Dil Bechara Trailers

Thanks to Jeevcy and Sanjana…

Thanks to Jeevcy and Sanjana…

Thanks to Jeevcy…

26 Responses to “Dil Bechara Trailers”

  1. a post humous lead appearance. how many times has it happened in Bollywood?

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  2. This trailer has come too soon after Sushant’s murder.


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  4. sanjana Says:

    Hope the film is good as expectations are soaring.

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  5. sanjana Says:


  6. AR Rahman on Dil Bechara: ‘The film has so much heart, and now, memories of Sushant Singh Rajput’
    AR Rahman, who has composed the music for Sushant Singh Rajput’s last film Dil Bechara, spoke about what went into the making of the music of the film.
    MUSIC Updated: Jul 10, 2020 09:32 IST
    Hindustan Times, New Delhi


  7. song trailer. what’s with the reggie miller jersey?


  8. sanjana Says:


    The song has been trending on Twitter the entire day and we are not surprised at all. Farah Khan, who choreographed the song in one take, did not charge any fee for it. The film’s director Mukesh Chhabra, who makes his directorial debut with Dil Bechara, shared the song on social media and revealed in his post why a veteran choreographer like Farah Khan decided to come on board without charging any fee. Mukesh Chhabra recalled the conversation he had with Farah after he called her asking to choreograph the song. “Tu pagal hai kya Mukesh? It’s your first film. It’ll be a blessing from me, tu bhai hai mera, shut up and tell your producers that I am doing it for you and Sushant,” these were the words of Farah Khan, who loved the song, which has been composed and sung by AR Rahman.”


  9. What a horrific song! Rahman continues to go down the drain in his Hindi avatars. His best was relegated to Abhishek and Aamir. His glorious form in DELHI 6, JTYJN, RAAVAN, stomps across ALL his recent outings in Hindi. I LOVE his voice, but he better get back to Tamil if this is the kind of crap he gives in Hindi. Compare this, with the song below…


  10. sanjana Says:


    • which organization hands over macbooks to thier employee for wfh? i have not seen any.

      most of the corporate laptops are dell windows based. anyways that is not to say that employee productivity with apple will be higher. as usual, another one of their marketing gimmicks


      • In US many people use MacBooks even though they may be removing into Windows desktop.

        Of course above was made by Apple.

        ps – I posted in wrong thread.


  11. sanjana Says:

    Nice picturisation. Swastika Mukherjee here looks like Hina Khan.


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