coffee Day made me remember the tragic end of its boss.
    Looks like tapsee chooses hatke films after that pathetic Chashme Baddoor remake!
    Want to watch it again to understand the subtext better.


  110. Saturday Update: Batla House And Mangal Mission
    Sunday 25 August 2019 01.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mangal Mission and Batla House showed big growth on Saturday as Janmashtami holiday continued on Saturday. There were parst of India which had a restricted holiday on Friday and other parts were on holiday on Saturday. Some places saw two consecutive days of holidays like Gujarat.

    This has meant solid jumps for both films as Mission Mangal should be in the 12-13 crore nett range while Batla House should collect 5.50-6 crore. The Janmashtami factor and the open week has really benefited both films on Friday and Saturday as collections would be much lower otherwise.

    Mission Mangal has recorded huge numbers in Gujarat on its second Friday and Saturday and the figures on Saturday in the state are probably only bettered by around 5 films in history for the second Saturday. They are better than Kabir Singh which had the best second Saturday in Gujarat / Saurashta so far this year and this is a film which is not really for this circuit.


    • This is brilliant collection by both the movies together clashing from day 1.

      Mission Mangal is of course at another level of trending and is chasing the collection of URI from its second week. URI collected 7.5 and 13 Cr in its second Fri and Sat and Mission Mangal is bang on. And this from a clash with a HIT film (Batla House) is taking away 5 Cr from its overall collection else it would have collected more.

      Mission Mangal is now again chasing 200 Cr and if it keeps the pace with URI will go beyond. URI had collected 62-63 Cr in its second week. If Mission Mangal repeats this then it will be Akshay’s highest grosser beating 2point0 by the end of its second week run.

      Batla is 10% lower due to clash. It is mostly the premium screens which the clashes takes away which impacts. Batla is chasing 100 Cr now.


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  111. https://indianexpress.com/article/india/arun-jaitley-hoped-to-pull-through-till-end-5934515/

    Arun Jaitley hoped to pull through till end

    An acute diabetic for long, he had a heart bypass two decades back. In September 2014, in the first Modi government, the BJP leader was advised a bariatric operation to reduce his weight and help control his diabetes.

    Jaitley seldom let on that he was battling a series of crippling medical conditions. An acute diabetic for long, he had a heart bypass two decades back. In September 2014, in the first Modi government, the BJP leader was advised a bariatric operation to reduce his weight and help control his diabetes. But the operation at a major private hospital went horribly wrong and rumours spread that he was at death’s door. It was the remarkable efforts led by Dr Randeep Guleria and Nikhil Tandon at AIIMS which saved his life.

    In 2018, Jaitley had another medical crisis. Having attended a party rally in Lucknow despite a bout of flu, he returned to Delhi with swollen feet and discovered that his potassium levels and other parameters indicated his kidneys were failing and a replacement was required. Within his own family, and his wife Sangeeta’s large family, there were many relatives who were keen to donate an organ and were a match.

    However, soon fate had an even uglier shock in store. Early this year Jaitley noticed a slight swelling near his knee as he was applying oil. The AIIMS doctors diagnosed it as early stages of sarcoma, one of the deadliest forms of cancer which starts in bones and connective tissue and can spread to any part.

    Jaitley flew with his whole family, at his own expense, to the famed Sloan Kettering hospital in New York and the cancerous cells were scraped off. Though he kept off a ministerial role, he continued to take a very active role in the 2019 BJP election campaign, wrote blogs regularly and met BJP spokespersons daily at the party office.

    But, in April, when he developed a cough that prevented him from speaking at a book release function, it was discovered that the sarcoma had spread to his lungs. He flew back to the US in the midst of the poll campaign for a week, on a trip that was kept a total secret. On his return, he refused to give up his party duties till the election campaign was over. Against his doctors’ advice, he worked long hours.
    Despite the best efforts of doctors, the tumour couldn’t be checked. His body did not react well to repeated bouts of chemotherapy though oral medication appeared to be working. In end of July, a large tumorous lump was drained out with only the rim of the malignant cells remaining.


  112. Barb of Blood

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  113. Addatoday: Mission Mangal has gone bonkers today. Second Saturday may touch 18 Cr Nett.

    Uri second weekend – 7.75 (Fri), 13 (Sat), 16.75 (Sun)

    Mission Mangal Second Weekend – 7.5 (Fri), 13 (Sat), 17+ (Sun)

    By second weekend, Mission Mangal will be 160 Cr+ and by second week it should top 180 Cr.


  114. We dont appreciate our police force as much as we appreciate our army. We also ridicule them and cite some incidents to demonise the entire police force. I am daily reading as to how police solve cases and bring culprits to book most of the time. It is never a open and shut thing for them. They rather go deep and spend years to catch cunning thieves and cheaters. If they weed out the blacksheep amongst them by taking proper action, the police will get more respect from the public.


  115. Like

    • As I had informed everyone here, this whole Inshallah Vs Suryavanshi clash on Eid was a sham and a publicity stunt.
      Shooting for Inshallah will not be complete by then and i knew it.

      Now we know which movie will come on Eid. 😀


  116. Mission Mangal And Batla House Make Good Gains On Sunday
    Monday 26 August 2019 01.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mangal Mission and Batla House showed solid gains on Sunday. Obviously they did not go up like films normally do on there second Sunday but that was because places were boosted by Janmashtami on Saturday. The films still went up 10% plus which is very good.

    Mission Mangal is doing fantastic business in Mumbai circuit and is looks set to be the highest Akshay Kumar grosser ever. Gujrat / Saurashtra has been fantastic in the second weekend and with the film not having comedy or action makes the figures look even better.

    Batla House is best in Delhi NCR as places like Noida and Ghaziabad made good gains on Sunday even though Saturday got a boost from Janmashtami. Batla House rose around 15-20% rise in a centre like Noida which some films dont even do on a normal Sunday. The Sunday early estimates for both films are as follows.

    Mission Mangal – 14 crore

    Batla Haouse – 6.50 crore

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    • Inshallah maybe shelved or delayed for a Christmas or Diwali release. The combination of Salman and Alia excites no one except Alia herself.
      SLB is an independent director with a mind of his own and he will not listen to suggestions from anyone.


  118. “Someone Trying To Sabotage Salman Khan-Alia Bhatt’s Inshallah”: Reports On Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s 190 Crores Theatrical Rights Deal
    Meanwhile, last night the Dabangg actor took to Twitter and posted a tweet about the postponement of the film.


    • These are all fake news created for free publicity. Salman Khan is turning out to be his own enemy. His fascination for biggest opening is going against the interest of his own films.
      He doesn’t realise that the game of just getting biggest opening is not relevant now. With the cost going high for his next – 190 Cr, the movie needs 400Cr to break even. This requires proper planning, brilliant script and no need to hurry to catch on to the past Eid release which frankly were no great movie. Inshallah needs to be a great movie to go to 400Cr to break even. Ideally this is not the right project for Salman who for some reason is living like no tomorrow now.


      • Salman’s going one way. Aamir’s got one chance left. SRK hasn’t signed anything.

        Akshay’s got them in one hand and all the newbies in other. That’s the image on Naveen’s bedroom ceiling 😛


        • I am not different to what you had predicted long back when explaining how super stars stars will fade. You were of the opinion, to which i agreed then, that Salman would have the most difficult fading out.
          SO what i am getting from the launches of sequel quickies by Salman was that he is not making films eyeing the opening via releasing it on Eid and Christmas. These were ok for 100Cr movies like Dabangg3 or Race 3 etc. But Inshallah is not in the same category. It needs Bhansali touch more than Salman touch. And Bhansali doesn’t work for opening days. So any kind of pressure on him to cater for Salman’s stardom is what Inshallah doesn’t need. Hence the downfall is imminent as the two ideas are poles apart.


  119. I had never thought Mission Mangal would emerge a Blockbuster.


    • Good decision by Bhansali.
      Salman Khan is turning out to be his own enemy. His fascination for biggest opening is going against the interest of his own films.
      He doesn’t realise that the game of just getting biggest opening is not relevant now. With the cost going high for his next – 190 Cr, the movie needs 400Cr to break even. This requires proper planning, brilliant script and no need to hurry to catch on to the past Eid release which frankly were no great movie. Inshallah needed to be a great movie to go to 400Cr to break even. Ideally this is not the right project for Bhansali.

      Game OVER!!


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    • Terrific decision. So glad Bhansali realized that a half-note actor like Salman doesn’t belong in Bhansali’s world. It was horrific, him going to Salman Khan after working with the likes of Amitabh and Ranveer.

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      • Indeed.
        I watched HDDCS last week after 20 years. I love this movie least so for Salman although he’s bearable but Devgnn is the show stealer and Aishwarya playful with her eyes. Bollywood cannot produce music like this for so many years now. Soundtrack has 5 blockbuster level songs.
        Glad Bhansali isn’t wasted on Salman, his loony fans deserve this.


  120. Barbaad ho gaya Salman ab 😀


  121. This complete the supremacy of Akshay Kumar.

    Here is the sequence of events

    1. Suryavanshi Vs Inshallah clash was avoided when Salman called Akshay and then Rohit Shetty. RS agreed and Suryavanshi was preponed.

    2. Salman pushed Bhansali to get the script ready on time for his ego boost, which is not Bhansali’s style to work.

    3. Bhansali shelves Inshallah and walks out of the project.

    4. Salman announced the postponement of Inshallah and promises to come with another movie on Eid.

    5. Akshay’s horror comedy Laaxmi Bomb is now announced to come on Eid.

    Salman is left in lurch. No Bhansali. No Eid release. An all our demolition by Akshay’s men. Barbaad ho gaya Khandom.

    Media is loving this the most. All Akshay fans having the biggest laugh. Last laugh will be loder. 😀


    • Haha loving it. This Eid, Sallu ka eidi bik jaayega. From Bhansali’s Inshallah to some 8 months quickie to save the last fort.


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    • IdeaUnique Says:

      like him or not – but this guy is doing the most interesting script-based films…….cheeky!

      akki is shashi kapoor of this era – he will do hundred of films like a machine 🙂

      sallu is going down with crass films
      aamir has gone nuts with self-imposed stupid discipline of 1 film in a 2 year – end is near as a solo hero
      srk is long gone….

      so we have ranbir-ranveer as the top 2 guys and then below u have this young brigade of shahid-ayushman etc.

      Hritik still fits in in between somewhere…


      • “akki is shashi kapoor of this era”

        haha…lage raho…These statements are unreal….Khiladi aage ja chuka hai…bahit jyaada aage.
        Rok nahin paaoge guru. I know this was unimaginable in the worst of nightmare. Khiladi barbaad kar diya sabko incl fans.

        BTW, agree in Ayusshman Khurana. Hope he continues.


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  125. A source close to Pinkvilla revealed, “The script of Kick 2 has finally been locked and Sajid and Salman have planned for an Eid 2020 release. Pre-production of the film is under way and as soon as Dabangg 3 wraps up this year, the schedule of Kick 2 will begin. The initial plan was to begin shooting of the sequel from 2010 but now it will mpst probably roll by the year end so that it releases on Eid 2010. Like Kick was an official remake of a Telugu film of the same name, the sequel is also said to be an official remake of a South movie but will take off from where Kick ended. Sajid plans to make Kick a franchise with Devi Lal Singh aka Devil as the central character. The filmmaker is personally part of the scripting process as he wants a fabulous script for his friend Salman.”

    It also adds, “Sajid and Salman had been trying to crack the right sequel for Salman and came up with it only in the last few weeks. Initially, the Kick 2 dates were with Sanjay Leela Bhansali for Inshallah, but now that the project is not happening, Kick 2 shooting will go ahead in those dates, so everything is being rushed. Sajid and Salman share a great rapport and Kick 2 will be complete by Eid 2020.”



    Why Bhansali kicked Salman out of Inshallah?

    The superstar and the filmmaker had stopped working for a few years as the actor felt deeply let down by the director over another movie. But after their patch-up, the filmmaker narrated an unconventional love story which the superstar loved and gave an immediate nod to. The movie was announced and technicians were being finalised till the filmmaker received a roadblock from the star. The superstar said his own relatives and a close buddy would do his costumes (they do for all his movies, events and television shows and are known to charge extravagantly for them) and styling in the movie.

    The superstar is known for his own style of working as he’s moody and temperamental. From his team to the cast, music and his clothes, the actor picks and chooses everything, according to his own satisfaction and those who don’t listen, are dropped from his date diary. He is known to launch newcomers and promote wannabe actors and actresses even though they fail to leave an impact at the box-office. And when it comes to his family and friends, his love is so unconditional, that even though he has faced much criticism, he is always promoting their work.

    Now, the director likes his own team of technicians. He has his own style of working and is known to hire newcomers, so he doesn’t have to pay too much. The filmmaker is also known to be moody and temperamental, but his grandiose blockbusters mounted on a lavish scale are not just super entertainers but churn in the moolah and pump an actor’s career to an extreme high. In fact, most stars, fall over themselves to work with him and are known to reduce their fees too, so they can get a role in his musical extravaganzas.

    The filmmaker tried to reason and even argue with the actor that the relatives and friends weren’t equipped to handle a film of this scale, magnitude and characters. He is playing a stylish tycoon and his look demanded something different. The superstar and his styling, in recent times, have been getting plenty of flak from his fans and audience for his backdated (and repetitive) style of dressing. But no argument or calm reasoning could change the superstar’s mind. He was adamant that it would be his relatives who designed his outfits or he wouldn’t do the film. The hapless filmmaker had no option but to bow down to his demand. After such a big announcement and locking almost the entire cast, crew and locales, it would have been terribly expensive to postpone the movie and begin searching again for another top hero, again!

    If the superstar is not careful, his arrogance and unreasonable demands (especially that of promoting his kin), may lead to an even bigger downfall. Pride, they say, comes before a fall…



  127. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood crosses the 200 million dollar mark worldwide. 14396000000.00 rupees?
    Quentin Tarantino’s latest Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has also become the second-biggest Tarantino film, domestically, behind only Django Unchained. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie in lead roles.


  128. A source close to the production house exclusively revealed to ETimes, “Alia had already started rehearsing for her solo song in ‘Inshaallah’ and was scheduled to shoot for it soon. A majestic set for the song was constructed at Mehboob studio, all set for Alia’s grand act. However just before they could start shooting, the team was informed about the project being shelved. Salman Khan was to join the team in 15 days but with the project being postponed, the set has been asked to pull down.” Meanwhile, after Salman Khan tweeted about Inshaallah being delayed last night, SLB’s production house posted on Twitter hinting that the project had been postponed indefinitely, “Bhansali Productions has decided to not go ahead with In-shaa-Allah for now… Further announcement will be out soon… God willing.”
    Like fans, this piece of news may have come as a shocker for Alia Bhatt too. The actress was eager to work with stalwart producer Sanjay Leela Bhansali and seasoned actor Salman Khan, but for now ‘Inshaallah’ has come to a standstill.


  129. Vidya also spoke about the time when she signed 12 Tamil films, but ended up getting replaced on each one of them, because the agreements were verbal, and not written down. “My parents flew to Chennai and spoke to the producer, who showed clips from the film and said, ‘Look at her, does she look like a heroine?’” Vidya added. She said that the experience made her ‘feel like s**t’ and she didn’t look in the mirror for what felt like six months, because she felt ugly. Vidya said that she found it difficult to forgive the man after the incident, but can honestly say that she has now.



  130. Watched Batla House. A good solid cop drama, the best of B’wood since Shootout at Lokhandwala. Barring a few needless sequences (dragging a convict out from the middle of a political rally!, a needless item song) clearly added to commercialize the proceedings, its a well made, well enacted no nonsense film. 3.5/5

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  131. Open Letter To Salman Khan – Kaaide Mein Rahoge to Phaayde mein rahoge !!

    Hi Sallu,
    You are known to be a massy star. Your film gets an opening for any massy types movies which no other star can get. The first day of your movies open at premium all over the country.

    However your fans are made from Barjatya and Bhansali movies also. These are the directors who made you who you are. If they get upset you don’t show off like the way you did to Vivek. Here you have to do good movies so that after a good opening, your films can sustain. Expecting a Bajrangi / Sultan is not too much. Do 2 films a year but keep the level high. Don’t do Race 3 type of jugaad as such mistakes are not good.

    Get rid of your baggage. Yes, they will shorten your stardom. Can’t you see what they are doing. You need to work as per director’s vision instead of pushing your staff on their throats.

    Among the superstars, you have the worst script sense. Yes Akshay has zoomed past and is far ahead. Aamir was anyway beyond reach. So trust your directors who are a big brand themselves. Look at how Akshay got back Raghav Lawrence, director of Laaxmi Bomb. He got real upset but then Akshay got him back into the project. Akshay showed him respect. Believe me Bhansali is far bigger director. He deserves more respect. Say Sorry, accept his terms and get him on board. These Dabangg3 / Kick 2 etc are fillers.

    Keep in your limits dude!!! Don’t come under pressure from Akshay Kumar. He has few crores to lose by the clash on Eid. You have lot more. So DETOX your ego. Learn from Kohli and read the book he was reading. https://sports.ndtv.com/west-indies-vs-india-2019/virat-kohli-reading-detox-your-ego-during-1st-test-sends-twitter-into-a-frenzy-2089715

    Finally, as Salim saahab had once said…Only Salman can get him out of stardom. Listen to him.

    Your well wisher and biggest Akshay Kumar fan.


  132. On Tuesday morning, Twinkle shared a snippet from a fan page on Instagram, which had praised Shah Rukh Khan for his performance in the film and Twinkle Khanna for her navel ( wait, what). “Shah Rukh has performed well, So have Twinkle Khanna and her navel, which was in full view right through the film,” read an excerpt from the post. Now, Mrs Funnybones, had the perfect response to it, she shared the post and wrote: “Did I say I never got good reviews? I apparently did with the support of an emotive body part! Have to say that 20 years on and the Baadshah couple still have it – SRK still has his dimples and I still have that fine navel.” She added the hashtag #navelgrazing.


  133. Now, while the reasons behind the shelving Inshallah are still unknown, the star himself has spoken clear and loud on his equation with the maverick filmmaker. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, he said, “Sanjay was a friend even before we started working on Khamoshi. He had come to meet me through Manisha Koirala. After that, we collaborated on Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. When he came to me with this film, I liked it and we decided to work together again. One thing I can say is that Sanjay won’t do gaddaari with his film. I want him to make the film he wants to make. Nothing changes between us as friends and I’m sure nothing has changed in Sanjay’s heart for me. I’m extremely close to his mother (Leela) and sister (Bela). I wish him all the best. He and I will still work in future on a film, Inshallah.”


    • “Sanjay won’t do gaddaari with his film”

      what kind of language is this?


      • As in, he (SLB) will be honest and stay true to the story. The next line confirms that. That language is his usual indirect way of being blunt. Here he is coaxing/daring SLB to not change and make it as it is.

        It seems to me that Salman thinks whatever SLB has, won’t work for the Indian audience, especially masses, which is his base audience. Salman wants it to be changed, SLB isn’t budging. Will be interesting to see what SLB makes next. Whether he makes Inshallah with a different actor or a new script altogether? If its a new script it might mean Salman was right.


        • I don’t believe Salman to be right. Salman has enough fanbase for hits like MPK, HAHK and HDDCS and Bhansali has 3 big hits in a row. Salman’s ego is big and his family is harming his career. He’s obviously done well but Bhansali knows his craft. Duds like Saawariya and Guzarrish aside this seems like a significant spectacle type film. Salman should trust him.


        • We might never know who is right or wrong. Even if the story is same and a new star comes, the screenplay would change to suit him. Bhansali may offer Salman’s suggestions to him if that suits the new star better than Salman.

          Anyway this might not have to do with script level issue at all. As i said before Bhansali doesn’t shoot films in 9 months. Announcing the dates even before the script was ready was obnoxious by Salman.


          • I’m staggered by Salman’s audacity. Perfect film to help mix it up. All he has to do is be a normal actor. His ego seems too much. Announcements aside I do feel sorry for Alia here. SRK wouldn’t be the worst shout here. I’d like Ayushman to do something different too like this.


          • It looked more like Prem Ratan deal. I was surprised that SLB went for a non actor for this mega project and also a much younger Alia who could not help Kalank from sinking. Both Salman and Alia did not deliver in their respective last outings. Only his fans are saving him. And SLB’s last outing with his niece and Jaaved Jafri’s son tanked big time.
            No one is foolproof. Here I am talking about big budget films and big directors.


  134. Mission Mangal Second Monday Business
    Monday 27 August 2019 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mission Mangal did good business on its second Monday as it collected 3.75 crore nett. The drop does look big from its second Friday but the collections were boosted by Janmashtami there. the drop from last Monday is just 55% which is strong trend. the Janmashtami factor over the weekend probably boosted the collections of the film by around 5-6 crore nett.

    TOTAL – 1,63,75,00,000 apprx

    Batla House was steady on Monday. The film dropped less on Monday compared to Mission Mangal as the boost for Janmashtami on Friday was also less. The film collected well on Tuesday with collections around the 2 crore nett mark and is heading for a second week around 24 crore nett

    TOTAL – 77,75,00,000 apprx


  135. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is already said to have approached Shah Rukh Khan for his next. They were to produce a movie together with SRK in the lead which would be directed by a top director but now trade buzz is that SLB will be directing it himself. “It’s an intense romance called Izhaar (working title) and currently, SRK and Bhansali are working out the dates. If they do it, it will mean that both will be doing a film after 17 years. Their last film together was Devdas (2002).”


    • If SLB has truly worked on Inshallah for 1.5 years and believes in his script and just feels that Salman is not perfect choice for it, he should just take SRK and complete the movie. He has dates and he can start the movie in few weeks time and everything remains same. But SRK hasn’t signed a movie in over 3.5 years. I had mentioned this even when his movies were releasing (and not working) that its all the signed movies which are releases. SRK has not signed any new movie from 2016 start till now. Last movie announced was Zero and official date was in half way 2016 for Christmas 2018 release. Even if he signs one now and release next year the gap will look 2 years but infact it’ll be almost 4 years if he doesn’t sign one by this year end.


  136. https://www.ndtv.com/indians-abroad/indian-origin-man-donald-trumps-former-partner-arrested-for-theft-at-airport-2090932?pfrom=home-topstories

    Indian-Origin Man, Trump’s Former Partner, Arrested For Theft At Airport
    Dinesh Chawla, the CEO of Chawla Hotels, was seen taking luggage from the baggage claim at Memphis International Airport last weekend
    He confessed to stealing luggage “over a long period of time”, the report said but it provided no details of other thefts.

    Chawla told an officer that he knows stealing luggage is wrong, but he does it for the thrill and excitement, the report said.

    Chawla and his brother Suresh Chawla operate a chain of hotels and motels in the Delta and are constructing a luxury hotel in Cleveland, an undertaking that until February was a joint venture with the Trump Organisation.

    The Trump brothers, Donald Trump Jr and Eric, withdrew from the undertaking in February, saying that “harassment” from Democrats had led them to that decision, but praising the Chawlas.

    The relations between the Trumps and the Chawlas began in 1988 when the Indian-origin brothers’ father, V K Chawla, reached out to Donald Trump Sr for help starting a motel in Greenwood. Trump called the elder Chawla and suggested that he apply for a minority Small Business Administration loan, which he did successfully.

    Beware of this man!
    And what for cctv cameras? And dont the security check tags and receipt slips before allowing one to leave the airport?


  137. ‘I am so nervous, I want to lock myself in a room!’
    August 27, 2019 09:00 IST
    ‘I did not have a quintessential debut even though my father is a well known actor in the industry.’
    ‘That’s why I never felt like an industry kid.’

    Saaho is a massive budget film at almost Rs 350 crore. A lot of pressure comes with such big budget films.

    If the audience does not connect with the film, it’s a huge loss.

    I am so nervous, I want to lock myself in a room!



  138. Don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but this is definitely the most under rated song of the year. Pure goosebumps!

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  139. Kaun Banega Crorepati 11, Episode 7 Written Update: Amitabh Bachchan Asks Contestant About Tinder, Gets This Response
    During one of the intervals between questions, Mr Bachchan jokingly asked the contestant if he is aware of the dating app Tinder.
    Entertainment | Written by Nilanjana Basu | Updated: August 27, 2019 23:30 IST


  140. Like

  141. Looks like Batla House is almost 80 crores and Mission Mangal is 167 crores as on today’s bo report.

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  142. IdeaUnique Says:

    very happy that MM success credit is given to Vidya, Tapsee, Director……also the film did not have any salable star – is something to be noted 😉


  143. https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=5359

    If Fan & Special 26 are “concept films” then why aren’t ZNMD, Airlift & Super 30 the same, only Boi can explain.


    • Comedy article. No way if you apply real adjustments that MM is bigger than films like CDI or TZP.

      Concept film lol – like some new genre created so that finally Akshay can top something.


      • Bluffmaster Says:

        This article really wasnt needed but its fun to see the reactions and jelousy Akshay is getting on this site.
        I know its not easy to see your favs going down the drain but thats the norm, they had their time and it happens to all. Just move on. Akshay will also go down with time but the reality is that he has a lot going on and he has been consistent for some time now. He just delivered a superhit with another hit/superhit coming in Oct, so within 1y he will be delivering big time for the industry. That should be appreciated, and no one is forcing you to watch his movies.
        Learn to give credit when due or just ignore, go on hiding like some other members. I used to read this site for the awesome member reviews and some inside news but now this site is like old NG site.
        However, Im not saying that all of you are the same 🙂


        • The article is full of nonsense. On Akshay he’s doing superb – admittedly I am being proven wrong. My point has typically been he is not the top star – I don’t think I’ve said he’s not a star or is unsuccessful or whatever.

          I still say Salman and Aamir are bigger stars.

          Now I’m reading your previous comments on this blog and wondering why I bothered responding to you!


          • Bluffmaster Says:

            You dont have to respond to me, and like always you turn to insults when you dont have anything worthwhile to add 🙂

            It doesnt matter who you or I think is the bigger star, it wont change the fact that one just got kicked from his film and another taking 3y to make a b-grade Forrest remake.
            The article is full of nonsense but if TZP was nr 1, you all would have celebrated. MM doesnt have any chartbuster, no action or masala, its one of a kind movie about space. Name another like this. Im not saying its a good movie but it has exceeded the expectations.
            Now Boi could have added many more different movies to the list but they didnt. Its not a perfect article but Im unsure if any other “different” movie has made 180cr+ (apart from old classics)?


          • I haven’t seen it. If it’s about space purely then I’m confused about the reviews I’m reading. Insults? You’re good at them.


      • Concept film with minimal concept but maximum inspiration from KJo, Ravi Chopra and Barjatya on a ‘sasta’ budget to appease family drama fans and female audience from tier 2 and tier 3 towns 😀


        • Put it this way given the way Dangal went, CDI today would not be too far off! I haven’t seen MM but anyway it’s a big hit. But calling it a ‘concept’ film or whatever is a joke!

          Just write proper articles! It’s not rocket science!


          • CDI was not a patch on the classic Dangal. In fact imho, uts a heavily overglorified, over rated display of pseudo feminism saved only by some well shot edge of the seat hockey sequences & a surprisingly restraint Srk, a far cry from his usual hamming.


          • tonymontana Says:

            I’d, however, prefer CDI to Dangal. The former is a more spontaneous film


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