Tarantino Says ‘The Social Network’ Is ‘Hands Down’ the Best Film of the 2010s


“It crushes all the competition,” Tarantino said of David Fincher’s 2010 Facebook drama.

Quentin Tarantino revealed in January that he considered Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” to be the second best film of the 2010s. The announcement led fans to wonder what the “Django Unchained” and “Pulp Fiction” considered to be the best movie of the last decade, and now Tarantino has made his pick official: “The Social Network.” In a new interview with Premiere (via The Playlist), Tarantino says David Fincher’s 2010 Facebook drama crushes all of its competitors and calls screenwriter Aaron Sorkin “the greatest active dialogist.”

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10 Responses to “Tarantino Says ‘The Social Network’ Is ‘Hands Down’ the Best Film of the 2010s”

  1. Midnight in Paris (his favorite film of 2011),
    Mad Max: Fury Road ( his favorite film of 2015 )


  2. Wow, glad to hear that. I don’t know why many not consider Social Network to be a great film. It is one the best scripts(Aaron Sorkin) I’ve ever witnessed and totally love the movie along with Eisenberg’s performance and its one of my favorites of all time! Glad to see Tarantino also loving it!


  3. I liked the film per se, only as a film, but truly hated the philosophy behind it; not since it was Sorkin’s or Fincher’s but the concept that birthed the ‘business’ of social-networking via likes, pokes, dis-likes and that anybody could comment on anything without knowing an iota of that person’s personal life. [I do understand My Space was already there]. My grudge is more against social-networking fabric that was unleashed on people, rather than the film. It was truly a well-written, directed, and acted film.

    When it comes to Fincher, however, it is ZODIAC that blows away my mind. Clocking at almost 3 hours, Gyllenhaal, as always, brilliant, and then Downey Jr. Except for one brutal scene, it was  a true-blue procedural, and minimally shot on the streets of SFO and LA.


    • Shivaay Says:

      Hey surprising that you rate a uni-dimensional, slow paced Zodiac (truly tested my patience & attention paying abilities) to over an absolute masterclass in the psychological thriller genre Se7en that in my opinion was near flawless in every department from scripting, screenplay, dialogues, performances, cinematography & background score too.

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      • Shivaay I believe that’s what made it a great film. A slow-burn film, where people are scrambling to decipher the clues. I think it needed to be shot and narrated that way. He takes you down a path that is difficult to solve; and you are grappled by it.

        I loved SEVEN obviously. But i believe, it was more in-the-face than ZODIAC. ZODIAC was, per me, Fincher paying tribute to Hitchcock.


    • Recently revised Gone Girl..appreciated it more…


    • I also rate the first two pilot episodes of ‘House of Cards’ , as David Fincher’s best too.


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