Saaho Trailers

Thanks to Sanjana and Naveen…

In Hindi



24 Responses to “Saaho Trailers”

  1. sanjana Says:

    Two songs released today. Which one you liked more?

    Psycho Saiyaan or


  2. sanjana Says:

    As far as the track goes, you cannot really expect any meaningful lyrics from a number whose title reads “Psycho Saiyaan.” The song has been heavily auto-tuned, just when you thought, auto-tune was a thing of the past. As it turns out, it is not.


  3. PATHETIC teaser. There are rip-off scenes from ALL movies: MAD-MAX; BOURNE IDENTITY; MI3 on the bridge; even the stupid 300; INSIDE MAN; MR and MRS. SMITH; KNIGHT AND DAY…

    Full course 12 $ groupon discount copied desi buffett..absolutely pathetic Hindi diction by Bahubali…

    Still, it will be a hit…


  4. IdeaUnique Says:

    but u have THE Prabhas here, lucky Shraddha and over-the-sky expectations nationwide, I am willing to bet 300 cr for this at the BO……also I trust South Indian Directors any day, they make such gripping screenplays that even a Bakwas story looks engaging on screen……and this looks a polished product


  5. Like

  6. IdeaUnique Says:

    slick product…..shraddha overpowers everything….what a screen presence!


  7. Naveen:
    Awesome except the Prabha’s dialogues in hindi.

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    • Horrific Hindi speaker; but still better than Rajinikanth…


      • Similar problem with telugu trailer. Neil, Shraddha, Shroff, Manjrekar speaking telugu though with dubbed voices. Hope there will be less dialogues and more action.
        The problem with Saaho is that they want to eat the cake and have it too unlike Baahubali 2 where Rajamouli did not have any hindi actors replace telugu ones to get all India audience.
        Now even Rajamouli has succumbed to big bucks. He is taking alia and ajay devgn for RRR.


        • IdeaUnique Says:

          nothing wrong with that……as it is South film industries have been taking north indian females as heroines ( i wonder why becoz South Indian women are so beautiful!)


  8. Teaser was better than main trailer. Prabhas looks the part but dubbed voice is making it look weak. Agree with Anjo so much influence from Hollywood here.


  9. Checked Tickets for AMC – Imax – Hindi for tomorrow – $25 per person.
    Passed on it …


    • I was always under the impression that AMC does not change their regular admission rates for any movie, but I guess Saaho is special .


      • During Baahubali (1 and 2), they hiked rates in all cinemas…
        I have lost interest in movies to pay more than $10-14.

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        • Bahubali actually our AMC had the same rate .
          But IMO AMC had only Hindi version of Bahubali 1 and 2 ( Telgu version was in local theatres and their prices were hiked up ) , In the case of Saaho even Telgu/ Tamil is playing at AMC . I think that is the reason even AMC has increased the rates.


    • Near me…xD is $25..Regular shows $20 ..

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      • This is loot. I have amc stubs A list card with which i can buy 3 movies per week for free. But guess what, app crashes as soon as i click on any saaho showtime. It is deliberately done, so that only non A list card holder can buy tickets by paying such hefty prices. Same was done for 2.0


      • You guys get ripped off!


  10. IdeaUnique Says:

    i think Sahoo will not be able to deliver – will be crushed under huge expectations – and trailer was just okayish…..shraddha is a draw here…..but Prabhas’ popularity is at a test here


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