Shimla Mirchi, Good Newwz (Ongoing), minor releases and the rest of the box office

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  1. Jugaado – Thanks for reminder.


    • And this deconstructs the myth that Andaz Apna Apna was a flop. Komal has it as commission earner – that says it all. BOI seriously needs to shed their bias.

      It will be great if Komal puts up all his yearly classifications in his site.


  2. FI has the 2019 Classifications up already. Not sure if this has been posted.


    • Where are Bharat and Dabangg3 ?are they flop and disaster respectively?
      Though, i am sure overall both are huge money losing proposition to investors, but did no one make money on these ?


    • In Jayshah column

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    • HF4 is only a commision earner, not a blockbuster as one Akshay fan on this forum would have us believe.


      • I had said during release itself. HF4 had huge pre release cost & in present context its nothing more than a Semi Hit. Don’t agree with War & S30, Gully Boy verdicts though. They are Hit & Semi Hits respectively as per their final production cost.


      • I think a lot of it is to do with perception. The reviews were so bad, many did not expect it to last as long as it did. So it pleasantly surprised the gloomy box office pundits.

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      • Himesh
        Jan 3
        Top World Television Premiere of ALL TIME (Impressions):

        1. #Baahubali2: 2.64 crore
        2. #PRDP: 2.51 crore
        3. #BajrangiBhaijaan: 2.50 crore
        4. #Housefull4 – 2.15 crore
        5. #Baahubali: 2.08 crore

        #HF4 is the fourth highest of all time


        • 205 Cr Nett collection
          Solid HIT in theatres
          Blockbuster in TV premier

          Other fan’s envy …

          COPY THAT.


        • Lot of critics bashed Housefull4 & then justified their review by calling it flop, it’s collection as fake.

          With TV premier rating has come out with whopping 2.15 cr impression, #Housefull4 has truly triumphed against all the negativity as general audiences found it entertaining
          205 Cr Nett collection
          Solid HIT in theatres
          Blockbuster in TV premier

          Other fan’s envy …

          COPY THAT.


  3. On Pancham’s punyatithi


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  4. Street Dancer 3D song


  5. Incredible video
    “Opening monologue by Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes. 7 mins of comedy in a British accent. What else do u want”
    Ricky Gervais to celebrities at the Golden Globes: “You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world.”

    Ends by telling award winners to “f**k off.”

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  6. Naveen, in your top directors of the decade list you missed Mohit Suri. Murder 2(2011), Ashiqui 2(2013), Ek Villian(2014), Half Girlfriend(2017) were all successful movies at the box office

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  7. Good Newwz is unstoppable Superhit going to be Blockbuster.

    Koi to Rok lo


    • Bad news for few here –

      #Housefull4 is among the BIGGEST world television premiere’s of all time with television impressions of 2.15 crore for its debut screening.
      and the appeal of comedy genre has done wonders. A mega premiere for #SajidNadiadwala and @farhad_samjis comic caper.

      4th highest of all time EVER …yes EVER.


  8. @taran_adarsh
    #GoodNewwz remains super strong on [second] Mon… [Week 2] Fri 8.10 cr, Sat 11.70 cr, Sun 14.40 cr, Mon 5.40 cr. Total: ₹ 167.50 cr. #India biz.

    Week 2 should end at around 175 cr nett whopping a massive 50 cr nett.🙄👍

    Third consecutive 200 cr nett by Akshay and an enormous 750 cr + IN ONE CALENDAR YEAR 🎊👑🕺


    • Lol. This site is shying away to create separate thread for Vidhu vinod chopra’s film. Just because it talks about the truth instead of fantasy?

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    A HISTORIC year with ZERO blockbusters, no Hgoty and ZERO record openers. Of course we got fudged BARC data to cover up for trash like HF4 which I attempted watching but couldn’t bear it beyond 15 mins. I guess my 15 mins are part of the 2.15 crore viewership too. Akshay fanboys at least gotta have some grace & masquerade the likes of Kesari & Good News instead of junk like HF4.


    • HF4 is not the only crappy film in history of Bollywood to succeed. Akshay had a remarkable 2019. It is not necessary to have a blockbuster or a record opener to have a sterling year and 2019 proves it. Akshay’s success makes a lot of other star fans uncomfortable but that is more a reflection on their insecurity than the merits of Akshay’s standing in BW.

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    • 2007 was also the year when Akshay had 4 hits i think. And probably 2012 aswell though khuladi786 was above average/semi hit only, rowdy rathore was blockbuster, hf2 And OMG superhit.


      • His stardom in 07-12 was way more genuine and wider imo. He had huge grossers like Welcome & RR & big openers like KI, TMK & DDD too along with the HF films. Today his stardom is all about the A centers while the masses of B/C which once formed his core fanbase have deserted his films ever since he started doing urban cinema from 2015 onwards as a change of strategy (rightly so as his massy films were mostly flopping between 2009-14 with the exception of HF & RR).


        • Main difference,

          2007-12 Akshay never got his dues despite.big openings

          2016-Current He is getting his dues from media, industry and peers. Fans were always the same.


          • He’s getting his dues now despite far lower openings thanks to the media bias towards urban centric and A center cinema which makes even a rank disaster king like Anurag Kashyap sound like Indian’s Tarantino. Akshay hardly did urban centric cinema earlier and hence his strategy change has paid dividend. Govinda and Sunny Deol are prime examples of media bias towards urban centric films and their criminal ignoring of good masala cinema like Ghayal, Ghatak, Gadar, Coolie #1, Raja Babu and Dabangg 1 , Singham of late. Anyone following box office in the 90’s would know how Sunny was ahead of both SRK and Salman in terms of box office openings.


    • Akshay Kumar Has A Historic Year
      Wednesday 08 January 2019 12.30 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Akshay Kumar has had a historic year which and is by far the star of the year with no other actor even in sight. The records have tumbled in 2019 with a cumulative total of the for Akshay Kumar starrers to be in the region of 750 crore nett and worldwide it will be the first time ever that an actor will cross 1000 crore.

      It does not stop there as the domination continued on satellite as Housefull 4, 2.0 (Hindi) and Kesari all took openings which placed them in the top ten of all time on release. Housefull 4 became that very rare film to top 2 crore impressions on first screening.

      There have been many times that an actor has givev 3 hits in a year but there is a big difference between 3 and 4 as that 4 is a rarity in history. Today most actors cant even manage to have four releases let alone 4 HITS. This is where most actors get it wrong as the fact is there are no Mughal E Azams, Sholays or Bahubalis being made in the Hindi film industry which need 200 or 300 days to shoot so its very difficult to understand how actors have just one or two releases a years. Hardly any Hindi films have any real cinematic value today and on average are 50-60 days shoots and there are 365 days in a year.

      This is where Akshay Kumar has scored over all the other actors in recent times as most of the others have gone into that zone of less work which puts pressure on the films for big numbers but as Akshay Kumar has more films there is not the pressure of doing 200 crore nett or 300 crore nett each time and he can even get away with a 100 crore nett film as long as the others do the better numbers.

      There is no actor even in sight in 2019 after Akshay Kumar as the gap is so big. The next best is probably Hrithik Roshan but even there War was a two hero film and the credit goes 50-50 with Tiger Shroff but the edge for the year going to Hrithik Roshan as his other release Super 30 did better than Tiger Shroff’s other release Student Of The Year 2. The other actor in contention for second spot is Ayushmann Khurana with two solo SUPER HIT films Dream Girl and Bala but its actually a fight for 11th spot between Hrithik Roshan and Ayushmann Khurana as Akshay Kumar is actually 1-10 as far as 2019 goes. The records for Akshay Kumar in 2019 are as follows.

      India Theatrical

      Kesari – 151.87 crore

      Mission Mangal – 192.67 crore

      Housefull 4 – 205.60 crore

      Good Newwz – 200 crore (expected)

      TOTAL – 750.14 crore (The previous best was 510 crore by Salman Khan in 2015)

      Worldwide Theatrical

      Keasri – 203 crore

      Mission Mangal – 277 crore

      Housefull 4 – 293 crore

      Good Newwz – 305 crore (expected)

      TOTAL – 1078 crore (The first time that the 1000 crore mark has been broken and its unlikely to be broken many times. The previous best was 968 crore by Salman Khan in 2015)

      Actors To Give 4 or more HITS In A Year

      Rajesh Khanna (1970, 1971)

      Dharmendra (1966, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1987)

      Amitabh Bachchan (1977, 1978, 1981)

      Akshay Kumar (1994, 2019)

      Not much to say here as the other names means you are with the greats of all time and its very unlikely any contemporary of Akshay Kumar or a younger actor will join this elite list while Akshay Kumar may add another year. As mentioned above 3 HITS in a year happens but 4 is a rarity.

      Television Ratings

      2.0 (Hindi) – 1,65,13,000

      Kesari – 1,56,66,000

      Mission Mangal – 56,96,000

      Housefull 4 – 2,15,42,000

      TOTAL – 5,94,17,000 (Almost 6 crore impressions in television premieres in one year which is an insane number and could have been higher if Mission Mangal worked on television. Despite this it will be a huge record for anyone to break.)

      The figures say it all and its a phenomenal year from all angles and there will be chances of a repeat next year


      • Seems like BOI is a fan of both Akshay Kumar and Naveen’s writing style.


        • Bollywood Best Actor of the Decade [2010-2019]. Watch till the End 🔥🔥@HimeshMankad @SumitkadeI @Tutejajoginder @rameshlaus— ⚡ ADITYA – SRIVASTAV 🔥 (@AdityaS_Indian) January 5, 2020


          • Decade 2010-19

            # of ATG
            Aamir 3 D3, PK, Dangal
            Rest Hindi 0
            South 1 BB2

            # of HGOTY
            Salman 5 Dabangg, Bodyguard, ETT, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Tiger Zinda Hai
            Aamir 3 D3, PK, Dangal
            Ranbir 1 Sanju
            Hrithik 1 War

            Record openers
            Salman 4 Dabangg, Bodyguard, ETT, PRDP
            Aamir 2 D3, TOH
            Hrithik 2 Agneepath, War
            South 1 BB2
            SRK 1 Chennai Express

            Top 10 Worldwide grossers Hindi (Aamir’s 4 films Dangal, Secret Superstar, PK and D3 outgrossed other 6)
            Aamir 4 (3 of top 5) approx. 4,400Cr
            Salman 3 approx. 2,200Cr
            Ranveer 1 approx. 585Cr
            Ranbir 1 approx. 586Cr
            Hrithik 1 approx. 475Cr

            Top 10 domestic hindi grossers
            Aamir 3 approx. 1012Cr
            Salman 3 approx. 959Cr
            Ranbir 1 343Cr
            Hrithik 1 318Cr
            Ranveer 1 302Cr
            Shahid 1 278Cr

            Top Hindi Grosser Domestic Dangal
            Top WW Grosser Dangal
            Highest rated movie of decade on IMDb Dangal

            Dhoom 3 and PK are oldest films on top grossers
            Dhoom 3 also still on list for top openers records

            Considering GST changes, entertainment tax and inflation, for older releases to still be on list speaks volumes.


        • BOI forgot to mention a major success of 2019- the 500 million + views of MAIN KISI AUR KA HOON FILHAAL song.

          I wouldn’t have. 😋

          On grammar and spelling mistakes, BOI would be the worst portal. But they do better than me. 🤣


      • Quite a remarkable, well balanced and factual article by BOI.

        In many ways this constructs Akshay Kumar as it is. 2019 is indeed a remarkable year for him.

        But this success is not because of one person but a team that Akshay has built (doesn’t have any one from his family).

        His strategy of
        – 4 releases per year,
        – his project management team of 10 smart execs, who overlook entire execution of 7-8 movies on the floor at any point of time,
        – script selection team who work with several scriptwriters and
        – music bank having over 1000+ chartbusters is making it happen.
        – movies budget as per genre thereby keeping it under control

        Reshma Shetty is his new manager who after being shouted at by Salman one evening left him and joined Akki’s camp.


        • Forgot to add

          – Picking subjects as diverse as chalk and cheese, knowing exactly who the target audience is and keeping the budget as per the genre. Akshay has now understood the film business better than others.

          This is making him become No 1-10 star as others are slowing down for reasons best known to god.


      • LOL, some things never change..!


      • BOI has missed 2007 where Akki again have four hits – Heyy Babyy, Welcome, Bhul Bhulaiya and one more.


        • Namastey London was not considered a clean hit but Semi-hit success at that time. It is just impression created by media later that it was super hit or may be it got big boost on tv premier etc.


          • Namaste London was a smash hit in theatres. But I do remember that few raised controversy on the number.

            Nonetheless I forgot the name of an iconic film of Akshay, my apologies.

            1994, 2007 and 2014 – Akshay gave four hits in a year.

            All eyes on 2020. I am certain about Sooryavanshi and Laxxmi Bomb. The latter is going to be his best movie of 2020. All excited.


          • NL was decent movie. Katrina’s best ever role (haven’t seen Zero) because she could afford to be careless with dialogue delivery playing the dimwitted British girl and Akshay’s speech. Of course a splendid soundtrack. Such was the film in indian iconic psyche that its sequel Namaste England opened to rapturous applause in 2018 staying in cinemas for ONE WHOLE WEEK, quite an incredible run. Imagine 11 years on and the original collections were more than sequel. The power of Akshay Kumar!


    • Another Good Analysis

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  11. Good Newwz Economics

    Production cost – 40cr (Excluding akshaykumar fees as he has profit sharing in the movie)
    Print and Publicity – 15cr
    Total budget – 55cr

    Worldwide distribution, satellite and Digital rights sold to ZeeStudios in approx 125cr!!

    All India Distributor share needed : 50 Cr

    Movie needed 125 Cr Nett to be a HIT and 180 Cr Nett to become Blockbuster



  12. Production cost will be well over a 100 cr. Its shot in 3D and releasing in IMAX across the globe. Looking at the cast, its a huge gamble.


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