On ‘Panchayat’ and its unbridled yet subtle homage to ‘Swades’ and ‘Doordarshan’

Spoiler Alert

The finest scene in Amazon’s PANCHAYAT is reserved for the last episode. Very subtly, the makers dove-tail women’s rights versus nationalism; or hyper-nationalism, as the liberals would call it. With diktats raised on playing the national anthem in theaters, and people not standing up, it’s quite telling that Neena Gupta asks the ‘Sacheev’, ‘Do I have to stand even when the national anthem is playing on my phone?’ And then there’s the scene of the District Magistrate [DM] coming over and blasting the ‘Pradhan’ and the ‘Sacheev’ of not letting the woman take center-stage; because, of-course, she is rightly the selected one! And Neena Gupta’s husband, the revered ‘Pradhan-ji’ is asked to take a back-seat by stepping beyond the boundaries!

The brightest spot or idea in PANCHAYAT is that it talks; it talks, and doesn’t preach, All the ideas, all the writing, is built so organically that you just submit yourself to the series. An absolute master-piece of 8 episodes. I did feel a Season 2 coming t, and though I am impressed and curious apropos the inevitable 2nd season, I would say, the series has already done its job.

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4 Responses to “An Jo on PANCHAYAT”

  1. sanjana Says:

    Made me smile reading this reiew recollecting theose quirky dialogues.
    One of the better stories presented very well.
    Not to forget the lauki playing a big role!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I liked Panchayt a lot as well, specially because I could identify with a lot of the scenery in it.
    Great detailed review AnJo


  3. Thanks Sanjana and Rocky. Glad you liked the series.


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