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  1. Frederick Forsyth’s novel , The day of the Jackal was absolute favorite when I read in college; I have seen Bruce Willis acted The Jackal (1997) in India and couple of times on TV. It was loosely based on the book.

    Saw the 1973 movie which was true to the book. In spite of old technology this was lively and more grittier…Though I didn’t mind new one as well.

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    • Checked that 1973 one was well nominated…

      Was watching a John Statham acted Chaos…It was Wesley Snipes and Ryan Phillipe..In the middle I realized I have seen it 🙂
      It is good one time watch if you like pop corm thrillers.

      revisisted Batman Begins..And stopped halfway in The Dark Knight.. Batman Begins has much more story to tell.


  2. Peaky Blinders S1
    Watched S1. Really good show. The similarities to Godfather are stark IMO. Different timelines but here goes
    Aunt Polly is Vito Corleone
    Thomas Shelby is Michael
    Arthur is Sonny (both crazy)
    John is Freddo (both dimwitted to some extent)
    Connie is Ada (both daughters who are black sheeps in the family)
    Freddie is like Carlo – the enemy partner of daughter
    Grace is like Kay – Michael’s love interest

    The whole gang warfare plays out like Godfather IMO. But everyone’s role is slightest different and different in timeline vs Godfather.
    Eg. The scene at the pub involving shooting seems similar to Godfather except someone else pulled the trigger here.

    Excellent show, production values are superb. Can’t wait to watch rest to see how it unfolds.

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  3. Saw The Taskent Files; It is relatively well made movie. It has at times documentary feel as it shows footage from past or grainy looking reel. I think towards the end it did overdramatize the lead monologue at commissions hearing and it was not related to the movie! Another quibble is showing up in Uzbekistan and Pathak’s character. It could have been better.

    Having said that, it could be like any thriller movie you have seen from West. Mithun was good as charming Politicians; I liked some of the interaction in commission hearing. The movie was mostly neutral except when it talks about terrorism of different kinds.

    ps – Shweta Prasad looked good and has expressive face.

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  4. Maara on Prime is simply magical with stunning visuals, many stories, many memorable characters. For Madhavan’s fans, this film is a great treat. An immersive experience.

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    • @Sanjana thanks for the recco. When you say many stories, are you saying it is an anthology like KATHA SANGAMA or BOMBAY TALKIES? I am getting tired of anthologies now hence want to avoid if it is an anthology.


      • Not exactly like Kathasangama. All related to one person, Madhavan. He is the central character. This film is a celebration of art, nature, human kindness. A very positive film.


        • Second half is much more interesting which unravels the puzzles in a clever manner.
          Malayalam film Charlie is its inspiration. I am planning to watch it now which is on MX Player.


  5. Saw German Series Perfume; It is weird and gross at times but still engrossing.


    • It’s called parfum is think, which is perfume in english. Yes very wierd and twisted. Saw it last year.
      Took me some to finally decide i can continue. Overall decent 3/5 types with several disturbing scenes.


  6. Finished 5 seasons of Peaky Blinders. This is masala show after a while. S1 to S4 are really good. S5 was weakest overall. Still very good overall. Thomas Shelby is such a fantastic web series character. There is so much unnecessary sex in the show. Some excellent hot vixens throughout. Liked it a lot…
    S1 has cues from Godfather but after that it settles down in its own universe. I’d love to know if this show is purely fictional or not if anyone knows.

    Naveen – I think you will like this if not already watched.

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    • Thanks for your recco. Will surely watch now.🤝👍


      • One thing especially good is the theme song. The backdrop and sets are also good. It’s not set in London but northern England in Birmingham so canals are used a lot.
        It’s a mafia drama 100%. You could in theory juxtapose Godfather characters onto the show in S1 easily. After that it settles. There are unconfirmed rumours that Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean will play Hitler in S6.

        Churchill is a presence in the show hence why I’m intrigued whether this is pure fiction or not.


  7. Just watched Keira Knightly’s Official Secrets based on the leak by Katherine Gun on legality of Iraq War. Excellent movie. Really interesting political/legal thriller, I must have been head deep in university studies to have skipped this part of Iraq War!


  8. tonymontana Says:

    The White Tiger: Bahrani managed to make this rather riveting. The actors, especially Adarsh Gourav, are brilliant.

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  9. Finished S1 of Mcmafia. British attempt at mafia show. The show has some good moments later in the season, the first couple of episodes were quite slow though. Once Semiyon Kleiman is introduced the show picks up. Of course the prototype Nawazuddin is a decent cameo. A decent filler show.

    Finished Lupin. I thought it was breezy watch but not outstanding. My wife was annoyed with ending as it means she has to wait! French show with English dubbing, best comparison is probably Money Heist type genre but this shows lead is like Idris Elba – uber cool and seems to always be a step ahead.


  10. I watched Normal People, a show based in Ireland on BBC.

    This is a superb intimate relationship based show, quite remarkable. Paul Mescal as Connell is a show stealer. The number of sex scenes is usually a turn off for me especially in shows like Power and Peaky Blinders but here it is kind of essential in the track. Totally absorbing drama that I smashed through in 3 evenings.
    It’s storyline is based on 2 people of different class meeting in college and their heartbreaking relationship through college and university.


  11. Watched The White Tiger and Tribhanga.
    As expected Tribhanga was so Bhartiya, celebrating culture , critiquing the negatives in a gentle manner.
    The White Tiger – in you face showcasing with pomp and show of Poverty in India ( unnecessary and mandatory shots of stary animals, kachra, crowd etc.) , and glorifying murder and theft.
    The contrast between Kajol and Priyanka was never more clear.

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    • It seems that Gaurav Adarsh played junior SRK in MNIK


    • This is everything I wanted to say about this movie-
      The White Tiger Netflix Movie Review In Hindi by The Sham Sharma Show. This well-shot, well-acted movie, unfortunately, falls prey to the worst Hollywood stereotypes about India.

      The White Tiger Movie on Netflix Featuring Priyanka Chopra, Rajkummar Rao, Adarsh Gourav is full of the worst negative stereotypes about India that seems to exist in most movies set in India but made by Hollywood studios.

      Hollywood Doesn’t want to see a changing India, it wants to continue seeing the India of the past.

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  12. Saw 2 seasons of “Deep State” – I am not sure why it is not rated high. Very good drama, faster than “The Bureau”..makes it thriller-drama. Good production values…very good acting..My only quibble is that finales (both season 1 and season 2) were rushed and somewhat convenient. I prefer it over the The Bureau (which is also very good). First season is based in Iran, Syria, France, USK and US…Second in Mali and USA ..There are small portions in UK.


  13. Saw Dark Waters (2019) – Based on a true story of lawyer pestering Dupont for contaminating water and causing carcinogenic symptoms in its factory workers. It is somewhat long. I think it could have been trimmed. Since movie heart is at right place you tend to ignore some of the issues in the film.


    • Also revisited LA Confidential…Good acting through out..


      • Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) – A fun movie..chemistry between John Cusack and Minnie Driver was infectious

        Also Saw “The Quick and The Dead”..Have seen in Kanpur in 90s.. when it released with little understanding of these gun battles…Have seen it couple of more times….Based on reviews and rating, I think it is underrated.

        ps – Apparently it was Russell Crowe’s Hollywood debut. Leonardo was very young.


    • Saw “21 Bridges” starring Chadwick Boseman..This another version of corrupt cops dealing with Narcotic..It is a decent watch if you have nothing to watch..

      The Current War – The fight between AC and DC adoption by different US cities . The fight between Edison and Westinghouse/Tesla.I think screenplay was somewhat not producing enough tension.

      Forsaken (2015) – Western drama….relation between Father and son and their confrontation with local power man. Acting is decent..Demi Moore looks old.

      Disobedience – Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams..Drama…It is highly rated..It has good acting but I found it somewhat disengaging.


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