Chhichhore Trailer

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24 Responses to “Chhichhore Trailer”

  1. reminds too much of college days ..had reunion in couple of years back and and all skinny guys have too much adipose tissue now and varying degree of baldness…


  2. 3 idiots feel, na?


  3. IdeaUnique Says:

    poor ppl’s 3I, Dangal-director’s name will print lot of money at the BO – Obviously Shraddha is the biggest draw here…..


  4. Atleast this looks like a real college unlike the KJO colleges


  5. Better than SOTY. Mix of both SOTY and 3 Idiots.


  6. This is much more authentic than 3 Idiots showing technical college except some scenes here and there. A cohesive screenplay and this will do wonders at BO.


  7. All the giggles, lol’s and funny moments aside 3 Idiots was an extremely over the top, overcooked and shady take on India’s already charred education system. I do believe Nitesh Tiwari would make a much more toned down and polished college film compared to the usual Hirani melodramatic antics and hysteria. As long as the screenplay’s crisp and the dialogues hold the audience, this should work.


  8. Wish Nitesh best of luck! Hope this film works very well!


  9. I am one of the very few in this world who found 3 IDIOTS way too-over-rated and really, a very ordinary film based on WHATSAPP forwards. [In this case, I stand in solidarity with Raja Sen.]

    Aamir Khan/Hirani fans would be ready to bludgeon me but that’s what I felt, and still, strongly feel.

    The success of 3I was that it resonated and touched a nerve: Everything that was/is wrong with our educational system, like rote behavior, or success metrics in life/profession, the KPIs, was scratched up on the film; and that’s where it suceeded.

    It’s success, per me, was in the ‘theme’ it chose, and not in the ‘cinema’ that emerged out of the theme..

    Not trying to mollycoddle Aamir’s fans — myself being one — but that was one of his gutsiest performances ever…playing a 21 year old at age 40+; both physically, and mentally, the man lived that role….


    • For me it boils down to will I be willing to watch the movie again when it is available to stream –
      I have watched- Dangal, 3I, Sultan, DDD , ZNMD, Gabbar, Sanju, Rowdy Rathore, Singham and many more again.
      I could not watch- TOH, Zero, TZH, Bharat, PK, Padmavat etc. again, even though I may have liked them on first viewing .

      So 3I for me was good movie.

      P.S.- Eagerly waiting to rewatch Super 30 and Kabir Singh.

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    • IdeaUnique Says:

      that is actually true – but then, it came at a time when aamir was at top of his “marketing gimmicks” game which worked wonder…..fortunately (for us), his gimmicks days are over with TOH debacle and he will be stupid to repeat those with his future movies… any case, 3i was an okayish movie but was lucky enough to hit the right cords with paying audience…..hirani’s munnabhai movies are more endearing and have more repeat viewing values….


  10. BTW, Gabbar IMO is a highly underrated movie, we as a family have watched parts of it multiple times .


    • Have watch it few times and i agree.
      It grows on you on second watch. I liked it first time and then i thought it is time pass 3/5 types.
      Over time it has become better.


  11. I am really everything about this movie. Seems like a college type story with a heavy second half.


  12. tonymontana Says:

    Like the song picturization.


  13. The Zoya Factor | Official Trailer | Sonam K Ahuja | Dulquer Salmaan | Dir: Abhishek Sharma | Sep 20

    Here the poster

    Thanks 🙂


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