The undefined ‘purpose’ of public figures by An Jo

The undefined ‘purpose’ of public figures

In one of Girish Karnad’s not-so-powerfully-themed plays as his earlier ones, ‘A Heap of Broken Images‘, borrowed from T.S. Elliot’s ‘The Wasteland’ – Karnad’s obsession— there’s a line that Arundhati Nag utters regarding her husband, ‘आदमी बहुत अच्छा है मगर कुछ काम का नही’ | [I watched the Hindi version, ‘Bikhre Bimb’; unfortunately at Rang Shankara in Bangalore, all tickets for the English version were sold-out since it was a limited engagement; only tickets for the Hindi versions were left; and I badly wanted to watch the English version since Karnad originally wrote in English]: And that line has stuck with me for-ever, both on professional and personal level, but on the personal level much more. That line caught me thinking, ‘Am I just like that for my family members personally, and in general, for society?’ I couldn’t sleep that night; kept thinking of myself and representing myself in the sphere of influence –better yet, non-influence—and tiring myself to sleep. The next morning, I got onto my scooter, inhaled the pollution; more importantly, the dust on my official wear and rode off to work.
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10 Responses to “The undefined ‘purpose’ of public figures by An Jo”

  1. sanjana Says:

    Very well written An Jo. Like oldtimes!


  2. sanjana Says:

    The film’s director Nikkhil Advani talked to film critic Rajeev Masand about working with them on the 2013 spy thriller. “When they came together, Rishi Kapoor had heard that Irrfan Khan is this great actor. So he wanted to see it and fortunately for me, they were doing this one scene where Irrfan decided to improvise. And Irrfan never ever gives the same cue again. So Rishi Kapoor called me and said, ‘Usko samjhao, usko acting nahi aati hai. He has to hit his cue otherwise I will not know how to do and what to say.’ So I explained to him and said ‘Sir you don’t have to worry. You start speaking whenever you want to speak, don’t worry about him.’ They were just very different but they were very special. The film has become even more special for me now,” he said.

    Irrfan played an undercover R&AW agent in the film while Rishi played an undercover don. Irrfan and Arjun Rampal’s characters were tasked with hunting him down and bringing him back to India. One of the film’s scenes featuring Rishi and Irrfan in a car is being heavily shared online since their deaths.

    Talking about working with Rishi, Irrfan had earlier said, “My cousin is his ultimate fan, though I have watched all his movies. I never thought I had it in me to be a Rishi Kapoor. He is hot liquid. He has worked on cultivating his craft so well and he is one of those stars you never have enough of, even if he is doing the same thing, movie after movie. I think that’s what makes his second innings so spectacular. He doesn’t have to be a star anymore, so he is having a blast being an actor.”


  3. Naveen Says:

    This is absolutely brilliant writing.


  4. great write up AnJo!
    and this was a gem of an observation-
    hen Rishi was begging to Amitabh to get back home with him in ‘Naseeb’, it literally felt like a younger brother pleading with his older brother. And then I saw ‘Coolie.’ All these political talks of Amitabh always acting in multi-starters and hogging the lime-light, and Rishi’s own statement about Amit not giving enough credit to his co-stars went out the window once I re-witnessed the duo-magic on screen. It was like Laurel and Hardy for us old-folks, inseparable; while the girth and height made these two legends imposing figures on screen, Amitabh and Rishi went about joking about it and giving us a commentary on that, only in a way that Manmohan Desai could.


  5. Shivaay Says:

    Perhaps for the first time did I have a tear in my eye when I heard of Irrfan’s unfortunate demise. Rishi sir’s career was something past its prime and well worth a celebration. But Irrfan was only just taking off as a big screen mainstream lead. Always felt his best was yet to come. Still hard to imagine he’s not among us and we’d never get to watch delightful performances like Paan Singh, Maqbool, Talvar, Piku and Hindi Medium ever again!


  6. NyKavi Says:

    Well written AnJo!
    Both actors with unique signatures, though as different as chalk and cheese, but inter-twined by destiny to end their days on earth within 24 hrs of each other.


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