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  1. 30 year silence of liberals, intellectuals, media and govt of the day.
    We know why.


    • “30 year silence of liberals, intellectuals, media and govt of the day.
      We know why.”

      What was RSS/BJP doing mean while?

      This is the reason why nobody wants to post on this film because there are some people here who come here to not talk about films but push their propaganda…


      • ‘What was RSS/BJP doing mean while?’
        370 gone is result of 30 yrs work done democratically. Democratica process takes time.


      • 370 Aur CAA. We see the frustration of one community expressing in killing, loot, arson, violence.
        Shall i post the tweets of secular leaders tauting modi – let him touch 370 and when he brought earthquake beneath them they started crying fascism.


      • “‘What was RSS/BJP doing mean while?’”

        RSS/BJP of then was miniscule. But still they were big enough to raise voices on streets and parliament.

        Can’t imagine something like this happening today.


      • tonymontana Says:

        To be honest, they did absolutely NOTHING
        The plight of Kashmiri Pandits is nothing but a shameless political ploy for them.


  2. This movie looks very similar to the criminally underrated —and tragically underseen—2004 movie, “Sheen” directed by Ashok Pandit. Check it out. Oh, and you’re welcome!

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  3. This is a stunning trailer. Will be very keen to understand how the hell this could happen in the India of Indira Gandhi?
    Why Army was not deployed and 370 not removed then?


    • I got to know that this genocide happened during VP Singh govt backed by the then BJP.

      I wonder what went wrong with our parliamentary system?


    • The exodus of Pandits was mainly fueled, funded by the Abdullah’s and Mufti’s ably funded by the Rajiv Gandhi governed INC which was happy to turn a blind eye towards the plight of the pundits. An aftermath of the Nehru-Jinnah bonhomie which ripped apart the entire fabric of our society as confirmed by BR Ambedkar and Bose themselves. This was bound to have long term political and social repercussions.


      • Well, current government is turning blind eye on over 200 million of it’s citizen.

        Many are comparing current situation to hitler days, but i’m sure you will think otherwise.


        • Z, are you willing to think otherwise ?
          It has been made ample clear by everyone and multiple times that NO Citizen of India is affected by CAA but look what you wrote.
          CAA Citizenship deney ka kanoon hai, leney ka nahee !!
          Ask th tukdey tukdey gang to stop exploiting the poor uneducated muslims.
          These protests are not about CAA but are pent up cumulative frustrations of the tukdey gang about Article 370, Ram Mandir and Triple Talaaq.
          Let’s be very clear about that .

          Aside: Writing this with a vet heavy heart , but the truth is-
          Saala , you look over, jahan majority mein hain wahan minorities kee band baja rakhee hai , aur jahan minority mein hain wahan – Cheen key lengey aazadi key naarey lagatey ho .


        • What’s current situation besides fake narrative build by apologists, left wing?
          Shall I post snippets of debates where so called activists when asked about CAA, knew nothing. This disease is across landscape from Farhan Akhtar to his bigot father and lutyens media.
          The crux is as Taleb says : Minority has a veto and most intolerant has veto. One community doesn’t want to documented and data collected. Rest is chaff.
          Minority found o shock veto dismantled in 2014. Consoled it is one time event. Got double shock in 2019 and triple shock with 370 and shock shock…shock with 3T and CAA and know UCC and 2 child policy is coming so how to go about – They went for Direct Action 2.0 but met ….

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        • Hitler days LMAO.


        • “Many are comparing current situation to hitler days, but i’m sure you will think otherwise.” ~ Please name the location of a single concentration camp or even a Guatanamo Bay. Forget that, please mention even a 1975 emergency like situation. If you cannot, then stop using fancy terms to make invalid comparisons. This is a democratically elected government, not once but twice over. You’re free to disagree but kindly refrain from using the language of goons, fools and opportunists affiliated to parties like TMC and SP.


  4. Like

  5. Saw Inside Edge Season 2, pretty good.
    Was impressed with the guy who played the role of Bhai Sahab.
    turns out the guy is a Kashmiri . His twitter profile is full of abuses for India.
    No wonder Farhan Akhtar will cast him in his show, also all the goons/ hired protestors are Bhagwa dhari in the show .
    # Kuch toh sharam karo # Ram jee sey daro


  6. This is a movie forum; some political discussion is okay but I see regurgitation of known positions.


  7. Like

  8. Though I have no hopes from this movie as everyone involved is LW 🙂

    Ps: Picturisation reminds me beautiful Malayalam movie Kumbhalagini Nights

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  9. Shikara referenced:


    • Thanks.
      Quite a blood soaked state – Kashmir. Most of average indians don’t know the details. This is bigger than a riot.

      So what exactly is the idea to know about this atrocity? What purpose is it going to solve?

      Any thoughts?


    • Irony that left wing B’s like The Print have now suddenly woken up to the plight of the Pandits.


  10. Desh key Gaddaron ko pehchano—-
    Soni Razdan calls Afzal Guru scapegoat, clarifies later
    Actress Soni Razdan tweeted calling 2001 Indian Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru a scapegoat. She later clarified her statement.


  11. For Jay 🙂 🙂


  12. What a classy response by Anupam Kher to Naseer !


  13. SHIKARA Review by Aarti Tikoo Singh..

    View at

    He sold a lie to audience and he did it in my name. Its totally unacceptable to me. I disown it. It can’t be done in my name.
    In a nutshell, Chopra primarily holds the US Cold War with the USSR in Afghanistan responsible for the exodus of Pandits from Kashmir.
    By blaming the US, he has let off the hook not just Pakistan but its entire jihadi machinery from Hizbul Mujahideen, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad to their foot soldiers in Kashmir. Chopra has delivered a political project, in favour of Pakistan, fraudulent pseudo-liberals and fake Communists. I wish he hadn’t made the movie.

    The only thing I liked about the movie are its lead actors Aadil Khan and Sadia who tried their best to live and perform the story well despite its constraints. Loved the concluding song ‘Dilbar Lagyo’ whose lyrics were written by Bashir Arif, sung by Munir Ahmad Mir and music composed by Abhay Sopori.


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