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    • Anurag Kashyap is perhaps the lousiest & luckiest of the overrated film makers himself whose never made a half decent film (barring a couple of exceptions) and yet has managed to get 2 dozen opportunities including one where certain idiots invested a billion in his venture (the biggest commercial disaster in Hindi cinema ever! No prizes for guessing).


  2. jayshah Says:

    Kangana hypocrisy in full flow. ROFLMAO


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    • What pray does this prove ?
      Before starting only she should start shouting Nepo nepo , so her career does not take off at all.
      It take guts to stand up to the establishment when you have so much to lose .
      We see subtle racism at our workplace and tend to ignore, with the resolve that when we are in position of power we will make sure that we do not practice the same . Simple.
      The way these guy are going on Kangana’s and Chetan’s and many others’ English is disgusting and pathetic .

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      • I am just posting 🙂

        Attacks are vicious from both sides…jitna puraana maal hai sab bahaar nikal raha hai..

        I said elsewhere..if things are hunky dory in Bollywood then let them live in that bubble..

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      • Shivaay Says:

        Kangana is a rank opportunist who believes in the policy of “use & throw” to further her agenda and climb the ladder. The moment someone’s no longer useful, she’s got no qualms in complete character assassination of the individual concerned. That’s akin to the so called ex gf in distress who had a lot of sex while in the relationship but cries rape the moment she undergoes a mutual break up.


  7. sanjana Says:

    Due to lockdown and covid, film people, film journalists have no work. And so they are all indulging in all this blamegame throwing mud on one another. And we are watching it as a side show.

    I am watching Manorama 6 feet Under. A slow burn movie. Based on Roman Polanski’s Chinatown. On Prime.


    • Everybody has time to kill..so why not fight..

      Chinatown is very good; and Manorama is also decent ..Saw it long time back.


  8. Shivaay Says:

    Nothing surprising here since this comes from the lobbyists gang of the Akhtar’s, Gulzar’s and Azmi’s. Meghna Gulzar is an embodiment of nepotism & mediocrity in one.


  9. Shivaay Says:

    I had mentioned this in one of my earlier comments and don’t mind repeating the same. Leftists & rightists are two sides of the same coin, the kind of corrosive junkies who believe they live in a 2 dimensional world where we either function in 0’s or 1’s (the same mindset that propagates the school of thought about either vaccines or lockdowns) while a rationalist wouldn’t take much time to understand that the world around us has a 3rd dimension which is a lot more centrist in nature. Anurag Kashyap, Vivek Agnihotri, Swara Bhaskar, Anubhav Sinha, Kangana Ranaut, Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt, Arnab Goswami etc etc are opposite factions of lacky dogs waiting for their piece of bone to pounce upon at the slightest possible opportunity.

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    • The majority of audience and viewers are taking the side of Kangana. She “appears” to be right amd thats what matters. She has been winning these subjects and is using it to build a rock solid debate. The more she gets a reply, the more it helps her.


      • jayshah Says:

        Naveen- Kangana was once courageous calling things out. But now she is so far down to the point of no return. She will persist out of habit rather than objectively.


  11. tonymontana Says:

    Spaces like Twitter and endless news channels have brought out the worst in people. More surveillance and stronger backend teams are required to keep a close check to filter tweets that are intended to harm. But seems no one cares anymore.

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  12. sanjana Says:


  13. Hope SRK and Gauri distance themselves from this guy ASAP


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    • It affected us because it is not a suicide, it’s a murder !!
      The sequence of lies Mumbai police is coming with indicates , it’s a murder !!


  15. sanjana Says:

    Paperless tickets, seat distancing, staggered intervals and scrupulous sanitising are part of the safety protocol multiplexes will introduce if the government allows screenings in “Unlock 3” next month, say the CEOs of leading multiplex chains. According to news agency PTI, a set of SOPs drawn up by the Multiplex Association of India in collaboration with its members was submitted to various Central ministries as well as Prime Minister’s Office and Niti Aayog earlier this month. Algorithms for automatic seat distancing, regular cleaning and disinfecting of the cinemas, lobby area and touch points like railings and doors as well as basics like temperature scans also form part of the SOPs that conform to global standards.


  16. sanjana Says:

    Amitabh Bachchan dismisses report of testing negative for Covid-19: ‘Incorrect, Irresponsible, fake’
    Actor Amitabh Bachchan has dismissed news reports that he tested negative for Covid-19. He called the reports fake and incorrect.


  17. Shocking, if true !


  18. The Taste with Vir: The legacy of Sushant Singh Rajput
    The actor’s tragic death has created a backlash that will rock Bollywood.-Vir Sanghvi


    But the socio-demographic changes of the 21st Century have (along with the rise of social media) given voice to a new generation that is angered by family privilege and wants access to all top positions — whether in politics or in Bollywood, for that matter — to be more egalitarian and merit-based.

    You can see this in the case of Indian politics where much of the opposition to the Congress is based on its image as a party of family privilege. A similar wave is now building up as resentment about the cosiness of the clubs that run Bollywood grows. The passing of Sushant Singh Rajput was probably the event that opened the floodgates.


  19. sanjana Says:

    Amala Shankar, the renowned dancer died in Kolkata Friday morning at the age of 101. Wife of Uday Shankar, the legendary dancer who was instrumental in popularising Indian fusion dance across the world, Amala Shankar learned dancing in the the 1930s. She was one of path-breakers for Indian women who rarely performed on public stage at those times.



  20. Bollywood’s Chance to Redeem Itself in Kashmir- Aarti Tikoo Singh

    Every big film production and superstar of the industry who would come to Kashmir for shooting till 1989 forgot about it. Indian cinema in Kashmir setting remained just a memory for my father’s generation who had grown up watching film shootings of Arzoo, Junglee, Kashmir Ki Kali, Silsila, Satte Pe Satta, Kabhi Kabhi, Bobby and others. A late uncle who passed away prematurely after struggling through displacement, always boasted that he watched India’s biggest Superstar Amitabh Bachhan performing for his blockbuster Laawaris at Oberoi hotel in Srinagar
    View at Medium.com


  21. Wow, never knew, Laila o Laila was shot for another film which was shelved and was used in Kurbani as is !!

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  22. Indian Matchmaking’s Sima “Aunty” and filmmaker Smriti Mundhra talk modern-day arranged marriages, astrology, and more

    In her twenties, Indian-American filmmaker Smriti Mundhra vacillated between blueprinting the creative life she sought and a more conservative vision touted by her family. “I felt that pressure to conform—hugely, majorly, drove me into therapy,” she revealed. It’s that inner tussle that informed her 2017 documentary, A Suitable Girl, a somber, cinema verité-esque glimpse at three young women on the desi arranged marriage circuit. Her latest endeavour, Indian Matchmaking, is a brand-new Netflix series featuring Mumbai-based alliance consultant Sima Taparia and a clutch of happily-ever-after hopefuls, split between the US and India.


  23. Love it or hate it, here’s why the most polarising show-of-the-moment is reality television at its finest


    Not everyone watching Indian Matchmaking was quite that pragmatic. The show follows the journey of Sima Taparia, a matchmaker from Mumbai who describes herself as a facilitator of pre-ordained marriages. Pre-ordained by God. No. Really. Through the eight episodes, Sima Aunty gets us to meet Indian men and women looking to get married. A majority of them are people in their thirties (some of them NRIs) looking to find a made-to-order happily ever after. Some of them have tried and failed at romantic love and are now turning to tradition and Sima Aunty to find a companion. The wants are clinical and clear-headed—like shopping lists usually are. Sima Aunty is as clinical and clear-headed—she tells a divorcee with a child that her options are very limited, and routinely sends the hopefuls off to face readers, astrologers and life coaches to make them more “flexible”.

    Ever since the show hit Netflix, I have waded through a deluge of tweets, memes and outrage posts on how problematic the show is. People on Twitter said it was a show which was regressive, casteist and thought little of reinforcing colour biases among other things. They binge-watched and suffered through eight episodes only to tell you not to do the same. There is a lot of nobility on Twitter that doesn’t get enough credit.


  24. Watched dil Bechara. Sweet film which made me smile and cry.
    Atlast ARR gave melodious music instead of his trademark music.
    Foot tapping songs.


  25. sanjana Says:


    Vyasar Ganesan, From Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking’, Responds To Criticism Of The Show
    Ganesan talks about the allegations of regressive stereotyping on the Netflix show.
    Piyasree Dasgupta
    23/07/2020 10:13am IST


  26. Looks like Dil Bechara is getting good reviews.


    If you were being bullied, you should have seek help. No matter how big the other side is, should have given your self a chance. In this day and age with Social medias help, you would have received support and help from others. There are plenty of enemies of chopra, johar and so on so you would have received support. And you lived/witnessed this COVID era in which OTT is getting a lot of traction. You would have had plenty of work.

    And i don’t by this argument of that aditya chopra and others kept on going out of their way to hurt SSR.

    There is something we don’t know, especially with his manager doing same few days earlier.


    • Firstly she was ex-manager of SSR and for very short stint and few years back. Secondly, India (& its new channels) have tendency to think if someone has died by suicide then there has to be external factors. They don’t care about depression and its complexity. Success or failure don’t matter for a person dealing with depression.

      I would just add couple of more lines on this topic. Only narrow minded people who live in smaller world think of suicide. Like for example, Jiah Khan. She got depressed that she’s not getting movies and then broken relationship and that’s all needed for her to kill herself. But SSR is not the same. Movies are just small part of his life. He has varied interests and hobbies in life. He will not commit suicide if he’s not getting movies or coz of broken relationship. He’s too broad minded for that. So, it’s clear that it’s not trigger reaction like Jiah Khan or others. It is clinical depression and the thoughts keep coming to you for months to end your life and that everything’s waste and your brain keeps resisting it and then someday it will overcome your brain and they just end everything. It it not a knee-jerk reaction based on a movie loss or personal loss.

      SSR also had a script session with Rumy Jaffrey in May online and he kept sending messages to everyone on their whatsapp. He even sent message to Sajid Nadiadwala’s wife for her video in May 31. So he was normal in that sense and in depression it takes just 1 minute to become weak and end your life.


    • There are 3 angle in case of SSR:

      1. Most possible is the angle of a planned murder involving his GF Rhea, his friend and both of them have been found to be in regular touch with Mahesh Bhatt. The matter is under investigation and murder cannot be ruled out.

      2. Planned and consistent bullying on an already depressed state with several big wigs forming a cartel and deciding to not work.

      3. A medical case as pointed by Master.


      • 1 – not sure, why and what benefit will bhatt get out of it.

        2 – Big wig cant work with everyone so there are plenty who are not taken by big wigs and there are some who may not want to work with big wigs. How many films raj kumar rao has with big wigs? These big wigs are to big and busy to be worried about small timers. I dont think they’re going to spend time/money and life on trying to do petty things. Unless someone insulted them publiclly.

        3 – makes lots of sense. and this is where i think reason from 2 could have played part. He was already 70% there and the reason from 2 made him go over the top.

        4 – same as 3, where he was already there 70% and liquor/drugs took him over the top.

        Regardless of what it is, it’s still a loss. May his soul rest in peace.


        • The possibilty of 1 has now emerged as most natural possibility.

          Sushant was brutally murdered and now there are several evidence in public domain pointing to be a well planned murder by someone who knew the police system and crime investigation plus knows the media and cleverly diverted the blame to Sushant, his mental state, depression etc.

          There was one grave mistake the murdered did in am otherwise a perfect.murder. He could not suppress the pics of lifeless body of Sushant. That was not the face of suicide dony by hanging. The blunder has now erupted in anger seen all over.

          Jo bhi aayega bhasm ho jaayega. The culprit will be caught.

          This has now gone to the level of Modi now. The end of a large syndicate involving few bigwigs in the industry is imminent. Maybe one or two more years.


  27. sanjana Says:

    After watching Dil Bechara, I watched The Fault in the Stars.
    Apples and Oranges. Liked them both.


    • This is a fun read…all those defending, have no where to hide…


    • “An intriguing article by shekar kapoor.”

      It’s by Shekar Gupta, not kapoor.

      Nothing much new here if you have been following bollywood for about 50 years. It’s been happening all along in some form. It got very bad after 2000. I don’t think anybody cares about awards now.

      There are many people taking advantage of SSR death and are coming out with all these stories. If they knew all these trouble SSR was going thru, why not help him?


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  29. sanjana Says:

    Well, Kashyap expects that whatever role he doles out be accepted by Sushant or Kangana? Is he quoting those incidents to discredit both Kangana and Sushant’s cases?
    And those blind items targetting Sushant is horrible. And these blind items influence film makers and audience too regarding the targetted ones.
    And the awards functions are the biggest scams and fortunately they are losing their credibility. Shekhar Gupta naively believes that jury members are objective!


    • Anurag Kashyap has indulged himself here when he is not even in the scene. He is not at all important here. Same with Tapsee etc. They are irrelevent.

      This is justice for Sushant who was brutally murdered and now there are several evidence in public domain pointing to be a well planned murder bh someone who knows the system and crime investigation plus knows the media and cleverly diverted the blame to Sushant.

      There was one mistake the murdered did. He could not suppress the pics of lifeless body of Sushant. That was not the face of suicide dony by hanging. The blunder has now erupted in anger seen all over.

      Jo bhi aayega bhasm ho jaayega. The culprit will be caught.

      This has now gone to the level of Modi now. The end of a large syndicate involving few bigwigs in the industry is imminent. Maybe one or two more years. The death of Koffee with Karans and Award ceremonies now. Death of bullying and camps by Khans/Chopras/Johars. It is transformational.

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  30. sanjana Says:

    Ace music director AR Rahman has opened up about the reason he has been composing music for fewer Bollywood films these days. Rahman has composed the music for Sushant Singh Rajput’s swan song Dil Bechara.

    While speaking to Radio Mirchi, Rahman said, “I don’t say no to good movies, but I think there is a gang, which, due to misunderstandings, is spreading some false rumours. When Mukesh Chhabra came to me, I gave him four songs in two days. He told me, ‘Sir, how many people said don’t go, don’t go to him (AR Rahman) and they told me stories after stories.’ I heard that, and I realised, yeah okay, now I understand why I am doing less (work in Hindi films) and why the good movies are not coming to me. I am doing dark movies, because there is a whole gang working against me, without them knowing that they are doing harm.”



  31. Didnt know where to post (or if it is posted!)

    Shekhar Gupta (the print) points out few occasions how film industry functions via strong arm tactics :-

    1. HR and RR dispute for Krish Director award. (2007)
    2. KJO and SRK dispute for MNIK (2011)
    3. Katrina Kaif refused to perform
    4. Zoya Akhtar and Akhtar’s not attending as Zoya was not getting director award for ZNMD.


  32. The video from shekar gupta is same one which was written in article earlier .

    But why bacchan family story and srk story was removed from video ? I hope it was not intentional.


    • The skeletons are coming out of the cupboard.
      Too late now as people knows the ghost and are not frightened or surprised.


    • I have been watch Shekhar Gupta’s videos for some time.

      They are always less on details than the written article, due to video demands, same you may cross-check with any other analysis of his.

      During video also you may have seen that he refers to something on iPad and then comments, hence that is how video is structured. the video is not the verbatim repetition of article, but he covers the broad issues. IMO.


  33. sanjana Says:


    Nawazuddin Siddiqui requests film critics to make ‘an exception’ for Dil Bechara: ‘Consider it as a tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput’


    • Komal Nahta ka band naj gaya hai twitter par. They say, it is all about timing. Poor man, his credibility among the next gen has nose dived.

      He spoke highly of a movie like Bharat. The inconsistencies are blaring.


  34. sanjana Says:

    Indian matchmaking hit hard in era of distancing and coronavirus
    While a large number of them have had to permanently shut shop in the past three months, as business has nosedived like never before, those that have survived say finding a perfect match has never been so tough.



  35. sanjana Says:

    Sushant Singh Rajput’s 50 SIM cards, other missing links call for CBI probe: Lawyer
    Ishkaran Singh Bhandari, who is leading “a people’s movement” for justice, said Sushant Singh Rajput’s death should be treated as one of “mysterious death” until facts are ascertained by CBI.



  36. sanjana Says:

    Sonu Nigam says he believes Kangana Ranaut’s claim of Mahesh Bhatt throwing slipper at her: ‘It must have happened’
    Sonu Nigam has said that he chooses to believe Kangana Ranaut’s claims about Mahesh Bhatt and said that to take on Bollywood like she has, takes ‘clarity of mind’.



  37. sanjana Says:

    Dil Bechara Is Huge On Digital
    Sunday 26 July 2020 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Dil Bechara which was a film made for the theatres but was released on digital has seen a huge response. The film hit the nation on Friday and saw a record response as far as digital content in concerned in India in terms of initial response. The streaming platforms do not give numbers but the response here is said to far higher than anything seen on the Hotstar platform before in terms of viewers

    The numbers would be interesting as to see how far it is ahead of the other content but only the streaming company would have these. Hotstar is the biggest streaming giant in India if we go by viewers so if Dil Bechara is the tops on Hotstar it can be said with certainty its higher than the best on the other platforms as well. In all likelhood its a record breaking response for OTT in India.

    The two main reasons for these results would be one the death of Sushant Singh Rajput a month or so back and he is the main lead of the film. Naturally a death in such a scenario makes the public see a film in a different light and it also the last time they are going to see the actor which adds an audience. Also the film was free on Hotstar so you did not have to subscribe but could watch if you download the app and this would have given it a far wider reach and a bit like television. The response here is at a totally different level to Gulabo Sitabo which also premiered on digital a month or so back. It will be multi fold higher in terms of numbers..

    It has to be also noted though if these highly media rated OTT series which are actually crap like Sacred Games, Paatal Lok, Mirzapur, Inside Edge etc were made free they would struggle to find an audience as the wider audience does not care for this type of content and never will. There will be many in the industry which will not agree but put these on television which has a wider reach and the results will be for all to see as there will be disaster ratings. Here with Dil Bechara an audience has been found in big numbers on digital which is a first for original Indian content.


  38. sanjana Says:

    PM Narendra Modi Mann Ki Baat Today Live Updates: The Prime Minister began his address to nation by remembering the jawans who laid down their lives during the 1999 Kargil War. He also spoke about how Covid is spreading faster and that its threat is high as ever.


  39. Suicide or Murder? As officials rule out any foul play, some questions are yet to be answered

    Following the sequence of events closely, what could be ascertained was that, the night before he died, he had returned with some friends at around 10.30 and had continued to celebrate, as the neighbours had heard hooting sounds coming from his apartment in Bandra. Two of his friends stayed the night over.

    Next morning he goes for a walk, returns and plays games on his PlayStation and then takes a glass of pomegranate juice with him to his room. Later when the cook knocks on his door to ask him what he wanted for lunch, there was no answer. The friends, who stayed overnight, and the cook call a lock man to open his door and find him hanging. They then call Sushant’s sister and the police.

    The police arrive and continue with their proceedings including taking his medical file with prescriptions, which was by his bedside table. And his body is taken by his friend, Sandeep Singh, to Cooper Hospital for post mortem. Hours after this, Sushant Singh Rajput’s family allege that he was murdered and demanded a police investigation in his untimely death, and a forensics team reach his residence to collect evidence the same afternoon.

    The scene of crime, before his body was taken out, pointed out several discrepancies between what the police were divulging and what was actually seen in the room with the help of video and photographs:

    1. The police reported he had used the bed to hang himself, (there was no stool or chair). This seemed next to impossible, as the height between the bed which is around 1.5 to 2ft height and the fan seemed far too less for a man of 6 ft, weighing around 75 kilos, to hang to death from the video footage that has been seen. This is, of course, assuming that the height of the room is 9 feet. The green cloth, which lay on the bed, was torn and a part of it still hung from the fan, it appeared too flimsy to hold his height and weight.

    2. Some have alleged that the duplicate keys to his bedroom were missing, (normally a person would entrust duplicate keys, in this case computerized keys, to someone he trusted greatly). If this is true, who had the keys and why were they missing? The cook and two of his friends who had stayed overnight, did not break open the door instead they called a locksmith who makes the key and opens the door. When the key was a computerized one, how did they get a locksmith to make one so easily and so fast?

    3. Police found his medical documents and prescriptions by his bedside. Why would one normally leave their medical documents there, was it an attempt by someone to show he was depressed and was taking medicines?

    4. The body itself had strangulation marks that were round in shape and not V-shaped which is how it would look when one commits suicide. Several images showed the dark indent, which could not have been caused by a flimsy dupatta, but something far stronger, like a rope.

    5. The normal signs of struggle, when a man commits suicide too were missing, his face was neither blue, nor were his eyes or tongue protruding. Instead looking at his images, you notice that there were bruises near his forehead, one eye and arms. One eye was partially open and the skin around it looked dark. How did these bruises appear if it was just a normal case of suicide?

    6. Fudge, his dog reportedly did not bark or create an alert when all this transpired. So where was the dog when this happened? The videos show him confused, sad and looking for his owner, so was the dog drugged?

    7. His autopsy report showed asphyxia due to hanging, which itself does not mean suicide, it could mean he was strangled by someone, and then the whole thing could have been staged as a suicide.
    While the viscera report showed there were no chemicals found in his body. The glass from which he had drunk pomegranate juice after going to his bedroom was missing in his room.

    8. The last calls he made were to Rhea Chakraborthy, his girlfriend, at 1.47am and Mahesh Shetty at 1.51am. Neither calls were returned.
    9. His body was reportedly taken by his friend, Sandip to Cooper Hospital, which is run by BMC (Brihanmumbai Muncipal Corporation), which incidentally had come under fire recently after an audio recording of the doctors demanding bribe surfaced. Cooper Hospital, was the same hospital where actresses Jiah Khan (who was involved with Sooraj Pancholi), Divya Bharati (wife of Producer Sajjid Nadiawalla) and Parveen Babi (who had a relationship with director Mahesh Bhatt) were taken to after their death. It was later reported that Mahesh Bhatt knew a doctor in Cooper Hospital.

    10.The final postmortem report by five doctors said it was clear case of suicide, and that there was no struggle or injury marks on his body. Which, however is being proved otherwise by photographic and video images of his body.

    11. Before his body was taken, a video reveals that his finger was moving, showing a cadaveric spasm (stiffness of the muscles in extreme cases) which was then covered with a cloth by someone.
    Subsequently a complaint was filed before the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Mukesh Kumar, in Bihar by Kundan Kumar, a resident of Muzaffarpur against Rhea Chakraborthy of abetment in the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Rhea Chakraborthy, who had starred in Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Jalebi,’ was in a relationship with Sushant, which had soured a few months back. Rhea was the one Sushant called the night before he died, but there was no response from her.

    It was reported that Rhea deleted all the photographs of both of them from Instagram, three days before his death. Her mother said that she had complained to her director and mentor, Mahesh Bhatt that Sushant had stopped taking medicines for depression and was acting weird, that he was hearing voices that were threatening him.

    Another fact that came to the fore was that Sushant had started a company with Rhea and her brother Showik called ‘Vividrage Rhealityx Private Limited’ and he was the only one who put money into it. And that this fact was not divulged to the police during Rhea’s nine-hour interrogation. Sushant’s father said that he had stopped taking medicines for depression some months back. Sushant was consulting Psychiatrist Kersi Chavda for depression. Kersi, it is reported, is a good friend of Mahesh Bhatt.

    This was followed by both Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt making statements that Sushant was depressed. In fact, Mahesh Bhatt, went further to say that his case reminded him of actress Parveen Babi, who was suicidal and had died due to depression. Director Shekhar Kapur, who was planning to feature him in ‘Paani’ in partnership with Yash Chopra Films (which never happened), too confessed on twitter that Sushant was undergoing a bad period and he wished he was around to help him.

    Subsequently, a case was filed by Sudhir Kumar Ojha in the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s court against six prominent Bollywood makers for abetment to Sushant’s death. Soon, reports came out that his depression could have stemmed from the fact that seven big production houses had banned Sushant from films; Dharma Productions (KaranJohar), YRF Films (Aditya Chopra), Balaji (Ekta Kapoor), Sajid Nadiadwala, SKF Films (SalmanKhanFilms), T Series, and DineshVijan.

    Clearly pointing to the fact that these production houses were creating camps or cartels that do not allow enough fair opportunities for the meritorious. In fact, nepotism, where the film industry establishment preferred to promote its own progeny, and their friends and family became the target of attack by people on social media in the coming weeks.

    Karan Johar’s casting choices have created the impression that he certainly is the most prominent of the guardians of nepotism. But there are many others like

    Ekta Kapoor, Mahesh Bhatt, Aditya Chopra, who formed a part of it. Hence the same actors, children of stars/directors like Alia Bhatt, Arjun Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Ranbir Kapoor, were given most of the roles. Roles promised to Sushant were taken away and given to these actors. And the same coterie constantly belittled Sushant on stage shows and TV chat shows like “Koffee with Karan” to make him feel insignificant.

    A few actors like Nana Patekar, Shekhar Suman paid visits to Sushant’s family in Bihar to give their condolences. Shekhar Suman was vocal about the underworld’s role in Bollywood crimes. It was reported that Sushant had changed his SIM cards 50 times because he was receiving death threats. So who was threatening him and why?

    What seems even stranger is that after his death, when his phone was in the custody of the police, his Twitter and Instagram accounts were being tampered by someone, his number of followers were being reduced, he was suddenly following director Mahesh Bhatt. His popular TV serial ‘PavithraRishta’ was removed from YouTube.

    One also wonders whether his death was linked with the death of his manager, 28-year-old Disha Salian, just eight days before. Disha was reported to have committed suicide by jumping off a high rise building in Malad, Mumbai. The police registered the case as an accidental death. Nothing more was known regarding this. Sushant’s response was to write to her family to show how upset he was.

    The fact remains that Bollywood is seeped in a quagmire of underworld dons and politicians, who control the fate of actors and movie makers. Big, blockbuster movies are made with their help, they even decided who would star in them.

    While Demonetization, affected their business to a large extent, and big banner films stopped being produced, crime in this area continued unabated and criminals were given a free chit, as the connections with politicians, corporates, film-makers run rather deep. The deaths of Jia Khan, Divya Bharati, Parveen Babi were examples of this link.

    But then the public was aware that Sushant was different through his interviews and public talks. He had aspired to be a pilot, but on his father’s insistence joined engineering. Which he then quit a few months before graduation to enter TV, drama and then films. He excelled in all these areas with his quality of seeping into the characters he played.

    His love for quantum physics, astronomy and space technology was often shared with the public. He bought an expensive Meade telescope 14” LX600 to look at the stars from his apartment. He had undergone a month-long training at NASA for a role he was doing as an astronaut in ‘Chanda Mama Door ke’ which never took off. He also bought a piece of land in the region of Mare Moscoviense on the moon. His dream was to travel to the Moon, as an astronaut, in 2024.

    He also had a bucket list of 50 things he dreamed of doing and shared with the public, out of which he had ticked 12 of them. A motorcycle aficionado, he bought a BMW motorbike and a Maserati in the same shade of a dinky car that he had as a child. He contributed Rs 1 Crore each towards Kerala and Nagaland flood relief. He never showed the kind of attitude stars usually show, he always obliged ordinary people with selfies, right from balloon sellers to beggars.

    Hence the mystery of his death remains more prevalent, as an intelligent, ambitious and humane person does not leave the world without saying a word, or leaving a suicide note. How could a man with vast knowledge in quantum physics and space science, an actor, a seeker and a good human being disappear in this silent manner? Fans and well-wishers are clamouring for a proper CBI investigation, to ensure justice is given to his family and fans as they are losing their faith in the local police. They believe that once the mystery is solved they can give a dignified, final goodbye to the star they loved.



    • This is a clear case of Murder.

      A long read but the facts are quite startling and refutes claims of suicide.

      This has now been taken up by the eminent lawyers.

      Hope the criminals and murderers are found and get arrested.


      • Shivaay Says:

        Have the murderers of Divya Bharti, Sridevi & Manmohan Desai been caught yet? I’m afraid this’ll go the same way.


      • jayshah Says:

        IF AND A BIG IF it’s murder I hope the guilty are caught and held up to shame.


      • Naveen, I take it you’re not a lawyer 🙂
        And you think the whole industry is responsible except Akshay 🙂

        Bro, it’s not easy to convict for murder. It took 2 decades for the black buck case.

        Paisa bolta hai…


        • jayshah Says:



        • If Khans haven been bullies then what can i do?

          It is the problems for their fans to defend the infallibles, am not one of them. 😁😁


          • Please explain Aamir Khan bullying, terrorizing or abusing someone on set? Reports of differences of opinion with directors does not constitute professional or personal bullying.

            Liked by 1 person

          • LOL, khans have been bullies but i thought akshay was one man industry according to you? no? So is akshay truly responsible for SSR death?

            Let me stop with childish argument.


          • KHANS is not coined by me.
            It is coined by PR agencies of Salman, SRK and Aamir for their mutual benefit.

            To dominate the industry, their PR went with the news of Khans rules. It can be verified. The fact is at no one point all three ruled. But still the myth was created. I also call it Jumla

            So why was this Jumla created?

            A very well thought and smartly done Jumla which basically hides the failures and project themselves as kind of a joint camp or a lobby. The fight etc were all for publicity.

            Now the same brand has come to haunt them. Salman Khan is the bully here but the brand Khans gets all 3 involved.

            Doobenge sanam leking saath mein.


    • Hope the real culprits are arrested.


  40. Now AR Rehman saying Bollywood gang is stopping him from getting work…
    This is getting silly…



    • I don’t think he is saying it for publicity. And based on what two big boys of music industry TSeries and Zee Music are churning, I think he is right.


      • Agree, but it’s not like Rehman gave anything memorable last 10 years.

        You give hit album, most producers will be at your doorsteps.


  41. Shivaay Says:


  42. Like

  43. sanjana Says:

    Kangana Ranaut’s team says Resul Pookutty spoke to her about being shunned by Bollywood
    Kangana Ranaut’s team slammed ‘Bully-wood’ and said that Resul Pookutty talked to her about not getting work in Bollywood.
    BOLLYWOOD Updated: Jul 27, 2020 15:45 IST
    HT Entertainment Desk
    Hindustan Times, New Delhi



  44. sanjana Says:


    Ranvir Shorey shares experience after fallout with Bhatt family: ‘I was professionally and socially isolated, pressured’
    In an interview with Hindustan Times, Ranvir Shorey talked about not getting his due in Bollywood, the insider-outsider debate and why streaming platforms promote a ‘healthier system of working’.


  45. I&B Secretary Amit Khare indicated this at a close-door industry interaction with the CII Media Committee on Friday. He said his opposite number in the Home Ministry, Ajay Bhalla, will take the final call.

    Khare said that he has recommended that cinema halls may be allowed to reopen all over India as early as August 1 – or at the latest, around August 31.

    The formula suggested is that alternate seats in the first row and then the next row be kept vacant and proceeding in this fashion throughout.

    Khare said that his ministry’s recommendation takes into consideration the two metre social distancing norm, but tweaks it gently to two yards instead. The Home Ministry, however, still has to revert on the recommendation.

    Cinema owners, present in the interaction, however, pushed back and said this formula is unwise and merely running films at 25 per cent auditorium capacity is worse than keeping the cinemas shut.

    The attendees at the meet included media CEOs of several TV channels, OTT platform and more along with the Chairman, CII Media Committee.



    • This one is explosive, Shotgun has pretty much blown his relationship with KJo for good !!


    • As I keep watching Arnab getting folks to talk about SSR, I really am getting turned off with what he’s trying to get at. With all due respect to SS about being ‘fearless’, this is the same guy who blasted AB and made accusations that AB actually did the same thing to him, because, ‘ahem’, as per him and the Indian audience, SS was more popular and loved by the public than AB! And then, after publicly and continuously humiliating AB since the ’80s, asks him to be the one releasing his biography!! The very ‘groupism’ and the lack of ‘Dostana’ – pun intended – and the turncoat attitude that he talks of, well, why have AB then if he sabotaged your career? Both SS and Rajesh were one of the most indisciplined actors ever!! Bachchan used to be on the sets 30 minutes earlier inspite of being awake the whole night and SS used to make people wait for a full 6 hours! A shift which was supposed to begin at 6 am would have Shatru walk in with all attitude at 1 pm! Read in this piece what AB had to say about SS. AB really killed it in his laconic, Libra-enthused when he talked of SS’s punctuality – I mean, the lack of it. Isn’t this disrespectful to the producer, the spot-boys, those daily-wage earners who bloody hell got up at 4 AM to catch the local and get to studios in time only to wait till 12 noon for one guy to turn up?


      I am not trying to make this about Amitabh, but I am definitely confused about only Arnab getting to interview Shorey, Kangs, SS and I don’t who else will be next! Is the other side deliberately ignoring all the folks or what? Barkha Dutt was quite happy to have Kangs on NDTV when Kangs spoke of victimisation by Pancholi or that Suman’s son – whatever his name is. Why is nobody from NDTV or India TV or anyone to the left now doesn’t want to talk to Kangana or Shorey?

      In this interview, SS keeps looking to his right throughout the interview: Is he being prompted to say what Arnab wants to hear and wants the ‘nation to know’?

      Between this left and right, centrists like us are being churned and don’t know whom to look to!


      • When you’re at top, you will have many who wants to pull you down but there are plenty of people who said something about Amitabh, be it Shatru, Parveen Babi, Prakash Mehra, Kader Khan, etc…

        i love Amitabh but wouldn’t make out to be a saint.


        • Am not making Amitabh or anyone a saint. You might want to see the video and read my comments again with regard to the context.


      • And again, here’s what I mean – and I reiterate – that getting folks that have nothing to do with SSR are coming in and having a field day. Shotgun keeps saying he doesn’t know the details and keeps staring at the right. Then why waste 45 minutes and just keep getting conjecture after conjecture and filling spaces with more confusion?

        Look at TIMESNOW’s program and see how this fellow Samir Soni comes and butts in. Why is he even invited?

        This fellow was also on the sunday debate with Arnab. There, he said he has personal info from SSR’s psychiatrist regarding his condition. Now in the times interview, he is saying he just saw the twitter feed and news media reports and ‘believed’ SSR had mental health issues. Why didn’t he say that he has information on SSR’s doctor’s consultation and diagnosis? On the Arnab show, HE was the person who said SSR had bipolar disorder and could prove that since he’s in knows the doctor!

        Why is he not saying the same thing on TIMESNOW if it’s the truth?



        On India Upfront with Rahul Shivshankar, Big twist to Sushant Singh Rajput death case: Sushant’s father steps in and files case against his son’s friend Rhea Chakraborty under various sections including abetment to suicide & cheating.

        Mumbai Police sources tell TIMES NOW. •Bihar police approached Mumbai Police late today •Spoke with Sushant Singh’s friends last evening •Bihar Police have been in Mumbai for the past 3 days

        Mumbai Police is complicit as far as the Bollywood is concerned. Cops have been socialising with the industry. That’s why I asked for CBI inquiry. This case can’t be investigated by Mumbai Police. There was absolute fear among Sushant Singh’s family and on that basis, this cartel was operating. says, BJP MP Subramanian Swamy. I think there was a ‘cabal’ which was totally working against Sushant Singh. says, BJP Spokesperson Shazia Ilmi.


  46. Opinion | Bollywood is ripe for a takeover by a pragmatic rebel-Manu Joseph
    The revolt that has hit the Hindi film industry has parallels in the anti-corruption movement, even though in “Bollywood”, both the camps observe intermittent fasting.

    While commercial cinema is a democracy, “art” is an autocracy of the elite. The business of art seems in the sway of cartels far more than the business of entertainment is.



    • Manu has some points right but he has limited view of cinema which you can figure from ram Gopal Verma’s comment…the idea that only success comes to genuine talented people is not true…It took Baahubal2 to show that 100 crore success was actually mediocrity …Also success has to do with TINA…if you are presented with small set of alternatives most of times, one has to succeed. success doesn’t need whole product to be good; you can have hit songs and average movie and you will cross line of success.

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  47. Dil Bechara Is Huge On Digital
    Sunday 26 July 2020 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Dil Bechara which was a film made for the theatres but was released on digital has seen a huge response. The film hit the nation on Friday and saw a record response as far as digital content in concerned in India in terms of initial response. The streaming platforms do not give numbers but the response here is said to far higher than anything seen on the Hotstar platform before in terms of viewers

    The numbers would be interesting as to see how far it is ahead of the other content but only the streaming company would have these. Hotstar is the biggest streaming giant in India if we go by viewers so if Dil Bechara is the tops on Hotstar it can be said with certainty its higher than the best on the other platforms as well. In all likelhood its a record breaking response for OTT in India.
    The two main reasons for these results would be one the death of Sushant Singh Rajput a month or so back and he is the main lead of the film. Naturally a death in such a scenario makes the public see a film in a different light and it also the last time they are going to see the actor which adds an audience. Also the film was free on Hotstar so you did not have to subscribe but could watch if you download the app and this would have given it a far wider reach and a bit like television. The response here is at a totally different level to Gulabo Sitabo which also premiered on digital a month or so back. It will be multi fold higher in terms of numbers.

    It has to be also noted though if these highly media rated OTT series which are actually crap like Sacred Games, Paatal Lok, Mirzapur, Inside Edge etc were made free they would struggle to find an audience as the wider audience does not care for this type of content and never will. There will be many in the industry which will not agree but put these on television which has a wider reach and the results will be for all to see as there will be disaster ratings. Here with Dil Bechara an audience has been found in big numbers on digital which is a first for original Indian Content.


  48. Angry Bachchan Sahab today-

    .. all I shall say to them is .. ‘ठोक दो साले को ‘

    मारीच, अहिरावन , महिषासुर, असुर , उपनाम हो तुम ; हमारा यज्ञ प्रारम्भ होते ही, तुम राक्षसों की तरह तड़पोगे , जान लो इतना की अब तुम ही केवल समाज की आवाज़ ना हो ; चरित्र हीन, अविश्वासी , श्रद्धा हीन , लीचड़ तुम हो ; जलो गलो पिघलो , बेशर्म , बेहया , निर्लज्ज, समाज कलंकी …
    May you burn in your own stew !!

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  49. Shivaay Says:

    So much for digital ott denting cinemas, their trash content like Sacred Games & Paataal Lok cannot even compete with retrograde saas bahu soap operas on satellite television. Even today the viewership of Star Plus, Zee Tv & Sony Sab continues to be exponentially higher than Netflix, Amazon & Hotstar which are yet to penetrate beyond the metros (puny 6 inch screens ain’t everyone’s cup of tea). Producers would do better to release directly on satellite tv alongside digital till cinemas get back to normal. Of course the Shekhar Kapur’s & Anurag Kashyap’s wouldn’t find more than a 1% audience on any forum but that’s besides the point.


  50. It is disheartening to note that those who we keep on a pedestal reveal their ugly feet whether they are filmstars or journalists or other celebrities mini or major.

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    • Shivaay Says:

      No genuine releases till Christmas at least. Even Sooryavanshi’s Diwali plans will need to be reworked till Xmas/New Year.


  52. sanjana Says:


    Veteran actress Kumkum, who appeared in films like Mother India, Kohinoor, Ujala, Ek Sapera Ek Lootera, and Naya Daur, among others, died at the age of 86 on Tuesday. Her death was confirmed by Johnny Walker’s son, actor Nasirr Khan on Twitter. The cause of her death is yet to be known.

    Sharing two throwback pictures of Kumkum, Nasirr Khan wrote, “Yesteryear’s film actress KUMKUM aunty, passed away, she was 86. she did so many films; songs & dances where picturized on her. did so many movies opposite dad johnnywalker .”


  53. sanjana Says:

    Anupam Shyam is known for playing villainous roles in film and TV serials. He rose to popularity for playing the role of conservative patriarch Thakur Sajjan Singh in Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya, which aired in 2009 on Star Plus. His other television shows include Kyunki…Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai, Amaravathi Ki Kathaye, Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath and Doli Armaano Ki, to name a few.

    The actor has featured in movies such as Dastak, Dushman, Zakhm, Kachche Dhaage, Paap, Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi, Golmaal, Halla Bol and Wanted, among many others. He has also worked in several critically acclaimed films like Parzania, Bandit Queen, Lagaan, Dil Se, Nayak: The Real Hero, as well as in the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire.

    Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya Actor Anupam Shyam In ICU, Family Seeks Financial Help From Industry Friends
    “He could not get a good treatment due to financial crisis,” the actor’s brother told PTI



    • sanjana Says:

      Sonu Sood, Manoj Bajpayee are also helping along with CINTAA.

      I feel Sonu Sood deserves nothing less than Bharat Ratna.

      He also donated a tractor to a farmer whose daughters had to plough fields.

      And his help to migrants and others is also very well known.

      Wish SSR followed Sonu Sood.

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      • Last line is unnecessary. Good comment otherwise.


      • “Wish SSR followed Sonu Sood”

        I read the last comment as –

        The last comment assumes Sushant commited suicide. It is a wish to say Sushant should have intead followed good work of Sonu Sood.

        If the meaning is different from what i understood then i am wrong.

        Otherwise the comment is unnecessary because suicide due to depression is not the case here based on the publicly available.new facts emerging.


  54. sanjana Says:

    Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s father has filed a police complaint against his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty, also an actor, over a month after he was found dead in his Mumbai apartment.

    Sushant Singh Rajput’s family has accused her of abetment to suicide, alleging that she cheated him financially and mentally harassed him.


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    • I guess SSR father didn’t consult our Naveen.

      Father should be going after chopra/johar/khans/bhatt/etc, not Rhea.


      • Z- Why are you nervous? Relax. There is time for doing this potshots.

        I am glad family has now spoken up. May the truth prevail. The bogus camp along with close friends (Rhea and Sandeep included) , both are involved in this murder.

        Let the justice prevail.

        Lets not make this Naveen Vs me

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        • Relax Naveen, i’m just teasing you.

          Why would i be nervous, i don’t worship any actors like you worship akshay because for a simple reason, they don’t put food on my table for my kids.

          I don’t make any money when any of the khans films make money or lose it when it fails.

          Also, i’m not here to hate johars, chopras, khans or kumars…


  55. Goodbye, Jeans. The Pandemic Is Ushering In An Era Of Comfort.
    Once the ultimate in comfort and casual wear, jeans have been usurped by more comfortable – and stretchier – options.



    • Haha. Same with me. Didn’t wear a jeans from March till now. I used to wear jeans all the time. Seeing sad seeing the huge number of jeans hanging in my closet.


    • People will buy less (formal or outdoor) clothes, less soap, detergent, makeup and other personal items.


  56. Interesting Insights for the BO experts !!

    Insight 2: US films continue to dominate the top ten lists.
    Of the top ten, 9 are from the US.

    Of the top 20, 19 are US or English language. Of the top 25, only three were from outside the United States.

    In other words, US-produced films continue to do well on Netflix. I have two explanations for this. First, the US/Canada region is still a huge portion of total Netflix subscribers. (Over one third, and probably higher in actual usage.) US viewers tend not to opt for foreign language originals. (British films/series are the minor exceptions.)

    The second explanation is that Hollywood is still the movie producing capital of the world. This lineup isn’t too different from how global box office performs, with the exception of China, where Netflix isn’t a presence.

    Insight 3: Action Films Dominate the List
    If a genre does seem to be working for Netflix, it is action films. Since last year, they’ve taken up more and more spots in the top list:

    Insight 4: The Oscar films have not done very well.

    Of all the films Netflix has released for Oscar contention in the United States, The Irishman is the only film who gotten the “datecdote” treatment


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  58. Interesting study on population…


  59. Like

  60. It’s getting pretty bad in India. Hearing of a death on daily basis of people close to my town.


  61. sanjana Says:

    Zuckerberg, Bezos, Pichai, Cook To Testify Today At Big Congress Hearing
    The showdown in the House of Representatives comes amid rising concerns over Big Tech dominance, which has become even more pronounced during the coronavirus pandemic.



  62. sanjana Says:


    The exact moment when film star Rekha became a villain in vermilion (and it wasn’t in ‘Silsila’)
    She walked into Rishi Kapoor’s wedding with sindoor in her hair, spreading shock waves all around.


  63. looks very brutal and gory-


  64. Unlock 3.0 guidelines: What’s not allowed
    * Metro Rail services

    * Cinema halls, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, bars, auditoriums, assembly halls and similar places.

    * Social/ political/ sports/ entertainment/ academic/ cultural/ religious functions and other large congregations.

    * Vulnerable persons, ie people above 65 years of age, people with co-morbidities, pregnant women, and children below the age of 10 years, are advised to stay at home, except for meeting essential requirements and for health purposes.


  65. Mogul is on Aamir’s radar

    The actor has started reading through the updated script and might give his nod soon.

    Aamir Khan took time during the lockdown to read through the script of the Subhash Kapoor-directed Mogul.

    Khan, who was shooting for Laal Singh Chaddha before the lockdown started, has not gone through any other fresh idea, as he understands that it will take a long while for things to get back to normal, and he would rather read a script closer to when it can be made.

    “Aamir is a one-film person. Hardly has he multitasked in the past many years — he works on his looks, his physique, and on conditioning his mind to work on the film in hand. And that is the case with Laal Singh Chaddha too. But he still has the film Mogul in mind and read a few parts of Subhash Kapoor’s updated script,” says an industry source.

    Aamir had signed the film initially also as a producer with Bhushan Kumar. It is a biopic of the late music baron Gulshan Kumar and one of the most important projects from the T Series banner.



    • Aamir Khan starrer Vikram Vedha remake pushed ahead

      Amid the nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak, several films and TV shoots were halted and movie releases have been postponed too. With restrictions being lifted slowly in the country, producers are ensuring to receive permission to resume shooting while adhering to government guidelines. Aamir Khan starrer Vikram Vedha will be delayed since the actor is yet to complete Laal Singh Chaddha shooting.

      As per reports, Aamir Khan has 40 percent of shooting left for Laal Singh Chaddha, the Indian adaptation of Hollywood flick Forrest Gump that starred Tom Hanks in the lead role. The actor is certain that he won’t be resuming shooting before October keeping in mind the safety of the cast and crew. Since the film is scheduled for Christmas 2020 release, they might push it to 2021 Christmas.

      Aamir Khan was supposed to begin shooting for Vikram Vedha remake in February 2021. But, due to his current film’s condition, he has informed the producer Neeraj Pandey that he will only begin work on the thriller post the release of Laal Singh Chaddha.

      Pushkar Gayatri, the original director, will helm the remake. It marks Aamir Khan’s reunion with Dil Chahta Hai co-star Saif Ali Khan.



      • Since the film is scheduled for Christmas 2020 release, they might push it to 2021 Christmas.

        Bechaaini badh gayi ab. Ek saal aur.


        • Its good only. Things may return to normal by Christmas 2021.


          • Good to read you Marcus. Hope all’s well. Are you in North America?


          • Thanks An Jo. I m based in India. Morbid times we r living in. One good thing is that we seem to have evolved out of crazy box office talk and numbers. Been hooked to OTT entertainment, i pretty much dont care when theaters will reopen or movies will release.

            Been revisiting some Aamir films from nineties during the lockdown like JJWS, AHAT and AAA. These films still are v fresh and watchable after all these years.

            How hv u guyz been?


          • sanjana Says:

            I am watching thrillers mainly. Old and acclaimed ones like Shutter Island, The Shining, Dr. Sleep, Psycho.
            Loved Shutter Island. A tragic thriller.

            Also some malayalam movies like Helen and Kaali.
            Some web series which caught my fancy.

            Money Heist is quite interesting.

            The Fault in our Stars and Dil Bechara.

            Covid gave us shock and some introspection.
            Life is not short but very short.
            Indoors versus Outdoors.

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  66. sanjana Says:

    The serological findings suggest another possibility: the crisis may be largely over because the virus has spread efficiently, not because it was stopped.

    “One explanation is they did an excellent job containing it, the other is that herd immunity has been reached,” Mr Muliyil said. “The virus does its work. The virus doesn’t worry about your quarantine and it is much more efficient than your efforts to contain it.”

    He does, however, credit the government’s containment measures with keeping mortality rates low in the slums, because the proactive surveillance ensured that cases were caught early and given high quality care. Of a population as big as a million people, Dharavi has recorded 253 deaths.

    Growing herd immunity may also be behind the dip in cases in the capital city of New Delhi, said Mr Muliyil, where a study in early July found that a quarter of the population had been exposed.



  67. Superb anecdote on 007 Roger Moore !!

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    • Fantastic tribute Rocky Saab. I know folks are suckes for SEAN CONNERY, but for me, Roger Moore will always remain that spy with a gentle but deceiving veneer..the only favorite Bond of mine before Craig…

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    • Agree AnJo, Roger Moore had an edge over Sean.
      I liked Sean Connery a lot in the Rock, and really wanted Bachchan to play that role in an official adoption of that movie.
      Magar Yeh Ho na Saka , aur ab yeh aalam hai kee ….

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  68. Like

    • Like

    • This case has gripped the nation and rightly so.
      If this doesn’t lead to justice then no case would. For the first time fans of all.stars.are united.


      • Whatever it is, stop watching news channels and especially Hindi news channels! They don’t care about any justice to anyone, they need content in this covid times and using SSR’s death conveniently to fill up their TRPs and sensationalizing the event.


        • Agree on most news channel. There is lots of bull shit.
          But that doesnt take away the movement for justice for SSR.

          He was was murdered. Justice is needed.


  69. sanjana Says:

    A “suspicious transaction” worth Rs 15 crore is under the lens of the Enforcement Directorate, which probes financial crimes, in the investigation into actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, sources have said. The agency has sought details of a police case filed by the actor’s father in Bihar to probe the transaction allegedly involving the brother of Sushant’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty. The 34-year-old actor had died by suicide at his Mumbai apartment last month, the police have said.



  70. Mohammed Rafi: The finest of the bygone era
    Mohammed Rafi will remain the voice of India, but his songs belong to the entire world that embraced him and to all those who are filled with hope and optimism for the future, whenever they listen to his melodies.



    • Thanks for posting this, Sanjana.

      I have become Rafi bhakt in past few years disptie being a fan of kishor early ages and than Mukesh. but past few years, i’ve been basically studying Rafi songs. Amazing how he can make ordinary songs some what bearable. The pronounciation of the words, the leh, understanding the ragas, and a voice to go with it. Be it romantic, gazal, bhajan, qawali, patriotis, sad, humor songs, Rafi aced in all.

      I think he is the only one in industry who no one, i mean no one says anything bad about. Go thru old articles or youtube and you will never find anyone saying that rafi played monoply, or cut other singers songs, etc. Actually if you go thru youtube videos, a lot of the artist think that he is some type of saint. (Suresh Wadekar, Anup Jalota, Uttam Sing, Shilandra, Mahendra Kapoor, Manna Day, Man Mohan Desai, etc…)

      He sang with KL Saigel to Udit Narayan, Norjahaan to Anuradha paudwal, sang for Dilip to Govinda.


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  71. Afwaahon ka bazaar garam hai..


    • Maharshatra politics is probably the murkiest now.
      Aaditya thackeray is alleged to be present in the party at SSR residence on 13th June. 13 June was also Aditya’s birthday.
      This is now beyond the capabilty of Mumbai Police. Maybe beyond CBI as well. This needs NIA level investigation.


      • Policial bigwigs
        Bollywood bigwings – Khans, Bhatts, Johar
        Police bigwigs
        Bastard girlfriends and friends

        Ohhh SSR…. kaise logon ke beech mein phans gaye the???? 😔😔😔😔😔


  72. sanjana Says:

    Shakuntala Devi review: The equation remains unsolvedAnu Menon’s Shakuntala Devi is based on the life of the famous maths geniusSarath Ramesh Kuniyl By Sarath Ramesh Kuniyl


    This is the better detailed review than that of others.


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