Jhund Teaser

11 Responses to “Jhund Teaser”

  1. You gave me JOY Munna! In a year that’s begun distressingly personally for me, what a joy, what a joy!!!!

    Thank you for this.

    Again, look at the guy carrying the bat with his leg bent out of ‘shape.’!

    First day, first day booked – to hell with the reviews…

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    • An Jo, I hope things get much better for you very soon. Hang in there and take good care, my friend.


      • Thanks much to you and all Jugadoo. I apologize I don’t want to hijack the blog with whatever, but I react very emotionally to films and words sometime come out.

        Please do ignore my personal comments and enjoy the joy the art-form gives us.

        This was one of AB’s that I was really, really looking forward to and I got excited. Hope Manjule does justice and doesn’t get influenced by AB’s charisma and history too much.

        I would, however, love to see the full version of this song…

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    • You are giving too much credit; Hope the movie is well made.
      Also hope things get better at your end…


    • Anjo – Ditto my sentiments. I am already intrigued and my FDFS is confirmed too and without Bachchan in the teaser. Looking forward to the trailer to get super excited.

      What a soul rousing song. Reminded me of my “Toli” which is another word for Jhund.


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