Filmmaker Basu Chatterjee passes away

Filmmaker-screenwriter Basu Chatterjee, best known for directing films like Choti Si Baat, Rajnigandha, Baaton Baaton Mein, Ek Ruka Hua Faisla and Chameli Ki Shaadi among more, passed away on Thursday in Mumbai, following age-related ailments. He was 93.


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  1. sanjana Says:

    Very sad.


  2. sanjana Says:

    Chatterjee worked in Hindi as well as Bengali cinema. His films, which were considered to be more realistic, stood out as the 70s was the era of the ‘angry young man’ and action movies. He collaborated with Amol Palekar on films like Choti Si Baat, Rajnigandha and Chitchor among more.

    His 1986 film Ek Ruka Hua Faisla was an Indian adaptation of Twelve Angry Men, and is remembered till date.

    During the early Doordarshan days, Basu Chatterjee also helmed two hit TV serials – Byomkesh Bakshi and Rajani. Recently, Byomkesh Bakshi was reaired during the lockdown.

    In 1992, he was awarded National Film Award for Best Film on Family Welfare for his film Durga.

    His heroes travelled to work in buses, romanced women they met at office canteens and local trains, and had everyday concerns. Whether it was Rajnigandha, Piya Ka Ghar, Choti Si Baat, Chitchor or Khatta Meetha or Shaukeen, his characters were seeped in reality. “I belonged to a middle class family. That’s the life I know. That’s why there was nothing larger-than-life about my films,” he had once said.

    Starting his career as an illustrator and cartoonist, the Ajmer-born Basu Chatterjee knew how to find humour in the commonplace. He made his debut with Sara Akash (1969) and soon earned the tag of ‘balcony class director’.

    Associated with what came to be called the middle-of-the-road cinema, Basuda — as he was fondly called –celebrated the extraordinary in the ordinary. He focussed his lens on the middle class and largely urban settings.

    Excerpted from Indian Express and HT.


  3. jayshah Says:



  4. Oh have always loved his movies.
    Om Shanti Basu Da.


  5. RIP.

    We’re losing too many.


  6. sanjana Says:

    Basu Chatterjee’s Gentle, Middle-Of-The-Road Cinema Was That Of The People Next Door
    The director’s films could be called “simple”. But they were about complicated — or at least, not-so-simple — people. And oh, some of the songs!


  7. Om Shanti !


  8. sanjana Says:


  9. sanjana Says:


  10. sanjana Says:


  11. His movies have some hummable songs which are never going to get old….


  12. Loved many of his films. Lived to a ripe old age. Still always sad to lose someone like him..

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  13. sanjana Says:

    Just finished watching Piya ka ghar
    A cute film. Anil Dhawan was so handsome and he looked good with Jaya
    And social distance in a one bedroom flat with so many people!


  14. sanjana Says:

    In Piya ka ghar, the ladies must have worn sarees which must have been around Rs.40 in those times or even less! Even now such sarees cost between 150 to 250. We call them surat sarees. Attractive, comfortable, cheap and lasting.
    The younger brother asks for Rs.5 instead of Rs.2 for expenses during 2 days picnic!
    And the newlyweds are allotted kitchen for their honeymoon.
    At that time even houses or flats must have been dead cheap especially in faroff suburbs like Virar and Palghar.
    And mumbai ladies work outside their homes to supplement incomes and buy a bigger flat.
    The story was sweet with all good people floating around like angels with even the chacha of Jaya not going to far with his anger.
    Good to see oldtimers like Agha, Sulochana, Mukri, Keshto etc.

    Now Manish Malhotra makes all ladies look like mannequins and act like mannequins due to that heavy makeup. That oldtime earthiness has gone and artificiality has seeped in.

    Now watching Chameli ki Shaadi with bubbly Amrita singh and lovelorn Anil Kapoor. Quite funny. Rs.10 for tea and biscuits a big amount and a shabby restaurant is Taj. Of course its a small town.
    Sara is the polished version of her mother.

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    • Great comment Sanjana. You will LOVE Chameli Ki Shaadi. Amjad Khan is hilarious in the film. It’s one of my all time favorites. Highly, highly recommended.

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      • sanjana Says:

        Thanks An Jo. Finished watching chameli ki shaadi.
        I really enjoyed watching this light hearted film. Amjad Khan was hilarious. Bharati Achrekar, Annu kapoor, Omprakash, Pankaj K also were good. Recommended.
        The real pehelwan was Amrita Singh!


  15. sanjana Says:

    ‘Basuda didn’t get his due’: Amol Palekar
    The Rajnigandha actor, who helmed six Basu Chatterjee films, on his bond with the filmmaker, who passed away this week, and why Chatterjee’s work will remain immortal

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