Happy Holi 2020!

to one and all!

34 Responses to “Happy Holi 2020!”

  1. Happy Holi 2019 to everyone at SS.


  2. Changing Trend in Hindi CineMaa re. Holi from 1957 to 2017…


  3. Haven’t played Holi in last 3-4 years..But I like Holi with colors and water!


  4. Wishing everyone at SS a very Happy Holi โ€ฆ

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  5. โค Loved this video which is now viral.


  6. Happy Holi!


  7. Happy Holi


  8. Bura Na Mano Holi 2020 Hai!!
    As is the tradition in UP, tittles are awarded to distinguished members of the community on the occasion of Holi-
    In my hometown, they would write the titles on outside walls of your house early morning of Holi. As kids we would go around reading who got what titles !!
    was well intentioned fun !!
    so here goes โ€“ please agar galtee sey mistake go gaya ho toh donโ€™t mind mat karna doston !!
    Satyam- Gaayab
    Qalandar โ€“ Mr X
    Munna โ€“ Vidhata
    Sanjana- Kabhee Kabhee
    Bliss- Dil se..
    JC – Karthik Calling Karthik
    JayShah โ€“ Lal Kaptan
    AnJo โ€“ Main Hoon Na…
    Z- Yadon kee Baraat
    Naveen- Khiladi
    OmRocky786 โ€“ Ponga Pandit


    • You gave me 2019’s biggest flop film ๐Ÿ˜‚

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    • Have not seen Vidhata except that train song in Chitrahaar.


      • Vidhata is a good time pass movie. Dilip Kumar carries the movie entirely on his shoulders with masala script/ dialogs and direction of Subhash Ghai.
        Saat Saheli was a massive hit back then..


    • Thank you Rockybhai for “Z- Yadon kee Baraat”

      Wrote this in about 2 minutes, please forgive for random thoughts all over the place…

      Yaadon Ki Baraat:

      Yaad hai abhbhi muje dargah pey jana
      Yaad hai abhbhi muje shantifui (aunt) ke ghar pey Krishan banna
      Yaad hai abhbhi muje Ganpati mandap main ghush ghush ke prasad khana
      Yaad hai abhbhi muje dosto ke saat chappo/dok (hide and seek) khenla
      Yaad hai abhbhi muje befikra gali gali gumna
      Yaad hai abhbhi muje Mandir ki ganti/bhajan bajna
      Yaad hai abhbhi muje wadilon ki ijjazt karna
      Aur bhi abhi bahut kuch yaad aa raha hai, lekin phir se dil bhar aaya

      USA aake, bahot paisa banaya, zindagi bahut achchi hai,

      Lekin kya karu is Yaadon Ki Baraat ka jo har waqt Yaad aati hai or tarpati haiโ€ฆ

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      • Wow Z, this is so impressive and so heartfelt..
        Re.-Aur bhi abhi bahut kuch yaad aa raha hai, lekin phir se dil bhar aaya

        This sums up the feeling we all have…

        Re.-Yaad hai abhbhi muje wadilon ki ijjazt karna
        A friend of mine in similar boat said a very true thing- Hum logo ko who 20 saal pehley wala India yaad hai, so when we go there we are searching for that , but India has changed and even you Indian Ghar waley/ Friends have changed as well.
        Oh well….


        • I guess, times have changed and so has the culture but it’s all reltaive.

          I remember seeing a Dili Kumar movie Amar couple years back, it was released in 1954, now that’s over 75 years ago and there’s dialogue by the lady who plays dilip mother, “Aaj kal key naujawan ko kya ho gaya hai”, this was 75 years ago so baically every generation has same thought process that the current generation is not well cultured like the past generation.

          We as a parents can only do the best we can to teach them hindustani sabhyata but we can’t push it too much.

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    • Rocky – Loved mine.


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  9. Hoping that next Holi will be less traumatic and more normal. People are so worried with fears of uncertain future healthwise and economywise. The gungho film industry is cautious and less enthusiastic. Even sports events are getting cancelled or postponed. A micro level virus is creating havoc more than any nuclear threat.

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