Random Songs !

I am sure certain songs have had a huge or not so huge effect on all of us at some point of time in our life.  The idea for this post came to me while commenting on Rangan’s SPB tribute post.

I am listing some songs (in no particular order) which affected me, encouraged me, and helped me cope with life:

1.Zindagi Key Safar mein Guzar Jaatey Hain ( Aap ki Kasam)

2. Ruk Jaan Naheen, tu kaheen haar key (Imtihan)

3.Sach mere Yaar hai , bas yahee pyar hai (Saagar)

4.Naa Umr kee seema ho, naa janam ka ho bandhan (Prem Geet)

5. Bharat ka rehney wala hoon, Bharat kee baat sunata hoon (Poorab aur Paschim)

6.Main Na bhooloonga (sad version) (RKAM)

7.Aur nahee bas aur nahee, gham key pyaley aur naheen (RKAM)

8.Gila Maut sey nahee hai- humen Zindagai ney maara (Alag Alag)

9. Jeeye toh Jeeye Kaisey Bin Aapkey (Kumar Sanu version) (Saajan)

10. Barso Purana, yeh Yarana ek pal mein kyon toota (Hera Pheri)

11.  Yeh Dil, deewana, deewana hai yeh dill (Pardes)

12. Ai Dil hai Mushkil…

13.Yeh Jo Des Hai tera, Swades hai tera (Swades)

14.Chitthi aayee hai, watan  sey Chitthi aayee hai  ( Naam)

15. Kuch kar Guzarney ko khoon chala , khoon chala  (RDB)

38 Responses to “Random Songs !”

  1. Fine choice of songs! I think RUK JAANA NAHIN might be almost everyone’s favorite…

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  2. Nice selection of songs.

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  3. RKAM is which movie?


  4. Can you please give the you tube link for each song Rocky bhai.

    Here is one of mine.

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  5. Jaane kahan gaye woh din

    This song represents the current mood of us.

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  6. Songs that affected, touched me.

    1) Jane kaha gaya woh din (MNJ) – Reason listed above.

    2) Title (Akhiyon Ke Jarakhon Se) – My neighbor had a cassette for it and he played it everynight. It gave sense of it’s night time, all is well and we can all go to sleep. God, I miss my childhood days.

    3) Chal Chal mere Bhai – Not sure why but probably due to it reminds me of town that i had moved to when my parents migrated to USA.

    4) Poochona Yaar Kya Huva / Dil Lena Khel Hai Dildar Ka (Zamaane Ko dikhana Hai) – I had gone to Bombay for Visa (to come to USA) and these two songs were being played everywhere.

    There are many other songs that touched me thru out life but one of the song that really touched me is Tere Mere Sapne (Guide). I had heard this song many times before but up to certain age i my life i liked songs mainly due to it’s tune or lyrics in some cases. It wasn’t until mid 90s when i was casually earing Tere Mere Sapne and something made me ask why do you like this song. (This is the stage of my life when i started working as an Analyst so i kind of liked analysing everything). Lyrics were good, tune was good but what made the song great? It was rendition by Rafi. This made me Rafi bhakt and i started listening to songs from different perspective.

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    • Interesting list.


    • So with Chal Chal Mere Bhai, the song had premiered on the TV show (I forget the name) that aired once a week for 1/2 hour and played new songs. Where i lived, there was maybe 2 houses that had a TV in couple mile radius. There was an ad in paper about this song premiering in this show so we had gathered outside this one house and the owner was nice enough to leave the window open and there were at least 25 of us outside watching the song and enjoying.

      Another song, well not a song, but there was a temple in back of my house and every morning there was puja so you hear bells, chants, bhajans.

      From watching TV maybe once a year (and that too peaking into someone house thru small window), having ice cream either when your tooth is pulled out or on Eid, 2 to 3 pairs of cloths, putting safety pin on broken chappal/sandle; to now having multiple TV in my house, unlimited amount of junk food and all other ameneties; yet life sometimes still feel empty. It’s weird but i would give up a year of luxury USA life to get a month of that childhood life back.

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      • We would spread the durrhies and mattresses in our verandah every Sunday to accommodate the neighbors. One person would constantly be on the chath to adjust the antenna since the monkeys would shake the hell out of the pole to which the antenna was attached .


  7. I cam to the states in 1998, was still getting letters by mail from Family in India.
    That time every Sunday there would be a 1 hour Chitrhaar type program aired by TV Asia ( I Think ). One Sunday they played Chitthi aayee hai, watan sey …. I was in tears ( anjaney mein )
    I related so much to that song that day .


    • I think no song connected with desi as much as this song did (indian, pakistani, bangladeshi, srilankan).

      For me it was Nukkad, everytime i watched that show here, it made me emotional.

      Life is not bad at all in USA, we have just about everything and i’m very thankful. Because of life/wealth in USA, we are able to take care of so many families back in India; but as i said above, it feels empty sometimes.

      Cant’ wait to retire and go back to India. I was only about 10 years old when i left India and have been in USA for about 40 years so not sure why I miss india so much.

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    • Till today, whenever I am feeling a bit low, I go alone to the basement and play the songs of RKAM at full volume with Laphroaig on the rocks.
      My family knows not to disturb, jab sharaab uteregee toh upar aa jaayengey !!


    • There were two shows…Namaste America and TV Asia shows..
      There was nothing to see so on Saturday, we use to wait for these..


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  8. IMO Amitabh Bhattacharya just nailed this song with sublime lyrics- ek ek line is a gem.

    meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi
    junoon hai mera, banoon main tere kaabil

    ye rooh bhi meri, ye jism bhi mera
    utna mera nahi, jitna hua tera
    tune diya hai jo, wo dard hi sahi
    tujhse mila hai toh, inaam hai mera

    tujhko main kitni shiddat se chaahoon
    chaahe to rehna tu bekhabar
    mohtaaz manzil ka to nahi hai
    ye ek tarfa mera safar..
    safar khoobsurat hai manzil se bhi
    meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi..
    adhoora hoke bhi, hai ishq mera kaamil
    tere bina guzaara, ae dil hai mushkil


  9. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/abhishek-bachchan-condemns-hathras-gang-rape-says-he-is-beyond-disgusted/articleshow/78388527.cms

    Surprised to see the attack on Abhishek B and his parents for this .
    They are comparing this horrible crime to Disha Salian’s suicide and SSR’s. So no one should condemn anything that happens in UP even it is as horrible as Hathras incident!
    And now they are calling for boycott of KBC!


  10. If folks have their choice as new thread, then can post as comment.
    Alternatively let me know in email. Just write a comment with my screen name; I can see email address of commentators..I will contact them directly.

    ps – There will be gap between two set of song threads that we don’t saturate.


  11. Last one for today !!


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