Interview with Mumtaz

Mumtaz is unarguably one of the most beautiful and attractive heroines who lit up Indian cinema. But it’s not easy to have a long conversation with her as she’s travelling across countries with her ever-busy hubby Mayur Madhvani. But this time we got lucky as she’s in Mumbai and importantly we reached out to her ahead of others. We were surprised when the senior actress said, “Go ahead. Shoot your questions. I am all at ease today.”

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3 Responses to “Interview with Mumtaz”

  1. Interesting interview. She seems like a very narcissistic person. All about looks!! KHANDAAN MEIN KOI BADSURAT NAHIN!! Yeh sundar hai woh sundar hai. What the hell? Iranian thighs??? Yes you got a mother who is from Iran but…delusional.

    However, loved this statement from her targeted at AK and his ilk –

    Gone are the days of our Kathak, Bharatanatyam and other Indian dances. Today’s heroines are so bold. Of course they work hard but hum itne open dresses nahi pehnte the. Doesn’t a woman look glamorous even in a saree if it is worn a bit low? And, look at today’s music. No dum at all, no emotions. Gaane yaad hi nahi rehte. The movies, by and large, are just gandh. There is hardly any story in any film; exceptions of course exist. I also don’t understand why you need to show nudity to depict sex. Can’t it be just suggestive? And the less said about the gaaliyaan used in sentences, the better. Aajkal censors hain bhi ki nahin?

    Loved what she said of AB. Of course we know that he is a classy guy.

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    • Comment on two differing para : That is what I say; You don’t have to do accept or reject all in somebody ; You can pick and choose good things in any person. Unfortunately when you are supporting or hating someone, it is just complete; no in between.


      • Munna hate is an extreme word. I was merely amused by her constant harping on her looks and her relatives’ looks and Fardeen’s etc, etc., Especially when you use words like ‘Badsurat’ it is a bit objectionable. The irony is, the very person she is talking of Fardeen, was fat-shamed not long ago!!


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