The Legend of Dr Shriram Lagoo

8 Responses to “The Legend of Dr Shriram Lagoo”

  1. Great loss. Another artiste without whom a certain era of Hindi cinema is unimaginable.


  2. Great loss and huge talent! Haven’t seen but Doctor’s performance in marathi play Natsamrat is stuff generations aspire and get inspired and still revered with huge respect!


  3. Om Shanti.
    I remember him in MKS, Lawaris and TV series Khandan ( with him constantly reminding his rich children that he was a Mochi before he became so successful )


  4. Posted the above video by Tabassum but forgot these links – He rocked as APPA SAHEB in SINHASAN; a film that also boasted of Nilu Phule.

    And then there’s NATSAMRAT…


  5. Eyes as warm as the sun as well as penetrating through the soul. An unmistakable ‘thairav’ in his benign voice.

    Dr Shreeram Lagoo’s sparkling combination of intelligence and restraint made him an effortlessly compelling figure on stage and screen. Off it too, his evolved, progressive views championed the cause of a corruption and superstition-free society.

    Born on November 16, 1927 in Satara, Dr Lagoo started with following in his doctor father’s footsteps. Although he studied and pursued medicine professionally, specialising in otolaryngology, he was drawn towards dramatics ever since he was a child.

    By the time Dr Lagoo was in his early 40s, he decided to turn his passion for theatre into a fulltime vocation.

    The risk paid off.

    Be it theatre, where he made some pathbreaking contribution, most notably in the iconic Marathi play Natsamrat. Or films, where his talent for creating depth in major and minor characters kept him immensely busy despite Hindi film industry’s compulsive need to typecast him in roles of a patriarch, including the unfortunate Souten.


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