Images from RakshaBandhan

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  1. It’s 1980’s all over again!


  2. Forthcoming bonanza for all Akshay Kumar Fans-

    LaxmmiBomb – Horror/Comedy
    Sooryavanshi – Cop Action Drama
    Prithviraj -Historical
    TheEnd – Action web series
    BachchanPandey – Masala Action
    AtrangiRe – Romantic
    BellBottom – Spy Thriller
    RakshaBandhan – Family Drama

    The Mini industry Red heart❤


    • It would be better to make half of those films and make them good instead making bunch of mediocre movies. I always felt the setting and movie can turn out to be great only if Akshay doesn’t seem to rush-shoot them. Movies like Gold, Airlift, Kesari, Padman should have been classics but turn out average movies with the hurried productions and fast pace turnaround. But still there’s a great classic film somewhere lurking around Akshay Kumar and one day he’ll make that one!


      • Difficult to make classics unless one spends time on the film (even as just an actor). Dont see any of this present lineup to become such a movie to cheer.

        Airlift was perhaps Akshay’s best film in last 5 years or so.


      • Agree if one is planning a Dangal or Lagaan. Such movies need the director to be immersed.

        However other classics like Maine Pyar Kiya, Mr India, Taare Zameen par etc can be done quickly.

        But i would prefer Padman any day over Gully Boyz.

        Classics are now many for Akshay in last 5-6 years

        Hera pheri
        Ohh my god
        Toilet Ek Prem Kaths

        In addition to other good films.

        And Akshay Kumar’models is currently working over any other model.

        His current model has

        A team of script writers
        Dialog writers
        Music directors

        Who work dedicatedly and do the thinking needed for the movie till pre production. Akshay gets involved during the shooting and moves on.

        No doubt has flaws but with a brilliant team, it is now working. Earlier without the team, he was inconsistent.


      • And i will watch out for Prithviraj and Sooryavanshi.

        BTW, Good Newwz remained my top hindi 5 films i enjoyed last year. Have seen it thrice.


  3. Akshay is not the only one churning movies left and right :


    • Remakes and sequels only in the current mood is looking ominous. The 300cr tiger project is shockingly over budget.


      • I guess Eid and Christmas releases will remain out of Akshay’s reach. Eid 2021, 2022 and 2023 are pretty much booked with Radhe, Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali and Tiger 3. While Xmas 2021, 2022, 2023 are booked with LSC, Mogul and Vikram Veda.


        • Eid, Christmas, Diwali, Holi, Summer holidays, winter holidays, New year, Independence day, Republic day…
          Akshay has a release on all occasions.

          LSC might not release on a holiday. Radhey may not release at all. Things have changed. People are not interested in khans any more.


    • Himesh continues to blow Salman again. Soon, he maybe directing a flick for Bhai..


  4. Some funny comments above.

    1) The term “Classic” had lost its meaning long time a go but now it’s just silly where MPK, TZP are looked upon as classic. Pick up any magazine upto late 80s and the films you will see listed as classic are:
    Kismat, Awara, Pyaasa, MEA, Sholay, Guide, Devdas (dilip kumar), mera naam joker, and the most current one i saw or used to hear about was ram teri ganga meli. There may be few others listed based on the writer.
    Now, every other film is classic 🙂

    Same thing with term “Superstar”, back than there was Rajesh and then Amitabh, now who isn’t a superstar???

    2) “People are not interested in khans any more”, just about every big director/producer is casting who???

    3) as far as akshya is concerned, let him hit a big one and prove that he can join big league.

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    • Z, Can the choice of your classics be considered to be suffering from ageism?

      I adore those movies…but never got a chance to see those in theatres. Those were from another era.

      Movies viewing on TV…sorry….again i say this…pls specify when you compare movies (TV to TV is a comparison of only 60% of the cinematic experience).

      My classics are a bit from 90s onwards. Quite a few ones like
      Darr, Lagaan, Hera Pheri, Baahubali, HAHK, MPK, Gadar etc features in mine. What an amazing cinematic experience. Classic. Actually i have a long list.


    • “People are not interested in khans any more”, just about every big director/producer is casting who???

      No one is casting them with new stories. They are not getting scripts. They are making sequels or remakes.
      They are in downhill. The perception with Khans/Johars/Bhatts is not right at the moment. Something has got broken with SSR. This is for real and for mid term.


  5. Too much of time spending on social media is not healthy – sifting through millions of ‘free’ opinion of jobless people in twitter hardly represent ground realities. Khans have established an audience base with cine going public through decades of hard work. That goodwill wont go away just because SSR committed suicide or was murdered, either ways. And the good-will doesnt go away in a moment. It takes a prolonged downward curve for years.

    Radhe will get a Eid release, rumors have already been floated or planted from ‘inside sources’. Same with LSC on Christmas 2021. YRF is also planning to release SRK’s next on Gandhi Jayanti 2021 (provided the film can roll by October this year).

    Akshay maybe juggling 6-7 films at the same time, but he doesnt have ALL holiday releases for next year except Diwali. Expecting others to suck their thumbs while he releases on all major holidays isnt exactly a practical thought.

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  6. Like

  7. In the 2000’s cinematic footfalls took a drastic hit courtesy the triple whammy of multiplex ticket hike (replacing single screens), easy access on torrents & pirated DVD’s. Films with even footfalls of 1.5-2 Cr started being branded bonafied Blockbusters. Then came the 2010’s where audiences got used to the idea of multiplexes, ticket prices stabilized, purchasing power of community increased & regular BB’s started recording footfalls of 3-3.5 Cr (like in the 90’s). Now with the post covid scenario coupled with the onslaught of OTT medium, I guess we’re gonna be back to the days of the 2000’s wherein anything >1 Cr in footfall might be a Super Hit & 1.5 Cr+ footfalls might be the new Blockbuster target.

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    • Things will get to normal say in another year or so. But what happens to the tentpoles that will release in between? I think Tenet’s box office run will give us some indication. Made on a budget of $225M it needs $450-500M for recovery only. I personally think WB will be lucky to make half of this given the covid scare. And i am talking WW collections here.

      Similar situation will be faced by Sooryavanshi when it eventually releases in Diwali or Christmas. Box office will be in interesting watch only cinemas reopen.


      • Marcus there’s no way I am watching TENET the first time on the idiot box – no matter whatever inches it is. I mean come on, Nolan’s movies, the MI series, they are built for the big screen!! I keep watching Charlize’s MM; Fury Road but not even 5 percent of the fun of watching those action scenes is guaranteed!


        • Agreed, but it remains to be seen how safe the public in general feels about theater watching amidst the Covid scare. For Nolan’s sake I hope the film does v well.


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