Laxmmi Bomb Trailers (Updated)

Thanks to Jeevcy…

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  1. tonymontana Says:

    I think this would’ve done rather well in a theatre. Looks like a laugh riot, even if a tad overdone.

    Akshay seems to be having a blast!


  2. Playing a character like Laxxmi needs guts.
    The only star who can pull off a massy role with class, if at all one dares to do.

    Full marks to Akshay for chosing this role. Having seen Kanchana this is a sure fire superhit. Of course what constitutes a superhit, noone knows as the film is releasing on OTT.

    If given a proper release and with Radhey i would have been sure that it would have out grossed and outclassed and emerged a winner. But now on OTT and a late heatrical release, one can only enjoy the movie on television and rewatch in theatres when it releases.


      • He is a diehard akshay fan so not surprised.


        • All happy people are. Assurance is there from guarantee kumar.
          Time for you too to switch before it is too late.


          • LOL, why? Mere intne bhi bure din nahi aaye 🙂

            If i switch (for boxoffice result), i want to be fan of someone who has had atleast couple highest grosser of the year, how many did akshay kumar has in almost 30 years???

            If I switch (for acting), why would i want to be fan of a someone who can’t act much and has a very bad dialogue dilevery?


          • well said Z


          • Lol… then sulk and wait.
            Many stars who do films only if they can be HGOTY cannot do many films woth variety of roles.
            Looks like you are stuck in 90s when you talk about earlier drawbacks of Akshay. Now his acting has become better than SRK and Aamir in most genres of movies.

            Maybe in romantic scenes SRK WILL still do better but thats all. Comedy, action, patriotic, social , rom coms..Akshay is leagues ahead of his contemporary now.

            Among younger stars only Ranveer and zranbir is able to match this range but they are not risk takers like Akshay.


          • Aman Basha Says:

            @Naveen, you seem to be an Akshay Kumar fan but it’s disgusting for you to advice who one should like or follow when no one seems to have said the same for you.

            You talk about how Akshay is leagues ahead of his contemporaries today, well then from the past 3 years and 20 films that Akshay made, mostly of the patriotic genre, why is it that none have topped the IMDB rating of Swades? About comedy, for all of Akshay’s comedic chops (really good that he is at comedy) none of his comedies have outgrossed either Chennai Express which released 7 years ago or Golmaal Again. Akshay’s biggest film Kesari made only half of Ajay Devgn’s Tanhaji, there was nothing special about the release dates of either by the way and Kesari got just as good reviews. About variety and risk, let me introduce you to a certain Aamir Khan. Nothing anyone has done or will do from the earlier generation can stand stronger than his work.

            All things said about Akki, I sincerely hope all his six films next year become big hits. I don’t wish anyone ill and more importantly, our theatres need to survive. I don’t know if after this soon-to-worsen pandemic, people will go to theatres, but those who will, will go for escapism. I was checking the Film Information scans and was shocked to see the number of hits on average per year not changing from 1994 to 2019! Pretty sure the profitability has reduced or the multiplexes have taken over, I’m just guessing that next year needs to be spectacular for theatres to sustain, at least a hit per week (?). Akshay has to do well for everyone’s sake.


          • “Looks like you are stuck in 90s”

            Not really, because akshay didn’t have HOGTY in 90s and he doesn’t have it NOW. Akshay was’t much of an actor in 90s and he still ISN’T. So the result is same, 90s or NOW.

            “Comedy, action, patriotic, social , rom coms..Akshay is leagues ahead of his contemporary now.”

            Comedy? – there isn’t much there because all he did was basically copy every one from pakistani comedy stage shows.

            Action? – I’ll take hrithik in War anyday or salman in tiger.

            patriotic? – I’m confused on this one. Someone doing patriotic films makes them a better actor or are you saying akshay is better actor in patriotic films? if latter, go watch swades.

            social/etc – a movie being good doesn’t mean the actor is great.


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  3. Akshay seems to have done a bad move by taking off the like/dislike count. Even after that video, Bell Bottom’s teaser barely had any negative reception. Don’t know what made him lose confidence on this one, but it’s left him open to massive trolling.

    BTW, is it a sole online release or will it release in theatres? Would help the exhibitors a lot since it’s a remake of a successful film by the original director (I think such films have never flopped?). Have to say though, Akshay looks old, very old and it’s awkward to see him beside Kiara, good for them if they address the age gap like Golmaal, not that it’d make things better but atleast gets a brownie point.


    • I think hotstar disney decided to switch off the likes/dislikes stats. Its better to do as there are few crazy people in social media who has ganged up against anything in Bollywood now. They are tiny bits but vocal. They drag the discussion away from the movie. They are noise. Beteer to switch them off. They are now pained as they have nowhere to go. Jal ke bina machli to tel mein fry kar diya gaya hai. 🤣🤣

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  4. Didn’t realize this was a remake. I thought this was some sort of hard core action film, this is like bhool bhuliya.

    Not what i was expecting.


    • Children are going to love this flick. Blockbuster loading Z.


      • Possibly and i’ve enjoyed akshay movie the most past few years out of any other actors so i’m sure i’ll enjoy this one too.

        Not sure about kids liking this, but i’m thinking from USA kids perspective. No kids in USA would watch this, loving it is far away.


        • Kids world over like Akshay Kumar more.
          Ofcourse unless their parents are crazy fans of other contemporary stars, and make their kids only watch their star’s movie. I know few Khan fans who doesnt show non Khan films to their children fearing they would prefer better stars.


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  6. I Liked the trailer, although I was not too happy that they showed too much Akhshay and not enough Kiara .
    My kids loved Bhool Bhulaiyya and re watch it now and then, so I am sure they will love this one.


    • Unfortunately Kiara’s role is very less. The role of mother in law is fabulous and am happy that they have retained same lady from Kanchana as she was a hoooot.

      As Krish says below no great cinema but a good masala mvoie with a good message at the end.


  7. Seems to be a frame to frame copy of Kanchana. Sad that they couldnt get a theatrical release for this.Not a great movie by any stretch but decent masala….


    • Precisely that’s the point. What’s the point to remake frame to frame after 9 years of original. It could have been improved, currently looks like a movie shot in 2011 as well during Akshay’s nonstop comedy run.

      Movie might be so good but trailer is cut very poorly after good teaser!


    • I am actually glad that Laxmmi bomb has kept the best scenes of Kanchana and showed them in trailer. The changes of course are there but not shown here.

      In the original the hero, LDS couldnt act in comedy scenes which is a problem now with 99% of actors in India. Akshay will be a hoot as he knows his timings.
      LDS of course did horror scenes really well. Akshay seems to be doing it in same way.


  8. Like

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  10. This looks awful, yikes


  11. Thanks Aamir for listening to me.


  12. Akshay is looking refreshing and Kiara is killing it with her looks, haven’t looked so stunning like this before.
    Blockbuster loading!!


  13. Looks like a song from housefull


  14. Putting Laxmmi Bomb on OTT and not in cinemas still perplexes me.
    It will deprive fans of the cinematic moments which are possible only in a big screen crowded environment.

    I wonder if Jumma Chumma or Dangal would have been same if i had not watched in in theatre. Even a mediocre hits like Housefull3, Ghulaam, etc. was entertaining with crowd and theatre experience.

    On TV, all the above three examples are several notches less stimulating. It is this experience that one needs for the films of their favourite stars, directors, producers etc.

    Apart from the experience factor another thing that excites most is the box office collections, public reviews fro the just ended FDFS, etc.

    All these will be gone now.

    The only measure of OTT platforms are increase in subscriber base but that doesn’t happen because of one content. One has to look at the content in totality.
    Other measure can be number of valued hour. This means that if one watches a particular OTT then her watching a particular show is valued less compared to someone else watching less. Bizarre but that’s what OTTs do.
    A big budget movie like LB coming on Hotstar when IPL is also going on and with slew of new movies like Coolie No 1 and Bhuj lined up,….Hotstar is certainly the channel No 1 in India now.


    • More elaboration:

      One of the main metric OTTs uses to judge success is a variation on viewing hours called “valued hours.”

      This isn’t simply a raw tally of how many hours people spent watching Netflix/Prime/Hotstar, but also takes into account what percentage of someone’s total viewing that represents. In other words, if you watch a lot of Netflix, your hours are worth less to Netflix.


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  16. Like

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  18. If Burj Khalifa is the No 1 song of the year then this is No 2.
    Amazing energy, music and mix of Taandav with club beats.

    Only Akshay could have done this.

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    • Is it possible that there will be a group that will be offended and object?

      This song also reminds me of housefull song with nawajuddin.


      • Housefull 4 movie ka sabse bada fan – Z 🤣😍
        Har jagah inko Housefull dikhta hai. Kahin US elections mein Akshay Kumar hi POTUS na ban jaaye?


        • Akshay na POTUS na POC ban sakta hain, as he is not a citizen of either country by birth


        • Not just housefull 4, all housefull series 🙂

          I have always advocated that people like different things, some like pav bhaji, some like biryani. there’s room for everything and i don’t mind movies like housefull at all.

          Now, i’m not saying all are good but there’s a reason why houseful and golmal works while others don’t. There’s enough good in it to make some people like it.

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  19. Fans of other star sannate mein hain.
    Aag laga diya hai bhai ne in Bamm Bhole.

    Energy ki dukaan
    Hit ka makaan
    Duniya jahaan
    Kare Gun gaan


  20. Twinkle Khanna addresses boycott calls against Akshay Kumar’s Laxmii, trolls sharing her morphed pics: ‘I am flattered’

    Twinkle Khanna has reacted to trolls sharing her morphed pictures to get back at Akshay Kumar and the makers of Laxmii. Twinkle has written in her column how trolls calling her ‘Twinkle Bomb’ only feels flattering to her.

    Twinkle Khanna has reacted to the ‘Twinkle Bomb’ pictures on social media.
    While Akshay Kumar has been largely silent in the face of boycott calls being made against his film Laxmii, his author wife Twinkle Khanna has written about her reaction to the controversy in her latest weekly column. Twinkle said that trolls have been sharing her morphed pictures on social media to get back at Akshay for allegedly hurting religious sentiments with the film’s title.

    Trolls online took Twinkle’s pictures, turned her skin blue and put a large red bindi on her face, just like Akshay was shown on the poster of Laxmii Bomb, before its name was changed to Laxmii. Religious groups took offence that a Hindu deity’s name was attached to the word ‘bomb’ and asked for a change to the film’s title.

    The trolls are so helpful just when I was looking for the supporting image, here it is:) Crop rather than retweet and you will see why in

    — Twinkle Khanna (@mrsfunnybones) November 8, 2020

    Writing about it in her column for The Times of India, Twinkle said that he found it ‘flattering’ to be called a bomb in her middle age. “The trolls have been after the man of the house’s Laxmmi Bomb and for some odd reason, they have taken pictures of me, turned my skin the same peacock shade as Lord Krishna, added a red bindi and are sharing posters called Twinkle Bomb. Honestly, I am rather flattered because this moniker has come along at the right time for, as a middle-aged woman, I was beginning to think that my bombshell days were far behind me,” she wrote.

    Also read: Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan slams Nikki Tamboli, Pavitra Punia and Jaan Kumar Sanu, calls him the ‘rudest’

    Twinkle also wrote about troll-psychology and how they feed on attention. She said she has decided not to engage with them. “I look at another meme I am tagged in. This one comes with a comment, ‘Third class person. You make joke about God.’ I am almost tempted to reply, ‘God clearly likes a good joke, otherwise she would not have made you’,” she wrote in her article.

    Laxmii Bomb is up for release on Disney+ Hotstar on Monday. It also stars Kiara Advani. Akshay plays a man who visits his wife’s old ancestral home when a woman’s spirit possesses him and changes his behaviour.


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