An Jo’s Random Note on KBC 9 (Updated)

KBC12 Promo

I bought-in a subscription to SLING only to watch ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ 9 primarily, and secondarily the India versus Australia matches. [Somehow, it is India facing Australia on Australian pitches boosts the adrenalin in me and not that highly vice-versa.]

I am amazed by the vibrancy the show still generates after 17 years and with that same, French-bearded man heralding the show. It requires a special strength to under-play one’s over-whelming influence on people as a cultural icon and let the common man take center-stage: How Amitabh does it, is not only his secret but also a testimony to two facets of his: a) a pan-Indian cultural icon who is still in touch with his roots inspite of annoying wealth and a whopping fandom at his disposal; b) and that of being an out-standing star-actor still not dampened by the sands of time. Whether one picks a) or b), it doesn’t matter; cynicism or fondness, the winners in the end turn out to be the audience and the common man.

He just lets himself be subdued by the strength and resilience of the common man in India. He might be the only actor left in India who starts, mediates, and ends his sentences in a mono-language; be it Hindi or English, but it is the voice of the folks of India that thunder above his baritone. It’s their emotions, their voices, their angst, their suppression, their joy, their tears, and their LIVES. Bachchan is, as they showed in Soderbergh’s delightful LOGAN LUCKY, just a conduit to whoosh the money through; albeit with a soul; and a thriving soul at that.

One contestant, a certain Mrs. Jayashree Jadhav [LINK], smilingly talked of the fact that she works in a village school in Raigadh in Maharashtra having a ‘non-grant’ status, which, in ugly parlance means a non-paying job. After 5 years of being in such a position, she would then ‘graduate’ to being given a ‘grant’ status, meaning, she would earn 20% for the first year, and 20% incrementally every year, until she reaches the fifth year, wherein she could expect a ‘salary’ that a ‘salaried’ teacher teaching middle-school would beget. And then there’s the episode of Mrs. Anuradha Agarwal, the Deputy Collector who happens to be polio-afflicted along with her brother: Her influence is far more powerful when one considers the fact that she attended the show with a smiling countenance inspite of her mother passing away the day before she was to take the hot seat! How I wish I had that kind of rigidity and steel! Not for once did I judge Mrs. Agarwal, or could I judge the fact that she had the interest and tenacity to come and sit on a show that promised ‘money’, when her mother passed away the previous day? These are the travails of the common man/woman. These are the influences that S. L. Bhyrapaa whiffs through in his novels when he mentions his relatives passing away from bubonic plague year after year but how he used those tragic incidents into weaving some of his finer novels: [And on a lesser tragic note and a far-lesser brutal landscape, the emotional layers that Munshi Premchand peels slowly one after the other in his stories – one that primarily comes to mind is Hori Mahato from ‘Godaan’ subtly woven into ‘Peepli Live’.] There’s then the episode of Mr. Arun Singh Rana from Bhaktavarpur, Delhi, a research scholar, and a genetically-blessed-man in-terms of good looks and intelligence, who took home Rs. 25 lakhs: His grand-father graduated doing menial work 13 times in Indian railways  before becoming a railway-inspection official starting right from cleaning the toilets and the floors of Indian railways.

The most entertaining, interesting, and riveting episode till now has, off-course been that of Anita Singh from Chakri, Dadri in Haryana when she challenged the traditional trope of ‘thinking, separating, analyzing, and then answering’ with mostly her gut; her plain gut and instincts. [And this took my idiotic cinematic mind to Aamir’s response to his daughter in ‘Dangal’, ‘के खराबी हैं तेरे बापू के टेक्नीक में?’ in the face of all ‘international-level’ training that his daughter was now privy to.] The way she answered/tackled the questions was mind-boggling; and the way she was impervious to the world around her was even more soul-stirring. It was pretty clear that she was a house-wife content within her own world consisting of her husband and her kids. Along-side, as it came across to the audience that she might have been forced into marrying—[please note the subtle difference as per her words, she isn’t against marrying a person, she is against the concept of marriage since she, accordingly to her ‘worldly-knowledge’ didn’t want to get into hassles with her ‘saas’ and her ‘nanad’]—she was equally stoic in proclaiming that she didn’t want to marry her present husband. She doesn’t say that with any malice or regret, she just says it as a matter-of-fact; as a human being running across the course of one’s life, stepping onto pebbles some times and hurting the soles, or harder still, smashing one’s toes against boulders resulting in bloodied toe-nails most of the times. During almost her entire presence on the show, she sits on the hot seat with her face at an angle not even catching a glance of Bachchan to which even Bachchan responds, “देविजी, इतना भी बुरा चेहरा नही हैं हमारा, कभी इस तरफ़ भी देखा करे”| To which the lady responds even more wittily, “नही सर पड़ोसी सब कहेंगे हम अमिताभ जी को मूह फाड़ फाड़ के देख रहे थे!” There might be a quotient of suppression in her that she displays when she says that all she wants is to prove that she can get on the hot seat and whether she wins 10K or 3 lakh 20 thousand rupees is just immaterial; I will leave it to the social-scientists and feminists to determine what they think when she implicitly—or programmatically—mentions that she would give all the money she might win to her husband. [On a hilarious note, one should never miss that spot when she mentions that one of her relatives does nothing but just gets involved in local politics and also keeps ‘roaming’ around. And Amitabh is stunned to discover that he did roam around in his daughter Shweta Bachchan’s wedding uninvited!!]

Based on all the above experiences and sojourns and travails of the common man of India, it is so obvious that the Hindi films of today, catering to the ‘aware-youth’ are so much distanced from the real India as the Earth is from Mars. Nobody wants to cover that middle-class milieu: A Hrithik Roshan is going to play the role of Super-30 Anand Kumar whose mother fried ‘papads’ so that their sons could sell them to make a living: [Both the Roshans are still trying to prove that 180 crores is equal to 240+ crores by any mathematical standards and the son will now play a vanity-free, ‘de-gigoloized’ role of a genius mathematician Mr. Anand Kumar – go figure: Anybody who has seen the Anand Kumar episode on KBC will be crest-fallen that there still exists a job-title called ‘casting’ expert in the Hindi film industry.  A Nawazuddin Siddiqui is called out and mentioned that it would be ‘odd’ to have a ‘dark-skinned’ actor like him cast against a ‘fair’ maiden.

Coming back to Bachchan, he is content to let the ‘commoner’ of India take the center-stage for a change. Whenever there’s any praise or epithet referring him as the ‘star of the millennium’ and what have you, he politely deflects it away. Now I am not saying that’s only his brilliance; but it just points to the man’s dedication to the real intention of the program. [This is the brilliance of the show when they don’t make it all only about money; it is about that class-difference trying to be leveled on this platform, from one of the biggest and wealthiest stars of the country to that R. K. Lakshman’s common man sitting across. A 3rd rate original might be considered better than a first –rate duplicate; but I have seen the US version, and in this case, I will go for the duplicate in all its glory.]It’s quite easy to get one’s stardom in the way and over-whelm the audience, but he’s not interested: Case in point, when the Jayashree Jadhav episode aired, he made it a point to steer the focus on her father-in-law, trying to drive home the fact that if women-empowerment could happen in a town like Raigarh in Maharashtra, what’s stopping others? He keeps asking him questions as to the inspiration, the causes behind the decision to continue encouraging his daughter-in-law to work. He is also slyly and subtly seen locking up the answers quickly when he doesn’t want anyone to lose just for a slight hesitancy from them in terms of answering simple questions.

As I watched the Arun Singh episode, and saw his wife whistling and shouting as though it were a rock-star concert [as far as I know, the first time in KBC], my mind started judging. And then my cinematic-idiotic mind again went back to Pacino’s and Russel’s under-rated Michael Mann masterpiece , ‘The Insider’, and the scene when Pacino’s Bergman arranges a dinner with Crowe’s Wigand, his wife, and Plummer’s Mike Wallace, senior correspondent at CBS new: Husband and wife quarrel in front of them and make a scene and leave. Both abruptly then leave and Mike Wallace asks, almost exasperatedly ‘Who are these people?’ Pacino sees the surprised, decisive/judgmental look on Plummer’s face and Pacino just non-chalantly throws the napkin on the table and utters: ‘Ordinary people under extra-ordinary pressure, Mike. What the hell do you expect? Grace and consistency?’

P.S.: As I write the above, I just finished witnessing another fantastic episode with the contestant Mrs. Anamika Majumdar..and it shall continue…

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  1. Superb note!


  2. Excellent read! As entertaining as KBC if not more. This one is the best on KBC as far as I know. Hilarious to read about Anita Singh. And Bachchan is the one who owns KBC like no one else can.


  3. good write-up….also Big B’s body is a home to many illnesses….but the man has indomitable spirit…..


  4. In India one can watch any Sony program freely on Sony Liv.

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  5. AnJo – Take a bow sir..Maza aa gaya boss !!


  6. Nice write up Anjo. Enjoyed it immensely.


  7. As I said, if you have to experience real India, you should see KBC. There are people from all walks of life.

    The lady Anita Singh heart was so pure, you sometime wish world’s problem would be so less if aall people are like her.

    I think till date on this show only Arun Singh Rana , was a good contestant on the show. There was Banglore doctor who was giood but she lost because of overconfidence.

    I think they have dumbed down the show with respect to contestants to have wider audience. Sometimes I cringe when people can not answer basic geography questions or who elects members of Rajya Sabha…


    • Some questions look simple but they are not that simple. Some questions were specific to Haryana so that she can answer.


      • I think the questions get tough only after 6.40.

        Amitabh gives enough hint till 3.20. If your answer is right guess, Amitabh immediately says lock car diva jaai…If it is wrong then he will prompt for life line…Only after 3.20, he stops prompting.


  8. Fantastic thoughts An Jo!!


  9. Like

  10. Social worker Anamika Majumdar, 41, decided to try her luck in Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 9 because she wanted to raise funds for her NGO, Faith in India.

    She went on to make history, as the first contestant in the season to win Rs 1 crore.

    Faith In India has been helping impoverished women and children for the last eight years in Jharkhand.

    Anamika talks to’s Rajul Hegde about her stint on the hot seat, and meeting the show’s superstar host, Amitabh Bachchan.


  11. Thanks Satyam for posting this and thanks Sanjana..


  12. Yet, the show wasn’t all about tears.

    Yuvraj and Vidya shared some laughs too as they played the game. Vidya impressed everyone, even Big B, with her superb general knowledge.

    She also introduced Bachchan to some hilarious KBC memes.

    Of course, Bachchan’s response was epic, as always: ‘Iska naam meme hai? Bahut khatarnak hai yeh! (Is this a meme? It’s quite dangerous!)’


  13. When KBC9 was ending it seemed that it is not going to come..but from 3rd sept KBC10 is starting…


  14. Yes Munna.

    KBC 10 too is living up to it’s name. It will just not be the same with AB in there. He truly owns it.

    Did you watch the one with the farmer from Maharashtra, Anant Khanke? He spoke the maximum amount of time with him and got him to reveal everything regarding the state of a farmer in India. That’s the longest amount of time as far as I remember he conversed with anyone on the show. Very skilfully, he managed to extract everything regarding to his profession, from how farmers face drought and excess rain; how he makes only 50K per month of which 25K are invested in seeding, the yield of which is not even guaranteed; how the wife cannot go to her मैके because of pawned jewelry; how he managed to prepare for KBC with only 6 hours of electricity in a day, and what not.

    KBC has still managed to finely encapsulate the middle-class and lower middle-class of India and is a great tour for the audience across the length and breadth of India, via her people.


    • Very much agree with last para….Some of the stories are staged for TV..there is some truth but you could figure some degree of exaggeration.

      Questions this year has been somewhat tough..It becomes tougher as you go towards the end of that more contestants come to hot seat.


  15. It’s just the first week but KBC 11 has displayed some terrific contestants.

    Anil Jivanadi from Gujarat, taking care of his father, ALONE; Ravi Jain from New Delhi, managing his textile business; and today, the unbelievable Noopur Chauhan from Kapurpur, UP. It is seriously unbelievable what the Doctor did to her. I don’t know how she gathers strength, but truly unbelievable.

    Looks a very promising season thanks to the contestants, and of course, the host!!

    Real people, real problems, and, well, life.


  16. Did not renew my Sling ka Subscription ..
    Karoon kya ? any other alternative ? few o my friends have “Sasta TV” subscription,


  17. DAY 4192

    .. and so here we are .. a most challenging day, a most aggressive day, a most enticing day, a day when the extension of work extended with the result of a planning that had resulted after a tete a tete with the author AB ..
    .. hence 3 episodes for the day for KBC and the love and joy of spending time with the game its audience and most particularly the contestant ..
    .. some interactions lead one to elation .. others in elevation and many more in ablution .. a wash away with intent to clean up the mess around .. well not really because the mess is never around , it is about and about .. but such is the science of words in the language of the Queen, that many a pardon may and can be considered, in the event of mispronunciation , mis appropriation, and hopefully a misguidance .. may long be the life of language and those that proclaimed it ..

    .. no matter where or how we are .. success in any form changes the rhythm of our bearing .. and our bearings are the ones that are constructed with the smoothness of those anti stress brass balls .. the ones they play around with in the palm of their hands .. rubbing them to relieve the impending ..

    when there is a story which resembles an experience of your own .. for me it is best to avoid its comparison .. at times it gives the range within which you work, a fillip, an investment, thought out in expectation of the best and in best value ..
    that give the needed and required punch .. a knock out ..
    but the narration falls flat I believe, because the talk of the pain of another is absolving yourself from the trauma of that pain and discomfort .. and you wonder whether that is right or not .. most thinkers think it is .. most philosophers too ..
    I am neither .. so I do not think .. I would just do ..

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  18. Today’s contestant..Ranjeet Kumar condition was strong censure of politicians of Bihar, Past and present; where they haven’t been able to give livelihood opportunity in State that he has to live away from family to do menial job. It is just not him but crores of people… You may not like Thackerays for anti immigrant talks but you have to put good chunk of blame on politicians from where people moved…Not for very good job but for small jobs..not their own choice but forced…in this case electrician in some company in Haryana.

    You talk about removing social inequalities but I think economic opportunities should be main focus and enabling people (with education) to try for opportunities.

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  19. For some reason..I thought Babita’s (Crorepati) questions were rigged…BR ambedkar – Round table, USSR – moon landing were very tough questions. Just to confirm, I against checked the episode.


  20. Like

  21. And again, a great week for KBC 11. Such an irony of life! Pandit Hariom Sharma, a priest who has devoted his life and his family to the Brahmanical way of life and lead a rigorous but simple life teaching the Vedas and Upanishads, and also learned in astrology, was so sure in ‘planets’ being aligned well that allowed him to play KBC and talk to Bachchan lost and dropped down to 10,000 rupees on the very next question the next day! Adlakha played so diligently and with such composure, it was great to watch. Then there was Anil Joshi from Nagpur, the 66 year-old gent who confessed to being slow on reflexes when playing the fastest-finger-first and Bachchan reprimanded him jokingly when he said that he is sitting opposite a 77 year old man! Anil Joshi played with such joy, it was truly a joy to watch. If there’s anything that irks and irritates me to the core,  it is this stupid obsession we as a country have with the fact that we have a ‘young’ population and celebrate it with joy! So what? Is just technological advancement enough? That’s all there’s to life? If there’s anything we are highly missing in our society, it is the mooring; the social fabric that is being torn asunder, People like Anil Joshi are the ones who need to thwack us with the importance of social and family life; make our mouth the primary organ of communication and not whatsapp and twitter.

    A rare happening is people from South India coming onto the show. Traditionally, it’s always been dominated by folks from North India and Bombay. So it was quite a change to see Indu from Indi  near Bijapur get to the seat. Unfortunately, she lost and dropped to 10000 rupees inspite of having 3 life-lines..

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  22. It was troubling but also motivational to watch DEEPJYOTI this week and the way she conducted herself both in life and also on the KBC platform. AB acknowledged it. Inspite of losing her brother and also a missing father, she was upbeat during her tenure on KBC. A fine contestant, a greater person.


    • I am mostly not bothered but I got lump in throat with her story and ebullient demeanor; Earning for family and studying at same time.


  23. Sometimes I feel some of the stories are not genuine and contestants want some sympathy. Todays contestant, 19 year old DeepJyoti was so innocent and genuine that she never projected her issues to garner sympathy or tried to use Amitabh to get answers. She was relatively more knowledgeable. In spite of Amitabh hints to lock some guesses, she went for life line..


  24. 7 CR winner


    • oh wow! Somebody finally won!! Great to know..Thanks Bliss..


      • Apologize for the wrong tweet.

        Mr. Jha played very well this week, very measured, very thoughtful. Truly deserving of the crore rupees. The young girl Akanksha Gupta too played very well and her attitude toward life revealed in her attitude toward the game. Hoped she had won more. The guy who played cockily lost it — and probably deserved it. [I forget his name.] It’s great to take life less seriously, but unnecessary over-confidence too is not really rewarding: AB rightly reprimanded him by saying ‘B’ se bakwas bhi banta hai.

        Jha’s presence was truly a representation of the difference between the North and South, [And no, I am not talking about Hassan/Shah ‘common-link’ language imbroglio.] It was an unforgettable dialogue, where folks from Bihar/UP; mainly the North, focus more on civil services while the folks from South are mainly interested — and actually do not mind — staying away and sometimes, even most of the times, prefer slaving away in private sectors like, mainly IT. From ‘ABCD’ in school to ‘UPSC’ by the time they are in mid-school, that was a great line which even left AB stumped. This man reads 3 newspapers in Hindi and 3 in English everyday, inspite of working gruelling hours at the railway yard!! Great!

        AB was again as entertaining and at his wittiest especially with the ISP from Rajasthan. Great banter between the two!


  25. It was heart-breaking to listen to Pooja Kumar Jha’s story. But I am really perplexed about the necessity of good looks and clothes and personality in jobs asking for a teacher!! It is really weird! I can understand the stupid obsession with jobs necessitating and dumbos measuring the ability to speak high-flown English as a KPI. But it is really something else for managers or employers seeking such attributes which really are not at all measurements of success! She isn’t applying for a modeling job or a front-desk receptionist at the Taj!!



  26. “Bachchan is thoroughly enjoying himself,” says Nayyar. “The way he conducts himself on the show and handles delicate aspects of the contestant’s life is commendable.”

    “I think it is also a humbling experience for him because he is meeting people from impoverished backgrounds who have simple dreams and aspirations,” Nayyar adds.

    “He’s also pushing them to answer questions, asking them to use their lifelines carefully. That keeps the game show going.”

    In the last three months, the advertiser count on KBC has increased, with names such as Oppo Reno, Kit Kat, IDFC First Bank, LIC, Asian Paints and Ultratech sponsoring the show.

    Khan says KBC is a profitable venture for Sony and that the broadcaster will continue to tweak it.


  27. It was amazing to watch how the jailor from last week played: He was very aware, very thoughtful, and superbly used the process of elimination versus selection. That’s how this game should be played: Infact, KBC needs to put out a ‘tuition’ of sorts as to how to play this game. Amitabh too was highly impressed.

    I was very impressed with the way Mr. Singh played and more importantly, reacted to situations: Very mature, very dignified.

    This week too is interesting; and it’s like a 50 over match: Everyday, you have new contestants coming in. There’s a lot of turn-over, which is good for the game…


    • The latest crorepati is modest about his Kaun Banega Crorepati win and meets me in the precincts of the Bihar Institute of Correctional Administration, an impressive institute situated beside the Hajipur jail in Bihar.

      The fresh graduate from the first batch of 13 jail superintendents, which includes two women, Ajeet Kumar, 41, has just concluded 10 months of training.

      After his passing out parade last week, he now dons a uniform with a star and the Ashoka lions, the emblem of India. In a couple of days, he will know which jail he will be posted to as the senior most officer, in charge of the administration, supervision and security of a prison in Bihar.

      Just the previous day, he had met the inmates of the Hajipur jail, where word had reached that he had won a crore in the hot seat opposite Amitabh Bachchan.


  28. Bachchan on 42 years of DON: Great memories –


  29. Didn’t know they were planning KBC this year…

    He shot for the new season of Kaun Bangea Crorepati and also filmed a few videos applauding COVID-19 warriors. Registrations for KBC started on May 9 and will remain open till May 22, after which, the final contestants will be selected via digital screenings and interviews.

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    • Got screwed here by taking a 40$ subscription for; they aren’t showing it..

      No refund – need to see where else I can watch…

      There are only 3 things I watch from India –


      IPL I hate – but am watching since as Amitabh says in SHARAABI – ‘Jab Petrol nahi toh Ghaslet se hi kaam chalaana padta hai’


  30. I was sceptical of how this would fare without a live audience. I must say it is still arresting, thanks to the contestants first, and then Bachchan’s ownership as a host.

    Aarti Jagtap played well, Cheema, as well as the income tax official Tanisha Aggarwal [ Being a sexist in today’s wonderfully politically correct times, I can’t but say that she was an attractive woman!! After all, this is better than – Maal…you are?].

    The most interesting and lively participant was, for me, was the one from Odisha, Abanti Mohanty Das. She was very comfortable with herself and sprightly. She should have gone on to win more.

    I must say, Tanisha started getting tough questions at the 80k level itself!!


    • Abanti questions were somewhat tough from 10k onwards..She got rattled when she knew the answer (AAP) and wasted two life lines.


      • I am watching it on and it comes at odd times and at UK timings – like 8 AM EST, 11 AM EST, and 2 AM EST. The first 2 are working times and the last one is sleeping/drinking time. I get to watch only in bits and pieces. With Sling, it was easy since it used to play at 9 PM EST just like in India.

        So am missing many chunks and didn’t realize Abanti got tough questions at 10k itself!

        Also, how m any of us knew that Corona got its name from ‘crown’ though one would have made an educated guess!! I certainly didn’t know.


  31. If you use to see Hum log on Doordarshan..Cast of Hum log showed on TKSS and it was fun..We didn’t have TV so use to see at common TV in Air Force campus..Have missed episodes but still remember Ashok Kumar at end..
    In past weeks, Mahabharat and Ramayana cast were also on TKSS.

    I see advertisement of Ramayana (Doordarshan) on Hotstar..I will check; I haven’t seen it since when it was telecasted on TV.

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  32. Very impressed with the carpenter from Rajasthan. He clearly mentioned he had hardly prepared and was 9th standard educated but conducted himself very well. Important thing was he never panicked. And it’s not that the amount wasn’t important to him!

    On the other hand, Sabitha Reddy played well though she was very tensed from the beginning. Of course, she went through a lot of pain in her life and the responsibilities as a single parent would be troubling her at the back of her mind…


  33. I am so glad I lost interest in what has now become a commie propaganda program.
    # KBC # Bhak Saala !


  34. Like

  35. Initially I thought it is a one off, but now it seems to be pattern .


  36. First time in the history of KBC, ALL the contestants got in last week!

    I am also seeing that people are making some bad choices and taking lot of risks even when they have life-lines. I am not sure whether it is the pressure of money; i.e. money’s become all the more important due to job losses, etc…so they want to preserve their chances till the end…


    • first lifeline contestant should use is audience polling. since audience will be more accurate with the easier questions than the tougher ones.


      • Yodha the life-lines have changed due to corono-virus!

        The life-line similar to audience polling is ‘call a video friend’ – one of 5 friends; which during normal times was ‘call-a-friend.’

        All other 3 choices remain the same.

        Also, 1 or 2 relatives of the contestants are allowed…


  37. I must say Bachchan is doing a great job as the host of KBC. With practically NO audience, he’s still managing to be the genial, always smiling host and putting the contestants at ease and being very sensitive in asking personal questions. It is a great to see him back in this job. The ratings aren’t strong, but I am liking it so far.


    • Very impressed with the way Saha and Farhat Naaz played. Especially Farhat Naaz, very specific, to the point, and kept a hopeful countenance throughout. Very glad to see such contestants from the nook and corners of India…

      Saha was particularly kind of painful to watch since it was clear she was going through depression. But then, again, I have seen these situations where women have given up jobs and come to US on a dependent visa and have been restricted to living-at-home..


  38. Like

    • commented elsewhere…

      She (Divya Khosla Kumar) was at Kapil show and he asked what do they in quarantine since they have so much money!

      And I refuse to change my childhood/teenager memories with these remake trashes… yesterday three of 90s pop stars showed up on Kapil show.. Alisha, Jasbir, Bombay Vikings…such a fun interview… Jassi should be asked to come by himself and he is a better singer!


    • yaar Munna, the words on the screenshot of Falguni Pathak are not the best !
      FYI , LOL



    Viewership of Indian television’s biggest properties Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) and Bigg Boss fell this year since their launch in early October, as rival content from sports and the web competed for viewers.

    Television rating points (TRPs) of both programmes stood at 1.5 against 2.5-3 a year ago, according to three people including media buyers and entertainment industry experts, down by about 50%


  40. Very impressed by the way Nazia Nasim played to win 1 crore. Educated, and with an analytical bent of mind, she shattered all stereotypes and used the process of elimination so effectively. Her thought-process was so transparent and effective. Kudos! Highly deserving.

    Impressed with Manisha Sharma Garg too! But somehow I felt her 5 years of study for civil services helped her and it was more of memory than process of elimination. Even then, it’s tough and she played very well. The only question I thought where she made a guess — not quite educated at that — was the fire-escape, dish-washer, and windshield wiper question…

    Don’t remember whether KBC ever had 2 crorepatis in one season…


  41. I normally do not watch Karamveer episodes but today’s karamveer episode with Nagaraj Manjule and Anu Bhonsle was really good. Very difficult to imagine how she slept in VT station for 60 days, being a woman! Very admirable how she got her Master’s inspite of English being a major hurdle.


  42. A great, great heart-warming episode today from Tej Bahadur Singh. Sad to know about his story and poverty; especially the fact that he has to take pain-killers at night just to avoid body-ache from the laborious work of farming and study at night almost without electricity. He presented a very honest version of his life and was very impressive with the way he tackled the questions.

    Also very happy to see that his mother was sitting with her legs folded on the chair! Take no judgement, give no judgement…


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